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  1. Looks great, after this thing is over ya'll can come here and cook one of them for me an I'll take you on a great mountain trail ride. Got two two ups now. LOL.
  2. Thanks. Yup, Pretty inside and out, she was only 49. Been 9 months her husband is not doing very well, really struggling try to call him every week. A lot tougher for him now with us being in shelter in place. He's a teacher so with schools being shut down they are trying to teach from home remotely. Plus he's there alone so making it really hard.
  3. LOL Fish! We had a very close friend that passed away last June after a 6 year battle with a very rare case of appendial cancer. She shared a story with us of a trip that she and her husband took down to Colorado to see his sister. They went on a small tour bus to go see one of the higher peaks in the state. She was a very sweet person and loved meeting and visiting with new people so naturally she and her husband sat right behind the driver. After asking some poignant questions in Julie fashion, she quickly found out where he moved from knowing by his accent he wasn't from the area. Throughout the visit it was apparent he was there living out his life long dream of finding Bigfoot. The more he talked, the more excited he became proving it more of an obsession than a dream. During different stops he broke out his phone touting pictures of proof of Bigfoots existence, intelligence, and communities. Pictures of constructed passage ways,(overgrown logging roads), communal gathering places, (standing deadwood that has fallen over leaning on other trees, Widow makers, or just bent over in a big arch) explaining, "That just doesnt happen!!" Addiment that every bent over tree, every leaner, and every slash pile were warnings to stay away from "Their" area. Over the years she had a lot of fun with that stopping in the middle of the forest or along a trail breaking into a monologue about the way the trees were leaning or piled up pointing around and making the statement "That just doesnt Happen!!!" We really miss her, our rides will never be the same.
  4. No. But have seen plenty of sign! LOL!! Also when we license ours they are a permanent license plates and stickers
  5. Come on now I was trying to give Shade crap!!!!😁
  6. Oh I figured as much!!!!! I could NEVER drive as far as you!!! LOL How old were you then???? Have to remember, had the wife with me not able to go like I would if I was by myself. They don't go for those 400 mile at a time stretches. Bathroom and drink stops ALL the time. Was an easy day as far as I was concerned, just bummed it wasn't delivered. To many factors with the virus. Did drive from Anthony New Mexico to Bozeman straight through after an 18 hour day of work, 1259 miles one way. I was about 30 then. Couldn't do it now that's for sure.
  7. Lol I will tell her you made that suggestion will see how that goes over
  8. LOL! Yeah.......NO! I do like LSU though!
  9. I knew I would get a comment about the Honda sign and MAY have done that on purpose LOL! Hey I did post in the Non Honda section. That dealership carries Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha, Can am, King Fisher boats, Yamaha boats, and Sea Doo. Amazing little dealership in a town of 8500 people out in the middle of nowhere. The sales rep said they sell over 600 ATV's and Side x X Side's a year. He apologized up one side and down the other For not being able to deliver it. But it wasn't his call, the owner of the business said no due to the virus spread. Montana now has over 50 cases, 20 in our county alone. So I figured before I couldn't travel anywhere, I better go get it. Yeah it is a long ways to go in A-day, but growing up here you get used to having to go long distance to get anywhere in this state. Most of our major cities are a 150 miles or more apart. Before we had a Costco in Bozeman we would travel a 150 miles one way to go to Costco and any other major shopping that we needed to do. Part of living in a huge rural state I guess. But when the local dealership won't deal, you go elsewhere. I wasn't going to pay an additional $1900 Here in the valley, and it gave my wife and I a nice day together. I'm sure she will enjoy it The best part is it's totally paid for. After wheeling and dealing for the last 4 years and my initial investment of $3200 for 1 of my 1st machines, I only had to kick him $500 (plus fuel) For this new one. Happy wife happy life LOL! Fish, the Color is just Orange. It isn't my favorite color but with the black wheels I thought it looked pretty cool. I got it home and put the bumper that I pulled off of my 2018 on it, and with my Moose storage box on it the black of the bumper and box offset the bright color nicely. I told my wife at least I won't lose her ;-). I like it a lot better than the yellow they used to have.
  10. Welcome Jake from Montana.
  11. Well due to the stinking Coronavirus, the new machine (2019 570 Outlander Max) that we purchased that was supposed to be delivered, wasn't. We ended up having to go and get it this last Sunday. 560 mile round trip. Hated wasting the day to do that but who knows what is going to happen with things in the state that they are. And with our Liberal Governor he'll probably impose some travel regulation and not allow county to county travel or worse yet town to town. He's a Moron! So in order to ensure we get it we headed out at 6 a.m. Sunday morning, dropping off my 2018 Outlander to the people who bought it on the way to get the new machine. So that worked out nicely for them, they didn't have to drive the extra 70 miles round trip to come to the house. We had every type of typical late winter Montana weather, Snow, Rain, sleet, wind, and sunshine all the way over and back. Picked up the machine and made it back without incident. Made it the 280 miles including dropping of the other machine in 41/2 hours, did the paperwork,loaded, covered and netted the machine and took off. Would've been home by 3:00 p.m. but the wife was with and we had to stop for some shopping in one of our larger cities. And yes we did practice our social distancing. Made it home around 6:16 Sunday evening. Sitting in the garage waiting for winch, heated grips, mirror, horn, and a few other little add ons. Wife was happy so makes my life a little easier.
  12. Here we can license our machines. All you have to do to make it street legal is add a horn, a mirror, and a lighted license plate holder. Since most come with head lights and tail lights it's pretty easy. We also purchase a trail sticker. The courthouse gives us a plate and the sticker, we put both on the machine and that's it. We can ride any non interstate type road, paved or not, in town where ever we want as long as we are following traffic signs and speeds.The sticker allows us access to any Forest service trail available to ATV's. There are some that are motorcycle only, Motorcyclists have it the easiest, the duel-sport machines are street legal, and they can ride all forest service roads and trails, plus there are single track motorcycle trails for those types of bikes only. The majority of our trails are in the 50" or less catagory which is atv width as well allowing 50" side X side's. I personally don't have many trails that are accessible from my house very easily. We actually may have 1 or 2 and you would have to ride a mile or two on pavement, then 15 or so on gravel roads to finally get to a trail head so is better to just trailer our machines to the trail heads. But a lot of trailheads are easily within 20-30 minutes from the house. Pretty fortunate.
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