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  1. Got my 2 mounts back yesterday. 1st one is my 10pt from last year and 2nd one is one of my 8pts from 2020.
  2. Chevymec


    In the teens this morning and about 30* now at 215pm.
  3. Shot this coyote a few weeks ago. 318yds with my 270. Longest kill to date. Son shot a doe a few weeks after my last post. He had a chance to shoot a buck at about 25 yards but I didn't know if the other hunter beside us was in his stand.
  4. Merry Christmas from NC!! It was 16* at 7am this morning but no signs of being a white Christmas.
  5. Shot a doe a few weeks ago. My hunting buddy( middle son) and I have seen a few bucks but not in his comfortable shooting range. Sometimes I like just watching the deer do their thing. Need to take about 2 more to carry us through the year. It always gets tough from Thanksgiving out to take one here.
  6. Our labor day was good but the crud has been running through our house. Got 2 boys home today because of fevers.
  7. We have Verizon and have no problems in the house and a metal roof. We have 3 lines, unlimited data, and a tablet with unlimited data. only paying on 1 phone and pay $230ish a month. I know there may be cheaper, but I stick with what I know works.
  8. Wife has had one we bought a long time ago. Boys use it mostly. I have an Ipod but haven't used it in years since since using my phone for music.
  9. Wolfpack over ECU yesterday!
  10. Ethanol free in all my stuff except my vehicles.
  11. Chevymec


    Never thought about it. I just grab some Degree and go.
  12. Everyone have a safe 4th!!
  13. Just a few from the past few days...
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