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  1. Where ya from? Canada's a big place . Wutcha ridin? 😝
  2. Geez gotta give me more than that lol.. its not Max O/D is it?
  3. Did you lift it & spin the front wheels to try them? Could be tires even tho that sounds obvious 🤔
  4. What model? I did have an issue like that on the 16 Rubicon i had. Pretty sure it was the shift motor lagging when shifting due to lack of grease on mine.
  5. I just went on there, fig'd i'd better save my old pics i posted that i dont have anymore. Read one post about the top speed of the 16 Rubicon i had, Mac commented on it, he was right! Is he still on here? Sorry Mac, i was wrong & was a dick about being right back then lol... but i'm more mature now..honest! 😅 😬 I DID try to comment on it, but they wont let me, i dont have permission to comment on my own posts! 😤
  6. Is it revving out good? When were the valves last adjusted?
  7. I havent had to change them in 16 years lol.. & it was on a Kawi. But yes they can be rebuilt. Bit of work if you havent done them before.
  8. The rear axle is shaft drive, it sounds like maybe the shaft bearings are gone. They also make noises similar when the oil level is low & driving on an angle.
  9. Holly, she is 71 now 😶
  10. There should be a 500 in there somewhere, i had a 16 Rubicon & used it. Whats the mileage on the machine & has it been mod'ed or abused? I'd probably look at the wiring going to the injectors for starters.
  11. No..lol.. safe to say it didnt catch on, bad enough trying to tune 4 bike carbs let alone 5 car ones 😮
  12. Could always take a video when you take it apart to help you remember how it goes back together.
  13. I'd try & fix the old one, see if theres play/wear on the needle. Def a flow issue under load. Everything posted here is the goods, likely a jet dirty if nothing is worn.
  14. Changed the battery in my buds BF750 last Saturday. not a big job...put the fairing back on mine. Wed/ i changed the carrier bearing on the drive shaft of the old Tundra & yesterday changed the oil in the Vulcan. $84 with semi synthetic! 😤
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