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  1. i am not smart enough to remember the parts numbers of my 2000 honda, and every time, i have to look it up again, and do another search online. there are those that can know what matches off the top of there head and will get back to you.
  2. your post has no information, on what you need or want. not saying that to be a smart arse, it just doesnt say enough yet.
  3. my sister in law liked to clean with ammonia and bleach, at the same time. she it didnt bother her. i guess she was all ready bothered by so much of the stuff, she did, anything was an improvement. https://search.brave.com/search?q=aromatic ammonia side effects&spellcheck=0&source=alteredQuery i only read this yesterday, and you know how web searches go, you cant believe over half the stuff posted.
  4. fish told me of those things. i had never heard of them . no see'ems are bugs that bite, and florid water is something to keep you cool. except,, no see'ems are actually of the spider family, i finally found out i think. they are tiny red things, are are not supposed to bite according to science. no one taught the offspring that though. perhaps a man who is science could. the only reason i found out was: something was biting me, of pinching me and i could not see what it was. however, something very tiny kept landing on the foam, in my beer glass. i could see plenty of red bugs?,, but not anything that was this small. Sooo, i remember fish telling me about this and i looked it up. i concluded, it had to be the off spring, and they were pinching me. i cannot prove this is so, i did not have a microscope, but if you see the picture of an adult, you may believe so too. it is as good as any theory is, and thats all science is, the theory of the moment. and you have to admit, i did take a scientific approach. Florida Water:, is not something you drink, it would probably kill you. it is a mixture of, spirits of ammonia, mixed in water, and maybe some other ingredient. you did your shirt or bandana in it, put it back on, and it cools you off. i give it some thought and decided i dont know if i want to wear ! to cool me off. turns out i am right. it can have harmful side affects. inhaling ammonia is not a good thing to do. so i mixed my own version using horse remedies. i will not say it is any better, but as far as i know, it hasnt killed any horses. BIGELOIL is something is a veterinary aid for horses, and diluted with water, makes a refreshing brace, for tired over worked horses. using it though full strength, in my work, for many years, it does not say that it is harmful, exactly, just that it is not for human use, as do all veterinary products do. absorbine jr. is nothing more then diluted absorbine. besides,, using both on horses, it has never said, wear gloves, nor a mask, to block the smell. this does keep me cool enough, clears my sinuses a bit, repels some bugs. i will say, you best consult your doctor, or veterinarian before using, for i dont know who you go too.
  5. shade is right on that, and tweaking it correctly, is an art. i only wish i knew how i had done it. its been a while. i did get it solved. as far as the primer knob, i cut it off and made a gasket, filled the hole on the outside cover where the rod went through, in case gas penetrated the gasket and never looked back. i wasnt sure if i was using the proper gasket material at the time.
  6. LedFTed

    4th of July

    Just stopped in to say happy 4th. y'all take care.
  7. its embarrassing to me when i do this, and i cuss myself down quite a bit. lol course, i end up doing it again from time to time.
  8. i never had any regular drive shaft do this.
  9. i agree, the hip is closer, should ya need it. the timing is everything.
  10. to each, his own, or hers, shes the boss. lol
  11. and i thought it was the celebration of warm weather. lol
  12. clean it up good on the inside, you will see all the nuts, bolts, plastic inserts etc., and look up a parts diagram, for year and make of of your ATV., there are plenty, online.
  13. sooo;; best base for tators? i dont want to plant in this clay based soil, heavily based clay, me grandma put them under a tree on the ground, and covered them with, dried leave's and such. any suggestions?
  14. My atv never talks to me, or back at me. it must be an older model and definitely not female, for if it did talk to me, that could explain the silence.
  15. the more money the gov., gets, the less that is done.
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