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  1. i love okra. used ta grow it. bugs dont like it. taint squash plant's. bug's found my kale, a fungus found my garden. rot-leaf. hard to get rid of that.
  2. LedFTed


    weather channel said it was 26f outside during the day. i went outside, didnt have gloves on, hands wernt cold. maybe the weather channel has dyslexia too. was yesterday on satellite. ground was frozen in the morning, but its comfortable today. robins still hanging around. usually they dont arrive till march.
  3. LedFTed


    and from without. a primitive ocean was once here, now only rock remains.
  4. LedFTed


    i meant the question for FF. i find coral in KY. it were under water at one time, have looked for sign.
  5. LedFTed


    ever found any dino bones? too cold for me. least i wont be your neighbor. so considered yourself lucky. ha ha
  6. like my food cooked. shrimp from the store, used them for bait, when i got hungry, fishing, put a few on the lantern. creek crayfish, we call them crawdad's, if you get a big one it can go on the lantern too.
  7. just fried so far. red squirrels aint much harder to clean than the gray ones, bigger too. i like reds better.
  8. they had a piece of red roads in Ocala Florida in mid 70s, reduced glare , easy to see at night. had a ford pinto at the time.
  9. LedFTed

    combo meter

    just getting back. my inner screen is sun-burnt. tried to sand it. 5000grit. better for a bit, maybe a couple of weeks. on the old site someone had removed led screen and replaced that.
  10. Fishfiles; tried the Kerrygold butter, on ham samwich ,, think it will be good.
  11. i love cornbread.
  12. i cant paint. but will try do do some justice too those mts.
  13. LedFTed

    combo meter

    Someone may remember the name of the member who replaced the screen. mine has 5,000 miles,2,000TRXes450. Sanding didn't work.E replaced screen,though.
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