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  1. Yes they will pulse with the engine rotations. The piston going down in the stroke displaces air and that is one of the main reasons for the crank case breather.
  2. Nice! Thats the dirtbike that my quads motor came from. If you want to check out what the insides of that motor look like check out my stroker build. They are the exact same motor. Except the kick start and side cover. https://atvhonda.com/topic/81-stroker-440ex-build-thread/
  3. Welcome to the forums Louis! Just a friendly suggestion. You may want to try starting a thread about the help needed in the proper section. It will get more foot traffic that way. If you would like any of the mods could split your intro thread into two seperate threads for you into the correct place.
  4. Honestly i dont get into nascar for anything but this race. We would need people who watch all the races. I just like the drinking beer and watching all my buddies act like idiots lol. If we did a party for all the races i may be able to get into it. But i would no doubt be divorced haha. My wife is on that board but just for the chance of winning our biggest pot yet. $240.00
  5. Yep. Here are my drivers. I feel bad because they dont know it but my luck is almost 100% gunna blow there engines on the last lap or something lol Those who dont know my name is Brent lol
  6. Im seeing the delay is gunna be 1 and a half hours. We got an update a few minutes ago that they were finishing drying the track. We should be back racing soon i hope.
  7. Yeah i picked 3 good drivers too. Sucks.
  8. Nope time for rain! Florida fail!
  9. Offset is measuring the lip on each side in relation to the placement of where the rim bolts on. So 4+3 would be 4 inches of back spacing and 3 inches of outer lip. 5+2 would be 5 inches of back spacing and 2 inches outer lip. There is also a thing called zero offset which is where the place where the rim bolts on is in the exact center. Honda rims are stamped with what i think is a way of measuring offset in milimeters i believe. Never been able to make sense of there rim stamp numbers honestly. I always just measure myself and do it in inches since its like a million times easier. My .02
  10. Thats a really good deal! Chinese quad for a japanese quad. Or atleast i think kymco is chinese?
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