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  1. https://truthsocial.com/users/PepeLivesMatter/statuses/108737271715151713
  2. Here is a incredible saw. World’s first fuel injected chainsaw. https://www.stihlusa.com/products/chain-saws/professional-saws/ms500i/
  3. Also this explains exactly my issue, so definitely a new ignition coil is in my future.
  4. Well we will have to agree to disagree on the AMSOIL, like I said I have had 40+ years of experience with it never had an issue even when I was racing two stroke dirtbike‘s in motocross 125, 250, and 500cc. never had a ring failure in all that time and never had to rebuild with new rings and pistons like other guys in the racing circuit that did it quite frequently because they were using the Dino two cycle oil and I always mixed it 100:1, these motorcycles were high rev motors 14k rpm’s especially in the 125. I had such good luck with the Amsoil products that I became a Amsoil dealer 30 years ago I don’t know about your claim about a lawsuit, being an Amsoil dealer all these years I’ve never heard anything about it. A very close friend of mine owns a logging business and they run Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws and he has been using AMSOIL his entire career (30+ years) in all of his companies saws and never had a failure related to oil. I did call him this morning to talk to him about this issue he thinks it is probably the coil so I will replace that he did tell me that because they are running saws all day long at high RPMs he mixes his oil ratio with Amsoil at 80:1, so I may try that. Thanks
  5. And the gas I use is supposed to be ethanol free and 90 octane.
  6. Yes my saw idles great and is still very robust at idle. I will take your advice and pull the muffler off and check that as you mentioned. I have always used what I consider the best 2 cycle oil on the market from independent lab tests and my own 40 years of experience and racing 2 strokes and that is Amsoil’s 2 cycle oils and mixed at 100:1 as Amsoil recommends. I seldom have any carbon buildup from using this oil but like you said worth checking when I get a chance later this week. And I do have the Mtronic carb.
  7. New spark plug was the first thing I tried. Also going to find ethanol free gas from another station
  8. I have a 6 year old Stihl MS261 Pro saw that has been great. The only time I ever had trouble with it was when new and and hot and humid outside I couldn’t get it started when the saw was hot and I’d shut it off to refuel. I learned that it was ethanol fuel that it didn’t like. I have bought none ethanol fuel ever since. Lately this old starting problem has come back this summer. Is it possible the station I’m buying my gas from has added ethanol to their gas even though it isn’t listed on their pump? Or any other ideas why it won’t start in this hot weather? It starts great when the motor is cooled down.
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