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  1. Thats a long time to leave the toilet clogged up. 😷🤣
  2. This weekend was Michigan’s youth hunt weekend. Kids get a 2 day hunt every year in mid September they can take a Buck or a doe. My 11 year old grandson shot his first this morning with his Dad coaching him in the blind.
  3. Just to update everyone on this issue and to help others out later, this problem came back, and worse then ever. And I was getting very frustrated with it not staying in gear. But the problem is now resolved. Here is what I did to fix it.... First I removed the front & rear fenders so I could get at every electrical connector. Then I unplugged every electrical connector I could find and packed them with dialectric grease and plugged them back in. Next I cleared all of the error codes and a memory clear on the control unit. And last but not least I then did a Angle sensor adjustment. So the problem ended up being electrical, and not mechanical after all.
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