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  1. Thanks man! I think you are seeing the "carbon fiber" hood that it has on it. It's a front cover that eliminates the stock headlights.
  2. Coming back to this thread after a break from the forum... This video is awesome! Love how every time she gets stuck she looks back like "What are you gonna do about this?" lol Kids just along for the ride sipping on some juice was cute too lol Video quality doesn't matter... it shows the full experience in a short video and they pull up on what I'm guessing is their house at the end Crazy that their home was so inaccessible. Beautiful place!
  3. Been away from the forum and doing everything but working on quads in the last few weeks but this bike is essentially done. Needs a few touches here and there to finish it off but is ready for sale. Finally put the OEM spark arrestor back in which quieted things down enough to make it rideable. Engine sounds good, starts well in the cold, doesn't smoke... fluids and filters are serviced. It is ready to go. With the starter clutch assembly, stator, clutches, water pump, coil, plug and CDI replaced the bike should give someone a great experience.
  4. Been really busy lately and haven't been checking in but I can 100% tell you I would have not said the cam wasn't spinning. Really odd issue... I can see why you were ready to burn it lol Great work getting it figured out!
  5. Sounds like a vacuum leak from the last description. Check the boot between carb and intake. Also the carb again... is something sticking? Choke? On your valves, Personally I have had issues getting them quiet using feeler gauges and feeling tends to work better for me. When you wiggle the valve it should move but not hammer. Hard to describe... Maybe give setting them by eye/feeling a try and see if they quiet down. The starting when cold but not hot deal could be valve too tight related. Choke being stuck would also cause that symptom. Edit: Saw the other thread... already on it 🙂
  6. Bottom end is mostly done. Replaced all bearings with OEM replacements using freeze/heat and press if needed. No problems with the crank installation or case marrying. I froze the crank and heated the inside bearing race for a drop-in install on the clutch-side case. Using the crank puller/installer and light taps of my palm on the transmission side brought the cases together easily. Everything was coated liberally in assembly grease and I poured oil on/in bearings, gears etc. Seals were pushed in with heavy thumb pressure and driven in the rest of the way with light taps on deep-well impact sockets. Here are a couple pictures of the cases before they went back together. Thanks for looking!
  7. Getting back around to this machine... replacing the clutches now. I will be removing the judder spring/seat and replacing with a full size friction disc. The TRX450 ATV and CRF450 dirt bike share a few components. Basically what you are doing is replacing the TRX style clutch with the CRF style clutch. TRX has a small friction disc along with the judder spring and spring seat. You replace those three components with a single full sized friction disc. Personally, I have never been able to tell a huge difference with or without the judder spring but like the more "grabby" clutch. I have heard that the traditional (no spring) clutch pack will last longer too but being a sport quad it is likely a moot point. Thanks for looking!
  8. Hey everyone! I recently had the pleasure of servicing a quad with a hydraulic clutch conversion. Long/short is that I love it... have ridden several machines with HYD clutches but never a quad. For me... the feeling was not diminished at all and to my hand felt better. If someone struggles with heavy clutch pull due to performance springs or lack of grip strength... I think this is the solution. Considering one for my wife's quad. After a long ride she is sometimes sore from clutch pull. Anyone ever ran one? Thoughts? Thank you for looking!
  9. Hello and Welcome! Upload your video to Youtube then post the link here in the forum. The link will automatically embed and the video will show up in the thread. There is no way to upload your video directly to the site at this time. I think the flashing 4x4 light on these model says the battery is low. Check your service manual and post the exact model so we know what you are working with.
  10. You wouldn't be the one to get nasty... Say he says "I don't like this I think its worth more" and his adjuster is having a bad day... They can take back the adjustment and reevaluate the bike... reoffer 3500 and do nothing unless an attorney contacts them. Seen it happen with a LOT more money than this. Edit: Have heard the words from an adjuster's mouth myself something to the tune of "I tried to help this person and give them a fair settlement... they ain't getting a thing now" Edit 2: If the bike ever gets recovered you may have the opportunity to buy it back at 1/10 the cost btw...
  11. Just because they caved this time doesn't mean they wont get super nasty if you push it. In my old office they would call people with attitudes "data points" Not sure what the significance behind was exactly but the gist is you cop an attitude and they put you in a different category. Most of the time as adjusters we could make or break a situation based on attitude/mood. They still have never admitted that anything is worth a particular amount and could retract their adjustment offer. Unless you get an attorney it would become receipts and policy challenges until you accept their low number. Seen cases go straight through with no attorney and seen the exact same situation drug out over years and they eventually got next to nothing. Personal interactions between the adjuster and the client made a bigger difference in the end number than attorneys making threats most times.
  12. Like was said above you are basically having a conversation with people who make Satan sick to his stomach... keep that in mind. With that being said... they did what you agreed and made the adjustment. From what I see on the invoice the only things they could find the "value" of were the listed items (clamps, suspension, etc) They would have then just put the "adjustment" as a line item and in this case is $1855. I'm not sure where you are getting 10% of cost... Would you have accepted the 62 before seeing the invoice? Take it and move on IMO. The stress of going through months of back and forth when you could just do what you want now is not worth it. I promise that they can be much nastier... I think you would be smart to take the partial L and be done.
  13. Welcome! I think this describes most Honda owners... well said
  14. 49cc is street legal with no motorcycle license, insurance or turn signals where we are. Less than $500 for something that gets ~50mpg and requires almost no money to maintain. I know fish is just doing it for the fun of it but these bikes are the cheapest transportation for someone with no motorcycle license. Personally liked seeing the mechanics completely exposed like the old style Indians too... easy to understand. These bike kits may be one of the best things out there to get a young person into mechanics.
  15. Take some pictures of the damage if you get a chance. Not unless you added one. You're gonna get away with it. Fingers crossed anyway. I'm hopeful for ya and agree with the thought process behind. It might not even be your "fault" I have encountered several oil filters that have the "this side out" stamped into the metal on the wrong side... That would assume you bought an off-brand oil filter (or got ripped off)
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