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  1. LedFTed


    How do ya get that stuff? Tinnerite!! just thinking about a tree stump.
  2. those non-stick pans are never thick enough. for even cooking. i cooked pancakes in one once, it was no good after that. the pan, was to thin.
  3. Buy good cornbread ground flour, or see a dentist. maybe ya need to soak the cornbread flour. as far as the coating with an iron skillet,, it has to be better than the one from DuPont. Non-stick, sticky cookware, that is absorbed, in your food. these new stoves, from china, IDK? oven doors with slots to let the heat out. guess that would be good in the winter. it aint always winter in the US. just lately, ya got to include the politics, if that aint a winter? i cant warn about those glass top stoves, i dont like them, an old GE stove, electric, had 7 to 8 buttons, to control heat, that stove was easy to cook on. just aint the same.. glass tops, are pretty, if ya like that oven cooking. still, has wasted heat. Parts for a glass top ? just buy a new stove.
  4. LedFTed


    looks like some kind of umbilical cord, from the storms.
  5. is keeping nuts an bolts, stuff that may be used again, considered a pack-rat? if so, i got a bunch. ya never know when you will need that thing that ya saved. dont have newspaper, though it might be needed, as of late. no sand here, to wipe with.. 🙂
  6. i dont think ya can bake cornbread, in a Teflon pan. whats life without cornbread, or bacon? the coating, dont wear off so fast with seasoned iron.
  7. seems like with all these smart stoves, an non stick cookware, that sticks, learning how to cook with iron is the way to go.. it holds a more even temp, might even fool the thermostat, of a smart stove. I et a lot, off of a iron wood stove, more than once. bet that is a skill that is acquired.. no Teflon in that era.. 😉 , just iron.. seems like biscuits, were cooked different, an taste better. no need to tell ya how bacon has changed. for the first time in my life, i seen a green egg. not the egg shell, but the white was green. "Green eggs an ham", the white, was a light green, when it hit the skillet, then came the smell. i cant describe the smell, probably a draw with kitty litter, only more.. just a little got into, the pan, it was more than enough. i washed it three times. it was hard to eat the other two eggs i had cooked. the memory was strong. only, i could fart, like that, an have some control, when i let loose.. 😁 best beware, if i could learn the secret. not to brag, but once i cut loose once, an ran off the contractors of a project, an the crews, including my own. electricians, plumbers, carpenters, an mine, hvac. i dont think my diet was right, or something. fond memories...
  8. welcome, im not an old timer, just being 66. this is a good site. the best..
  9. Well. it took me a while but i finally put the rebuild carb on the 2000es. i forgot where i stored the parts. i only hope it runs. then i can work out the other problems. i spent an hour, trying to get the breather box to match,PITA, the carb. i forgot how, i did this the 1st time. luck, if i remember what, or when, i ate last. i'm still due for today.. course, its tomorrow. so, i skipped a day. an people want to know how to lose weight, just dont get hungry. got tomorrow lined out. bacon, maybe fries, egg's. havnt planned supper yet. im working on frying things. so far, i havnt found anything decent to fry in. i dont like soy based stuff. must be the only one. Crisco in a can is made from soy beans. so is Crisco cooking oil. dont ya know, soy beans, make a vegetable oil? the next thing is, i might learn to like tofu. dont know what that is, dont want to.. sounds like a Hollowood treat.. the casting director.. hey Harvey.. Don't want to travel in that world.. an i wont.. course being an old fart, i aint got nothing to worry about.
  10. as long as black people have the faith, in former slave owners, and they conTROLL the justice system. you cant expect real justice.. Lots of money going on.. comes the war machine again. is profit..
  11. LedFTed


    at least the head is triangular. some poison snakes arnt!!
  12. heard, they are from the 5th dimension., us. when we pass to a different plane. maybe it is so, but i dont like it.. how could they let Joe rule, or Nancy,, why would they. no how matter ya get advanced, ya cant let the retards rule.. Sorry if this is offensive, just the inbreeding that is involved, with power. keep it in the family.. marry your sister to keep the bloodline strong. thanks, but no thanks. been a common practice for years. might still be.. it could explain some politicians.. still dont explain all of them. look at some of the representatives, one in particular was married to her brother. that is OK in the new world order,,
  13. i dont understand that stuff yet. however, i will try. i never said i was smoking it, nor eating the brownies, where the jockies were staying., in Skylight, highway 22 or similar. i forget the road., just across from the Van Burg farm. went to La Grange, parallel to 22... maybe i did say that. i did get surprised, by some brownies. i wasn't planing on that.
  14. LedFTed


    magnetic north has shifted, 30 degrees. ever so often i check. how this dont affect the weather, i dont know. scientist, say it dont.. i have talked about this.. i think it does.. they say no.. guess i have to see the north star. my theory is, if electricity, affects magnetism, magnetism effects electric. an dont ya know, if ya run electric through water, ya get hydrogen, an oxygen. true north, might be different than magnetic north. i still think they are related. i dont see how they cant be related.. Vega, used to be the north star.
  15. LedFTed


    when the vice president, promotes letting criminals out of jail. to continue on committing crime, a strong signal is sent, to commit more crime. i'd like to know, what happened to that kid that shot, criminals, that were going to take his gun,,.. he should get a medal. they still play the nov. 6th card. the only person that died, was unarmed, shot by a WH cop. granted, other people died. it wasnt from nov. 6th... the narrative of choice is being pushed, the facts aint.. An invite from Nancy,, to lower the guard.. The WH, could, an should of been better protected. Wonder if the fence is still up, for the socialist, and the fascist, NOT, its for people that dont want this type of Gov. Keep Freedom seekers, away from Washington DC.
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