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  1. @Wheeler truck sounded healthy on the dyno! What kind of problems did the efi give you?
  2. Paid our house/land taxes back in November. over $1400 😩. When my inlaws property taxes come in , it a tall stack.
  3. Chevymec


    It was BEAUTIFUL today! Spent it outside the most I could. Tromped through the woods, put left over corn from deer season out, boys road the go cart. HVAC had been off all day and the windows open. Tomorrow should be the same with 60% chance of rain Monday.
  4. Went to NM back in 1995 to Cimarron NM on a hiking trek. They told us never go to the outhouse alone. Bears had eaten the seats away in a lot of them.
  5. Chevymec

    1985 350X

    They thought it needed a tank. I looked real quick online and found a trashed tank in ebay for over $300!
  6. Chevymec

    1985 350X

    Thanks! Man the power this thing has felt crazy. I never stabbed it WOT because I could tell the front would stand up or atleast it felt that way. It has been probably been over 20 years since I rode on 3 wheels when I had a 110 Honda.
  7. Chevymec

    1985 350X

    A while back I posted a picture of a 1985 350X a friend has and he wanted me to get running again. Not sure how long it has sat in the barn covered up, but it was long enough the gas turned to a solid powder in the petcock. His dad called me one day and wanted me to do it without him knowing so he brought it over to me. First thing was to look it over to see what it needed. It is in extremely good shape for an 85 because it was rolled over at 1 point by a family member and pretty much only thing left good was the motor/trans. New frame, tank, handle bars, body fenders. To the tune of $2500.... this was atleast 25 years ago. He also put 3 new tires on it before I got it. I ordered a carb kit, grabbed a napa gold oil filter, Vavoline 4 stroke atv oil, a new UNI air filter, a new plug, fuel filter and a new petcock.The air filter turned to dust as soon as a touched it. Went through the carb with a Shindy kit and cleaned the passages. Soaked part of the carb in a carb bath and the other with can cleaner. The tank was a little challenge. Didn't want to use water or anything expensive so I used a handful of bb's and kept shaking. Used my air blower and shop vac to catch the rust dust. It came extremely clean. Filled the tank with some ethanol free 91. Put it all back together. Oil looked almost new so I decided to start it. Took a few shots of starting fluid but finally kicked it over and it ran after adjusting the idle. It will start up in about 3 kicks. Took it on its maiden voyage through the back field. .Man, this thing drove and rode like a Cadillac. Got it back and changed the oil and filter I hated for it to go home, but I really didn't want it here or I would of sent a few tanks through it. The red farings I put back on the tank. I had taken them off when cleaning the tank.
  8. Chevymec


    After Florence came through in 2018, we got a 20kw Briggs and Stratton for our house. Our house is 2 story and about 2900 square feet. The guy we bought our generator from, said it should run the whole house. We have a large propane tank that they estimated if it ran all day ,everyday, it should last about a week if every thing is on. We have a fire place but it needs the flue repaired as the last time we had it cleaned they told us. I personally want to use wood and not propane in there as a back up. Same guy we purchased through came in January to service them. I opted out and glad I did. He charged $200 last year to service it and check the output. Ok no big deal since it was only a year old, might find something wrong with the box. This year my in laws and brother in law both were charged $400 to service and a battery. $189 for the battery and the rest service charge! I had about $40 in my oil, filter, and 2 spark plugs. He used STP filters last time and no idea on the brand of oil. Pretty sure he lost some customers over these services. I could walk through the door at Napa and get a battery for about $110. The ones in there were from Battery's plus and pretty sure they should of been under warranty as he said they wouldn't start. They are programmed to run every Tuesday at 2pm for 20 minutes. Mine wouldn't start either but I believe the starter solenoid was sticking because after a few tries it started. In laws have a Cummins generator over at their farm and he charged $1200 for that!! Ill take that job any day. Told my father in law we can do them all next year. We may never need it again, and I hope we don't but we sill have it . My parents are up in age and I really wanted somewhere they can be if this ever happens again.
  9. Chevymec


    I think it has rained every day but 2 or 3 in the past 2 weeks. Rivers are about to go over bridges in a lot of places.
  10. Welcome to the site!! You will find what ever help you need here.
  11. Saw this in the mountains a few years ago. Too good to not get a picture.
  12. Happy New year to everybody!!
  13. Jeep, that is stand up man. It is good to see that there are some good people in this situation that still have good morals.
  14. Chevymec


    It has rained since about 11am yesterday till now.
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