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  1. Maybe i missed it, but just curious what oil you are using 🤔
  2. Some towns in the east coast of Canada have them. One little place even has an ATV painted on the roadside where the bicycle lane is. Ive seen it lol Would be the same with the ins/reg.
  3. So the son of the guy i bought my 66 Chevelle from back over 30 years ago, has this 67 for sale now. Wayyyyy too much for it lol.. but, would be ironic if i got this one too.
  4. ATC4ever


    Yesterday's ride.
  5. ATC4ever


    Late summer...like, around here lately. Though may come to an end in the next few days.
  6. ATC4ever


    She's looking good for this week tho.
  7. I have a Rincon. I have done it before & the info is here somewhere, just too lazy to do it 😆 It might not even be that bad, i only noticed the tick when i ran it a bit in the summer without a helmet 🤔
  8. Yea mine is starting to get it again, been 3 years since i last adj'd the valves. Now if i can remember the numbers & whether its done cold or hot 😄😬
  9. Little bit of wood dragging for the camp Fri night. Free & close!
  10. We could bicycle to the drive in here, 5-10mins down the road back then. I still have a package or 2 of these from the 70s/80s lol
  11. I forgot about that lol.. & a mosquito coil.
  12. Bungy cords, some small rope, machette' on the rack, likely some tie straps/wraps...Beers in the back pack, 1/8 speaker cord for an MP3 & a hatchet. Batt/ light. Did i miss anything? 😮
  13. I picked up a Time Magazine back then that showed pics of ppl jumping out of the buildings in it, that pushed me to put it back down, & I was actually going to buy it for keep sake.
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