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  1. oh400ex


    Juicy J - 1995 featuring Logic NSFW Lyrics | Language Warning This is not my type of music but I can sure appreciate their taste in quads. Could have gotten a 95 model lol It's funny to me that 300s are becoming a status symbol for rappers. Don't actually have to hear the song. Not appropriate for the site but the thumbnail of the video shows two 300s in the typical "look at my stuff" rap video deal
  2. All 400ex have one exhaust pipe per valve. Two into one.
  3. I truly mean no offence in saying this. If it comes across as that (or condescending) I sincerely apologize. It seems to me that you are being pulled in many different directions due to having no personal experience with this type of thing. This is a situation we have all found ourselves in. No one can be an expert in everything... except that one friend we all have... just ask em! Take the recommendation to go with a Honda ATV. That "work bike" would be a complete waste of your money. If money is not an object... Go with what PROV just said. I agree completely. We are a certain demographic here but most Honda owners are riding trouble free. If you are price conscious... Find a used utility Honda in good condition and buy it! Model doesn't really matter. Just not ES Same advice for the trailer. Get a used one that works if you are price conscious. Good luck with whatever you end up on!
  4. Anyone looking for a NOS tan 300 tank? $200 USD plus shipping https://fayar.craigslist.org/snw/d/fayetteville-honda-fourtrax-gas-tank/7236293855.html
  5. Grind off anything in the way and put a hose clamp around the old band?
  6. Welcome! Idle issue sounds like crud in the pilot jet moving around. Consider adding an inline fuel filter if possible. The fix would be to disassemble and clean the carb but that might be too much work for the small benefit if it's working. Sounds a bit like a ground issue (or something shorting out) on the lights deal. Check/clean connections You can download your service manual if you haven't already. Feel free to open a thread in the Utility Electronics section for help diagnosing the problem.
  7. It is strange. Worn out friction disks do not usually act as a brake. You may have a bad one-way bearing or another issue but the first step is to pull it apart and see. It's possible that you have some sort of bind in the rear bearing carrier but from your original description that doesn't sound like it.
  8. Bang on from Shade as always. The 250s (Recon and 250ex) will wear out of spec like any other clutch and this one has the "sport clutch" I believe which gives more opportunity for abuse. You will likely need to put in a set of discs as mentioned above but springs and centri-clutch "weight set" would also be a good idea. Hopefully the clutch adjustment will fix but not likely. You can download the service manual from the links on the top of the site. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/atv/2003/trx250ex-a-sportrax-250ex/clutch Ordering from a different place might be a good idea if you are worried about how fast the part will show up. PZ could certainly be better in that regard. Goes back to the old "Fast? Good? Cheap? Pick two" deal with those guys. Good and cheap 😁
  9. I guarantee it doesn't. Send it to me if it's trash. I will show you lol
  10. Shindy 03-048 is the one you want I think. (Do a bit more checking before hitting the button) Ultrasonic your OEM carb and put that Shindy kit in. Like new again. Buy an ultrasonic if you don't have one, they aren't too expensive. China carb is great to get you by while rebuilding OEM but are definitely hit and miss. Orange ZEP from HD and put that in the cleaner if you don't already have something in mind.
  11. oh400ex


    Fake. Animal abusers.... Easy to see that the fish and eel are already dead and being put in these positions for view money. The fish is cut in half and they are reaching though it. They kill the animals and put them in these positions for views. A lot of these "fish in holes" videos are made in countries where they don't care and they don't just use eels or fish. They do this with dogs... anything for views. Contributing to more of this content by watching it. Edit: Sorry to be a downer but IMO just remove this from the site. No good in this video.
  12. If you are price conscious do not buy a new ATV of any brand. Used is better value. You have to take your time. Low mileage used Honda is practically new. Gonna beat the "No ES/Hondamatic" drum one more time and say don't get an ES model even if it's cheaper.
  13. Worse than trash One positive about them?... something nice to say?... The dealers get good mark-up! 😅
  14. Certainly not unbelievable. I have seen older bikes with less hours. If it is farm ridden and not that often they can stay very low. 4WD vs 2WD / Foot vs ES and other options not mentioned change the value significantly. Electric shift for example is something I would never buy. If it was free... I'd trade it. ~$2500 USD is about the most I could see paying for 4WD FS even if it was in showroom-perfect condition.
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