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  1. How the frig do you get in that lol
  2. Did you check the shift motor? I have replaced them on that model when the brushes were worn out.
  3. I used to have one called Mac something at the bottom of Maine on there. He had a lot of showroom stuff. EDIT MacWorth Vintage ATV's | Facebook
  4. You guys ever heard of this place? ATC Events, Merchandise, And More At Binkys Forever ATC!
  5. Buddy of mine had his 69 SS out last night.
  6. So a buddy i grew up with showed up with this last night. His dad basically gave it to him as he cant drive anymore. 1964 Florida car (about 10-15 years ago he got it from the original owner) 283 2spd auto. Fully loaded with a/c & 7 ash trays i think he said lol....82000m on it now. All original but the tires.
  7. We had a $300,000 electric school delivered to try out for a week or so, was only 100 miles away. They had to leave it over night 1/2way here to charge the battery! 😤
  8. OK if that counts, then i guess this home made jobby my dad & I made back in 82 does too, i used to drift that thing on the road like the Dukes 😅
  9. If the pins are a good match, i cant see it being a problem. I switched a 420 cyl/piston with a 475cc. Went right together.
  10. Good ole Rincons 😛 I did find a similar issue with my buddies 400AT, would only work in Auto, it ended up being the connectors in the front under the 'hood'(dirty). Could be, just another spot to check.🤔
  11. Hey is it any coincidence the muscle car era ended right around the time Gloria Steinem & the womens lib movement started? 😲
  12. i had a bud tell me to put a strap around the centre of the tire tread while you are seating it to force it more sideways. Pretty sure ive had them over 50lb pressure seating them 🤣
  13. Well.. getting an early start 😮
  14. Ronny & The Daytonas - G.T.O. (Little GTO) (DJ L33 2022 Remix) HD Music Video - YouTube Cool! I think this is the original version. Never heard the Beach Boys one before lol
  15. Back when a song told you the guts of it, "My 4 speed, dual quad, positive traction 409..." And then theres Little GTO. "3 deuces & a 4 speed...& a 389"... i wish i lived in that era... 😢
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