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  1. Every time we kill a nice buck, it has a story. This year we had football Saturday morning as it has been for the last few years. I stay focused on when rifle season come in here. I have a crossbow and a blackpowder but they are not my go to's. A buddy called me to see if I would help him go through his dad's '85 K10 ( bought new) that he is gonna sign over to him. Talking he asked if we were hunting this evening since it was youth day. Told him I didn't know it was so we sure were now. That tropical storm had came through earlier so we had an idea the deer would he moving that evening. We get in the box stand about 330pm. Had a fawn come running out from behind the stand and run around for 30 minutes. About 645 a few does came out with a scrub buck. Not long after that 2 bucks came out in the back field about 750 yds away. I didn't think they would come out this way so I didn't pay much attention to them. Another shooter buck came out in a field beside us but he had no interest in the does. At 710pm the does were locked in on something and then we saw them the 2 bucks 750yds away came to us. Told my son to wait till the big buck got close enough. 713pm it was over. Buck dropped in his tracks. He got reaaaaaaaaal lucky. Deployed a head shot.... but was aiming behind the shoulder. He had buck fever and couldn't keep it steady lol. Savage .243 with Corelokts. 180 yds. 16" inside 17 1/4 outside. 8 pointer. Last picture I took through my binoculars with my phone. Between the swing and yellow bush you can make out the horns sticking up from the beans if you can zoom in.
  2. BCS, I've been there before but no where as bad as that. Hope it heals up well for you.
  3. @_Wilson_™ @Fishfiles ... man yall just kicked me down..... lol The truck is lowered 2" spindles in the front and the ZQ8 suspension so it is 1.5" lower from the factory off the bat. Rear leaf springs are 3 leafs which lowers it factory but it has 4" blocks and the previous owner removed the 2nd leaf which ... yes gave the truck the carolnia squat. I had to add air shocks and bump stops back to the truck to even be able to drive it. It was horrible. I am going back with 3" blocks and the correct leaf springs. Still lots to do to this truck. I don't know why I am drawn to clapped out projects......
  4. @_Wilson_™ I despise anything plumbing related. My dad's dad was a plumber. I'm still working on my S10. About to rebuild the rear suspension. Grabbed another set of leaf springs and replaced the bushings. Bought new hangers, solid aluminum lowering blocks, angle plates, and set back plates. Hope to get on this this week.
  5. Happy Fathers day!! Saw all the dads at the store last night buying what they were gonna cook themselves last night!!
  6. Youngest brought home a few carrot sprouts they grew in class. We planted them in a big pot this weekend. If all goes will, we spent $12 on a pot to grow 4 carrots lol Cucumbers are growing and squash and getting big. Potatoes have till the end of the month to hit 90 days.
  7. Chevymec


    The Canadian smoke made its way to NC today. Crazy how it can travel so far.
  8. Chevymec


    Finally had a day of sunlight after about 2 weeks of clouds and rain.
  9. @LedFTed it's 128/8x now. I was on Telmisartan for a year with no good results. Now on Edarbyclor . It got my BP down and with a Vitiamin D increase( mine was at a 22 count) I feel better overall.
  10. @_Wilson_™ 1 box has soil from our yard and another has all bag top soil. Both seem to do well. I try to water them everyday but maybe I don't water them enough when I do. I use Miracal-Gro from time to time and also have some organic fertilizer that smells like a horse stable lol.
  11. Thanks Wilson. I try and get by when I can. I can't remember what I ate before this went down. There was a stomach virus going around at the same time but was more of a 48 hr deal. Nobody I talked to had it this bad.
  12. We have had rain all day today so far and the forecast shows the next few days also. Not heavy but a good on and off showers. It really is crazy how much more the plants grow from the rain versus tap water.
  13. Had a stomach virus 1st part of the month, even think it started the same day I logged in last. I'm 43 and that was the worst off I have ever been. From Sunday night up to Friday morning it was a gamble on which end it was gonna exit from several tomes a day. I don't even know where it all came from. I lost 10 lbs in that time frame because I only ate 2 small cans of soup, which I NEVER eat soup. Even that wasn't safe. I started going to a local doctor this year to finally get my blood pressure under control, 155/111 was my normal readings. I didn't have have to go into the office, they prescribed me some meds through my customer portal app for them. I did have some time on my hands so I caught up on lots of shows. The walking dead was one of them. Finished the series that we kind of fell off about season 8. Worse part was I missed a few of the boys baseball games. Hope nobody get this nasty virus!
  14. Have a few plants in our planer boxes. Squash, Cucumbers, and potatoes. We learned last year that Okra is about the easiest thing to grow, just have to pick it at the right time. Youngest boy came home with 4 small carrot sprouts from school that I guess we will find a place to put in the ground.
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