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  1. I actually bypassed it by taking a cold reading & then putting a resistor in that matched that, so the ECU would think its always running cold, giving me a richer mix. It had a little more noticeable power.. But not neck snapping.... Anyway... way cheaper than buying a new one or a kit. Ran it for 2 years before selling it.
  2. Oh man! Hope this isnt already posted, lots to sort thru! 😬
  3. I'm no photoshopper, but....
  4. I cant say for sure.. but i am pretty sure these looking thing Fords are photoshop 🤔
  5. Did you get a new set of muffler bearings with it? 😆 j/k! I envy you guys in the states with the access you have of a lot more 3 wheelers & parts 😕
  6. ATC4ever


    Not sure about sucking on any heads but the beer part sounds good 😆 Sup'd to hit 18c (64f) today & sunny, going to hit the dirty trails on the wheelers in a few hours.🤠
  7. I had a 16, think there were some problems with the sensor, but should be cleared up with yours. There is a way to test it with a meter.
  8. Welcome to the group! I had an 86 250R as well, tried a Banshee & a Scrambler 400 at the same time & still liked the Honda best! 👍
  9. Can you get at the bolt to heat it red hot, & let it set for a few minutes & then try to loosen it?
  10. Happy Good Friday!
  11. Wow i wouldve gone to get that for that price!
  12. ATC4ever


    And... back to around 2-4 inches of snow over night.. but, it should be gone by this time tomorrow. Got a little slushy wheeler ride in last evening before it came down though.. in the rain 😮
  13. ATC4ever


    Finally after weeks of almost nothing precip-wise we are getting rain. Roads are full of salt dust! 😮
  14. Nice, the rare blue 83 110 & newer125.
  15. Got my nephews 2012 Stang while he is, uh, away till Aug. 😬 The new 5L has been flashed & pretty much has open exhaust. Going to try & go to the downtown hang out in a bit w/o getting hauled over 😆🥺 Oh yes... its auto -_-
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