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  1. If I’ve got a rusty mess to work on, I’ll mix up either H5606 (aviation hydraulic fluid) or ATF 50/50 with acetone. I’ll put it in a pressurized spray can and go at it. Smaller jobs are either Kroil or ACF-50/ corrosion X...those last two are identical except one has the mil-spec #.
  2. You can buy the Shell Rotella T6 for $20 - 22 a gallon. Home Depot or Walmart is the cheapest up here. That is cheaper by the quart than the Honda Oil at the dealer, for a full synthetic... probably 1/2 the price of Mobil or Amsoil synthetic...
  3. The Shell Rotella T6 5W40 full synthetic. The T6 is JASO MA rated for wet clutch usage. They also have a colder and warmer weight version to fit your climate. I use the 5W40 year round in Interior Alaska. We go from -40F to +80F up here... I use this oil in all three Honda ATVs. My 08 Honda Rancher has been using it the longest.
  4. philipsandtemro.com these guys make a 125W pad, good quality.
  5. I put two 100W silicon heat pads on the case where the oil sump is. These pads are fairly common up here. The use of two pads warms the whole engine up. I’m running Shell Rotella 5W40 synthetic oil. Never had any problems starting. Napa carries silicon heat pads, Alaskan and Canadian companies make heat pads, Kats or Yukon are a couple brands of pads.
  6. Nanook


    I think the newer Rubicon wheels would work also. People are always selling brand new stock tires and wheels. Just got to put that after market $1200 worth of tires and wheels on...
  7. I’ve put 13 hours on the Honda snowblower and 20 hours so far on the Honda Foreman plowing. Main problem this winter was it being too cold to move snow! I have silicon heat pads on both of the above to warm the oil...was a tough winter this year.
  8. Will be plowing today when the sun comes up. Snowing now, but getting warm (Near freezing) for the first time this year. Four feet of snow on the ground, no melting yet this winter. Spring might actually show up in March this year...
  9. Yeah I posted on there days ago, asking why they were letting this spam ruin their site? One other member hit like on my post, nothing from the admin...
  10. Welcome Wood. I have a 2015 manual shift Rubicon, great machine.
  11. Nanook


    Stayed above zero at the house (+1F). Which is better than the -20F down in Fairbanks at the moment! Been a long cold winter in these parts. Fair amount of snow, almost ten hours on the Honda snowblower since Dec., probably about the same on the Foreman with the plow. Still six to seven weeks of possible snow weather, before the sun stays out for too long to be cold anymore.
  12. You can use a heat gun to mold the plastic trim around the winch or whatever, adds a little protection, instead of cutting it off.
  13. How do you attach your tie-down strap to the winch spool?
  14. Welcome, what model of Rancher do you own? My 08 manual-shift-Rancher is my favorite ‘tight quarters’ machine. We have a trail network down in the Alaska Range that you access from a railroad bridge. The Rancher fits through the walkway, which is the only way across, opens up to a 100 miles of interesting trails with gold panning and fishing spots.
  15. Nanook


    It only last for three months or so.😎
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