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  1. The 450r and 400ex and i would have to imagine the utilities are the same. Have a hollow crank half where it sends oil up into the crank pin and out a hole under the rod bearing. So i cant honestly wrap my head around why this would be necessary at all? The rod even has a hole running up it which pushes oil up to the wrist pin. I guess this squirter maybe hits the outside of the piston skirt maybe? I have been racking my brain on why someone would go through the trouble. Doesnt make much sense to me.
  2. Hard to tell from that picture what atv it could be going on. But its squirting oil right at the crank lower rod bearing. I would have to imagine it taps into the main oil supply going to the topend maybe? Seems that would require a stronger oil pump or it would starve the topend? I would have to guess a trx450r? No other hondas have bottom end problems at all. Unless the oil is drained and not replaced or never changed.
  3. Keep it civil guys! Just think everytime you post something. Is this making more work for one of the mods to have to edit?
  4. Only paying 500 dollars you will have no problem selling part by part for a profit. There is alot of work involved though. Fixing and selling is looking like the best option looking at the pictures to me. It doesnt look horrible at all from the pictures. Its gunna all hinge on that title though. Hope it works out and you can get one. Was this an insurance claim? Could that be tied to the vin? These are things i dont know but would want to find out for sure. If there is a version of carfax for motorcycles......or what ever that thing is considered lol. It would deter alot of buyers knowing it was on fire. Not saying you would sell it and not inform the new owner just saying purely from a marketing standpoint.
  5. In ohio what you are talking about with titles is backwards. In ohio unless you are the original owner of the title or know them they are the only ones who can apply for a lost title. If anyone could people would steal them forge a bill of sale and just apply for a lost title and now somehow own it? Now a salvage title can be transfered just like an original title but both parties have to be present.
  6. Its crazy to look at how that thing is made. It looks like a gas tank out of an old boat. And the frame looks like a bridge support. Who designed these things? My guess is a construction worker who liked to work on boats as a hobby lol.
  7. Welcome to the forums. I moved your thread into the sport atv section. Follow the advice given above. The place to start is buying a cdi box. As from the sounds of it you dont have one at all now correct? Was the quad taken in for a no spark issue? Or the hole in the case? That part is alittle hard to understand.
  8. I was un-aware there were meters out there that did peak voltage? I just got a peak voltage adapter off line that plugs into the leads on my meter. Which used to be a fluke but now that i do HVAC its a uei clamp meter lol. Side note: dont you hate when you notice how horrible your hands look in photos? I do the samething lol.
  9. What i think is it will just dry up and not rust the rim. If it was a liquid rolling around in the tire it could and would rust a steel rim for sure. But i think you are right where it is just a spot fix. Not saving a tire from a puncture down the road like slime claims to do. I personally have never had slime do anything for me but cause a headache when dismounting tires. I did use it years ago and the tires still would leak with it or without it. That has been my experiance. Kinda more of a novalty. It did work great in bicycle tires though. And also in the wheels of our appliance dollys. But bicycle tubes held the mess inside them and dolly wheels get replaced rim and all so cheap we never bothered dismounting them. My .02
  10. Stay flo from what all those guys on what ever forum that was said there is absolutely no harm done to the rims. They had claimed to have been doing this trick for 10+ years and gone through many tires and rims. So they have tried it on all different materials rims are made out of. They also said there isnt any liquid left in the tires. It finds the gap. Fills it. Hardens. And the rest turns into a white residue. These guys all said that is why they like it more than slime. Zero mess when changing tires. It is far from a temporary fix. They all said they put it in on every single tire they change to. No matter what. Not just if there is a leak. But they all said slow seeping of tires is 100% a thing of the past. Keep in mind they pretty much all run beadlocks. And so do i. But there were a few guys on that forum that do not and said it worked just the same. I have not seen this part first hand. But for a gamble of 4 bucks to try it i cant see how you could go wrong. Aside from maybe doing it way up north in the middle of winter. As it is obveously water based and will freeze no doubt. But do it in the summer and you wont need to do it again in the cold. Like i said there wont be any liquid left when the gap is found and sealed.
  11. Wow! That thing was legit trash when you got it. And you guys polished that turd! Looks like a whole different quad! Good thing is you got 2 of the most reliable quads to work with. The 250x is just a mule. Will just work for ever. And the 400ex IMO is one of, if not the most reliable sport platform honda has ever made. Hands down. Keep up the great work both of you! And make sure you enjoy those hondas like they were built to be.
  12. Welcome aboard! Friendly people you will 100% find here bud! Glad to see more and more sport quad riders joining!
  13. Freezing is something i would know nothing about. My garage is temp maintained at 50 degrees year round. And i dont like the cold so i dont ride in it lol. I know why do i live this far north? The answer is family. LoL
  14. Not 100% sure. I just hear all the 450r's idling alot higher and i put two and two togeather and made 4 lol. The 450r elka shocks will fit no problem. As long as they arent long travel they will bolt right on and work pretty close to perfect. Similar suspension geometry between the two.
  15. That is part of my plans. But as it is rightnow i live in the middle of town right on a highway. So zero option of any riding out of my driveway lol. We plan to buy land and build in the country eventually. Either build my own track or buy enough land with woods and make trails to ride. That has been a dream of mine for a long time being able to just go ride when ever i want. I raced as a kid and got in a real bad crash. Mom forced me to sell what was left of the quad. Turned 16 and got on my first quad since the crash. Took alot of practice and now im just flat out not in shape to keep up with some of these younger guys. But on a short track like a fair race i can keep up and even win sometimes lol. But in all honesty i just go to have fun. There is just something about holeshoting quads with way more power than me. Or passing them in the race. It just brings a smile to my face everytime lol
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