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  1. This is my old one. 1983 200X. I had it for a couple years. Sold it off to a friend for $1,500CAD. It was what I had into it. Got it for $800. Redid the rear bearings . sprockets. rear brake. front forks and new rear tires. The usual stuff... It was a good rider.
  2. Big Bird


    Well. I have not been on in a while. I got out 5 times this year on my sled. I picked it up in Sept 2020. 2009 Ski Doo 4 stroke 1200. 130HP+ HAHA. Slapped about 1200KM (750 miles) this year.
  3. Where abouts are you? I am in Hamilton. Guessing up north. Welcome.
  4. In some rural areas you need a burn permit others you dont. People in the past have had hotdogs on hand and say they are cooking. Not anymore. Propane heaters and fire tables are ok. It sucks as it is getting cooler at night now and I enjoy a nice small fire and have a beer...
  5. I live in the city. It is illegal to have a fire on your property. People do it. I just moved in with my fiance. Had a fire the other night. Just a small one. Guess the neighbour called the fire department on us. Warning issued. Next time $550.00 fine.
  6. In general I add fuel stabilizer to my gas container. It is a 5 gallon. This way I know it is good for my 4 stroke stuff all year. I do the same with my 2 stroke stuff. Never had a issue with gas going bad here in Canada... Think that is going to change soon. So today I picked up some Seafoam and thought I would add it to my fuel. I know I am not going to see AMAZING results or anything as my stuff runs good as of now. As this stuff has been around for a while what do you guys think? I see you can add it to the oil also. Hope I did not open a can of worms. 🙂
  7. I payed $3000 Canadian for it off my friend. 7 hours all original. I like stuff that is in good shape. Turn key.
  8. All original. I know the complete history of the bike since new. That'd where I know it is about 7 hours on the bike.
  9. XR's are great bikes. This is my 2003 400. It has about 7 hours on it since new.
  10. Correct. Hamilton, Ontario Just a internet wall between us. 🙂
  11. Not that I am a big player but... I have been busy with life. Major changes in the last year. Recently sold my house and moved in with my fiance at her place. Still off work due to some issues with cancer and things are healing up slowly. I am doing good and not playing the Cancer Card. LOL. I did get out on the quad and my dirtbike a couple months ago. I have been looking for a new toy. Can Am Spyder. Used. I was hoping for this one but the guy has not returned my calls. I will keep looking around.
  12. My friend picked up a Yamaha Grizzly. Older unit but it had tin foil around the fuel line. Previous guy said the fuel would boil after it was run and then turned off. Just food for thought. I did read somewhere else that someone also had a issue lately. Maybe a 3 wheeler forum(?) . It has been a hot summer overall.
  13. Sorry I should have been more specific. Yes I would like to know the voltage that the tender is putting to a battery when hooked up and working. 12.6 is a fully charged battery. I am thinking around 12.8 volts area?? I am just guessing.
  14. Can you guy's take a voltage reading on the tenders as far as DC volts. Just toying with some stuff.
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