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  1. Yeah, I guess we should just legalize everything that dulls your senses, let people do whatever they want, wherever they want, and have no filters. That would make this world a much better place.
  2. Thanks guys! Fish I think you're right we are seeing a lot of transplants Move Into this state and wanna keep changing it because they don't like how things are run here. They like the area but think there needs to be things shut down to preserve the natural habitat. Well if they wouldn't go out and abuse the natural habitat it wouldn't need to be changed. Before the covode thing hit this Spring there were people standing on the street corners everywhere with legalize marijuana signs and petitions to get it on the ballot. I could not believe the amount of people that were stopping in signing that stupid thing. Just another drug to dull the senses. I think part of the problem Of what happened on Monday was because this area is not that hard to get to it is only A little over 4 miles from the parking area up to this look out. The rest of the ride we did not see one other person because we were so far back in. We have 4 areas here in The Valley now that are just overused. They are easy to get to And 2 of them are paved roads to get there. When they were gravel on kept roads that kept a lot of people out. I just need to get used to the fact that my own little world and Kingdom is changing lol. Just a bummer to see the disregard for other people. That's not the way we were brought up . My wife keeps telling me that people don't think like me and they are not me ! Probly a good thing they are not me because I might not be able to stand to be around myself lol. I guess we just need to Go to different areas that are farther removed from the local traffic if we want a total get away experience. There is one picture With a big Orange cloud and a rock peak under it one of the guys it was in our group had hike there with his son and his son's friend it is about a 12 mile hike from the bottom trail head to the summit of that peak. 2' shy of 11000' so actually his head was above 11000' Feet. I asked him if he jumped up as high as he could to say he was over 11000' feet he said his vertical jump wasn't that high lol. Gotta hit the workaday grind hope you guys have a great day.
  3. Went for a ride Monday night, had some friends come through so hit the job at 6, worked til 2 or so went home hooked up the trailer and headed out. On the trail by 3:10. What a beautiful evening, well, it was till we got to the lookout to watch the sunset. We rode 32.5 miles and hoped to end the ride with a nice quiet peaceful sunset. Was very disappointing when we got to the look out, there was a group of about 25 or so twenty-somethings with tents and sleeping hammocks set up all over the place, big fire going, VERY loud obnoxious music playing, drinking, smoking dope and yelling. (We could smell the pot from 100 yds away plus when I walked up to talk to someone a guy told me to expect it) We parked below and I walked up and asked if they minded whether or not we watched the sunset, the guy hesitated and said if we stayed where we parked that would probably be okay. But if we smelled marijuana there were several in their group that had "their medical cards" and to not be alarmed if we smelled pot. Couldn't believe that they were there on a Monday night, Friday or Saturday night maybe but Monday? BUMMER, Sunset was absolutely amazing but wasn't the same with the cacophony of noise going on and the people running around. First time we've ever encountered that, I thought you went to the forrest to get away from that kind of stuff. Regardless the ride was beautiful as always and the different time of day makes a huge difference as well, cooler temps and different lighting for pics. We all made it back despite having 3 Can Ams and a Polaris! My buddies Polaris is a 1998 Sportsman 500 and had almost 4000 miles on it when he bought it 12 years ago. He has done absolutely nothing to it since he's had it other than change fluids, replace tires, and to fix the motorcycle throttle that the previous owner installed when the cable broke this last winter while plowing. Not even sure how many miles are on it now but the thing just goes and goes and runs like a top. And.......our Can Am's never skipped a beat either. 😁Anyway......we had a great ride and scenery was amazing with the late afternoon/evening lighting. Was great to be with friends and family.
  4. Freedomflyer


    Oops! Sorry. 🙄 Yes air is much dryer out here not a lot of humidity.
  5. Freedomflyer


    Ughhh!!!! Was 48 here lastnight Makes for some great sleeping with the windows open. It's been mid nineties here but cools down nicely at night. That humidity would kill me! Love the mountain air!
  6. The cabinet next to the steps and the cabinet in the one room both house beds called Zoom beds. They roll out of the cabinet like a reverse garage door, pretty cool but very spendy. About $5000 each without cabinets and installation. 🤪🤑
  7. Siding got put on the backburner, got called in to help get the inside finished up as the homeowners were arriving today. Amazing how much work and time the finishing touches take. Ready for them to move in except for a few small tasks. A couple of cabinet handles and the front door handle. Shower glass was installed today, so master bath is ready along with the whole upstairs master suite.
  8. Will do. Better get busy the siding is call me!!
  9. Freedomflyer


    Ughhh!!!! Was 48 here lastnight Makes for some great sleeping with the windows open. It's been mid nineties here but cools down nicely at night. That humidity would kill me! Love the mountain air!
  10. Freedomflyer


    Yeah we have our issues of forest fires around our area too. Stinkin tree huggers blocking the forest management make me wanna puke. Not saying they should go in and clear cut everything but boy I'll tell you what, the areas that they have are beautiful healthy forests there now. They won't allow any logging companies to come in and do anything anymore even if it means keeping the forest safe and managing the deadfall. Things are drying out but I don't think we're gonna have to bad of fire season this year.
  11. Well, to be honest with all the Can-Am said I've owned so far over the last 3 years haven't had any of them in the shop, the only reason I sold them was just to upgrade. They have performed flawlessly each and every time I've gone out. It may be the way that I ride, as I am not hard on them at all, service them regularly, Run Ethanol free high octane fuel And just take care of them. I think any machine that's taken care of will treat you good. Literally had to have had no issues at all with any of them plus they are a nice smooth ride. Have some friends that have owned them for 15 years and still running like a top haven't touched them at all belts or anything. We are spoiled rotten with where we get to ride never get tired of it. Yeah Shade anything that sits for any period of time is not good either . Hope you get an opportunity to get out sometime
  12. Hey at least my machines are getting used!!!!! Like I said, anything lasts forever when you don't use it.
  13. Freedomflyer


    Y'all can have those hurricanes and tornadoes!!! I'll take my cold bizzards and clear blue sky winter days any day over the unknown of that kind of weather. Plus we dont get the torrential rain and flooding. Onky flooding we worry about is from spring run off and even then unless you live near the river in the floodplain you dont worry about it. And I dont live in the floodplain.
  14. Yes it is, we are pretty lucky to live here,, even if we have a bunch of yayhoos moving in here cluttering it up. LOL. Never get enough of getting out on our trails. Finding that riding them different times of the day changes the appearance of the scenery so much. The remodel is finally coming together and we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have another week or so on the siding getting everything caulked and touched up then will install the tongue in groove in the porch soffet. A lot of finish detail inside and out. Never realized how much work board and batten siding is, especially in a place thatbis as cut up as this one. Thanks for the comments guys. Appreciate it.
  15. Thanks Wheeler! Yeah i think they're hooked. Hard not ro be when you have places lije this to ride😉 Looks good Wikson, something about working with your hands and taking a project to completion.
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