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  1. Not sure the type of frog but they’re in texas too.
  2. Hey guys, I’m looking for a new master cylinder for my 91 300. The old one is corroded and need a replacement. Is there any good aftermarket one out there or a newer model Honda that would fit? Also looking into a aftermarket carb for it if anyone has any suggestions on a good one. Thanks
  3. We lost a son a few years ago. On a Sunday evening my wife was talking to my sister and I about him and was saying how if something happened to him she would have him cremated. The next morning we found out that he was dead and apparently had died that Sunday morning. We talked about that conversation afterwards and felt how weird it was. Also, after my dad died I had a hawk that flew and sat on a limb right above my truck with me standing by the bed. It didn’t act scared and I took several pics of it before it left. Was kind of a “sign” for me.
  4. Kevron


    Caught this one yesterday.
  5. I would go with tubes. I’ve ran tires for years with tubes in them. You could try slime or something similar but if it doesn’t hold you’ve got a mess to deal with.
  6. I have a 2012 500, been a good machine. No problem so far, but I’m not a mudder.12 and 13 are a two year run on model if I remember correctly. Redesign in 14. Maybe harder to find parts for a two year run. Look for a machine with an older owner. Most youngsters think that they’re boats!
  7. As someone who’s lost a father and son in the last 5 years I am so sorry for your sudden loss. Prayers for you and your family.
  8. Check this out, no chain just locks! I counted 21, ridiculous!
  9. Ran into one of these the other day. Tried to hit it with my cap but missed. Thought it was one of those murder hornets 😁
  10. Last year I was cutting an oil tank storage at work. I was on a tractor and another guy was weed eating. He found a nest of them and was stung several times,once on the nose! We let them settle and doused them with gas. Later on I found another nest and came out with just one sting. Way worse than a wasp sting, we rubbed them with bleach to try to take the sting out but didn’t help. Guys nose had a hole in it for a while. Cut the same place.Friday and was on the lookout for them but they weren’t there.
  11. Kevron


    My mom and dad cut out salt after his stroke. They never salted anything and would use ms dash instead. Came back to eventually put mom in hospital after she passed out and they said her sodium was too low! Hard to eliminate sodium in your diet, ever had blackeyed peas without salt?
  12. I’ve got a question for the carpenters and painters out there. My wife decided to start remodeling our bathroom starting with the cabinets. I had told her they would have to have the old polyurethane sanded off before we could paint. So while I’m at work she goes at it with a palm sander and 80 grit sandpaper. She informs me that night that she switched to 35 grit to get it off!🤬 My question is will the paint fill in where the grain was pulled or do I need to putty? Check out the picture, I intend on priming and two coats of paint. Thanks for advice
  13. Kevron

    Tin straws

    Here’s some pictures. Heads in one and twisted on the other. Hopes this gives y’all an idea.
  14. Kevron

    Tin straws

    Hey guys, I’ve been looking where to buy some tin straws. Not sure of the name but that’s what we always called them. They are long, skinny, pointed on one end with a rounded lead head on the other. We used them to wire tin to pipe frames by punching holes in the tin and taking two straws and twisting them around the pipe. I used to see them at the hardware store but they don’t know what I’m talking about. Any ideas?
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