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  1. Wow she's rough, looks like 84 or maybe 85. I would look online what they are going for in good condition & then what you need to spend to get it all good. Go from there.
  2. Do you have any pics of the machine?
  3. Nope..never watched it 🙅‍♂️. I did "PVR" which is new to me in the past few years the old Star Trek Monday & since Wednesday been taping all the Mecum Auctions.
  4. I think the push rods are lifted by hydraulic lifters..but maybe i am thinking of a Harley 😆. Def get that service manual tho for valve specs.
  5. Stuck in 1st? Had this exact problem with an 05. Ended up being 2 things, shift motor brushes worn out, (replaced the motor & would then only shift in auto) & connectors on the front end were dirty. I would def/ check the shift motor 1st thing.
  6. Yea sorry i meant to say that lol.. Should still only spin one fwd & one backwards if its differential.
  7. Have you jacked up the front & spun 1 wheel?
  8. I had my shift motor out of my /16 a couple of times. little bit of linkage in there, hopefully its all lined up. Been a while so i cant recall how it goes 😮
  9. Welcome . Elora, home of the Elora Gorge? Main thing with these is to keep the oil clean & level correct. I wouldnt make it do too heavy a hauling as its totally working off oil pressure.
  10. Sounds almost like its either the electric engagement of the 2-4 shifter or maybe something mechanically wrong with the actual shifter.
  11. Itd be different if you did these jobs all the time 😸
  12. Yea its too bad the 520 wasnt out when we did the change, but he had his mind made up, i couldnt change it 😬
  13. I hear that, i did try to get him to buy a bigger machine, but the kit he found online was a lot cheaper than buying another wheeler. The difference in power was deff noticeable. I have video proof! Honest! 😹
  14. Ive done it with a kit from a Kentucky dealer. No issues with the machine after doing it. Fi model. Its really 475cc vs the 420.
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