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    • This one is supposed to be good. I didn't get it from power sports nation though. I agree some of there parts seem quite expensive. I can return it if it's bad. I'll let you know when I hopefully get it fixed. Thanks for all the advice!
    • We pulled off the front fender assembly off cleaned all connectors, took the dash assembly apart. Headlights are working great every since. Like I stated earlier the dash will light up if we leave the key on and take out the 30 amp main and put it back in and the dash will be lit up until we turn the key off, then blank again. Seems to us that the dash has some function. I will purchase any needed parts to repair. Not sure where to start. Again thanks for all info to get resolve. Bones
    • Glad you got it fixed, and thanks for reporting what you did.  That will hopefully help others in the future when they're searching for answers.
    • update.   Front propellor shaft has been installed and 4x4 is working again.     the coupler at the engine was jammed with mud.    I pulled and pushed diff back / forth and eventually got it loose enough to clear.    the front spline was pretty stuck but with some pb blaster and “jiggling “ it came out.     the spline on shaft at the motor end was totally stripped.     everything went back together good with light greasing , but clearances are tight.     Big thanks to Jeepwm69 for pointing out the right part.     Not an easy job for me , thanks to the forum for all the great advice to make it a success.    nbf.    
    • that is why i pointed out...READ THE FINE PRINT ON EBAY !..LOL.
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