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  1. Picked up an H2 SX a little while ago, this week should be getting a slip on pipe & going to flash the ECU as well.. Hopefully 220RWHP when done.
  2. Lol...Trailer Park Boys, i heard they were big in the states. I used to live not too far from where the shot their shows 😆
  3. Good ole US of A pricing. We got a brand new ATC110 in 1983 (July) & out the door price my dad got it down to was $1500 Canadian! 😕
  4. Machine looks pretty clean. I would almost think its has to be something unplugged or unhooked in the light cluster somewhere. Or a set of wires going to it. Tear it all down! I had the 2016 model for a little over 3 years, but never ran into anything like that. 😮
  5. Sorry if i missed it, but is the display going through self check/test? Showing all of the signs?
  6. 7am this morning these creatures were out there, & again just now. I have no idea what they want! Well.. besides food...🤣
  7. ATC4ever


  8. You should really do it by the book lol.. i'll take flack for how i do it, but its not the 1st machine i've done it on. You should find the cap on the transmission you remove so that you can see TDC on it to make sure the valves are closed. I cheat.
  9. Yes, DIY, I have a video on YT of me doing the valves on the exact same machine. Its not too bad if you are careful.
  10. I dunno... they used that Buick motor for a long time 🤣😆
  11. OK 1 more, the next spring when i pulled the engine out...after abuse 😂
  12. Man thats a big arse spider... bet it ate that bat lol.. nothing like that or even BIG bears, only the usual deer that cut through the yard.
  13. Cant find stuff like you could in the 80s or even 90s anymore for an affordable price. I got this old 66 Chevelle back in 89 for $1200(350 2bbl, 3-on-the-tree). Put a 454, Holly 750 dbl pumper mechanical with a Borg Warner 4 speed & straight (somewhat) dual exhaust in it the next summer. I may have had a total of $3000 into it. Those days are gone 😌😪
  14. I need a parts washer like that 😫 Just got done this week changing the 'skid' on the ole RX-1 to a Ski Doo SC10-iii one. Hopefully its worth the hassle.
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