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  1. @AKATV Can help, he just got mine fixed for me. Welcome to the site.
  2. Welcome from another ES owner! Glad to have you here.
  3. Welcome Adam and good looking wheeler!
  4. Welcome and great pics!!!!
  5. Thought I did, I corrected. Thanks Fish!!!
  6. Anybody got a muffler heat shield laying around for a TRX450ES that they would be willing to part with? Took the exhaust off last night to pain it and mine has a litte rusted out spot on it. Probably wont hurt anything but just seeing whats out there.
  7. Ha ha ha!!! That's a picture AKATV sent me before he mailed it!
  8. Here are my before and after pics of my display that AKATV fixed for me.
  9. Thank you to any and all that have served to protect us and fight for our freedom.
  10. Needing a gas line for my TRX450ES. Honda says that it is 7.55 mm, is it going to hurt if i cant find 7.5mm and go to the next size up?
  11. Wormy


    Yes, I plugged the two wires by the gas tank back in before testing the single blue wire by the pull start. I don't have a battery in the ATV but have been using a jump box to power it. When I turn the key on the red light comes on for a couple seconds and then turns off. When I first started to ground the back wire, the red light would come on and I could hear static like noise coming from the area where the two plugs are by the gas tank. Now i cannot get it to make that sound again? Could that have been the fan control unit? Let me know what I need to try now. P.S. - the single bullet connector behind by the pull start is a pain in the a$$ to get to and put back together.
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