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  1. LedFTed


    just too tell ya, my horses are shedding their winter coat. it is close to march. all an all, its has been crazy weather. too early, i think for the horses to shed. so it is..
  2. i kinda liked the "noisy engine & how to diagnose" video. i have used a tire iron, and a rubber hose, as a stethoscope before. trying that might isolate the noise. that is not a normal noise at all. definitely imo valve or piston related. no point in guessing. compression test is in order. maybe leak down. after using the stethoscope. seems louder on the exhaust side. burnt valve?
  3. LedFTed


    3/4 of inch, sleet-ish, then snow, 24 tonight. three puff night when smoking outside. i need better winter gear. at one time i could hunt and stay warm, to 15 degrees. i cant do that in me old age anymore, i do have memory's of these ky hills, walking up and down, and had to carry a backpack, for when i over heated, and needed space for the warm clothes, then putting them on back slowly as i cooled down. at the Jack Van Berg training facility in Oldham Co. Skylight, we had to take the muck-wagon to empty it. i had to strip to my tee shirt when i got over heated, at 20 degrees, till i got colder, and redressed. the manure piles were steaming form the horse piles of manure. same as hunting when i got older, except for manure piles. with research, i have found my hypothalamus must not work quite correctly. " one of the endocrine glands. Jack Van Berg, was not his father, as far as training race horses,as if you had seen some of the riders, including me, had not the experience to let horses win races. the 1st three months i rode i got thrown 99 times. i seen some riders jerking the reins, which is not a good ideal. it is abusing the horse. not teaching it. tis said a monkey can sit a horse, i believe so, i dont believe though, can let a horse win a race. that comes from experience. which brings me to the art of letting a horse win. it involves positive reinforcement, something that can be used towards your kids, should you have any. it probably works with all mammals. maybe with even microbes. reward instead of punish. the horses i rode after i learned this lesson, went to many race tracks, made money for their respective owners. i very seldom used a whip on a horse, but hit my boot instead. the noise is enough to motivate, though i have stuck a horse a few times, with the bat, "whip" i only left a welp once, and regretted it afterwords. the horse didnt deserve it. his nickname was Pete., a nickname, as horses are named later, those that are younger. Pete, could go the way of a turn on the wrong lead and yet still run fast. i tried everything to get him on the right lead. he sold for 17,000, hunter-jumpers, but that was too little for he knew what it was to win the race. i popped him on the butt, once in a workout, for getting away from a horse, that moved over on us by an inexperienced rider, and left a welp. i think i was wrong though, to hit him, even if it did avoid a collision. i never left a welp after that. anyway Pete went around the turn on the wrong lead, and beat all the horses, in the workout on one day, and yelled, nickered, all the way back to the barn. he was proud of himself, and deservedly so, a horse like that, shows promise, which cannot be recognized by many, for is a horse that will try harder to win, and appreciates it more. on the side, the horses i rode in florida, i would give them a bit of spainish moss, from the trees, when they did good. i never found out if it was good for them. they liked it though.
  4. wanting to download the service manual for the 2000esforman450, i didnt want to have to sign in to a goofle's account. i am not fond of them. so, i got it through manuals.lib. i dont have the address i used at the moment, but it was for free. the clymers manual i have is good, but it is missing one step, that is necessary. its great for wiring as it shows the wiring in color, and is easier to follow. the shop manual does not. ever so often, the color does not match, but honda, did that. maybe they ran out of that color wire one day, and used another. stranger thinks have happened. like finding a strange rattle in your ford truck door, and it turns out one of the workers put their empty beer can there. that happen to my sisters truck. lol
  5. its been so long since you fixed mine. i cover the screen with plastic ect., and the last time i looked, it was still working. the 2000 atv has been sitting many years, without attention enough to fix it, so my work is cut out. just glad i found you when i did. //ed
  6. searching for snow?, is a good one.. it beats searching for climate change.
  7. LedFTed


    forecasters?, were right. for the past 2 or 3 days its been raining, it is so light of a rain, i take a garbage bag, put it on my rocking chair seat, smoke, and get to drink my drink outside. 60 today, 57 yesterday, 47 the day before. best spring weather i've ever had. plus low or no wind. i need better boots though, KEEN boots are of a lower quality, just to warn you, if you are shopping, i can say the shoes are no different. i miss the old days when stuff was made to fit, and last a while. least there are bread bags for shoe covers and boots.
  8. kids, dont learn any skills anymore, and are not self-motivated too. i cant understand no curiosity, not wanting to learn. does it start by watching the boob-tube, as tv was once called? maybe the school curriculum, though i believe it begins at home, let the screen watch the kids.
  9. Merry Christmas, also belated, and Happy Partying, i mean Happy New Year.
  10. Always, liked that picture.
  11. LedFTed


    had another small warm spell, 56 last night, which may have been as warm as it was during the day, only to be followed by cold again. 37 now, 26 predicted. bumpy weather roller coaster this fall an who knows what winter will bring. could be tropical, could be Alaska type weather. i seen a picture of my dads cousin once, he was in the Air Force, stationed in Alaska. 50 below, ans he was outside in a t-shirt, making a snow woman. no wind i guess, an the sun was out.
  12. you can make a peak voltage meter, if anyone here remembers how. i misplaced the link.
  13. Yep, your at the right spot. Welcome
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