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  1. Are there not any RV/Camper lots around you? Ditch the CL sellers.
  2. That's just me. I mean my Chevelle has a 1050cfm carb but with time I will convert it to EFI.
  3. Glad you are doing better Fish! take it easy and follow the Doc's words. I smoked back in my parting days. I saw the only way to quit was to change my ways.
  4. We have a 30k miles F350 V10 at the shop now. Not under warranty and the Ford dealership says it needs a motor. Needless to say we have a V10 crate motor on the floor in the shop. They like to spit out spark plugs also. Not sure if they have the timing chain problems of the 5.4 Triton motors or not. I think Ford put 2 different trans in some models, 1 built for towing, the other not so much. The 460, I guess that would make it Carb'd. I personally would not but a motor home with a carb unless you like working on it. Guessing this might have a C-6 trans. Possibly no overdrive?? The 454 has been around for a long time. Not sure what year you looked at a TBI or Vortec model . The vortec models were bad for fuel pressure regulator and injectors leaking. I've replaced my fair share of them but has been a while. This should have a 4l80e trans which is a good one for pulling. The later models were the better. TBi could have a TH400 or an early 4l80e in it.
  5. Woke up at 430 to take my oldest to drop off for summer camp. Headed in a few to meet my mom and dad for lunch. Enjoy the day!
  6. Welcome from another ENC member!!
  7. Had a few roads cut and drove them to see how it looks. Of course the battery was dead. Time to get another battery.
  8. I have read a lot on the Thor 4's and I believe that is the route I am going to go. Had a good size one walk by yesterday in daylight on camera.
  9. Yep, they gave me a discount when I bought mine! I will say, I am not happy with the way my rear disc works. This is my link from when I replaced mine.
  10. Chevymec


    Only seen 1 cooperhead and a few black racers this season so far.
  11. Chevymec


    Meat has been scarce around here. Glad I still have plenty of deer meat in the freezer.
  12. Chevymec


    It has poured the last few days and it is supposed to rain off and on the next few days.
  13. Thanks Fish! I had gone back and pulled the number on the current shoes. Crossed it and it came back to the ASK set so that is what I ended up ordering from Honda.
  14. Gotta give it to Toyota, not many companies will swap in a new frame. For it to be a recall, that must of had a ton of problems.
  15. Trying to order rear brake shoes and there shows a JB or an ASK models. Nothing says what the differences are. Help please!
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