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  1. No problem, I can get you taken care of just let me know what you find out
  2. Sure no problem It would help to see a picture or two of the display Will it illuminate when you turn headlights on? Contact information sent
  3. Have you done the below SPEEDOMETER/SPEED SENSOR SYSTEM INSPECTION on pages 20-9 and 20-10 of the Service manual?
  4. No magic and spells.. although I do have a few "conjuring" swear words that seem to work at times LOL Just years of riding and working on good old Honda ATVs and learning along the way......
  5. Also if you check out your gear position switch on the wiring diagram for your model you’ll see that it only has a position for reverse and neutral and thats just to turn on the reverse neutral lights on the speedometer You would think that the Honda dealer would know that if it’s an 450S /FM model that there is no angle sensor on the machine to begin with.........but it doesn’t surprise me LOL Welcome to the forum by the way! you’re in the right place for good information
  6. It does not have a gear indicator position on the display because it’s a Foreman 450S / FM and they don’t show gear position on their meters-LOL The ES models are the only one that show gear position 1-5,N,R on the meters at least as far as the Foreman 450 and Rancher 350 are concerned
  7. I would check your speed sensor signal output as per the manual Combination meter checks are right on that same page and I would do them just to double check You might have a bad component somewhere on your meter that might be interrupting speed signal getting to your ECU I’m just spitballing here but if your speed sensor signal is good your speedometer shouldn’t be reading zero
  8. Your model is an older model and does not flash codes The older model ES systems just shut down the electronic shift when a fault is detected Turning the machine off and back on with the key will allow it to function until it detects the fault again Also you can remove the speedometer and drive around the yard just fine it doesn’t stop electronic shifting It might affect downshifting at higher speeds but my kids are driving one right now that has no speedometer attached
  9. Sure no problem I’ll send you my contact information in a PM (private message)
  10. OK no problem I just wanted to make sure that I was tracking everything properly Thanks for the update
  11. Hi Fredmania, I never heard back and was wondering if you were still needing help on your speedometer? I messaged you my contact information if so AKATV
  12. Yep, that’s correct, the speedometer’s especially on the older models, is just an output display but it’s also a helpful tool sometimes for diagnosis -i.e. no neutral light or temperature light stays on, etc... In this case we know the ECU is shutting down ES operation and the speedometer, since it reads zero all the time, might be indicative of the speed sensor going bad. The ECU will shut down ES operation if it does not receive a speed signal from the speed sensor, so I pointed him in that direction, at least for now
  13. Have you downloaded the manual? it has a pretty comprehensive ES trouble shooting flowchart Heres the link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VocUaF1K4_fDh_SVCaq3Rkc747M58ZQd Your machine has the earlier ECU that just stops ES function if it detects a fault, and resets when you turn off and on then shuts off again when it detects same fault I would start with brushing up on ES troubleshooting on 21-2 Then, I would check the combination meter and speed sensor output-see page 20-9 The ECU has to get speed signal from speed sensor or it will shut down ES operation Sounds like speed sensor might not be working or getting signal to speedo/ECU, if speedometer is reading zero I would start with that and we can begin eliminating the working parts
  14. Hi Jeep Thanks for the reply They sure look similar, but 300 headlights part numbers only seem to cross over to 300’s I dont have one to put side by side yet but will see if I can, as it might just be the (swappable) hinge part that is slightly different
  15. I think you are looking at the numbers for the speedometer/headlight shroud I need the code that is printed inside the outer clear cover (the top cover that fits to the backplate that has the butons for the speedometer) It should be ABS, AES, PT30 or similar I need this In order to properly match up a backplate as there are all different versions
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