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  1. OK i got this home, in the back of a Honda Odessey. Gotta pull the carb i think.
  2. Its like everything now...dirtbikes are pretty much all 4 st & gutless, you cant get a good s/t bike w/o it being neutered. Has to be some 5 figure priced big bike now. Even the 450's that are street legal cost too much for the size of the bike (IMO). Its like the Govt is dumbing down the masses. Remember the little RM50/60's? Bikes like that in the late 70s on? You LEARNED to ride, or you got hurt, now its all !-a-fied. Maybe cause i got a 3 wheeler young, i learned not to kill myself on one. But the media back then (on YT) shows guys going with no helmets & drinking beer, like they had an agenda. Gotta watch who's watching you 😑 On another note...good chance i am getting that 225DR today as the kid called me back & will take my offer 😏
  3. Went & checked this thing out today. 86 225DR. Couldve got it for $1700 but i wouldnt go past 1500 & even that was a stretch for me -_- .
  4. That poor B-King! 😮
  5. Yea they were 70s & 2st if i recall.
  6. I recall these back in the day. Few boys had them.
  7. Not an "ATC" but still funny to see what was out there decades ago & didnt take.
  8. Wow...you guys called it. Paying ppl to be on their site 😮
  9. Dunno if i can vote for that... its only a 2 wheeler 😝😄🤣
  10. Not really a classic, but this thing drove out my road a couple times yesterday 😮
  11. I almost thought i got this from here, but cant find it now 😮
  12. Wow its up to 10 now! 😝 Its kinda odd when its on a wheeler forum where one guy has an old one he is rebuilding vs another who has a brand new one 😒🙄
  13. I had all the brochures from 82 on back then, (Still have 82) The 1980 ATC185 was big,(tried a friends back then) the 81 went small like a 110 & they called it the 185's'. The new 200 was basically the old 185 (big). In 83 they all came with front susp/ (except the 110) & it was the only year the "ATC185s" & "ATC200" had that. Then in 84 the 185s went to a 200s, same size, & the 200 went to a 200M.Same size as the 82/83 200. Big Red aside of course. This one here is the 200s & its small like the 110 i got new in 83..it was kinda too small for me then so...😑
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