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  1. In the state forest yes you can! In fact they can even confiscate your stuff if they want to. Just like fishing without a license you can loose all gear if they want to be dik's about it.
  2. Perry actually lets up to 62"! So this would let he Rzr Trail and the Rzr Trail S models in, as they are 50" and 60" models. All the other models are like 64 and 72 or 74"? Still we like Wayne and wanted to be able to ride there. When I ride at Wayne it's never that crowded, and I can't say I've seen large SxS's but have herd about it. Either way I'm not pushing it, well maybe I am. My new unit will be a few inches wider than 50" After I install the nerf bars/rock sliders. I'll just tell them I thought it was 50" wheel width, lol. APV Rules for Perry State Forest Trail bikes, motorcycles, all purpose vehicles, mountain bikes and snowmobiles are the only vehicles permitted on the designated trails. Each vehicle shall display a valid APV or highway license. You should bring a copy of your registration with you. (Put it in a waterproof bag and store it under your seat with your tool kit.) For more information on titling and registering your APV: bmv.ohio.gov APVs shall be operated only within the designated area. No person shall operate an APV having a width greater than 62 inches. The APV area is open for riding from one-half hour before sunrise until one-half hour after sunset. The APV areas at Perry State Forest are closed from the day after the end of deer gun season until March 31. All transport vehicles and trailers should be parked in the designated parking area for safety concerns. Maximum speed limits are 5 mph in the parking area. At no time shall an APV be operated at a speed greater than that necessary to stop the vehicle in the assured clear distance. All operators shall wear protective headgear and eye protection. All operators shall have a valid, current motor vehicle operator's license, except that minors less than 16 years of age may operate an APV if they are accompanied by a licensed parent or guardian 18 years of age or older. All vehicles shall be equipped with adequate brakes, mufflers, and spark arrestors and must follow decibel limitations outlined in OAC 1501:3-4-12. No person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs of abuse shall operate an APV. No person shall operate an APV in such a manner as to willfully damage or destroy vegetation and trails, or for the purpose of chasing, capturing or killing wildlife. Operators of APVs shall not carry or transport any firearms or other weapons that are not unloaded and securely encased. No APV shall be used to carry more passengers than the vehicle was designed to carry. Contact your manufacturer for ride capacity. No races or contests are permitted in the APV area. Operators must report any accidents to the forest headquarters within 24 hours. This is in addition to the reports necessary to be made to the local law enforcement authorities. Call 911 in an emergency. Attention Out-of-State Riders: The State of Ohio requires riders from Michigan and other states that do not have reciprocity to obtain an annual “Temporary Operating Permit” at an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) location. In order to obtain this permit, you must present a valid title, a driver’s license and Social Security card. The cost is $14.75 per year. When contacting the BMV, please refer to Ohio Revised Code 4519.09 to ensure prompt service. The permit must be kept with the APV and must be displayed to law enforcement/management if requested. For more information on states with reciprocity, call the Forest Manager at (740) 385-4402 ext. 100.
  3. I hear you, and my knees usually gave me fits for a couple days after riding hard. To many years of commercial and industrial roofing under my belt.
  4. Shoot man, some of those things are over 30k before you get out the door!
  5. Well this comes as sad news, but I will soon be selling my other 700xx. It really hit me hard losing my Reaper 700xx. Since last fall I haven't even touched my other 700xx. I've been seeing these quads sale for 5k on the facebook pages, with little to no mods. So I'm hoping when I do list mine, it wont take long to sale. And this brings me to share some other news with you guy's. I will officially be jumping into the SxS scene. I really love the Talon's, but the State forest trails here in Ohio have a 50" width limit. So that left me with 2 options, Can-Am or Polaris. Well that said my Son and I both recently purchased the 2021 Rzr 900 Ultimate trail editions. Okay go ahead and start the trash talking...
  6. yes his grandson Ty Gibbs won the Exfinity race, it was his 1st start in Exfinity! And today Christopher Bell won!
  7. Missed the Truck race, and still not sure what happened? Joe Gibbs had a great weekend!
  8. Did you forget about the Trucks?
  9. Yeah it's around all right! I have tickets purchased for Bristol this year, and it will be a DIRT race in March! As for your bubby, he is racing on a new Toyota team this year, owned by Denny Hamlin & Michael Jordon the 23 car. He was fastest in Daytona practice, not sure how he did in the duals, which is the real qualifying for the rest of the field.
  10. This big race Sunday is on regular Fox, for me 208. I didn't stay up late enough to watch dual 2 because of the weather delay, but alrdy herd who won.
  11. Fox sports 1. for me it's 234 I have WOW cable. I usually record it, so i can fast forward through commercials. I'm about to go start the 1st dual now!
  12. Toyota's were fast in practice, but 2 Chevy's take the front row in qualifying! I'm ready for the duals...
  13. Anyone watch the Busch clash tonight? Man what a race Truex had, well up until the wall ordeal! Looked like a hard hit. He started in the rear, had the lead before the lap 16 mandated caution, but forgot to stay on coarse! So he was sent to the rear again, and raced to the lead in like 9 laps! Only to find some dirt/mud on the track, that sent him to the wall!. Then Chase and Blaney mixed it up running 1-2 and gave the lead to K. B. only lap he lead was the money lap. I can't wait for the duals on Thursday!
  14. Yes I still have my OG trx700xx, that i purchased new. I've been looking at used and trying to get prices on new. A lot of the used I see, have over 3k miles on them, including some 2019 models! Today I seen this seller relisted the quad for $5200, so I messaged them, asking if they would take 4k. They said no, and that they all ready turned down $4700! Still up in the air on all this. After loosing my quad, it's left a pit in my stomach. And seeing how much people are getting for used quads, I'm thinking about just selling my other 700xx and taking a break. I'd really like to get something for around 5-6K but I don't want to pay that much for something with 3-4k miles on it, or 7-10 yrs old! ! I only paid $2500 for my last quad, and around $6200 for the new 700xx.
  15. Well they certainly aren't making deals like that here. At least the one dealer isn't, they quoted me (see below) I didn't even reply. I asked for best cash price otd, Selling Price $ 6,499.00 Destination Fee $ 400.00 Prep and Assembly $ - Accessories Total $ - Accessories Installation $ - Doc Fee $ 199.00 Sales Tax $ 532.35 7.50% Title Fee $ 15.00 Temp Tag $ - Rebate $ - TOTAL PRICE $ 7,645.35
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