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  1. i got rid of Mojeek an took two more on. but i got to say something about DDG. its on the list also. DDG total changes with a VPN. better searches so far a actually looks promising. who wouldda thunk it.
  2. thought id update this; i was taking two seconds a step, sometimes three. up an down the steps facing forward or backwards. then i thought to do it sideways. was doing two steps at a time but had to go back too one. i was rushing it. i increased the times a day slowly. it had so surprising effects on me. the left knee quit twitching when i was trying to sleep, [restless leg syndrome], and the other, my sciatic got better, the left side was bothering me an has been. i got more energy, having less pain. though i have also been taking Zeolite. that might have helped with the energy, also. i take that to detox the fuchi shot. i cant say to try Zeolite though and wont..
  3. LedFTed


    i think this story was on tucker at fox;; TSA security passed policy[for lack of a better term]. that people without passports, IDs, can use the paperwork from being lock up to bypass security, and get on a plane.. ya might be saying; DO WHAT. tis insanity at its finest. You feel safer flying on a plane now?? hope this aint too political.
  4. i was wrong on that last statement. i had quite looking. as far as the search; it does find more different results, although it dont always find the term you are looking for. search choice may be confined to 4 country's in the European Union. Time for another search engine try.
  5. "See, we're doing something" by .gov to calm the sheep. i think it runs way deeper then that. its about calming the sheep, before ya lead them to the slaughter house.
  6. Well. with a Mojeek search, i got; 1 to 10 from 130,902,918. i remember seeing something like that, before google. the search engine might need to grow up a bit before it reaches its full potential.
  7. Mojeek is the search engine im trying out now. its fairly easy to install in Linux firefox browser. way different search thing the one DDG uses so far.
  8. LedFTed


    i think i seen her on a talk show an she said she sang it. hope she wasnt fibbing.
  9. hope it stays mild for you an yours. my sister tested positive, headache and stomach flu systems, her household is quarantined. then today my other sister, her grandson tested positive for covid, headache an fever, so her household is under quarantine.
  10. LedFTed


    the weather forecasters that predicted snows,last week got ot wrong, imagine that. they did get this evening right 1/4 inch of snow, just enough to get the roads slick. of course, the roads were treated last week, nothing came, so they didnt treat the roads. par for course.. 😀
  11. quercertin may affect blood thinners, im pretty sure ivermectin is good in the lung lung department, best look it up. hope ya feel better. stay positive.
  12. LedFTed


    i flipped over to the channel, just in time to hear this sing. never seen the whole movie. she can sing.
  13. they say WD-40 works on everything. went fishing once, it was hot so i took off my shirt, forgot the bug spray. i did have WD, it dont work under your arms. 🙃 took alot of water to get that stuff off. 🤣🤣😂
  14. still say its not a true vaccine. just a partial, with a spike problem. or did i say that on another forum. sister tested positive for covid, she said she felt like she had some kind of stomach bug, only with a headache. she is not vaxed, but treating herself at home. shes been doing the research. those tests for covid, are they finally working?
  15. havent seen the hill yet, but i will. good catch..
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