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  1. I don't have that. We'll have to see how the carb goes and I'll know more. If someone from the forum happens to want this thing... I will give you a great price (still need to make some money on it though)
  2. Frustrating day with this thing... Started and ran perfect but left it sit for an hour or two while I was waiting on air filter oil to dry. When I came back it wouldn't run without choke so I pulled the carb apart and shot some air though the pilot jet but it's not running right. Going to fully disassemble and ultrasonic the carb but have a few appointments so will likely be a few days. Anyone know what the symptoms of the one-way clutch bearing going out on this will look/sound like? I think I've talked everyone out of wanting it for themselves so it's officially up for sale or trade.
  3. Not really aside from that is perfect for you. It should allow you to run more lights and accessories. Denso is Honda's OEM as you know so hard to go wrong there.
  4. Dunno how it worked out but the total was $185.30 US with shipping from RM. It also included the voltage regulator. Hard to beat that... I have only heard good things about RickyStator
  5. That was actually my first choice. Out of stock for what I needed so I tried RM Ricky would have been the same price as RM I'll update once it's all back together.
  6. Well I got the new stator in the bike and she is a runner. Ran it in neutral for a few minutes and changed the oil again. Motor sounds good but not great. I'm used to the 400 which is a Singer in comparison. Had a good experience with RM Stator Fast shipping (even coming from Canada to US) and reasonable prices. Getting everything all put back together and taking it for a first flight in a few minutes.
  7. I'm really conflicted on this one... For utility quads I really don't like them. Sticks and such tend to get caught in the mesh and I don't like having to fit my boot into a hole. (Size 13) Design of the floorboards is really important. I do not like the ones on my wife's 300 and they look very similar to the ones above. For sport quads... Nerf bars are an absolute must have for me. I once almost broke my leg after my foot slipped off and pulled me under the bike. I have never seen it happen but know people who have gotten seriously hurt in a situation where nerf bars would have saved them.
  8. Well as I suspected... Unless I was wearing long gloves the parts washing liquid was going to make its way in anyway. About 10 minutes in I stripped the wet gloves off and kept going for a few more minutes. No reaction this time. A bit spooky actually as it was pretty pronounced last time... So in summary... P1000 parts washing liquid will react with your skin causing the slight burning and tingling sensation but after being exposed three separate times it completely goes away. I spent $100 on the washer from TSC, $15 on brushes, and $60 for 10 gallons of P1000 As a side note, the fuse-able link (as it comes) is a joke. The flexible hose that disperses the liquid holds the lid open... I will be doing like Fish suggested and adding a pass through brush. That will not only make it easier but safer too.
  9. oh400ex

    Field Fixes

    Suzuki LT80 The swing-arm is part of the engine case on this bike and if someone too heavy (adult) rides it... you will crack the case. We repaired a crack that was the length of the case with JB original and mesh screen. Took the die grinder to the crack and gave the JB a fighting chance. Because it was under strain, we were not expecting it to hold but figured it was worth a shot. Only kids were allowed on it and no jumping but it lasted years after that. The picture is not mine but shows a case that has been welded. The crack in this case was like ours and something you would never think JB could handle. I don't remember how many tubes but way too many... could have paid for it to be TIG welded for what we spent in JB most likely. JB Original with support is incredibly strong and will definitely surprise you with how much it can do. Prep is the most important bit by a mile. Fish described the screen reinforcement perfectly. I would add to press the JB into the surface as hard as you can to encourage bond. I have saved thousands of dollars of machinery from being retired with a little JB. Replacing the part is better but I always keep some on hand!
  10. oh400ex

    Field Fixes

    Two more weeks of sitting in the sun and still no leaks. Squeezed the bottle to attempt to make it fail and it still held. Will update again when it fails but after holding for weeks... I'd say that's test successful. Never meant to be a permanent fix.
  11. Smart move IMO 👍 Everyone goes from their personal experience and mine with the Bayou could not be worse. I am so thankful that I'm not being brought these anymore. Have a bit of a soft spot for Polaris because the scrambler was so fun... but I would have to agree overall they are the king of avoid this brand.
  12. Are you looking on FB marketplace? CL is kinda old-hat for selling four wheelers
  13. That's a scam. The picture I posted was from CL and this SXS is listed at $1200. There are TONS of these scams online. NEVER send someone money for an online purchase! Found this looking in Rubidan's area... is this the same listing? For sure this one is a scam... https://louisville.craigslist.org/snw/d/shelbyville-2006-honda-foreman-500cc/7188489432.html
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