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  1. Ended up replacing all the shocks with broncos, definitely a stiffer ride…probably a good idea to just go with the gas shocks all the way around, instead of mixing with oil dampened…
  2. I don’t think the 2012 and the 2015 are the same? I do have a hard copy somewhere…
  3. The large bolt that holds the rear lower shock mount under the head…can’t find my manual with the torques…
  4. Hey folks, trying to help a friend find a 2013 Rancher 420FM manual. He picked up a project, that needs to be put together. Is the 09-11 420 an automatic transmission? That is the only small frame 420 manual I see.
  5. Quite a few aftermarket bumpers out there…are you looking for a stock Honda replacement?
  6. Well, High Lifter sent out a code for 15% off (END22). The Bronco is ordered (183-04259) fits the medium sized frame Rancher 420 SRA. Sometime this Spring I’ll put the Highlifter springs on the front and the Bronco on the rear. Hopefully that will take the mush out of the suspension…
  7. They do have a Bronco, almost $200 with shipping! Says May be 10% stiffer
  8. OEM is too soft, need something a bit stiffer…
  9. Putting High Lifter springs on the front shocks, need a whole new assembly on the rear. What do you recommend?
  10. we switch over to snowmobiles, except for the Foreman with the plow...
  11. Well come Springtime, I’ll have to call the insurance company and check out the rates. Too cold in winter up North to ride ATVs...
  12. Alaska just passed a law stating, “it is legal to drive an ATV on roads, where the speed is limited to 45mph or lower”...Takes effect Jan 1st 2022. Must have lights and be licensed and insured. I’m wondering what you folks pay for insurance? I’ve never licensed or insured an ATV... I may have to start now.
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