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    • I know it isn't capable of 4 inches, I have put 3 inch through it in the past but it struggled a bit and I don't like seeing a machine struggle.   I'll be cleaning a load of my equipment later today so I'll get a few more snaps for you. It's one of the best machines I have. 
    • @Goober I've used it on many applications .... if the nuts came off all the way hard, then yes a slight brush .. of anti seize wouldn't hurt, if they came easy after breaking loose ... i wouldn't worry about it. 
    • Was it the grease used or the reassembly that caused the problem?   seriously, i went to buy some good moly grease and a little disappointed that I couldn’t find it at the Honda shop—they used to sell it. Anyway I’ll do some more research and prolly end up at the John Deere shop. like Wilson i buy BelRay products cuz that’s what all the race guys used
    • BTW.. a buddy of mine (who sadly passed away last year) used to have the same ATC110 i did. He was a year older than me & would lead all the rides back then, exploring new spots. This was a pic i snagged from his moms FB, she is on his ATC way back then. 
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