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  1. One of my coworkers and his wife both got the vaccine. His wife just got Covid. Another coworker also got the shot and he had some gut issues come up and they said he may have to get surgery. They told him if he hadn't been vaccinated, it wouldn't be able to get the surgery. I held my ground and still have not gotten mine. My mom cried when I told her I wasn't getting it because she was worried.
  2. Chevymec


    Never thought about it. I just grab some Degree and go.
  3. Just a few from the past few days...
  4. Who ended up taking over the old site?
  5. Welcome to the site!!
  6. BCS, I'm very sorry for your loss.
  7. Took about 2 months, but I finally got them! Also pushed it out of the shop...... All the gas leaked out somewhere.... Still fighting to get the gas smell out of the shop.
  8. Chevymec


    24* this morning.
  9. Chevymec


    Today we had a few seasons in NC. Started out with a high of low 70s. We left the house to go grab a new scout shirt for my oldest and was met with 50-60 mph winds and sideways rain. Headed back home to wait for it to pass. Noticed something fly by one of the 2nd story windows. Though one of the screens on the back porch flew out. Oh no, even better. We forgot to flip the trampoline over. Flew up and hit the top of the house! 1st time we have done that. We didn't expect the grade of wind. Headed back to town and the temps dropped about 20*. Now it's 34* with a chance of snow/flurries. Luckily the pool liner didn't get cut. Wife was worried about that.
  10. Other than factory Honda parts, is there a preferred aftermarket brand top end kit? Just looking on eBay, there is about $300 difference in Aftermarket and Honda.
  11. Is there any where the vin is stamped? I see you said the motor number, does it reflect the vin? The sticker that is on the frame is all but gone on my 500.
  12. HL never answered back when I emailed them about the rings. I will probably just get a stock top end kit. We went riding the other day and my middle son told me it was hard to see me because it was smoking pretty bad. I guess I don't look back enough lol.
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