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  1. Boy are you guys lucky.. this pic is typical for our 7 acres. Wooded, sidehill, rubbly rock under the leaves and deadfall branches.
  2. Shopping for new tires.. Your experiences with radials vs bias plys on rocks and mud?
  3. Works great for me.. I was looking to stiffen the ride and make it track more firmly (the old shock was original OEM). The middle of the adjustment range did that just fine. My 500 weighs in the neighborhood of 800 lbs, I add 300 lbs, so your results will probably be different. The Bronco product was the relatively inexpensive shock option. The other shocks that offer more adjustment are more $... in some cases lots more. Let us know what you decide and how it works out. Eric
  4. You're a funny guy Fishfiles... I'll keep the pipe and eyelets in mind tho.
  5. Late to the party.. it looks like you had to back off the adjusting wing nuts quite a bit to get the lever to where you got substantial braking. How much engagement do you have left on those nuts now?
  6. So I finally broke down and got the Bronco shock on the rear. Easy replacement and advertised to add about 25 lbs more capacity than stock. Good thing cuz I've got a rack on the rear for duck hunting gear and it gets fat a$$ me and my two boys to our duck blind. My Foreman is a 2015 TRX500FM1 and the replaced shock was the original equipment. "Doesn't owe me anything" as my Dad liked to say.
  7. Y'all do know why Brits prefer room temperature ales? Lucas makes refrigerators too
  8. Nicer yes, but you can get more races done with a "sleeper".... ask how I know
  9. Many surf trips launched with this tune in the eight track.... yeah I'm THAT old
  10. Steve Miller Blues Band again with the psychedelic rap "Gangster of Love".. Loves me some 60's
  11. This is one of my favorite songs from Steve Miller Blues Band (before he sold out) Great guitar work, lyrics are classic. Hey all you motorheads and harmonica players turn UP the lead in....
  12. The TRX500FM1 is the foot shift, straight axle 2WD/4WD version. The boys and I duck hunt off it (yes its overloaded) and I use it for light hauling around our place. Will be dragging lots more brush and attempting to pull manzanita stumps this year in addition to the fun stuff. I'm the original owner of this quad and its been great... except the single rear shock on the straight axle needs to be replaced. I see Bronco makes a replacement shock but I'm also looking for recommendations and brands to avoid from you folks.
  13. This is a very special tune for me...
  14. Prettiest Lullaby out of a swamp blues player.... Justin Johnson (no relation)
  15. Brought my 2015 Foreman 500 FM2 with me too!
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