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  1. Hello guys,I haven't been in this site for a while, I had some help for my 300ex here a few months back, but its gone now,now I just finished the build on the 700xx and the first time I turned it on it started right away, rode it but had other things to address but I just wanted to try it,now second ride,I had it all set,it startted right away, I don't know if I should of let it warm up a bit,but after 1 minute I took it for a quick ride and coming back home when I pulled the clutch in it just shut off,and I tried starting it but nothing, so I pushed it home and checked for spark,it gave me a ! of a shock!!!! the spark plug I had was a ZFR7F-6 and it was black, so I put in The correct one ZFR7F-11 but it didn't start,but it did have a little bit of ticking....so valve need adjustment for sure....
  2. Yes Sir I will post pictures of the rebuild.... I've bought many new parts for this atv ...I think the guy that traded me this atv wasn't quite honest...but I have managed to get it back in shape...slowly but surely...I need to buy a piston which I am debating on which brand... CP CARILLO/Wiseco/Vertex/JE ???? And I need a set of rear tires as well to finish up the build....
  3. Thanks for the info I really do appreciate it,finally I have gotten around to finish the Trx700xx because I was building a Raptor660r with big bore and all sorts of racing parts,and it was quite the ride....very expensive experience!!!! Lol.... and now is the 700xx turn to get back out there where it belongs!!!! Because this thing(The 700xx) would've gotten parted out if it were to end up in someone else's hands....I bought an almost new wire harness for a very very cheap price!!!! I also bought both rear knuckles,rebuilt both the rear cv joints,split the cases and cleaned up everything inside of it....got an entire brake system,caliper with brake pads,rearmaster cylinder and rear brake pedal...I mean the entire assembly.... all I did was installed it....
  4. I recently purchased rear rims for my 08 Honda TXR700XX and it was from Ebay the seller is atvgalaxy now the size of the rims are 10×7×10" here is a picture DWT REAR WHEELS what size tire do I need? And is this a mistake by them are these front wheels? They had me wait 3 months for this rims,because Honda TXR700XX uses special rims....
  5. Ok,good for you sir!!! I mean some people have the giving/blessing of knowing to do some stuff by feel or by eye.... but since I'm learning alot of this stuff I guess asking the people who have the knowledge would get me where I want to be,and there's alot of money invested in the atv....I don't want to be braking /bending valves or hotcams,messing up my new wiseco piston, but hey Man I'm not being sarcastic or anything like that...but good for you.... I ask for help because I needed it.... and I appreciate anyone taking their time to help me out!!!!
  6. I have the same feelers as well, ok so if 10mm = .004" then .15mm =? 'ppreciate the help,thanks...
  7. Thank you very much both you guys,Fish & Slammed I really do appreciate the help,I saw something similiar to this setting,the .004 In & .005 ex but I was a little skeptical about it.... but now you say the same so I guess I will do it either tomorrow after work..... Thank You!!!!!
  8. Ok so I got the 300ex running,split cases,took out the entire dark piston ring in pieces and some shrapnel not much,now long story short,it crank right up!!!!! Now here it goes,but there's a little bit of a knock thats bothering me,I have a stage 1 hotcams, Blackdiamond kibblewhite valves, wiseco timing chain, now the hot cams came with card for valve lash,10mm intake and 15mm exhaust, my valve gauges say .015mm and .010mm another one says .0015,which one do I use,I mean I adjusted the valves with the .015 & .010 and it fired right up I even rode it lime I stole it for 30 minutes nonstop and did an oil change,and that's when I heard a little louder knocking, not as loud as before but not as it was at first that all I heard was a tick tick... any suggestions PLEASE!!!! do I need to buy another set of gauges? Or what should I use .005 intake and .007 exhaust????? MAN THIS THING FIRED RIGHT UP NO ISSUES!!!!! I WAS SMILING!!!!!
  9. Dude!!! No bs I think the same I'm like why ? Why treat something this nice like scrap?since I was a kid I always wanted one,and always asked myself why some people who have ATV's just wreck them and let them go to scrap? But I will do my best to restore it little by little... here in Florida I've seen some crazy work on quads....and I mean hacked up work...no atv deserves to end up like this unless it's totalled from a crash.... I also bought a wire harness for it too...the one on it is rigged with tape
  10. I've already ordered, rear rims,got an OEM one but someone gave me a good price on a set but they're 10" also I bought the case splitter and case puller,and I also bought the rear hubs,the ones on it,Man look at this!!!! Also those nuts and bolts are what he used to tighten the rims that were on it,after I open up the cases then I'll go from there....but I'll keep you posted, Thanks for Asking @Akunin
  11. Thats what I was afraid of!!! Not afraid of doing it, but Man another motor to go to surgery!!!! I'm just gonna try and flush the crap out of it!!!! I know it's not the correct way of doing it,yesterday I ended up putting in new Tie rods,new rear brake and rear master cylinder, new front brake lever with the master cylinder,new Blackdiamond intake & exhaust Valves,and I now I have to wait longer for the wiseco timing chain because the post office delivery lost it,so it was refunded, but I bought another one,so I still have to put together the Hotcams with new sprocket, and wait for the timing chain guides, oil filters, (bought a case of them) & timing chain that is all coming this coming week!!!! Also waiting for my Piston from CP Carillo for my Yamaha Raptor660r,custom made piston,and the last of the Ferrea Valves..... and I have to start on the 700xx soon also....I got my hands full!!!! But one at a time!!!! See you soon!!!! I may just open this cases too!!!! I don't like half ! work, My Dad said to me,"Son if you're going to do something, do it Right,or don't do it at all" "Let someone else do it" 🤔🥴🛵🔧🔩🛠🧰🗜
  12. Hey guys,how's everyone doing!!!! Thank you all for the great help you've been,so I got majority of the parts,I'm just waiting for new oil filters and timing chain guides, the ones on the 300ex were done,so anyway I opened up to install a new clutch and look what I found!!!! Wow!!! Even a couple of o-rings too!!! Wtf!!!! But I'm going through everything, I just don't want to open this cases either...I already have to do the 700xx and I'm dreading it!!!! But I will share the build of the 300ex,I have everything, well mostly everything but the parts that are coming this Monday and Tuesday ..... see you soon!!!!
  13. Yeah have to do it like that because to many atvs stolen.... anyway I opened the engine heads and this is what I found....is this cylinder salvageable? Also one valve broke exhaust valve,and I emptied the rest of the oil from the crankcase and I saw the valve and peices of the piston on the bottom I was thinking about taking off the engine and flipping it up side down and shaking it maybe hose off all crap out of there or is there a better way? Because that would be splitting cases correct? Slammed/Fish/anyone else that could help out please!!!! I knew there was something wrong with it but not this!!!! 😱🙈🙉🙊🧐
  14. Akunin yes the guy is an Appliance store owner and his son is a state trooper so the vin is clean and I have a bill of sale....
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