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  1. ATC4ever


    Sorry wheeler... i had to laugh hehe.. I have a sister in Calgary (since 79) & she always used to try & get me to move out there, no way! Been there 2 times in the past 20ish years (March & February) & Both times it was cold & snowing almost every day 😮 QuadJunkie i mustve missed where you are? 🤔
  2. I actually had the newer version 'if you will' of that, 1979 Chevy Monza with a 350 4 speed. Spin every where. I'll have to dig out a pic.
  3. Lol...if i am posting in this thread, its likely an unwanted repair from damage i did 😛 Hopefully this is the only post in here i do 🤭
  4. 1983 Suzuki DS80.
  5. 1 more... back in 2008. Harley Davidson.
  6. Still going eh? Well.. let me see....
  7. Wheeler were you on Calgary Ground Pilots?
  8. If i posted this somewhere on here, LMK & I'll delete it 😮 I had a couple 1982 IT465's in the past 10 years. One which was mint that i made street legal.
  9. Geez had to go back thru these to make sure i dont repost the same pics LOL... long thread 😛 Buddy of mine got this red Duster, then got it painted black. Me with the Chevelle & Dwight with the red Mustang. 66 Chevelle with the 350-3 on the tree still in it, 74 Duster, had a built 360 & the 68 Mustang had a built (69) 302. Oh & my Nighthawk 450 beside the Duster.
  10. Back in 84 i had a couple older friends that had these(1979 bikes), one a 125 that i tried to get for $200 & the other was the 250 that i got to try, he wanted $400 which i thought was too much back then 🤣 Think i posted a pic I took of a 4cyl Indian on here? Got to see lots of cha ching bikes when i lived in the Toronto area 😮
  11. Heres a couple i have had over the years.
  12. ATC4ever


    She only bites when i tell her to 😆 Got a little dusting of snow over night. Likely around 1/2ft or so on the ground total now. We are going out on the wheelers again today, too rough for sleds 😮
  13. Another bud of mine has an old 200, had this pic on his FB, he says "Read the last line".
  14. That one in the pic is def/ a 4st. Might even be a twin.
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