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  1. LedFTed


    when i was in Ocala, 85-87 i was still walking barefoot when i could. i learned rather quick the the sand has fire-ants, so i walked on the blacktop at the horse farm. i could stand the blacktop, till it got past 98 degrees out side, i didnt know the temperature of the blacktop, just guessing it was hotter. i could put out a lit cigarette barefoot. now i cant. i was 34 back then, roundabout. so i guess that was my cutoff point being 34, going barefoot. any y'all lasted longer then that? now i'm a tenderfoot, cant walk barefoot on rocks.
  2. LedFTed


    red moon rising tonight in ky.
  3. LedFTed


    87 just an hour ago, followed by 61 tonight. my kind of weather.
  4. LedFTed


    yellowstone, erupts, mini ice-age. politicians cause most climate changes.
  5. LedFTed

    snake id

    had to throw this in for posterity. i had a sheet of metal 3'x8' 24 gauge, cut and bent, an put it around the vinyl siding, an filled the corners with steel wool. on occasion the steel wool rust, and ya got to pack in a little more, but it keeps out the snakes and mice.. p.s. thats a Pella out side door. in 2st pictures, nice looking aint it..
  6. LedFTed

    snake id

    had one that got through the vinyl siding, while i was on the PC right below once. did i ever plug that hole it used!! it was crawling across the basement top wall and avoidin g every mouse trap i had set. not only did i block that hole, i blocked the mice from getting in..
  7. LedFTed

    snake id

    ya might have to zoom in a bit. the smaller snake [dscn3185,jpg] ate fred, the little toad, that would be sunning itself, while i was outside smoking, an took over freds house. i think there are three different snakes in these pictures, with different markings.
  8. here, butter beans are a brownish lama bean.
  9. it might be another gov., bug.. but i doubt it. i forgot the exact measurements, seems like 1/4 teaspoon of salt in a warm mug of water, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, sip slowly, till done. it gets you body closer to being alkaline, but salt an soda, salt an soda kill any viruses, that cause the Hershey Squirts, or colds, but i'd ask a doctor if this will cause any harm before ya try.. if 155/111 is normal for you,, that is way to high for anybody. that being said, i gotta fight my own BP problems. of late, though,, my last was 123/70, hr78. it was not like that 2 months a ago...
  10. this , is about a sound clip i heard this evening. it was Wyatt Herp speaking. was on the KY hunting forum/community/anything ya want to post thread. actually, his voice didnt surprise me any, you could tell he had been around. i found it quite interesting.
  11. AKATV, does this kind of work in his spare time. Keep searching, you will find him. ur on the right thread..
  12. LedFTed


    i dont like the smell of those dryer sheets, nor skin so soft. skin so soft keeps the flies off horses. if your an Edgar Cayce fan, i am one, the skin formula, keeps skeeters off ya. 6 oz peanut oil, 2 lanolin, rose water with glycerin, two olive oil. its a bit tricky to make if ya use the lanolin that is not water based, and has a bit of sheep smell, ya get an the veterinary store.
  13. LedFTed


    skerters not so bad yet, ticks, another subject. all ready had three in the skin, an a few i could feel crawling in my shirt next to the skin. last night 47, without chill factor, its i already 50. i dont adapt well to cold, time for the LJs.
  14. Great, i like that one. Anyway, i like mators, bunches. my sister likes them too, but she also likes guineas. those dang birds, while trying to get at a bug they poke so many holes in the mators, it aint hardly worth planting. im trying to talk everybody over hear into getting rabbit fence or chicken wire, but its cost to much or something for them. i think it cost too much not having mators myself.
  15. I always like betty better as far as cartoon's go.
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