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  1. Freedomflyer


    33 and snowing.
  2. Freedomflyer


    You got us beat for temp, by a bit but the snow is coming😕
  3. Me too, can't see anything when you're in them. I guess they work for some.
  4. Had the privilege to get out both days this weekend, weather was fantastic. Was able to take my oldest brother out to an area he hadn't been to yet, and was thankful that we got to spend that time together just the two of us. I did ask some others to go but they were unable to make it so it ended up making a special day for us. His health is not the greatest so will definitely treasure the time and memories of this outing. Was also able to finally link up with my neighbor and some friends of theirs and take them on one of our favorite trails today. They seem to be gone most weekends over the summer so has been tough to connect over the past 4 years since they bought their Razors. They seem to stick pretty close and go riding and camping together most weekends. With fall setting in and it dipping into the high 20's and low low 30's at night, our camping season is coming to a close. Still in the 50's - 70's during the day but pretty chilly at night. They had a free weekend so we were finally able to take advantage and get out. Today confirmed for me, once again, why we haven't moved to the sidexside realm yet. We were going to ride on one trail, and even though they have 50" machines. The trailheads have huge rocks, posts, or arched cattle guard type gated areas that are exactly 50" apart. This keeps the larger sized SxS's, jeeps and other 4 wheel drive vehicles off the trails and from getting torn to shreds. My wife and I drove our ATV'S through and friends attempted to do the same. Even though the posts were 50" apart and perfectly plumb, the ground was sloped side to side causing the fenders and door area to lean too far to the side and would have scratched the entire side of the machine as he drove through. He couldn't even get the front fender flair through with out it getting scraped and gouged by the wire of the fence wrapped around the posts. So had to change plans and go different route. Still ended up being a terrific day and they had a great time riding in a new area. No SxS for us in the near future!!! Here's some pics from both days. All blue skys and no rain for us, Sorry Jeep😕, okay, not real sorry 😁.
  5. Ouch! That could've been bad.
  6. Thanks, was a beautiful day, and the pics don't even do justice to what we saw that day.
  7. If its on forest service property and lying across one of their trails, we are allowed to clear the trail of anything blocking it. In fact they really appreciate it when responsible riders take the initiative and do it. They would rather see us cut trees out of the way than build up a by-pass like we did. The forest service here also allows people to cut firewood out of the forest as long as it is dead. It can be laying down, leaning on other trees, or standing dead wood from fire or beetle kill. You can cut it if you can get to it and get it out without driving off road or off trail. Firewood cutters have to get a wood permit from the Forest Service but they don't charge for them just have to have it with you while you're cutting.
  8. We did Jeep was a beautiful day just wish I'd had my chainsaw in the box🙄
  9. Started my weekend with a nice celebration of an anniversary dinner with my bride of 33 years Friday evening. We decided to stay home and make dinner together, something somewhat easy but takes four hands to make it easier. Grilled 🍕. It has gotten so bad around our area it's not very enjoyable to go out to dinner any more, restaurants are short staffed, those that are working are there in body only. They don't seem to be able to manage their area and have to be flagged down to get the bill so you can leave. Not to mention all of the rude (work from home) out of staters packing all of our favorite places we go. So found it more rewarding and less stressful to stay home. Got up yesterday early and met friends and my brother at the gas station and headed to the mountains. Was a nice crisp morning requiring gloves, coats, (helmets for those that chose to wear them) and earmuffs. Found a great little trail with a beautiful view over Labor day weekend and wanted to share it. After stopping and admiring some beautiful smoke free views, we continued on and promptly ran across an old tree that had tipped into the trail against some other trees. I, like an idiot, made the conscious choice to leave my new 36 volt Makita chainsaw in the truck. Having been on the trail 2 weeks previously I wouldn't need it.🙄 it would have made short work of the issue and we would have been on our way. I was able to snake my machine underneath the tree and get turned around to try to winch it. We couldn't get any of the other machines through because of mounted trunks etc., also be cause we messed with the tree it settled down even lower leaving me on the opposite side from the group. So after an hour of messing around, we concluded we needed try to build up the trail on the down hill side to go around the tree and in between another one along the edge of the trail. So we spent another 45 minutes hauling and stacking and building up rocks to keep from rolling over off the edge. In retrospect, I should've just jumped on my wife's machine and ran the 7 miles back to the truck and got my chainsaw, would've been faster and a lot less fatiguing. Chainsaw will be in the box from now on! With daylight shortening with the coming Fall season, it was a shame to use up some if the riding time of a beautiful day. Was just so great to get out and not have any smoke from all of the fires clouding the mountain views. The temperature was perfect and machines ran and performed flawlessly (even though they're not Hondas)😁. Had a great day with friends and my brother, got back to the trucks at around 7:00 so we were loaded and driving out before dark.
  10. Is they have finally opened a wolf season here Do to the fact that they are taking over. They reintroduced them into into the National Park National Park. Like that was going to keep them there. Is. They have decimated our elk population, I have seen videos of them killing for sport, Leaving what they Is kill to rot, Or for scavengers. We can now buy tags I wish they would open it up like they did for coyotes here And allow them to be controlled by farmers and ranchers who are losing livestock. As far as eagles go we have them all over the place here. As far as eagles go we have them all over the place here, will see as many as 1/2 a dozen toa dozen sitting in an old dead tree together.
  11. Hello. Hi, table for two, please. Sure, and your name. John. Great. And do you and your guest have your vaccination cards? We do. Can you tell us who our server will be? Um, looks like Brad will be your server tonight. Great. Can you show us Brad's vaccination card? Um... And also, can you provide me with proof that Brad is not a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis A or B, or any other communicable diseases? Um... Also, we would prefer not to be served by someone who is on or uses recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, fentanyl, etc, so if you could provide us with Brad's most recent tox screen, that would be great. Um... Let me get the manager for you. That would be great, thanks.
  12. Wheeler you're right, it wasn't as bad for me as it was for my wife. I really do like to check out new areas, and if you don't you kind of get stuck in a rut. I keep going back to the thought that I it would have been different had we started earlier in the day. It was still a great time to get out and.........our Can Ams got us back to our truck once again😁.
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