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  1. Freedomflyer


    Got a bit of snow finally, was extremely foggy today not common at all, high humidity. Kind of miserable to work in, about 27 degrees all day long. Makes siding a little more difficult. Glad we're closing in, saved the easiest end for last, no windows or anything to cut around.😁
  2. Freedomflyer


    No Fish, to tell you the truth, after a little bit of research found out it is an opening to an old limestone quarry. Am surprised they dont have it all closed off. If the weather stays mild may have to get down there in the next week or two and check it out, or at least before it warms up and the Rattle snakes are out. This opening is only about a mile or so down the road from Lewis and Clark Caverns, I'm guessing it isnt going to be to deep into the hillside, will post an uodate when I do.
  3. Freedomflyer


    Mel we'll gladly take some of your snow😁
  4. Freedomflyer


    Took a drive today and made a small circle in our state of Montana, about 285 miles, was a beautiful day of about 45 degrees. We forget how beautiful things are in our area. Really weird to not have much snow this time of year. Was good to get out of the valley. There were some people at the North end of Canyon Ferry reservoir that were out on some ice that didn't look none too thick as there were open water areas around them and along the shoreline. Not smart considering they had a little one in a stroller out with them.🤯. Will try to go back this spring and check out the cave, funny I've been by there dozen times and not noticed it before.
  5. Is that guy from your area fish?
  6. 🙄🤐.......That's.....uh.....great. Like we all knew that wouldn't happen! LOL😁 Good job.
  7. Sweet!!! Good for you, nice to not have to look for it and not have ti drag it.👍
  8. That guy with that croc is an imbicile!
  9. Welcome from South West Montana
  10. Freedomflyer


    Big whopping 10 degrees this morning, will start a bit later today. Last Saturday evening in lieu of the normal town Christmas stroll a bunch of local businesses and independent contractors decided to do a "Truck Convoy." Here's some arial footage, was a great success for the community. Watch "2020 Christmas Convoy" on YouTube https://youtu.be/eC85KbUY5MA
  11. Looks great shade! Glad for you, I like the rear right as well, nice floor plan for a smaller camper.
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