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  1. Rained all day opening day here in Michigan. My son sat out all day in it and saw nothing. Came back on day 2 and was rewarded with this nice 6pt
  2. Yah multiple rakers is definitely a safety chain. You will be happier with a full chisel
  3. I have the MS 193 for the lighter limbing work, it is super lite it is even easy to use with one hand if needed and It has more power than I was hoping for when I bought it. Had 3 years and it always starts right up and does everything I put it to with ease. It was a little pricey for a small saw but You get what you pay for...top notch best little saw I have ever seen or used. Yoi can also get it with a top handle. nothing but Pro series saws for me.
  4. What’s the HP rating of each? The Stihl may put out more hp and be lighter. That’s what I found when I bought my MS261, it was lighter in weight and put out more hp than the husky that was 5-8 more cc’s. Whats the next size larger Stihl?
  5. This picture is from a cell camera on my friend’s property. It would seem the rut might be early this year in Michigan. And the buck I shot last night (pictures posted above) was standing on a fresh scape.
  6. Took this nice buck tonight.
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