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  1. LedFTed


    besides Blake being one of my distant cousins, {never mind, it wasnt Blake] it was J.D.Shelburne.. old an deaf, i am, [i'll leave out the dumb part] if that. i got another distant cousin, 2nd. or so, in a christian band., Big Daddy Weave.. Jeremy Redmon.. guitar player. my Great Uncles grandson.. There is one more, Josh Goodlett, i dont know much about that. on the funny side, my spellcheck, if ya spell Goodlett, it gives ya back Bloodletting. lol
  2. And here i though it was some form of calculus disorder. lol
  3. meat an taters, hard to turn to greens an such. i like it all. cept rhubarb and some stuff. i'll tell y'all this, the center of celery, yellowish is better than the outside. i done made the mistake of telling one of my sisters, thus cutting off some of my supply. before, the stringy stuff was fine, in celery., the best part is the center. i cook 4 things at once, in a skillet. mators, beans, onions, and greens. just divide the skillet into 1/4s,.. sometimes it gets mixed up, but it does anyway, in the long run.. as far as deer meat, the older the deer is, accounts for wild, or rank meat, gamey. does are better as taste, so are younger deer. shot a 6 pointer once, taste good. maybe its only how ya cook. the tenderloin, runs from the tail, to the base of the skull, then ya got the sweet meat. roast an stuff, still taste good. tender, if cooked the right way. ya cant pressure cook wild game. an expect it to be the same, as beef. most beef is over pressure cooked anyway.
  4. i dont have a floor, so i use the floor jack, [funny aint it], put the atv or whatever, on jack stands, then use some wood to raise it up higher, if i want with the floor jack. i got a 2.5 to 3 ton floor jack.
  5. LedFTed


    i wonder; got a bluebird hanging around the house, plus a covey of doves. the doves have been here a while, just not that many. must be 12 or more.
  6. LedFTed


    Skeeter fever weather. the moles are already making new tunnels. except for seeing the explosion using propane, either i will use bleach, or ammonia, just not both.
  7. Milk, it was long before 2%. even before self-rising flour. baking powder, and such. the hog lard days. anyway, i just wanted to know about, using flour or not.. sour cream works well, for cornbread ... i have tried it, 2 or so times. ya still gotta mix a bit of milk. i liked it., so did those that tried it.
  8. i have tried it. i dont like the buttermilk, that Kroger sells anymore. so i substituted sour cream, an less milk in the original recipe. of course the original recipe didnt call for buttermilk. i forgot i also added, diced onions.
  9. 1 cup flour, 1.25 cornbread., 1/2 teaspoon of salt. 1/8 cup of brown sugar or so. whisked well, in another bowl 2 eggs,[large eggs are so small any more], i cup sour cream,1/4 cup milk more or less, 2 tablespoons of canola oil, or just a bit more. combine the dry, with the wet, whisk good. 20 mins. at 425F. an adaptation from the Fanny Farmer cookbook. i forgot i added dice onions.
  10. is the box blue an white? more or less?
  11. thats what i wanted to hear, no flour. i didnt know if ya could do this for sure. i am fond of the red cap. real milk. using a recipe from an old cookbook, i changed it a bit. more on that later.
  12. LedFTed


    next monday, prediction of 52f. done had a 50f day, this week. today was 48f, it felt warmer. a 150 ft.' of water hose outside. no ice. years past, it would be below 32f with snow or ice.
  13. just a question on cornbread mix? i use 1 cup flour, 1.25 cornbread. how much flour can i cut out?
  14. How many people here, butcher their own meat? kills.
  15. LedFTed


    it did snow, some, not too much, 1/4 inch maybe less, stayed on the ground for 2 days. it aint been to windy, but when it does, the wind blows. for the winter, its been more or less, mild. i only got 2 horses, so far i got 25 square bales. got 8 or more left. good square bales.., still not that large. it used to take more hay. ya would believe how much hay, ya can put on on a 2000 honda atv. now i wish i'd took pictures. well, wish in one hand, spit in the other, see which comes true... 1 month to go, on the hay.. its been a wet winter, an it has been for a while. also wet summers, springs, an falls, with some dry days or so inbetween.
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