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  1. Well that’s good news about your headlights does your display light up like it’s supposed to when you turn the headlights on now
  2. If you have a weak or low battery, or excessive draw on your starter, voltage will drop below threshold required to keep display functioning and will cause it to restart when you crank the starter This is common issue if you do not have a GOOD battery connected directly to the harness cables -(i.e using separate battery with jumper cables etc.. you lose quite a bit through the extra cables Most of my no spark issues have been a bad voltage regulator, but sounds like you might very well have a bad stator No headlights would most likely be a bad wire or switch if the fuse is good When your display is on and headlights are turned on it provides 12VDC to the brown wire on the speedometer harness to illuminate the LED backlight so you might want to check the wiring diagram and see where that leads you-I am thinking its a switch possibly Let us know what you find and we'll help you get it figured out Pretty sure those two wires in battery box area are a light pigtail, color code is same as rear tail light wiring If you look on the wiring diagram on page 468 you will see there is one green and one brown left open for use on the taillight circuit AKATV
  3. Hi Charlie, glad to see you made it over-Welcome to the Forum! Post a picture or two so we can see what you have going on What does it look like when you have it illuminated (headlight on) Most likely you have a polarization film failure due to sun exposure /UV rays Here are a few members that have had the same problem and have had it repaired You can take a look and see if any look like yours AKATV
  4. Bruce I know you said your front cover was clouded up too from oxidation and weather- watch this video (I love this video...thanks to creator Don Oglesby and Jeep for helping me find it again awhile back) https://www.facebook.com/100004956400949/videos/1443294615845738/ If you do not have JB (Justice Brothers) product number JB80 and JB88 lol Any carb cleaner followed WD40 does the trick "you got to neutralize it so it does'nt melt all the way into the plastic" -Don
  5. Hey Bruce welcome to the forum! I got your PM as well, sounds like you might have a neutral switch issue if you neutral light is not coming on in neutral, but does come on when you ground it I sent you my contact information for the LCD display repair as well
  6. OK maybe you can post a picture or two so we can see what you have going on I also sent you a separate message with my contact information I can get you taken care of you the way AKATV
  7. Hi and welcome to the Forum ATVmarc!
  8. You’re welcome, glad to help that’s what makes this forum great Let me know if you need any other help or have any questions AKATV
  9. Welcome to the Forum! Let me know what you have going on with the old one, might be possible and a whole lot to cheaper to repair what you have Post a few pictures, as it really helps Sent you my contact info as well
  10. Hi What make and model circuit board/speedometer? Can you post a picture or two so we can see what you have going on? Generally-if you have undone the twist tabs on back or removed the 6 screws, the black plastic display bezel is just set onto the circuit board with 2-4 clear plastic pins that go thru holes in circuit board It should lift up with gentle pressure or very light prying, if stuck try to lift both sides equally or you will break off the pins
  11. Way to go getting that clutch back together! I think we’ve all pinched a clutch plate or two before... nothing better than handing down those skills to your son to be able to help himself and others later on as well
  12. AKATV


    Been know to dip the net now and again lol Ice fish too! Notice the old TRX200 back in the day.... it was my boys Had the TRX350 and 300 Fourtrax on the ice with son ice fishing....-good times...
  13. Hi Sparky693 and welcome to the forum! What year and model is that- it looks like An older 450S board or a Rancher 400 AT I sent you my contact information so we can work it out I sent you my contact information so we can work it out AKATV
  14. Good job getting that switch position reset and engine back in Sounds like you just have a hung up plate on your change clutch Pull the front cover and see if plates are loose, if so, just pull springs back off and fiddle with plates till they stack up right and are tight when you put springs and bolts back on Most times its just one plate edge thats hung up and you can just loosen springs and knock the clutch a couple times(carefully) with plastic hammer to settle the plates Let us know how it goes!
  15. Welcome to the forum! A few pictures would be helpful in determining what’s actually wrong but trust me when I say yours is not gonna be the worst one I’ve seen...and repaired.. LOL I sent you my contact information as well talk to you soon AKATV
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