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  1. If you dont already have one i would suggest getting a factory service manual. We may have it for free pdf download in our manual section on the forum. You will want to take alot of pictures and you will need a torque wrench. Alot of what you will need to do is cleaning. Scraping gasket surfaces. Also you will want to check all the bottom end bearings while you have it apart. The hardest part about splitting cases is the transmission. You are best off removing it all as one lump in both hands and keep it togeather. Getting shift forks in can sometimes be a bit of a bear aswell. Aside from that ask alot of questions. We are all here to help and really genuinely enjoy helping others. That honda should be running like new in no time!
  2. Looks like ran in the sand alot and seized the piston at one point from the looks of the cylinder walls and piston skirts. Engine seizure is caused by running it very hot to where the piston expands to much. So it was run hard and hot at one point for sure. Bottom end rebuild would be best as the crank bearings could have taken a hit when it seized. You are gunna get a crash course in full engine rebuild on this one. How are your wrench turning skills?
  3. Welcome aboard! Havent heard from you in a while man! Great to see some old faces findung there way over!
  4. SlammedRanger


    We will need to know make and model of the quad. And pictures would help alot also. Welcome to the forums! Quick search they look like the same as dg and ac nerf bars. You can find universal nerf nets on ebay for cheap. Just gotta make sure they have the right amount of straps to fit your application.
  5. Welcome aboard! Keep the sport quad guys coming! LoL
  6. Welcome aboard! Mostly utility quad guys over here. But i am waiting for that to change. And ready for it when it does lol
  7. My wife is very understanding lol. Heck the last time i had to do a carrier bearing on my quad i heated it in the oven in the house. Smelled like a machine shop for the next few days but she was ok with it. Or atleast i didnt hear anything about it lol
  8. I use oxyclean laundry soap in hotwater in sink. Let soak overnight. Looks brandnew in morning with zero effort at all. Let dry with fan blowing through it. Oil in a ziplock bag. Spray the oil into the bag then roll it around in the bag. Zero mess that way. Nothing gets on your hands at all. I do what ^^^ they do. Keep 2 or 3 ready in ziplock bags ready to go.
  9. Welcome aboard! Some have had success with drill and heli-coil on the oil drain plugs. I would suggest if your going this route which IMO is alittle sketchy. I would make sure i dip the bit in thick grease as to try and keep as many shavings out of the inside of the motor as possible. I would then flush the bottom end with diesel fuel many times before putting oil back in and starting it. Alot of great people here. Who are always willing to help.
  10. Glad you are doing it right! Every single honda should be fixed and rode again. Thats what they are for. Keep us posted on how it comes along. There are a few 700xx guys on here that should know the answer about those weird rear rims. I feel like its because they are irs suspension so they have rear a-arms and that makes them run a very skinny rear tire compared to most sport quads that are solid rear axle and run a 20x10x9 or 18x10x8 depending on what your doing with it.
  11. Yeah just a heads up. Atv galaxy is the worst! They make you wait for everything you buy from them. They stock absolutely nothing. They are a middle man. But if you dont mind waiting months for your stuff you can save money with them because they do get and give good deals. The 700xx does have odd sized rims. Not like all other sport quads honda makes. They do appear to run same size rims front and rear. Which is very odd.
  12. Its not just noise. On a stock internal motor yes. But anything with internal mods the difference is real. Mine blew the spark arrestor out a few rides back and i noticed the power difference and throttle response long before the noise change. It was without a doubt night and day.
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