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  1. OK thanks for the help I fixed it valves were way out of adjustments runs great now and starts fine
  2. Yeah I'll check that when I get home just now getting off work lol
  3. It's got a battery but only showing 12.5 volts with key on
  4. Could the battery just not have the cranking amps for the starter I know I tried a jump box but them things barely start a car
  5. Not that I know of it don't look like it I know he said he changed the starter once and it didn't fix the problem and I changed it a again thinking he might have gotten a bad one does it have a throw out gear for startor?
  6. It's a new starter old one was doing the same thing
  7. 2003 honda rincon 650 won't trun over with starter can't pull start too hard to pull sounds like I'm pulling against starter replace the cam it was bad and still can't get engine to start with starter but if you keep hitting the start button in will turn over sooner or later any ideas it did it before I change the cam thought it was decompression vales but I'm stuck now
  8. Hey I think is this cam tell me what you think?
  9. So I think the cam is the problem but can't get head bolts out to check it any ideas???
  10. I'll try that this weekend I'm going to check the coil and see if exhaust is clogged too I'm stumped on this one now
  11. I thought might be the cam issue read about but is got 140 psi compresssion
  12. Yes I have looks fine but going to replace anyway
  13. Checked carb and cleaned but it back fires out carb and won't rev past half but idles great and easy to start any ideas?
  14. Cowboys theme colors and stickers made this as an xmass present to my 2 boys 8 and 10 they love it had to fix and repair all plastics witout 20231229_170535_1.mp4
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