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  1. They were always my fav rims. Think i priced them back in the late 80s & the shop called them "Westerns", mustve been the brand name.
  2. So by that logic this is a 2 wheeler 😛
  3. Oh man thats a "4" wheeler! 🤣
  4. Have you kept it in 2nd in ESP mode & revved it out to see if its good?
  5. Crap i voted for Jeep thinking i was clicking on Wilson! lol Sorry Wilson! 😮
  6. Bit of a different number in members tho 😉
  7. Yea unless someone else took theirs off to measure, youd pretty much have to pick up another to measure it yourself. Would be hard to find those specs online IMO, but i could be wrong.
  8. Wow Jeeps pic is up on the voting. 🤔
  9. Yup, watched a couple Big Jet shows this week (repeats) on both jets. No one will build one that big again.
  10. 454...thats big...right?🤣
  11. Got quite a few jumbo pics at the Toronto Airport over the years. Heres the Airbus A380.
  12. Wilson i'll try & load your pic on my post.
  13. ATC4ever


    Bit O Wind over night & heavy rain at times here. Not too bad now, but i hear Newfoundland & Cape Breton are getting it bad. State of Emergency in Nfld.
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