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    • I will tear it down again and soak it all again.  I hope I can get it squared away but it was pretty nasty.
    • idle jet is stopped up.
    • I got this atv from a friend of mine for free.  It was his son's and they parked it 10 to 15 years ago because it wouldn't shift.  The code came back angle sensor, so I replaced that and pulled the shift motor, cleaned it up and greased it.  When I pulled the carb it was a mess.  I  tried soaking it in Gunk carb cleaner and rebuilding it but it will not idle regardless of what I do. If I hold the throttle part way open it will run.  I am thinking maybe there is more corrosion that I didn't get cleaned out.  I am hoping a new carb solves the problem.  I attached pictures of the carb when I removed it.  On the bright side it runs through all the gears now.
    • Yes, please do send your information so I can box it up and send to you. Thankyou again!
    • Hi, welcome to the forum! I can repair your speedometer, it looks like you have polarization fill my back light filter damage from UV/Sun exposure for 20+ years If you’d like to contact me for a repair, I’ll send my information to your message box Don’t forget to stop in to the new member area and say “Hi” to everyone and download a free service manual for your ATV from our digital library -AKATV 
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