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Im Happy With Her!

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Finally got my grandfathers four wheeler where I want it. I'm sure that there will be more that I want to do with it but I am happy with how far it has come. 




@jeepwm69 If you notice in the second picture you can see the on/off switch for the pod light that you turned me on to. 


Thanks for everyone's help that suggested ideas and pointed me in the right direction on this.

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2 minutes ago, Wormy said:

Saw these too just didn’t know if anybody had used them

Eh, if they come in and are garbage, you can return them.  Wouldn't cost much to mail some flat stickers back.


I've used blue line graphics 300 decals, and they are awesome, but they don't make any for a 450, and the only ones for a 400 are for Harvest Beige fenders

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