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  1. Kevron

    Tin straws

    Here’s some pictures. Heads in one and twisted on the other. Hopes this gives y’all an idea.
  2. Kevron

    Tin straws

    Hey guys, I’ve been looking where to buy some tin straws. Not sure of the name but that’s what we always called them. They are long, skinny, pointed on one end with a rounded lead head on the other. We used them to wire tin to pipe frames by punching holes in the tin and taking two straws and twisting them around the pipe. I used to see them at the hardware store but they don’t know what I’m talking about. Any ideas?
  3. Kevron


    Sorry to hear about your stroke. Take care and thanks for all your time and work on the forum.
  4. Paperwork says it’s a 22 hp. Kohler, but engine just has a gravely stickers on it. Ran it a hour or so yesterday, satisfied so far.
  5. Hey guys, any of y’all have any experience with gravely mowers? A lady I know is moving and bought this one last year. 60 hrs on it and she let me have it for 5000.00. She paid 7000.00 new so I couldn’t turn it down.
  6. Snapped a quick pic as this guy was leaving. This was on a Toyota Tacoma, the ramps are separate from the bed rack. Looked like they were pinned into his receiver hitch and then folded up behind the atv and attached to the bed rack. Thought y’all would like to see.
  7. Kevron

    Broken key

    I’ll give a try first chance I get and I do have a spare key. Thanks Wilson
  8. Kevron

    Broken key

    I’ll try to get pictures tomorrow and yes the flap is closed.
  9. Kevron

    Broken key

    None sticking out, haven’t tried to do anything yet.
  10. Kevron

    Broken key

    Hey guys, anyone have any ideas on how to remove broken key out of the ignition on my 2012 Honda foreman? It was frozen and tried to turn and it broke half off. Would it be easier to get a new ignition switch? Thanks
  11. I always used a piece of cardboard crammed under the nut when adding connectors. If the bolt was only a couple threads longer...
  12. Kevron


    Almost looks like a small python, never seen a copperhead with a pattern on his head. Seen two rattlesnakes killed on the road this year by our place, cottonmouths too many to count up here in East Texas.
  13. I grew up on about 100 acres of family land. My dad had some dozers and built several ponds that are visible from the state highway that cuts through the land. I couldn’t count how many people we’ve had to run off from visibly posted and fenced in land! Had a 12 ft. John boat stolen, fences cut, mashed down net wire, and trash left everywhere. Worst one was a pond below my grandma’s house, had a pier and stocked with catfish. Had a few albinos in there that would eat out of your hand and some s.o.b. told a guy I know that there were some good fish in that pond. The guy told him, they don’t want anybody fishing in the pond and his response was he thought it was ok because no one was living in that house! He then told him “what do you think the fence is for?”
  14. Thanks for the vid fish. Gonna try it when I get a chance. Older I get the less free time I have.
  15. Hey guys , I’ve got a husqvarna 455 rancher that the handle and fuel tank is busted. She slid off the back of a flat bed. Anyway I found the body of a husky 460 and was thinking of trying to swap it out. Does anyone have experience in swapping the motor from one case to the other? Just wondering if I want to take it somewhere or try myself. I’ve never really tore into a chainsaw before. Thanks
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