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  1. Is the cable too tight? Have you tried to adjust the idle down. I have a 2003 XR400. For most part the same engine. Is your mechanic any good? Sounds like 2 strikes to me. Sounds like it might be running lean. Air leak around the carb??
  2. Funny. Username is the same on another forum. ATC related.
  3. Big Bird

    2003 XR400R

    Wheel chocks were made by Maxxhaul 70075 I picked up 2 sets. $124.00 Canadian to my door. Bike is 2003 XR400R. Single cyl 400CC with 2 exhaust outlets. 2 into 1 exhaust.
  4. Big Bird

    2003 XR400R

    Took it out of storage and it fired right up. 🙂 Got to love a well made machine.
  5. I just voted now to make it 13? It was 12 before I voted.
  6. I picked this up from Curt. All my trailers have a 2" ball. Needed something to move the trailers around if necessary at the cottage. It has a plate under it to make it solid and not swivel. Pouring rain here. I will install it in the next couple days and test the receivers I have here on it.
  7. Thinking of these tires myself.
  8. Thinking of these tire myself.
  9. Welcome to the 'hood. Nice new ride!!!
  10. My pooch "Bodie" 2 years old now. He is a ham/
  11. Well. All went well this week. Fluids changed. Winch mounted up. I did not address the slow leak tire. Going to put new hoops on it later this summer. Burn the originals off it.
  12. OK. Thanks. I will keep an eye on the indicator. I think it was blank but not 100%. It has not done it since I flushed out the tank and drained the carb. Might of been some water in the carb...
  13. I ! you not. My buddy built this. 1/5th scale engine. I raced R/C with him.
  14. Only happened a couple times but it would not start. Turns over fine. Like it is out of fuel. After a couple attempts it fires up. Both times engine was cold. Also a couple times shift indicator was not lite up. No lashing lights (codes). While cleaning it up and changing fluids. (Drained all old gas and drained carb) Noticed it has what looks like a aftermarket TPS. Flathead screws. I also had the shift motor out and cleaned all the old grease and put new grease in. Issue was doing it before I worked on it. Is it worth just putting in a TPS and shift angle sensor OEM for good measure?
  15. Well the fluids were very clean which is nice to see. I ended up using 75-90 which we have in bulk at work.
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