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  1. BTW.. a buddy of mine (who sadly passed away last year) used to have the same ATC110 i did. He was a year older than me & would lead all the rides back then, exploring new spots. This was a pic i snagged from his moms FB, she is on his ATC way back then.
  2. You could be right about that, those 3 wheeler pics are great! Today we had the Fall Colours Ride so i was on a different bike altogether,😆
  3. ATC4ever


    We should be getting the tail end of the hurricane coming up the eastern seaboard. Really need the rain though...she's a tad bit dusty out there! 😮 Hope you guys are safe.
  4. Working on.. well, today before 7am i lit a small fire in the wood stove, vacuumed (again) the oil furnace air filter section before putting it back together then turned the oil tank on & plugged it in. Came on right away. Then later got the toilet (been here since 1967) unclogged thank God... & got the 2 snowmobiles i have here going, since last March. & its not even 2pm yet! Frigging winter! 😒
  5. Yea buddy of mine has one. He would carry a spare battery. No noise (which is weird) & I suppose would be good if you were cutting some small wood in the basement & dont want the fumes! 😮
  6. Oh yea theyre all mud corroded...guess they are known for wearing out fast lol. Wonder why! Greased them & put them back together till he gets the parts. That XL.. be good in the sand pits, i imagine the chain isnt on there for a reason? 😄 🤨
  7. Machine wise(not including the toilet), today i gave my bud a hand removing the rear bushing shafts to check inspect on his Brute Force, no grease from the factory so they all need replacing -_- 😑 Then took the Rincon all apart to check the valve clearance as the machine is still kinda unfamiliar to me maint/wise. I think i did them 2 years ago when i got it, they were all in spec, so i left them alone. 😆
  8. I was driving my service van right by the Toronto Airport, listening to a Buffalo Oldies FM station when i heard about the 1st one, I pulled into a coffee shop & switched it to All News on AM, which was live feeding the CNN broadcast & heard when the 2nd plane hit. I literally started praying as my heart was in my throat thinking this was the real deal, & life would never be the same. We survived thank God, but i know i wont forget it 😒
  9. Nice time of year for a fire in the yard.
  10. Dont listen to that Shadetree guy he is anti ES 😜 I had the same 06 for about 7 years, & a buddy of mine kept his 05 here as well, no issues with mine, but his had a similar shifting issue, the shift motor brushes were worn out, & the connectors under the front plastics were dirty. Before you start swapping all the sensors (which is could still be the prob) if you can, pull the shift motor & inspect it. There is also a "Speed Learn" diagnostic in the manual that was shared to relearn how the ECU see's the speed/gears.
  11. What are you buying for? Work? Play? Cruise? I would pick the 79 cause its the last year of that body style, & the next one kinda goes on till around 96. Lots of them around (80s style) vs the 70s, unless theres lots where you are.
  12. Oh you want old? This is the oldest i got 😛 1983
  13. I dont see any pic forum, so figured i'd start this one in Gen Chat 😄 Yesterday just enjoying whats left of the summer 😆😢
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