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  1. How long before she gave up? 😆 Reminds me when my dad tried to get my teenage cousins to pull an armadillo out of a hole by his tail! They finally gave up after 30 minutes of trying and daddy laughing.
  2. Hey guys, was going through the shop and found a couple of master mechanic ratchets that aren’t working. My local hardware store used to be a true value store and would warranty them. They’re no true value stores that are close to my area. I was wondering if yall have any true value stores near yall.
  3. I bought some from Lowe’s a couple years ago. Think they are a springtime item. Local feed store used to carry them around here.
  4. Kevron


    Check out this carp in our farm pond. Was cutting field when I spotted it from tractor seat. IMG_3413.mov
  5. Kevron

    Tin straws

    Sorry for the double thread… old man disease!
  6. Kevron

    Tin straws

    Hey guys, does anyone know where to find these? I have only known them as tin straws, used to go through tin and tie around pipe on roofs. There are different lengths and they have a lead head like tin nails? The guy at local hardware store had no idea. Does anyone know where I can find these or a different name for them? Thanks
  7. She looks like Michael Jackson had a baby with Bubbles the chimp!
  8. Kevron

    TV antenna?

    Tried one of those from Wally World. Had to take it over by window to get reception not worth the hassle.
  9. Kevron

    TV antenna?

    Hey guys, my cable has our fox and nbc channels off the air🤬 Would like to get antenna to pick them up for football. What types of antenna do y’all have that works? Don’t want one that you have to hang in a window for reception. I thought the days of rabbit ears were behind us!
  10. Was told by a warden a few years ago that pythons are already in south Louisiana! Exotic pets are all over the country being kept by nuts like tiger king.
  11. I got a sign shop to cut some for my 300. Don’t remember the cost though.
  12. So guys since COVID I have notice items I’ve bought for years that have disappeared from shelves. I wonder if y’all have noticed this too. I’ll start with three, Alpo variety snaps dog treats, Hollywood stars dog treats, and any caffeine free drinks, especially Dr Pepper. 49.00 a 12 pack on Amazon!
  13. Always in gear with straps and parking brake.
  14. I’ve tried the soda/super glue on a recon. Patched it where the choke cable comes up by handlebars. Didn’t work that well for me cause it broke right back off. Seen my dad fix a fender on a truck with hardware cloth and fiberglass. Not to pretty but it held.
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