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  1. Zero glue. And nothing sprayed on them. Dry is best 100%. Use your air compressor and the spray nozzle. Get it up inside the grip and hit it full blast. The pressure expands the rubber and you can slide it right to where you need it. Anything sprayed on even stuff that supposidly evaporates will still eventually start moving.
  2. You will get it. I had to learn this lesson the hard way aswell lol. I was trying to leave the cable attatched and adjusted to save a few steps. What i did was push on the arm and the cover does come off with the reverse shaft stuck in it. But when i saw the spring just loose on the shaft i realized my attempt at saving steps actually made more lol. Keep us posted bud!
  3. No problem! Were always glad to help! Welcome to the forums btw! What i found when removing the clutch cover on 400ex's with reverse. You gotta just remove the nut and arm and leave the shaft and arm in its place. What you will need to do now is flip the arm you pointed to in red to the other side of the shaft. That shaft does come out with alittle fiddling. I remember this being alittle bit of a pain in the butt. You gotta kinda hold the spring in tension while sliding the shaft back into place. I wanna say i had to use a flat tip screw driver to wedge at it alittle too. But what it does is lock the shift drum in place when its tensioned. And when you turn the knob it releases the shift drum to allow it to go into reverse. So since it moves so easy right now its not locking the shift drum and stopping reverse engagement.
  4. I think i know what you did. Because i did this once myself. When you removed the clutch side cover. Did you remove the nut and arm off the reverse shaft? Or leave it attatched to the clutch cover when you removed it? If you did that second option.(which i did once myself) then the return spring for the shaft has to be put back in a tension to hold the stopper arm properly. Ever since i have removed the nut and arm and slid the whole cover off leaving the shaft in its place.
  5. More than likely you have the adjustement wrong. You can adjust the barrel adjuster so it is always pulled and it will go right into reverse like you are saying it does. Clutch has nothing to do with it or the springs. That reverse switch cable had to be removed when the clutch side cover was off to change the clutch and its now adjusted wrong i would bet. Let me check out your video and see if i can see whats adjusted wrong.
  6. Yep no doubt that would cause a leak out the overflow. Glad you got it sorted!
  7. When you say leaking vent do you mean its leaking out the drain tube out bottom of carb? Vents would be out the top of the carb. If its leaking out the bowl drain its either a leaking float valve or the drain screw isnt all the way tight. Alot of times carb rebuilds come with a new needle but the seat is still the original one. Crud can build up on the seat and cause it to leak.
  8. No sorry. It was a spare frame a gncc racer had. He said it came from michigan. It has a full race gusset kit on it. And has been re-inforced in a few common stress points. It is powdercoated but appears to have been done many years ago. Vin# is intact and readable.
  9. Did you read further down to realize they arent talking about transfers out of ohiostate. He is talking about the transfer portal in general. He talks about how they use it to pick up transfers. They also further down talk about how we are under the average for the big ten and most other teams including alabama have more and always do. LoL but i have no doubt alot of people hate on ohiostate because they are scared. Haha
  10. Not sure where your getting your information? I would have to guess some of the buckeye haters club. But Ohiostate is actually under the average for transfering players in the big ten still which is well under the average for alot of other conferences. And 2 of the 6 (which is for the whole year btw not just recently or anything). Were quarterbacks. Which with how good the true freshman did for the season is an obveous reason to transfer somewhere you will get to play and its not gunna be behind Stroud in line thats for sure. For jeeps brother in-law. A primarily freshman team lost to a team of seniors and juniors. Nothing to get down about. This was supposed to be a rebuild year with as many new guys we had. And we still beat alot of good teams. Only direction we can go is up. Michigan is gunna lose half there team to the nfl next year if they make it in. LoL I wont even get into the obveous ref payoff that went on or the average 5-6 holds on each of there scoring plays that were "missed" lol. Kinda sad honsetly.
  11. Man i got an 04-05 trx450r frame i would sell real cheap but shipping from ohio would be insane. And its buried in the back of my storage unit.
  12. I run a one step colder plug. Because im high compression. Stock for my quad calls for a DPR8Z. I run a DPR9Z. But that is just what i was told to run for my build. Not exaxtly sure the reasoning behind it? Something to do with the higher compression creating more heat and causing pre-ignition. Get to technical for my understanding lol
  13. Man oh man. Sending prayers! Hope she can get it all straightened out soon! Take care of her and yourself bud! If there is anything at all we can do dont hesitate to ask!
  14. Wow talk about some beautiful views! Those are some killer pictures! Weather up north stunk all weekend. Rained on and off saturday afternoon through today until just a few hours ago it finally stopped. Gunna be a wet start to the week by the looks of it aswell. Its a bucket list deal for me to one day go out west and ride some similar trails. Its just getting all the pieces togeather.
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