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  1. thats fairly how Hitler started, and he started maybe 15 years before WW2. he wasnt taken seriously neither..
  2. i hate the video, cause i believe it too. only to inform. everybody has the right not to pay attention. to do something, not so much. wish in one hand, spit in the other, see which comes true. the WHO dont care about ya, neither the FDA. they would if the money was right.. now, for the cure of the spike2 protein., that is forced on ya..
  3. LedFTed

    Alpha Gal

    i believe in free speech, so ya wont get a call from me.. let the thread go sideways. as long as alpha gal is known, the tick thing is known, have at it.. i even made a few sideways posts of my own.. just prone too..
  4. only if the gov. forced plan was explained in common language. i know i cant understand many things. reading the direction from the gov, is one.. the gov. is goofy, at best in explaining.
  5. LedFTed


    i was writing a reply. guess i took too long. most agreed with ya. if not all. i'm already on blood thinners, but still think i should take the D-Dimer test.. i found that out the other day. post while i can, before it gets wiped out.
  6. LedFTed


    66, now an had 2 major strokes, 2 minor. still hanging on. in my late 50's, when the major 1's hit. still working on that. Oh Well!!. been 21 years. never give up.. 2010 was when major strokes hit.. get ultra sound of your heart, an the veins in your neck. it might prevent some things. both heart attack, an stroke, can happen at any age. dont matter how old ya are. even family history aint a clue. my family history, dont include strokes. i'm the 1st. hope im the last. never know when the dormant gene, gets ya.
  7. LedFTed


    the Vatican has always twisted the word. an will turn on a dime. just like most that preach. Tammy Baker an husband Jim. money to be made leading the sheep,. an then some.. once appoint it time, priest were married. it was too expensive, for the catholic church. so they changed it. only single guys. that was long ago, an has led to many problems. i did the research, before Google was, so good luck with that search. much religion, has been twisted, an so are those that rule over ya.. Money seems to be the driving force. not common sense, or un-common sense. everything is made in a country that hates the US, including this virus. how long before they cut off the supply chain? they got us over a barrel the gov an red china.. c=rap shoved down our throats, an we like it.. go figure, i cant..
  8. LedFTed


    LennardSkinered , a little of both..
  9. LedFTed

    Alpha Gal

    some beers, i just cant drink. Sterling is one. dont know if ya ever had Iron City, that is another.. Well i still hit the ground regular, just not cause of horses. i had the vax, that was supposed to cure all. this ever three months, booster shot, is bull. so is the vaccine.
  10. LedFTed

    Alpha Gal

    just a Question. you still box. i dont get tossed by horses so much, anymore, but my train of thought has run off the tracks, from landing on the ground. just funning.😀😀
  11. LedFTed

    Alpha Gal

    i like budweiser, puts me in a good mood. some, its makes crazy, or mad. they turn hateful. my hangover, lets me sleep x-tra. too long.. but Durn if a aint in a good mood or better when i drink. lots of laughter going on. cousin of mine, drank bush beer, couldnt handle the bud. it would let em be meaner than he was, naturally. same beer company, different effects. i guess alcohol lets out a part of your spirit, ya keep hidden., whats the difference between Bush beer an Bud, IDK. maybe its the outlook on life. i dont like bush beer, an wont buy it. i think some chemical in Budweiser agrees with me. just hope its not green solvent...
  12. there are some events that ya dont forget. i know exactly where i was when JFK got shot, and the news leaked out. 3rd grade Spanish class!! an i was on a roof, 9/11, installing a furnace exhaust vent.. [the 1st tower] my boss, didnt care to watch, he dont vote, least the home owner did.. i'd gladly give up time on the clock.. the space shuttle, Columbia, i was hot-walking a horse an forgot about the liftoff. not par for the course for me., an all i seen was the smoke trail. i was in Ocala. i didnt want to see it explode, but, would have wanted to see the event.. though the Cape was 60 miles away, ya could still see the engines/exhaust blaring when one took off. i seen 3-6 take offs, was still dark outside. sometimes so dark ya couldn't see your hands, two sets of horses out, fore it got light. the track was not lit neither. 3/4 quarter track. the 2nd or 3rd set, the birds would come out of the trees. i hated the peacocks most, durn if they dont make a bunch of noise, time to get tossed when they hit the ground. 🙂 an i did. the only worst place was the Van Burg Training center in Prospect. they had guineas. was a two year old training center. i got tossed 99 times in three months. not all were most Guinea's, but they took up 2/3rds.. or so...tossed. Dr. Seuss birds.. stills hates them with a passion. that was about 1978 or so.the door has been opened again, for attacks on american soil, thanks Mr. President, of who ever pulls the strings...
  13. LedFTed


    lower 80s today an 64 at night. near my comfort zone.
  14. LedFTed

    bit coin

    https://truthinplainsight.com/wp-content/themes/hybrid-news/images/container-bg.png this is what i thought, bit coin amounts to, though i wish i got in on the beginning.. the pyramid might still play out a bit..
  15. Here's a funny;; my grader has been sitting for a few years. 2010.. i finally got the rust out sum, an can spin the blade 360. the blade fell on my foot, an if i aint posted a picture, i got one. but after dark, i got back from the grocery store, an just as i was walking towards the house, w/t the 1st load, my sister turned the headlights off. 😀, of course i tripped over the grader blade. my shinbone, got a goose-egg, or is it a frog. might be hard to see the swelling, or the purple from this photo. she left the headlights on after that.. haha
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