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  1. Called mine and talked, stuck at home. I have realized this past year, I need to make more time to go see her and my Dad. We but heads A LOT but she is my mom.
  2. Chevymec


    If it all comes up, it should be. About an acre. Not sure if there will be beans or corn planed this year where I hunt. I love our mountains in NC. Plan on going next month to my inlaws place for about a week. My first experience with snow up there was back in 09 or 10. Rode 5 hours to get there to be greeted my generators buzzing and very little lights on. Got to the top where the house was and saw the doorbell light on!! SHEEEEW. I did have to shovel snow for 2 hours just to get in the driveway since they had plowed the road a few times that week. The locals could tell I was new... asking where the snow shovels were at Walmart lol. It was ice under the snow which made the driveway terrible.
  3. Chevymec


    I went and check the plot today. Some clover is coming up and looked like some radishes are coming up here and there. We have had a few 90* days already. Been in the 70s today with a nice breeze.
  4. Welcome to the forum! These are great group of guys if you need the help as you are seeing here!
  5. Chevymec


    We finally got some rain to come through this past week. Had 2 small thunder storms roll through yesterday. Got to check my food plot and see if anything is starting to sprout. It had been at least 3 weeks since I had put it in the ground.
  6. That video was great!! I heard stories from around here about the Mopars hurting everything around here.
  7. That looks like a dang good time!! That 30/30 look awesome also!!
  8. Guy brought me a 2004 Rubicon to go over for him. Runs and drives ok but has a fuel leak, some squeaks, and the rear brake is frozen up. Any thing I should look for while I'm going over it. It turns so easy compared to my 05 Foreman 500 with the locker in it. Aint gonna lie, I could get use to the auto shifting. I really get tired of my shifter wearing out and getting loose....
  9. Looks like my '97... just in a lot better condition than mine.
  10. I had a '93 S10 that I ran the balls out of. Almost every weekend on some back roads we got stupid. It was kinda know for being "quick" .... as quick as a 2.8 5 speed S10 was lol. Guess it wasn't bad since most of my friends had 4x4 trucks and mine was a 2wd. When I built my 1st camaro, I was at the dragstrip every chance I could racing it. That's when I thought about how dumb it was what I use to do.
  11. Chevymec


    Bought a 20 gauge and a 410 from a buddy. Buck shot is easy to find. I just want some bird shot for them. I thought it would be the easiest to find. Local stores sell out as soon as they get ammo. The place I get mine from usually holds on to it a little longer since he is smaller.
  12. Wish I knew the ins and outs of the Fords that good.
  13. A 3/8 air gun is your friend with those plugs. I may break one my next time, but haven't happened yet!
  14. @Fishfiles 1320 always has good racing videos. I remember the first DVD they put out. I have it some where.
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