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  1. Hi Fish, thanks for information! Unfortunately, this version locker is for the newer model of the Foreman 450, Traxlock and similar versions Mine is for the older ,non traxlock differential version that fits the 98-01 450 which also fits the Fourtrax 300 4x4 and all versions of the Foreman 400 But- I think the parts I need to put back in order are the cam followers ( I had called them one way bearings earlier) It has got to be pretty similar, I am just going to take it apart and see what I can do Thanks again
  2. I am working on a 95 Foreman 400 that came in with a 2 inch Highlifter Lift kit and a Highlifter front spool locker From what I can gather, the spool locker is the same one that fits the Honda 300 Fourtrax, Foreman 400 and Foreman 450 (non Traxlock model) I want to remove the spool locker and return front differential to stock configuration I have been unable to find any installation/removal instructions and Highlifter no longer has the information available in their downloads Not sure, but I think there are some one way bearings that have to to be put back the right way after removing locker plate-not sure- but i think I saw that somewhere.....? Anyways-I figure I was just going to gut the differential and try to put it back together as per the service manual, but thought a good dose of wisdom and experience from someone here that has done it before would be good help Thanks in advance
  3. I could pull he chip and mount it on another board to see, but the data on it might be corrupt as well If they go too long without a battery or run without a battery,it will cause the mileage data to go to all 9's, zeros, or some astronomically high number etc
  4. Fish Thanks for the update on the parts I dont follow Facebook too much, but glad to hear people are posting about my repairs I stay here mostly and gave up on the other sites and forums, for me being on here is like heading out to the shop- -familiar tools, familiar friends ,timely responses and good help, its just so much more of a better place over here I poke around from time to time other places and might answer a question or two but its rare lately
  5. You got a lot going with that Rubicon display there...lol I see 4-5 missing parts on the circuit board, corrosion damages, missing power pin and a nuked display panel Also, unless someone had tried to replace your polarizing film previously, you should still have the screen printing oval for the gear position on the left hand side? I stick consistently with the Foreman 450 and Rancher 350ES displays as I am able return them to near original condition as they have no screen printing, so when you replace the polarizing film on them they are as new I would not be able to repair the display on yours as the front polarizing film for that model comes with printing on it from the factory and is not available to purchase new I am afraid that this would not be cost effective to repair, as with all of the corrosion damages you could have many more bad components on the board as well If you come up with a second parts board I could most likely build you a working board but at that point and cost, it might be cheaper just to get a second hand board from a member here or on ebay etc
  6. AKATV

    Field Fixes

    Wow- 5 packs of JB Weld! thats a solid repair for sure ☺️ I think the Steelstick I am using by JB Weld is the same thing- its a grey putty stick that comes in a tube with a black center filling you just cut it off a piece and knead it until its a uniform grey color- then stick it where you need it It sets up rock solid in about 10-20 minutes depending on temperature it gets warm to the touch while setting up It worked pretty well for me so far That window screen is a great idea too- kind of like when they put rebar in cement for strength
  7. AKATV

    Field Fixes

    Good to know- have used superglue and baking soda on small fill type cracks on fiberglass panels on motorcycles, snowmobile cowlings etc lnterested to know it holds up to fuel, I have baking soda and super glue at camp I keep a tube of SteelStik by jb weld in my tool box of atv, never tried in on fuel though It sets up in 20 mins or less and is very solid when done right- used it to plug a radiator leak miles from camp one time cleaned area, mixed putty, put it on, walked a 30 minute circle and got a grouse and a squirrel and headed back the epoxy was rock hard so i topped off the radiator with stream water and tested it out and it worked for the next week at camp it was a fracture at lower radiator neck where hose connects, ordered used one off ebay later on but kept some Steelstik around ever since I remember on the old original JB Weld package used to have little quotes and stuff on it-"repaired my cracked tractor engine block" "still working 10 years later" etc... I always liked reading those and hearing other stories about getting out of a pinch some way or another I heard a tale of Native Alaskan who made a spark plug out of wood and wire for a skidoo and made it back -seems impossible and in WINTER -who knows? Also one where they made a drive gear for the chaincase on a skidoo out of a couple of trap pans and a file- again just enough to make it back but it worked Could be tongue in cheek, who know?-fun to think about.... Would like to hear your best field fix -JB weld/ baling wire story
  8. Rebuilt a Bayou 250 engine in 2017 - machine was overall very clean, but the timing chain let go and tore some stuff up inside After rebuild, it ran very quiet and smooth and what I noticed is that pulled really hard and fast all they way thru the very last gear I was impressed for a small machine I was sold on Honda along time ago, but I could see the comparable Japanese quality inside the older motor that you do not see so much now days. I also pulled a Bayou 300 4x4 out of the weeds years ago when I was first starting out for $100.00-owner just wanted it gone It needed a front gear box that I got off ebay for 50.00 shipped Had not been started in many years but it had had a tarp over it and was pretty clean Got a new battery and went to turn it over to get oil flowing and Boom! it fired right up on the oldest smelling gas I have ever smelled- the fumes just about killed you while it was running No idea how it ran on that gas but I had much respect for that....With fresh gas and oil change it literally ran like new Cleaned it up and sold for 1500- buyer was super happy and so was I.... My biggest Kawasaki gripe is on on the inside of the engine (and any others that do.... --ARCTIC CAT) Why put red loctited phillips headed screws inside an engine case?- dear lord what a pain to remove..... I tried heat and impact and every trick I knew and managed got a couple out but had to tackweld a nut on 2 just to get them out I know red loctite takes heat to remove but these were just insane thought I was going to ruin the cases Anyways, although I am partial to Honda, I would recommend an older Bayou 220/250 or a 300 any day, if they are in good shape they will last a long time and would make a good machine for a young one to start out out on Just my 2 cents Good luck and let us know what you find/settle on
  9. Sure that would be great Sent you a message for shipping/contact etc Many thanks
  10. Hi Fish Thanks for helping me source some parts- whatever you have, I can sure use it help someone out eventually Let me know if there is anything you are looking for and I can keep an eye out I will cover shipping for you whenever you are ready Thanks again
  11. Thanks Jeep! I sure couldn't find this video and trying to explain this to someone is definitely not the same as seeing it done many thanks
  12. Thanks so much fo rthe video- will check it out The one I was looking for was using a razor blade on an old clouded Honda Foreman/Rancher? speedometer case- lots of plastic shaving flying off and then hits it with some carb cleaner then wd40 (equivalent) looks alot better in the end
  13. I wanted to help a member who is not having luck polishing his clouded speedometer lens and wanted to show him the "razor blade video" I went to look for the video where the gentleman uses a razor blade and carb cleaner / WD40 to clear up a cloudy display case but cant seem to find it If anyone could post it here for me sure would appreciate it I remember the first time I watched it and leaned back and went daaaaang.... I thought he was tearing it up and taking off way too much plastic, but it worked like a charm - love that video Thanks in advance
  14. I mostly stick to the foreman 450 and Rancher 350ES displays as I am very familiar with these models and its getting harder for members to find replacements plus i have the wiring and pinout data to help sort out issues I can look at others models or help you troubleshoot displays on a case by case basis depending on what is wrong
  15. Welcome to the forum! I just had a look at your store- great selection and super prices! I am always needing honda parts, so I will be talking with you soon for sure
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