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  1. 1,700 psi it'll hold a lot of laundry.!!!
  2. i was only half thinking, nothing new. do ya know if aircraft cable is stronger per width? [something i could look up myself, come to think about it], nevermind.
  3. LedFTed


    Looking at derived motions winds at noaa, [animation loop], it looks like the storm may hit KY. north of that looks like a cyclone, headed towards the great lakes. 60s an 70s during the day, i can handle that. 🙂
  4. LedFTed


    highs 60s to 70s, lows 45 to 50s. i can stand that. just some rain, instead of muddy/wet all the time. it might turn out to be a better summer for a change.
  5. i thought it was in a series of pictures, 3 or 4.. nice country ya got up there.
  6. does it matter the thickness of the steel cable? i bought some aircraft cable, once, it was rated at 1,750., PSI.. it was neer a 1/16 inch thick.
  7. a friend of mine got one for about $7,000 new, and he's happy about it after three years.
  8. i rode race horses off an on for 10 years. i never came off the left side of a horse, the right side, i lost track at about 150 times, i always landed on my back. dont know how, just did.
  9. the picture in your avatar, looks like one i seen on the other forum. i just cant find any pictures at the old place.
  10. Well; just a couple of questions, or so, if ya dont mind. what kind of vinegar is best for soaking, white or apple. and is there a preference of bacon grease, lastly what do ya use to strain the grease? 🙂
  11. the stove here is smooth top electric. the temp keeps going off an on, so its hard to cook anything, consistent.. its always not enough heat, or too much heat. the stove aint no better. give me one of those old 6 to 8 button electrics. course ya know ya can always adjust the gas burners. i still think even they would work better, with a iron plate over the burner. just thinking out loud.
  12. solder is easy enough, but waterproof, at the same time,??
  13. the oven has slots in the door. so, i taped them shut, still ran the exhaust fan, an the smell was cut way down. i aint sure about flax-seed oil at a lower temperature. i got to recheck the smoking point. i got a new Lodge 9, an didnt quite trust it, so, if it did work, before i messed with it, it dont now.. i got 4 or 5 though, that need work, i saved them from going to the goodwill.
  14. that reminded of something. while working HVAC, in louisville, in a basement, there were 3 other crews working. electricians, carpenter, and plumbing. after lunch, we all came back. about 2 hrs., later, i let a silent one loose. cleared out all 4 crews. one of my proudest moments. hehehe
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