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  1. This guy had to be drinking Bud Light. The police department in the small hill country town of Kerrville, Texas, reported finding a man's body last Saturday, in the early evening, in the Pedernales River near the state highway-87 bridge. The dead man's name would not be released until his family had been notified. The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption while visiting "someone" in Fredericksburg. When he was found, he was wearing black fishnet stockings, 10 inch spiked heels, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, purple lipstick, dazzel dust on his eyelids, 2 1/2 inch false eyelashes, and a Biden T-shirt. The police removed the Biden T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment. Police do care.
  2. Freedomflyer


    You guys have some nasty weird stuff down there!🤯
  3. It's time real Americans start boycotting and sending the go woke go broke message instead of kowtowing to the 7% of the U.S. that's woke. The media sure does an amazing job of making it Sound like it's a larger percentage than that.
  4. Doesn't surprise, can't say I'm sad. Especially after their ad campaign to support the LGTBQ agenda this last year. They were supporting by offering whoppers with either two bun tops or two bun bottoms. After hearing that never stepped foot in one again. Same with McDonald's.
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    Bummer! Was 60° here today did some yard work today I think we finally turned the corner.
  6. https://babylonbee.com/news/testicular-injuries-skyrocketing-among-women-athletes
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