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  1. I just got a free set of drums last summer off a buddy i jam with. Picked at them every day all winter, but havent really touched them much lately. This is last winter...not sure why i was wearing the g/f's house coat, though she did want to film me in it 😮 drum pinkss.mp4
  2. Oh Theres no harm in putting a magnet in there. Ive been driving them with out one for decades & that works good enough for me.
  3. Well got to try out that splitter, works fine, just loud. I think its just the motor shroud is bent a little & the fan is hitting it. Got some more free wood from the City, tho its not real hard wood, i got it anyway & split it up right away. It can sit till next winter...
  4. Lol ^^^... ive seen them like that before 😛 Finally got the rear brake pads in for the Rincon from the dealer 🙄 ... & then changed them...what a stupid contraption of an idea that was that Honda had set up 😣 Got some oil & a filter which is due, but save it for another day.
  5. TBH its a diff so not likely going to be too many small pieces in there, & if there is, youd see them anyway when you drain it next. I usually check mine once a year & if it needs changing i do it. Rotating the axle off the ground with that cap off you can see the oil on the gear, & if it actually is dirty, i always sprayed a little brake cleaner in there to flush it out with the drain plug out, then put oil in to flush the brake cleaner out before closing it up.
  6. I wonder if you could glue it to the outside of it. Maybe test it on the inside of the cap 1st before doing so to see if little things stick to it.
  7. Yea the parts guy said they could get ones around $26....he didnt recommend them lol
  8. Pulled the rear brake pads out of the Rincon... worn down to almost nothing. Honda shop said $100 Canadian, but after-market ones from there like, $46,
  9. Yea they are like the DR650, grandfathered in so they dont have to meet todays emissions. We cant even get them in Canada now, ironically i was looking to buy a 2014 this weekend, but buddy wants close to MSRP back in 14 😮 Not much stock on anything this year!
  10. ATC4ever


    Yea we had a wicked hot June in New Brunswick. Now back to mid/high 50s F. Parts of BC had the hottest ever recorded in Canada in the higher 110's F range!
  11. July... after the crazy hot June, & had a fire in the old cast iron stove at the camp last night, & today i lit one in the basement as well. 😮
  12. Naw she's right up to the top. Works good, could be the motor as it was dropped years ago before i got it & landed on the bottom of it 😮
  13. Got this old noisy wood splitter from my g/f's mom. Works, but loud, likely the pump is on its way out 😮
  14. Did a little work on a couple of machines, put a plug in the rear tire of the Rincon 😒 And did an ECU flash on a buddies ZX10R.
  15. Little bit of wood there. Wheelers been there since Friday night lol
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