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    • you did state it would crank before, but did not say it would run. why was a new carburetor put on?  was the carburator OEM? is the starter good? have you tried jumping the jumping the solenoid to see if the starter works and it will still crank? im a bit rusty, on diagnosing. 
    • Alright, guys.  I finally found my way back to the 400ex over the weekend.  As shadetree recommended, I stepped back and carefully evaluated the assembly, existing parts, and surfaces.  Took the motor back down to the cylinder.  Evaluated the head and removed the right exhaust valve.  No hints of bending.  One of the cam journals on the head looks to have a little wear, but not sure about that translating into a problem.  I’ve included a few pics for reference.  Also checked the decompression mechanism.  Thanks for that tip!  It was there but was stuck and I had to put quite the effort into removing it.  The spring came out with no issue, however.   Got them cleaned off, placed a good coating of assembly lube, and put them back.  It functions as it should now. Decided to try something to see if I could rule out potential problems.  Had the head off the motor, installed the cam in the TDC position, and bolted the valve cover to the head with the bolts that do not extend deeper into the motor.  Was able to place the tappet screw in the same location for the right exhaust valve as all the others and got the same clearance.  Repeated the process with the head on the engine, but only with the head bolts slightly more than hand tight.  Got the same result……feeling good about things!  Pulled the cam back out, torqued the head down, replaced the cam, and started to put the valve cover on.  Got all the bolts in place and slightly more than hand tight.  Right back where I started.  The right exhaust valve has zero clearance even if I back the tappet screw all the way out.  So everything works fine up until I torque the head down.  Any ideas? As mentioned before, the engine was seized when I bought it and several of the transmission gears were completely stripped down.  Had plenty of metal to clean out of the bottom end when I pulled it apart.  The oil plug had no crush washer on it and the head on the plug was disfigured.  Could tell there was evidence the engine had been leaking oil.  Just wondering if the motor came to an abrupt stop and maybe that has something to do what’s going on?  Thank you for the advice already received and whatever you can provide at this stage.  
    • I have a 2007 Honda foreman a new carburetor was put on before it was put on it would crank no problem but since putting it on there is no spark. I have put a new battery,  new ignition coil, wire, spark plug, and new cdi box, but there is still no spark any help would be much appreciated thanks. 
    • i am not smart enough to remember the parts numbers of my 2000 honda, and every time, i have to look it up again, and do another search online. there are those that can know what matches off the top of there head and will get back to you.
    • your post has no information, on what you need or want. not saying that to be a smart arse, it just doesnt say enough yet.
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