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  1. That's pretty funny I have to admit😉
  2. 🤣😅 Oh come on now!!!!!!😁
  3. Freedomflyer


    Someone had a lot of time on their hands.
  4. Ruby, NO DOUBT!!!! Fish, sad but you may be right!
  5. THH, Thank you! My dad being one of them in WWll. My wife and I decided to take a Memorial Day jaunt to get out of the house and valley. Went up over The Beartooth Highway, and from there down into Wyoming and up over the Chief Joeseph Scenic Byway. Unbelievable beauty and more or less out our back door. Reached an altitude of nearly 11,000 ft snow alongside the road 20+ ft deep, they just opened up the Bear Tooth on Friday. We drove 534 miles for day was absolutely stunning.
  6. Freedomflyer


    Tongue sticking out at you!!!!!!😁
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