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  1. Sweet! Let me know. I'd much rather get it from a member.
  2. $15k a year ??? Holy crap... I pay a little $400 at our club and we can't even get half the club to help clean up once a year or get the company that owns it to fix the roads.
  3. Any wheelie I did on my old RT180 was not intentional! The landing always hurt lol. I had a 80's model 110 3 wheeler that was fun. Havent even really tried on my Foreman. It has been broken too long to get a smile and then something else break!
  4. Speaking of the factory snorkel, how important is it to have? My 500 had an aftermarket snorkel on it and I took it off so pretty much open straight to the box. Never have any plans of riding in deep water.
  5. A buddy and I usually buy 3 25 bag pallets of cob corn and split 1. I usually have plenty left by the end of the season because I will throw some shelled corn out also. My main stand is surrounded by bean fields, acorns, and other food sources. That helps out a lot.
  6. Chevymec


    I usually check their heads...after I chop them off! My Father in law was scooping some sand a few years back and uncovered a nest of copperheads. We ended up killing 16 at our house that year and the sand pile is probably 400 yards from us. All of them had a green tail which ment they were younger. Wife has been pouring pinesol out around the house and have not seen one since. Works like snake away I guess.
  7. I need deer season to hurry up and end and reset for next year. 🤐
  8. Should of said Jet kit. Thanks. I am getting the stock one rebuilt.
  9. Drove to the stand. Went and helped get a doe that was in an odd spot in a bean field.
  10. When a seller puts very little description, I am always leary.
  11. I don't own but 2.5 acres our house is on, but my inlaws have a nice amount. I have caught a guy with my tree stand in the back of his truck in broad daylight on a sunday morning. Called DNR but they said it was a civil problem, call County. Painted the purple on trees after that because she said signs can be torn down and won't hold up in court. Purple paint seals the deal. Have had a guy walking his dogs through the property when I was hunting several times . Several times when we were going fishing and he had his dogs swimming in my inaws pond. Inlaws said at first they didn't allow him to walk his dogs, but them said he wasn't susposed to be there during hunting season. He tried to blame me for his dogs getting in some soft coyotee traps during one of our confrontations. He stole the trap and I told him good, I will let the trap owner know and he can press charges. He kindly brought it to my house and was all appologetic. After years of dealing with that prick, he and his wife divorced and they sold their house a few months ago. Before that it was another guy just hunting where ever he wanted to because" he was told he could" My hands are tied to do anything because my inlaws won't press charges on anyone.
  12. Corrosion inside. Leaking fuel out the bowl drain. Ran terrible. It has a dynojet kit in it.
  13. @oh400ex Mine needs more than just a kit. Would need a bowl and I can't remember if the housing was corroded also or not. Ill have to check when I get home.
  14. Where is the best place to buy 1 from? I'm done with this China carb I bought. It has ran rich from the get go. Leaked out the bowl drain.. Tried to go down a wash out to help retrieve a deer this morning and it stalled out every time. Or if someone has an oem carb that is in good work order let me know. I still have my old one, but the ethanol gas destroyed the bowl and bottom if the carb.
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