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  1. Funny you talked about going 125 in the 1/4. This was my fastest NA run i ever did in the old "slammed ranger". LoL i was the summit lane side car#208. 17K if i remember correctly was a honda civic.
  2. Gotta say i have never seen one of them in school bus yellow before either man. Seen alot of crazy colors. Heck i fixed a hot pink one before lol. After working on them and seeing how they went cheap and switched gears to plastic. I bought my wife a vintage one. Just basic white and black were the options i could find.
  3. My bet is the oem kitchenaid part will say made in mexico. I would say about 90% of the parts i changed on them were from there. Until you get into electeical parts like motors and switches and all computer boards. Then you get china or korea most of the time.
  4. Oh yeah its "made in usa". I was talking about the part you got to fix it. LoL. Just like everything it is assembled here. In a whirlpool factory. With parts from every part of the globe.
  5. (Sorry didnt mean to edit your post....meant to qoute it lol.) Lets see kitchenaid so its made by whirlpool....probably mexico. Only there electronic control boards were china or korea. Unless things have changed lol.
  6. Double sided tape is the exact thickness needed and after it gets dirty the only part that is sticky is the part stuck to the battery already. I do this to every single small engine battery i buy right when i get it. Problem solved. But i too have had failures to find this like eveyone else lol
  7. I prefer amsoil myself. And i have ran every brand at one point or another. Amsoil is the only one you can ride the rev limiter with 100% confidence. All others made scary topend noise that sounded like you were about to have metal shrapnal pulled from places you wouldnt like lol.
  8. Sounds like carb is dirty, fuel filter is dirty(if it has one) or valves need adjustment. Those would be places i would be starting. But you will want to post more than just the year of the quad. You will recieve alot more help that way!
  9. The exact amount of factory lean they come right out of the box. Not 100% safe or perfect. But they want it that way so they dont last forever.
  10. We were done when Sermon went out. We needed every player to play an A+ game. We didnt get that. Fields played well. Defense wasnt in the game at all.
  11. In the defense of the owners and lack of mantainance being the reason. I will say all honda sport quads do have a tick. Expecially 400ex and 450r. I havent really heard utility quads ever tick unless they have had extreme lack of regular oil changes and valve adjustment. I think the 400ex is caused by how many moving parts are in the valvetrain. Rocker arms and sub rocker arms. The 450r i think is because its a shim and bucket design where the cam pushes against the valve directly. As all heads of this design i have heard are very noisy. Could be people dont do math well and dont shim them correct also? My .02
  12. Yep they are packed full! And you can get the parts on searspartsdirect.com for it. They are actually very simple in design! Fixed 100s of them through the years doing appliance repair.
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