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  1. ner everthing goes with chocolate milk, just like bacon does. i like Bacon, Chocolate Milk., dont want either in my BUD., my bud., i can manage, the milk, bacon, sardines, later. what i used to like aint the same some 40 years later or so.. the sardines... Now they are different. they got woke before processed. makes they larger, without taste.
  2. Not to say, this is a problem,. if ya do the top, ya gotta do the bottom.. or vice-versa. maybe it dont apply to ATV's...
  3. i only like whole milk myself. i weigh enough so it dont bother me.. besides, the whole thing is a farce anyway.. dont know if ya remember, anti-freeze mixed with water, was the same price as a gallon of anti-freeze, you had to mix yourself. ya can water your own milk. in the old days, so many are, after drinking bud., i got liked Big Red, with Sardines. a burp, will stun some.... haha
  4. A cabin with food waiting. lol
  5. Figures that they would use louisville for giving babies shots. lots of poor neighbor hoods, and poorly educated people. got to test the VAX and need volunteers. course they dont tell them they will be part of the study.
  6. LedFTed


    Popeye, a drummer in a friends band, always smelled. then he lost his since of smell. after that he used deodorant. lol
  7. LedFTed


    that was a dumb idea, because i didnt check out how it affects the skin. arms are losing the sore spots underneath, from too muck alkaline. had i not been stock up, i would have found out, aluminum has been removed from some brands. hope ya didnt spit your beer/. ;~}
  8. thats what i was talking about on the other thread. yep, its an evil place, an the guy that runs it is as bad as carl swaub, and gates.
  9. LedFTed

    KY Derby

    the stick is upside down. it is said ya can kill a horse, with that end of a stick. pop em on the poll. i still got 2, i wouldnt want to be hit with either end.
  10. LedFTed

    KY Derby

    Yep;; a tuff race is in progress. hope the trainers, jockeys, and hordes/horses are up to it. Roe v/s Wade, SCOTUS couldnt come at a better time, for the left. as i have pointed out, somewhere; ya can still stop your little parasite, in your womb. even ya can stop, having a parasite, should ya wish, the decision from SCOTUS, dont impact much. or ya can let that being be born. sorry, that was just on my mind. not the race. i like the parasites that are born. i was one myself at a point in time;; now i will turn up the volume at hear the contact of the bat on the horse mentioned. bat=whip, for the uninformed. i didnt have to use the whip very much to get horses to run. noise works well. a noise on the diaper, is better then a welp on the but. no warning, just do it. once is good for the most part. IMO, thats all i ever did. the ones i got, seem to remember in their old age. 40 or so, now, still remember. nieces an nephews, other peoples babies, of people i was close too. now, i will listen to the video again, of the belmont..... i seen the whip going, couldnt hear it though with this video, and my computer. this filly, i rode at hobeau farm in ocala,, out of, bishops delight, used to put on the brakes ever time she seen the farm manager. elmer ubeck, cant say i spelled that right, he had es own farm a year of so later, quail roost. so,,, the third time she did it on the training track, i stuck er 4 times with the whip. after that, i couldnt put the saddle on tight enough, once on the track, she would tighten up, an the saddle would be lose. so, they had to use a sponge pad, under the saddle, to keep the saddle from sliding. she ran a few races, up at Aqueduct, grade 1 perhaps, then was a brood mare. shame, she could have won more money. i guess i will tell one more story, i liked her, guess she liked me. i had er number. once she cornered a guy, an was going to attack. face forward. i opened the stall door, by er hind feet, an slapped er on the arse, i yelled er nickname, Felisha, and she stopped. es name was Jerry, just almost like yesterday, i remember, aint got no short term memory much, never did. Welp, enough bs.
  11. LedFTed

    KY Derby

    1 length round about.
  12. Looks like these converted bikes, will become the thing of the future. i got my moms bike, an old swinn?, cant spell it, the thorny bucks people. the picture on the money was of Don Campbell and maybe his kids. i ran with Kevin, his youngest brother. Don married into the family, had a place in St. Mathews, the company did. (sub town of louisville).
  13. Sorry for your loss. the pain can eventually go away, but the loss never. i know.
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