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  1. Chevymec


    Low 30's here today. Been raining since about 9am. Just isn't cold enough for the white stuff.
  2. We are safe at work for now from the mandate. I have seen more people get covid that have had the jab alread.
  3. We are safe at work from getting the jab for now. I have seen more people that have been vaccinated get Covid than people that haven't got the jab lately.
  4. Well, 1 guard was available, one is on back order......
  5. Chevymec


    We had a nice spring like winter day here. I swear I'm gonna have to break out the lawn mower here soon for a few spots in the yard.
  6. Might be on to something. I got both sets online for $50 shipped. Ebay seller wanted over $80 for the same.
  7. While washing the Foreman today, I noticed that it does smoke when reving it up cold. So it looks like I might have to dig in deeper. Does anyone know what the actual size the BigBore kit was that High Lifter use to sell is? I emailed them today since my old login was no good. Does anyone else sell one or am I going to have to go back to a stock replacement piston and jug?
  8. The Vet sent this to us the next week. Really ment a lot to me. Especially the paw print. I walked in the door the other day and asked my wife if she had feed Cam. Still have to get accustomed to him being gone. With in a few days after I buried him, the neighbors dog started to dig him up. His brother in law is my boss so I asked him to pass the word along . Neighbor said it wasn't his dog.... We knew 100% it was . Found for the 2nd time , the same dog had been here digging again. I passed the word again , but this time that if it wasn't his dog then he won't miss it if indolent come home. Boss said his sister was crying because she felt so bad, yet he wouldn't take responsibility for his dog. 3rd time , neighbor was outside and I let him know his dog was over here. Haven't seen it since and he finally apologized for it. I had to grab two doors from some old incinerators to lay over his grave.
  9. Decided to spray off the mud on the Foreman from hunting season. Noticed a crack on the LF upper splash guard. It pretty much disintegrated as soon as I touched it. Just ordered up a new left and right guard.
  10. When it does smoke on start up. it does smoke under throttle. I don't really get on it hard a lot because I usually have one of my boys on it with me and he is holding the rifles. Today is the last day of hunting season so I will pull the rocker cover off here when I get a chance.
  11. I have noticed recently that my 2005 Foreman 500 has started smoking. Not when cold or it has sat for a few days, but when I drive to the hunting stand and sits for a few hours. When I start it up it smokes pretty bad. Park it and the next rime I start it up no problem. I didn't notice this until I changed the oil and filter a few months a go. Napa gold filter( installed the right way) and Valvoline ATV 10w40. Usually in the auto world I would say this is a drain back issue and oil sitting in the head and leaking by the valve seals but it will do it after a cold start also also. The motor was rebuilt about 1000 miles ago with a Web cam and Big Bore kit. Head was checked and jug was bored. Do these have a crakecase hose or some type of pcv valve? I did check the oil and it was low. I have the short dipstick and added oil till it was at the middle of the 3 hash marks not screwed in. Couldn't find my manual to check to make sure this is correct , but I believe it is.
  12. Waiting to see if my employer is still going to mandate us to get it since they are being "forced" by the government to do it.
  13. Thanks guys. @bcsman, they asked if I wanted to be present. Not a chance I wouldn't want to be the last person he saw. Another thing I didn't know is that they cremated your pets if you wanted. I told them I was taking him home. They sent a sympathy card with his paw print on it Monday. My morning routine is a lot different now that I don't have to take care of him.
  14. Ron, Thank you and sorry about your girl.
  15. After 15 1/2 years I lost my Boykin Spaniel, Cam. He had started going down hill the last few months with a few trips to the vet. I knew the time was coming, I knew what I needed to have done. Tuesday he was fine. Wednesday he couldn't move very well and wouldn't eat. I was in my shop and he would try to let out a bark and I would go over to him. Thursday same thing and I could smell a smell that I was told was a sign of the end. I gave him a long bath to get him cleaned up. Called the vet Friday morning and took him in. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The vet assured me it was the right thing to do. Within 30 seconds he was no longer in any pain. Before he passed, it looked like a tear ran down his eye.... I felt like a thousand pounds was lifted off my shoulders because I was no longer worrying about this moment. This picture is from about 8 years ago. He was still in his prime. A year later he decided to fight with my in laws truck tire. He was in an animal hospital for about 2 1/2 months with a split diaphragm and fractured hip. . He had a limp but could still get a little run in here and there. He was the Alpha of our 2 dogs even in his shape. Now our 3 year old English Springer Spaniel is in control of his yard.
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