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  1. Yep it sure should come out that hole That mates up to the oil galley in the rocker cover that goes over the top of the rockers and drips oil on them If you didn’t want to remove the valve/rocker cover there’s a bleeder bolt on the cover as well
  2. Yes The fan controllers are generally the ones I started baking years ago. it does work for the CDI modules as well It’s just basically reflows on the broken solder traces on the internal circuit cards that are inside the potting material
  3. Glad to hear that you got it going! Hope to see you around here
  4. So if you replace the fuse you should only have the neutral light on it and possibly have spark- Are you sure the fuse wasn’t blown before?
  5. Actually that blown ignition fuse will cause your neutral and reverse light to be on and a no spark condition
  6. Ok, let us know what you find Dont forget to check that voltage regulator
  7. Do you have a no spark issue? If so you might want to your check voltage regulator,-a common no spark problem
  8. Page 17-6 of the service manual- Should be .1 to 1 ohm between yellow stator legs @ 68 degrees temperature and no continuity between ground and yellow stator legs
  9. Okay, if you want I can take a look and tell you what you need I will send you my contact information to your message box as well
  10. Thanks for the pictures Looking around the edges of this display I can see where the polarizing film has a gap around the edges- did somebody attempt repair on this previously?
  11. I think it might be displaying -just very faintly because your polarization films have been damaged by sunlight If you remove the top cover, I’ll be able to tell for sure If that’s the case, then it will be a simple polarization film and back light filter replacement If it’s not displaying anything at all,you might have water damage or a power issue But I think it is displaying -just very, very faintly Plus,with the top cover being a little clouded it makes it a little difficult to tell Pull the top cover and let me know for sure -maybe post a picture
  12. Hi Mattwg Welcome to the forum! Need a few more details as to what is wrong exactly Post a few pictures if you can with the backlight on the display (headlights on) I will send contact information to your message box as well AKATV
  13. Sounds like you’ve dropped programming for sure -how are your miles an hours by the way? Are they crazy high/low numbers or all zeros or nines or blank ,or are they good? I will send my contact information to your message box if you’d like to have it reprogrammed It is very important to keep a good battery in these machines particularly
  14. Hi welcome to the forum It really helps to post a picture so I can see what you have going on can you give me a little bit of a description as well? I will send my contact information to your message box
  15. If its the board I, can check it out at no cost and tell you if its repairable or not
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