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  1. Does it shift from 1st gear down into reverse? it sounds to me like it might be shifting through all gears mechanically but just not displaying neutral on the meter
  2. Hi DLA I messaged you a few times and sent you my contact information in regards to taking of care of you speedometer repair- Never heard anything back, so I was not sure if you were checking your message bo. Let me know if this is something you would still like to have repaired AKATV
  3. Welcome to the forum! I can get you taken care of, its a bummer that LCD is cracked as that is kind of the hard part to source I am out of glass at this time (again) but will look around to see what I can find I sent you a message with my contact information as well
  4. Without a speedometer or without a multimeter?
  5. Do you have the Factory Service manual? It has the wiring diagram as well as testing procedures for each component If not, you can download one here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15eWwngQ5SdlsIfbgpm5ZJWJYBYx3vJ7s I suggest getting a multimeter it will make things a whole lot easier
  6. Welcome to the forum MCTANNER! I can get you squared away no problem (speedometer has already been sent on its way) -AKATV
  7. Majority of my no spark conditions on my 450ES have been bad voltage regulators,could also a bad CDI (try tapping on it) stator/pulse generator, gear position switch etc On a side note- if your ECM is not seeing the neutral signal from the gear position switch (neutral LED should be on too) you will not get spark So even if you are in neutral, unless your gear position switch is providing ground to ECM you will not have spark
  8. Late to the party....-lol Your machine will run just fine without the meter, just need to be able to find neutral to start it,without the LED on the speedometer dash- lol A few members report not being to downshift at higher speeds, but I think this is a safety function of the ECM to not allow to drop down into a lower gear at too high of a speed
  9. Ok, If you can see if the front driveshaft is turning, then I would suspect that the front splined cup where it connects to the input shaft of the front differential is most likely stripped out, they get water in there and rust out, similar to the rear axle splines You can pick one up on ebay or similar for fairly cheap and replace the seal and grease it up, it will last a long time Sometimes its just the splined cup and sometimes its both the drive shaft splines and the cup depending on how long it was driven in bad shape
  10. If yours is a full time 4x4 (98-01) then depending on which 2 wheels are not driving, you could have a stripped rear axle (pretty common due to water getting into axle tube through left rear wheel bearing seal and rusting out the axle splines) or a stripped or broken u-joint or bad pinion/ring gear in the rear differential if its the front wheels not working I would guess that you might have a stripped out front drive shaft of differential issues Let us know what you find out
  11. Hi Bigraymac, and welcome to the Forum! Your 4wd not working could be a few things Just to be sure, yours is an 2002 or newer with the 4WD switch on the right handlebar and led indicator on speedometer, correct? I would start by downloading the Service manual here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15eWwngQ5SdlsIfbgpm5ZJWJYBYx3vJ7s Your 4wd indicator should flash 2-6 times which is a code, use below chart to pinpoint fault Section 22 in the service manual can help you to repair the fault, once you determine what it is let us know what you find out Also, I can repair your speedometer if you are interested, I sent you my contact information as well -AKATV
  12. Hi Chuck, Welcome to the forum! I can get you squared away and have sent contact info Dont forget to stop over to new member area and say “Hi” to everyone See you around AKATV
  13. Yep same here, I split cases and use starter fluid too ( man that stuff has gone up in price...) Good maintenance and peace of mind, you would be surprised at the amount of gunk I have found and "sucked in" oil screens I have seen in engines that "looked good" I have a little cheapo oil squirter that I use to oil all bearings after, and I usually turn starter over until I see oil come out the oil bleed out screw on valve cover cover, then turn it it half a minute longer to ensure good oiling and flow before trying to start engine
  14. Hi GaryTod and welcome to the Forums! I can get you taken care of no problem. Thanks for posting a couple pictures as it helps a lot to see whats actually going on I sent you my contact information and we can get it taken care of -AKATV
  15. Hi Matt G. Welcome to the forum! I’ll be glad to help you out, I sent you my contact information and we can work out the details. Don’t forget to stop in the new member section and say hi to everyone
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