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  1. Yep i think its confirmed for 2024. There were some other changes aswell. But the 12 team change was the most impactfull.
  2. Just confirms the committee got it wrong. Should obveously have been ohiostate vs georgia for the final. If they were actually worried about putting best vs best and not other things. They should have made ohiostate play michigan again to prove we belonged in the top 4. That and us vs georgia was the game everyone wanted to see and should have seen.
  3. Its less about the actual suspension and more about the tuning of it. I had my rebound set to high and thats what caused it to toss me. My suspension is elka stage 3. Had them re-valved and tuned for my weight and riding style by BNR performance. My quad has a long travel setup and it absorbs anything now that i had the shocks setup and tuned.
  4. Aftermarket support for the 700xx was not horrible. Only problem with them is they only sold for a few years and parts are few and far between. IRS has its ups and downs. If you want to sling the quad around a corner full blast the IRS will flex and grip and not really slide much. Solid axles quads will buck you off if you hit a big bump wide open. Ask me how i know lol. But with proper suspension setup they can handle anything you throw at them. Look up gncc racing. Its a bucket list item for me to run a xc type race. Still havent pulled the trigger. Got smoked by my cartwheeling quad after flying over the handlebars while doing some woods racing practice. Went back to what i know. MX racing lol.
  5. After having a namura piston snap a skirt off on a blaster and destroy everything like a bomb went off in it. I have never used them again. Wiseco on the other hand i have personally installed 10 or more. Great quality pistons.
  6. Here is my position on the situation. This 200sx has little to almost zero aftermarket support. The engine design isnt good. Not a performance engine at all. Heck its worse than most utility quads in engine design. Why not buy say a 300ex? You can pick up one for like 500 dollars or less. And the aftermarket support explodes. The sky is the limit. Take this information for what its worth. But modifications are addicting. I had a 300ex before my 400 i have now. I made my 300ex a 330 big bore. Did everything under the sun dropped crazy money and time and got walked away from by a stock 400ex. Sold it and got a 400ex. Built it. And eventually sold it. I built the one i have now for mx racing and just hit a few fair races once a year. I used to do exactly what you are doing. Do it for fun. That fun ends up costing alot down the road. I got well over 10k in my build. Prolly between all the quads ive had and built somewhere in the 20k to 30k range. You start going down the road of custom and those numbers double and triple quick. Aftermarket support is honestly the only way to do mods and not go broke. This coming from someone who paid almost 700 dollars for one custom piston.
  7. Some people have alot of leaves to blow. And performance is a must! LoL😉
  8. If your planning on building your own exhaust header you will need to be pretty skilled at welding very very thin tube. Best option is stainless. There are alot of things that can be done but the way to perfect it requires alot of calculations and a flow bench. Are there any aftermarket places that make a pipe for the 200sx? The aftermarket places would have already done all those calculations and save you alot of leg work. If not this process gets alot harder. Its not a simple bigger is better situation. Pipe length and diameter all play a roll. But there is a point where its too much and a point where its too little. And this is where trial and error with a flow bench are necessary. With alot cheaper material at first obveously lol.
  9. The other reason you will see them on alot of race quads mainly the pro's is it helps with scavanging of exhaust gasses and can also change the tone to abide by the decible limits required for racing in a particular class. But yeah the 250r is a 2 stroke and there would be no benefit from putting that big of an expansion chamber on a 4 stroke at all.
  10. Yep i run one step hotter for my 12:1 big bore stroker 400ex. Stock plug for sure! Get like 4 so you can do some plug chops. Welcome to the world of tuning! Its a pain but well worth it in the end! Btw. Didnt take a video but i started my quad today. It got up to 6 degrees so a heat wave lol. Did choke it but it fired on 2nd revolution. 400s are notoriously cold blooded. But mine isnt at all. Proper tuning makes all the difference in the world!
  11. I just got a kick out of you calling 27° cold lol. We saw a high yesterday of -2. Today we may get out of the negatives. Wind chill was -30 yesterday. Today wind chill should be single digits to teens. Gunna feel like a heat wave monday with a high of 15° lol
  12. I do residential hvac installs. Mostly retro fitting but sometimes new construction build outs aswell. Havent been doing it for 12 years tho. I did appliance repair since i was a kid working for my family business. Transitioned to hvac 2 years ago. When covid finished off the appliance repair business already on its death bed. (Throw away world)
  13. Plastic tanks on air cooled engines isnt an issue as long as its jetted right and you dont plan on driving stop and go through town or something lol. All 400ex are air cooled and have a plastic tank and i have never had a problem. And i have seen alot of them jetted crazy lean and not have any problem either. You braze for work? I do too! HVAC-R?
  14. Nice! Yeah i have 4. A rustler 4x4. A e-revo, a tamiya tt-01 touring car, and a tt-01 euro truck. Did some local carpet club racing last year. But the local hobby shop closed. So now waiting for a new place a friend is starting up to race this year.
  15. This is exaxtly what we are here for. Helping people out. If you want me to remove any of my replys not related to your jetting. just let me know. Any mod or admin can help you with that aswell to de-clutter your threads. As long as its not censoring anyone or removing peoples posts because you dont like them or what they said. We will be glad to help.
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