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  1. 1999 Honda Foreman My shocks are squeezing like I don’t know what. They do fine on smooth surfaces but off road they have more squeaks that a haunted house. I’m sure they are stock. What does everybody suggestion as a good budget friendly replacement?
  2. 1999 Honda Foreman TRX450ES. Basically stock! Just got done fixing her back up to presentable.
  3. @jeepwm69 I ordered the ones off Ebay, will report back on the quality.
  4. Saw these too just didn’t know if anybody had used them
  5. Anybody know where to get good replacement decals that don't cost $200?
  6. You calling me an idiot? Ha!
  7. Yeah it in the upper 90's and 100's here now. Just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to mess it up. I keep a close watch on the red dash light also.
  8. I have noticed that the fan on my foreman is coming on quite a bit. I know it is hot here (Tennessee) but seems to be coming on relatively quick. First time i noticed it i was pulling a pull behind bush hog then yesterday my little girls were riding it and they got it to come on just putting around the land. When I had some work on it I had them change the thermostat oil sensor. I did however get it off amazon. Could that be it or should I be looking at something else? Or am I just paranoid?
  9. Finally got my grandfathers four wheeler where I want it. I'm sure that there will be more that I want to do with it but I am happy with how far it has come. @jeepwm69 If you notice in the second picture you can see the on/off switch for the pod light that you turned me on to. Thanks for everyone's help that suggested ideas and pointed me in the right direction on this.
  10. Wormy

    ES Bypass Kits

    When you are in 2,3,4 it just gives you the dash sign ( - )
  11. @jeepwm69 had some free time this weekend and did your suggestion and put a cut off on the pod light. I put it on the side of the pod housing like you suggested about. Much easier that running the wires back and up to the key console. Works great!
  12. Wormy

    ES Bypass Kits

    Got the bypass kit in and it was stupid easy to install. Been using it for about three weeks now and no issues what so ever. Only thing is that it only shows R,1st and 5th gear but if you know how to drive an ATV you are fine. Just wanted to follow back up on this for everyone that might have the same issue. Thanks
  13. Plastic is a little Frankenstein in a couple places.
  14. Here are the pictures I got of it.
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