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  1. ATC4ever


    Yea pretty cold here lately... I switched that to F.
  2. Thank the Lord you all are alright! i have seen crashes at night over the years where the vehicle driver sees tail lights & thinks its the car ahead of them on the road. By the time they realize its parked its too late to react. Just another possibility but i wouldnt mention it to them 😬
  3. Stuntman Robbie Knievel, son of Evel Knievel, dies after cancer battle: report | FOX8 WGHP (myfox8.com)
  4. Mecum Auctions on all week. Unreal the money ppl have for a 'toy'...😒
  5. Ive done this in the past. Now i kinda worry about any seals drying up. I have no evidence to say they will, but i do know they shrink, ive seen it on petcock rubbers.
  6. OK cant top that deer one.. but,, tracy squ.mp4
  7. I dunno..but looks like she called him a bad name 😹
  8. JUST found this pic i didnt know existed at my sisters today. Its her man at the time in Jan 84 helping me change the oil in the 6 month old 110. I never knew i ever changed the oil in that thing 😆
  9. Have a great Christmas everyone. Status quo around here. 🙏
  10. OK... this guy usually just takes it from my hand, but that one time i video it.. :O squr 1.mp4
  11. i have a few pics of me on a sportbike with my little cat back in the early 90s :P
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