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  1. black beans are underestimated. the local stores have then in cans, though ya might have to look, in the spanish isle. lots of good food there. 2 cans of black beans, 1 can of diced mators, an an onion, chopped, is a good start. go from there. Chick peas, also called Garbanzos, are decent, if not better, kinda butter taste, natural flavor. 75% protein.
  2. LedFTed


    Aretha, should it be spelled right, had a mighty voice. so did that chic, i think, "the dark side of the moon", Pink Floyd. not that other chicks dont sing well,. i forget the movie, Si-fi,' where an alien chic was blue, the person that actually sang the song, wasn't in the movie. but had a range of voice, that spanned 3 or 4 octaves.. most that sing, are lucky, if they can, do one octave, near 5/8 of an octave..
  3. LedFTed


    good or bad' i still like it". warped as i am. they got any Yes' song's ?
  4. LedFTed


    i aint heard em do deep purple yet., still, i kinda like the band.
  5. LedFTed


    a couple of beers or so, hail ya.
  6. LedFTed


    never, seen an Elvis look-a-like, do Led. 😁 "when the levy breaks" , i forgot this song.. till now..
  7. LedFTed


    this song has better stereo, than i remember lately. maybe the one i posted, also. gotta say it's my favorite., "Ramble On". so, many different life's., i stayed for a bit, then moved on. I think early Zeppelin is better. in a way. more free sort of, in the early years...
  8. Makes you wonder what the local stores are doing wrong. fish sold from china, vegetables, sold from outside the us. Just stuffs, to fill ya up. not of the quality, you would expect., i hope those up north, have better sense, or resources. well; just about time for a poll; that grown close to home, or, in a different country; hope it wont be political; i prefer the fish i catch local, though, it take's some time to catch them, it's well worth it, an the local game.. it has some flavor, v/s the overseas stuff sold. an red squirrel is bigger than gray, ain't much harder than a gray to clean, taste the same, only better. young deer taste better than old ones. the channel cats, are friendly to the taste buds, the old okra seeds sold, are way better than the ones sold now. IMO. Love to get some of those., the old okra seed's. hate the china version, or the improved version. more of less.
  9. never bought that album, but i'm sure there is a place, for salesmen. specialty, used car salesmen. they, those at a Dealer, can talk with a forked tongue also.
  10. My ways are not oft understood. i will be welcome. you have to enter, with an open mind. music and food would be grand, as long as their is verity, an variety. i cant imagine a heaven, when all ya do is sing, phrases to God. i get bored hearing top 150. imagine an eternity of this; or what, if it was it the was the top song, over an over? ya either do this, or, face the fiery pit? Millions of souls, kissing your feet, hands. I'd be yuk, leave me alone, i have to make another universe. i'm busy. go bother someone else. while ya can, create, learn the difference, create/destroy/maybe improve. the end.
  11. LedFTed


    less is more ^^^^, the epic symphonic rock is good. ramble on, is one of my favorites, when the levy breaks, another. i forgot this song; Hey, Hey, what can i do. you wont find it on any album, i know of. i got it on a 45. immigrant song is on the other side. i bought a Chopin, double cd, an ELO cd on sale, at Wally world.
  12. LedFTed


    1st. time i seen this video, shes got a good voice... etc. 😁
  13. LedFTed


    just wet here. temps in the 60's during the day, 40's at night. had a nice lightning storm., last night, with the rain.. the flashes that were close, were yellow. so ever often, i would twitch to a strike. jump, outta my skin.., so to speak. storm went over though. somewhere else. they can have at it.
  14. i read it wrong, for the install. puppy has changed, since i last used it, maybe a decade ago. the Frugal install, makes no since to me,. i haven't kept up, for a while. Fossa pup ?'s, on the install. i gotta show some pictures, 1st. next post. from what i understand, frugal install works off the iso., in a folder, and, you can put many distros of Puppy there. an Puppy runs off the memory, not the drive. a frugal install, can run 10 times faster, then, an install to a partition. the frugal install could be more secure. still looking for a towards world. that doesn't track ya, not, because they cant, cause, they have no interest in tracking ya. Oh Well!!!
  15. her prices are, inexpensive, and worth it. an, so are her tips. Her sister's advice seemed to work, an long as she has customers like you, this helps. I'm afaid for my nieces, all the time. [especially, since their getting to the driving age], aunt or uncle, it still the same, the loss you feel. Takes a while for some, to get over a loss, especially those younger than you, i know, but staying busy helps.
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