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  1. i think the latest lubuntu, 22.04, has been corrupted, to be with the time's we are in. could be wrong, i doubt it..
  2. LedFTed


    goldfish gone wild!!
  3. LedFTed


    worth donating too
  4. over a week ago, i was messing with the front end of the SSD drive. messing dont even cover it.u know the obvious rules, dont fix what aint broken. dont know why i still do that. so, i take the desktop, an the laptop, over to me other sisters house, where i can get online during the day. so, i am working on the problem, and my new wifi att., quits working. so i try to reinstall, an it dont work still. sooo, i been here wed, the 11th, an just now found out, i been typing the last past of the password in. instead of typing 023, i been typing 032., just didnt see it.. that plus when i did a firefox update in the meantime, it erased my bookmarks an passwords. so, i got to lookup all my passwords again, i did find a copy of my bookmarks i made on jan 15 2022. Oh Well,, welcome to my world. lucky i made that bookmark.html... and i do write my passwords down, just cant remember where i wrote them most the time.. lol
  5. WELL; its been a while, since i wrote here. anyway,, Q4OS, i put too many programs on and messed it up. i ran into problems. try to edit this, before i get to the timer, to say which had the most impact.. lubuntu, 20.04 works well on the HDD, but not on the SSD, so i replace it soon, (should have done it a year or so ago). an i will make the HDD drive just storage. [they are are better for storage i understand). i finally got the desktop to do WI-Fi, $8.oo for the linux friendly antenna, at amazon. plug an play for linux, imagine that., not that it dont work on windows or mac.. now for a funny... i thought my motherboard video quit working, for almost 4 days, i have thought that. then looking at the back of the computer today, i realized i plugged the monitor into the top port, instead of the middle port. stupid is as stupid does. least i didnt order a new motherboard.. was thinking about it. lol on me.
  6. that got a chain driven blower?
  7. Merry Christmas from KY. uncle joe is emptying your sled, while he is filling his. try not to let him spoil your Christmas.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
  9. LedFTed


    40f today, been 26f. 6 shirts for me and a hunting jacket/coat. low on iron, i stay cold.
  10. i read somewhere you can use beet juice for tire weight, instead of calsium. anybody else heard this. it dont corrode your rims as bad.
  11. LedFTed


    well; at least it is in one spot,my stuff is stacked up, everywhere, in random order.
  12. in the first picture, i was thinking, if the puppys name was brandon, the caption would be funnier.
  13. what tap water does to plant, it also does to people. ya dont want to see whats inside a water pipe, after a while. its a wonder they carry water. tap water has lost its appeal, and that where most bottled comes from. people pay more for water, wrapped in plastic, while they can fill a plastic jug at home. aint it strange?
  14. LedFTed


    i dont know who john 5 is, or the face. been buzzing all around the net, i mighta heard em sing, didnt know who was singing. as for motley crew, that is a different story, sort of. in a music shop, the highlands of louisville, not mom's music shop, there were several on bardstown road, me and a friend went in. jeff, was in a band, i was just looking. a guy, wearing a hat walked in and a few other people, while the guy with the hat was looking at a steel guitar, i walked up, and he said looks nice, i say yep, but, the shop down the road has a picture of a better one. its a guild, and describe it, just getting to say, i rather have that then a night with pam, i dropped that part. i walked around some more, and turned down an isle, and there was a fella, with tats sitting on a milk create, of something, blocking the isle. so i changed direction an walked a different way. after a bit it dawned on me. who i was talking to, an who was the band. i was wondering why a white limo was out side, before we walked in. 1st time i put this in print, or even told the story. i cant make up something to tell, and remember it for very long. this was late 90's. i was working as elevator mechanic.
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