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  1. Thats really weird. You ever pull the trigger on a 400ex and your world will be enlightened. Must be a 2 valve thing maybe? Cuz 400ex's sounds like a swiss watch compared to that. But i have always been told. A tappy valve is a happy valve. LoL
  2. I would bet the truck is stolen. Or the thief is really dumb. That truck has alot of things about it that make it stand out from the crowd. If they were doing this alot and smart they would be driving a bone stock vehicle. Covering the license plate would make sense but i only see one person in that truck and the tail gate like that would make it easier for one person to load. Lower bed height.
  3. Clutch plates look like they have been getting hot. Which would indicate it was slipping. But i know very little about utility quads. My main reason for this reply is i use rockymountain atv/mc for oem parts. They ship out things super fast. I usually get my parts next day or a few days at most. Could be my location being close to them? But you wont wait for things to ship out. Just for the postal service to get them to you. I personally wouldnt install a staked nut without the stake lip. Scary thought. I generally put loctite on them and stake them for good measure. My .02
  4. Man that took some digging in the old memory. Its been atleast 15 years since i had one of those in my hands lol
  5. Hmm ive built alot of not right things then and never had a single issue out of any of them? I just always went with if its a tooth off its obveously not even close. Maybe its just a sport quad thing? None are ever perfection by any stretch. One side is always slightly higher either way you go. And if were splitting hairs your picture shows it also. Slightly higher at the rear. If it was even one tooth off it would be obveously not even close. Its not like were dealing with a million teeth on the gear here.
  6. Yeah but you can also see threads in the right side of the hole and none in the left. So he is taking the picture at an angle.
  7. Heck my quad has a lightened flywheel so when they did that they removed the timing mark. Werent even nice enough to put one back on. So i did the old stick the screw driver down the spark plug hole and find TDC. Took my center punch clicker pen thing and put a new one on the flywheel. Quad runs perfect. No lack of power thats for sure! LoL
  8. I guess maybe if you put brand new chain and cam gear and crank gear maybe it would be. But every single engine i have ever built. Including car engines there markings are a close but not exact deal. You put it the way its closest and call it a day. Done many many timing chains and timing belts on various engines for many years. Not one has ever been perfectly aligned.
  9. Dont sweat it. I have yet to ever have one line up perfectly. And the angle of the camera can throw it off aswell.
  10. Thanks man! Im just chomping at the bit to ride already. Still waiting on my lonestar steering stem also. Got to be really patient with ordering anything from them since they build to order. It was over a month ago i ordered it. But once i get that and install it i am done spending money. Hopefully time to go do some racing.
  11. ***Update*** If the rain ever stops here i can hopefully go test this gearing out. I did get the 15 tooth front sprocket on. The crf skid plate on. And the glann case saver. This is where i learned i shouldnt use my memory for things. So i had thought i was running a 14/36. I was actually running a 14/37. So i now have 2 brandnew 37 tooth sprockets for a 400ex if anyone wants one? LoL. Because with the 15 tooth front i cant use a 37 at all. So i installed my old 38 tooth i had since i spent all the time installing the rivet type master link in my chain already. The positive side. I can run a 15/36 if this 15/38 isnt enough gear. The negative side. Dont have a 36 tooth at all yet........its ordered now incase i need it.
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