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  1. I resemble that remark. 😁
  2. Okay, not quite what you think, but it is a Honda. Have some friends who are back in country do to some unrest where they've been serving as missionaries for the last almost 40 years. Had a very short amount of time to get out leaving their business and belongings behind. Back in the states til August of next year while they regroup and make a new plan. While here they are going to need to do some traveling to raise more financial support. So will be doing that over a fair amount of this spring and early summer. Their travels will take them all over the U.S. so they figured they might get a small toy hauler, 18ft, and save some hotels along the way. Also thought they would take a toy along as they go to help the monotany of their time on the road. So last fall for one of their meetings, they flew to Dallas, and while there, purchased a Honda Gold Wing and drove it back to Montana. They'll put that in their little toy hauler and take it a long. Soooo...... most of the winter my friends stuff has been in my wife's ear about how much fun it is, and all of the other people we both know that have bikes that we can get out on rides with. It didn't take much convincing, I've wanted to get a bike for a long so started looking a lithe over a month ago and finally found one. So last Friday after work took off for Eastern North Dakota to go get my new to me purchase. Was a miserable trip. I was pulling a 17ft empty cargo trailer and drive in 30-45 mph head/cross wind the entire way. Pulled into my buddy's house in Bismarck at 2 am, but by the time we visited and I got settled it was 3:30 am and was up at 7:30 ready to drive the remaining 2½ hours. He had different plans so after breakfast we didn't get out of Bismarck until after 9:30. Had 40 to 45 mph wings the remaining distance. Long story sutures short, got home Sunday evening at 6 pm. More wind, rain, snow m, and ice on my way home. 1450 miles. Not sure how folks can live in that part of the country. Stopped and took pics from four directions. Absolutely nothing you see in any direction. Ended up with a 2008 1800, very nice shape only 25,000 miles. Trails don't open till mid June so will have some time to ride before atv season starts.
  3. That guy should be in prison. I just don't understand how people can be so openly deceptive and have no consequences. He will ultimately be held accountable one day.
  4. Holy cow Jeep, where is this at? I have some concerns about our city government. We have new city management out of Texas. Absolutely no idea what in the world they are doing. For the first time in a long time i've been thankful for not much snow. This guy and his cronies that he brought with them have no clue how to run anything. Don't know how he got the job. But he brought several people with him. And the same thing first thing they did was voted themselves. Big races and all brand new vehicles. Every time it snows They plow only certain streets, One of them is ours And they plow everything right into The area where We have our guest parking. Also in front of our driveway. They create a Burn about eighteen inches high by eight feet wide every time. And if we push it back in the street they will ticket us. They are not taking care of things that they should be So I have some big concerns about our future.
  5. Freedomflyer


    Sorry to tell you, every night 🌙, gotta have that fresh air and cold pillow.💨💤
  6. Freedomflyer


    Not sure why it wouldn't let me edit that so sorry for the double post.🤔 Not quite as cold today but still not going to be warming up to outside work temps until Wednesday. Supposed to be 40 by Saturday, weird year.
  7. Freedomflyer


    How was the rideNot sure where. But somewhere in the valley
  8. Freedomflyer


    Colder in Bozeman
  9. Freedomflyer


    Cooled down here supposed to be -33 @ 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. First bit of cold we've had, concerned about moisture content for the year😒
  10. Congrats Shade! Not sure I'm going to make it out this year. Having some issues with my right foot, need to get in and get it checked. Glad for your success.
  11. The son of a friend of mine just got his first ever Bull elk with his bow, was pretty stoked.
  12. Freedomflyer


    😥😢😱OH Boo Hoo!!!!🤣
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