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  1. Ill take pictures one day and share. We get every business in the city's trash.
  2. We got a series of shots when I started. Hep B was a 3 series of shots and the Tetanus. Good thing is that I got cut in the back of the sewer jet a few months ago. I have been getting blood drawn the last few months to keep getting checked. Had TP and needles in the back of the truck.
  3. Other than body parts, I have seen most everything I could in a front loader. It is even better when I have to drain the " juice" out of a truck in the dry bed. The dry bed is where our sewer jet dumps its contents to dry out so it can be disposed of. Used condoms, tampon tips, etc all over the place and here I am trying to wash it all down with everything else that has been collected above ground in the city. We have wondered what the result would be if we sent a sample out to be tested of what comes out of these trucks. Probably have us in hazmat suits. I pretty much am at a job I said I wish I had as far as working at a fleet shop and no longer have pesky customer waiting on their vehicles. The pay is decent for this area to be a mechanic and not be at a chain store. There is only one job I am waiting to come open for a local co-op in the shop to get away from this work. Guy is supposed to retire at the end of the year. I was hoping to retire at 62 but I might could do it at 67 at this place if my body would allow me. They pay would be a big boost and benefits are just as good. My father in law worked there 36 years but we will see.
  4. I wish I could take pictures from my memories of my Graddaddys tractors. I want to say one was a MF 265 and the other was a Farmall or Allis Chalmers?? It had a ring you pulled to start and the seat was offset the best I can remember. Ill have to take some pics of my Father in laws stuff.
  5. Didn't know you could add these after the fact. I need one. I use the PSC 1000 and I can tell you it will eat a thick rubber glove over time. I made sure to get a set rated for chemicals this time. I never used gloves of any kind up until 6 years ago. I always had terrible cracked finger tips. Being a mechanic, that is torture in itself. Also working on garbage trucks now I won't touch one without them. The liquids that leak out the body's from the dumpsters will eat the concrete on our floors.
  6. Chevymec


    Over cast in in the low 60's this morning! My kinda of weather.
  7. My radio was a Super Star 121 and was tuned with the Boomer. Talked real good. Still have both. Blue and black Astatic mic I got for $20 and was brand new from a buddy. He bought it new and didn't know some radios had to have 2 wires swapped around to work. Worked right off the bat with mine. Want to say my radio barefoot was dead key in to 20w and swing 30w. Started using a Wilson 1000 before I took it all out of my truck.
  8. We didn't shun anyone away as long as the didn't get us in trouble. It was hard enough keeping a spot in town to do our hanging out. Was always fun to kick my Boomer 400 on high and open up the doors at the grocery stores hahaha!
  9. I buy a new one lol. Nah, I have a Benchmade assisted open that I love to use everyday. My hunting knives , well I never mastered using a stone. Wife bought me one of the belt sander style sharpeners that I like.
  10. Our group were always called the rednecks, but then our town was pretty country. Whip antennas, cb radios, trucks.. We had a few areas that were" questionable " about who went in .
  11. Chevymec


    75 and overcast. Had rain the last few days and it was needed.
  12. Good to see this group checking on members!
  13. That customer should be happy with that much work done at that price. Our local Honda dealer is over $100 I believe. If they don't pay, they don't get the atv. Start storage after 10 days and make that a cash only bill. Not sure how the shop would do it but I had to do this with a non payment of a truck I fixed. 9 year later it is still in the woods behind my house rotting away. Even put a mechanics lien on it.
  14. Welcome to the site!!
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