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  1. Just lift the head, lift, the cylinder and pull the lifters Then you can either look down the lifter holes to inspect the cam lines and position or just take the 12 mm bolt that holds the cam in place and remove it and the tensioner and slide the cam out for inspection Keep in mind if you choose to do this, you’re going to need a new cylinder base gasket -at least But before you go down, that rabbit hole…. Do you have any historical data on the machine? How long did your buddy have it for and when did it start doing it when he owned it? Has there been any work done on it to your knowledge? Also, do you have the Honda Factory service manual for your machine download from our library on this model?
  2. I guess at this point, we would need to see the cam lobes to see why their intake lifter is higher, since we know that both cam lobes should be facing downward and there shouldn’t be anything pushing the lifter/ pushrod higher at proper TDC
  3. Well, that’s good news that your flywheel is spot on and looking at your cam I can see that the center alignment rod is pointing directly at the alignment notch so the cam looks good at least on the outside I assume you’ve already checked the length of push rods and rolled them on the table to make sure they’re not bent etc It is very curious why the intake valve pushrod is sitting up higher on top dead center…
  4. It might be worth putting a screwdriver or something somewhere down the spark plug hole and make sure the piston is at top dead center of travel when the T shows in the window You might have sheared or partially sheared the flywheel key I have also heard of the cam gears slipping on the camshaft as I believe they are just pressed on for that model also, wondering if you might have a failed decompressor mechanism on the camshaft that’s causing problems Might be worth inspecting both and then verify and reset all timing alignments
  5. At top dead center both lobes of the cam should be facing downward, so the lifters should not be contacting anything to be lifting them up If you turn the cam 180 are they equal then?
  6. Are you using the T mark on the fly wheel for TDC reference? I am assuming this engine did not have this issue prior to replacing the head? AKATV
  7. And that Cam comes into alignment with the T on on the fly wheel, right? It almost sounds like you’re 180° out -as if you had set valves on exhaust stroke instead of compression stroke -I am puzzled for sure Let me ask you this, if you rotate that cam, one more rotation and when it lines back up with the casting like in the picture again, are your valves tight or loose?
  8. And that Cam comes into alignment with the T on on the fly wheel, right?
  9. Keep in mind there is 2 Top Dead Center’s- one on the exhaust stroke and one on the compression stroke you want to make sure did you see that T on the flywheel right after you see that intake valve close Once you have that T mark on the flywheel aligned, you want to make sure your cam alignment is spot on
  10. You need to find top dead center Like you’re adjusting for valves make sure your cam alignment dot is aligned with that arrow on the top of the case i’m not seeing it aligned right now, but it might just be my eyes or the picture lol I believe that hole in he cam that has the white mark arrow is supposed to be aligned with the top arrow in the casting above the cam when you’re at top dead center The bearing looks like your front cover bearing for the crankshaft. Sometimes they come out when you pull the cover Just have to put it back in the case before you reinstall. verify top dead center, flywheel marks on the T, your valve, clearance and cam alignment/timing chain all at the same time
  11. If you didn’t change your cam chain, then it would be a non-issue, but you might want to ask your buddy if he possibly did as well. when you adjust the valves, I always wait for the intake valve to open and then close and then look for the T on the fly wheel in the window, as you keep turning -then adjust your valves -AKATV
  12. Welcome to the forum! I agree with Fish above and I would recheck the timing and valve adjustment Did you replace cam chain by chance? I was wondering if you might be a tooth off on timing chain/cam? PSN has pretty good remans, with OEM head and valves ( at least in my experience) Let us know what you find out -AKATV
  13. Will do! (Check Message box for direct messages) -AKATV
  14. Welcome to the forum! There isn’t much that I am unable to repair on these. It just depends on what parts you need replaced, repaired or programmed If you’d like to contact me for a repair, I will send my contact information to your message box AKATV
  15. Welcome to the forum I can get you taken care of …FoShua! (see what I did there)😀 contact information has been sent your message box Hope to see you around the forum and don’t forget to download a free service manual from our digital library -AKATV
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