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  1. Happy New Year 2021 couldn’t get here any quicker. Post a Honda Pic.
  2. One last thing do u need extended wiring plan to mount the little solenoid or whatever it is under the seat if it will work on my model.
  3. This seems very economical it’s the midnight series with synthetic and mounting plate, site say the steel will be available late January. https://www.motoalliance.com/viper-midnight-atv-utv-winch
  4. Ok so I have read all the post regarding wench recommendations. Do you have to purchase a mounting plate for all wench installs or can you use the little baseplate in this picture. I just want to have a wench for use if I need it, something small around 2500lb with synthetic so any recommendations are appreciated.
  5. I agree I am definitely not a collector. I just like my machines to work and work good each and every time I get on board. It’s a great feeling and part of a Honda persons infatuation!!!😳
  6. Oh I am sure I will get it dirty. Once you get on it and start riding the fun prevails to a certain extent. I am just happy to get a bike that is like a 6500 new bike and I want to take really good care of it. That way it takes good care of me when I call on it. LOL
  7. I will get down there and do that, thank you all. The tires on the bike are original equipment I am in the process of replacing with 8 ply 587 bearclaws but the rear tires could easily go several more seasons. Tires don’t even have dry rot after 14 years I am just ecstatic with this bike to the point now I don’t even want to get it dirty. I am sure I will overcome that and just wash it real good after my ATV Adventure Park Rides.
  8. It is a bike I bought from original owner a friend and it sat in a conditioned basement for the last several years. It’s an 06 has 129 hours 850 miles and the majority of those happened in one Colorado hunt back in 2008. The Honda dealer serviced the bike, cleaned carbs and did an inspection on the bike before my friend sold it to me, the bike really is close to new as you can get for a used bike. It starts easy runs great never been in mud or high water or pulled anything in its entire life. It is very clean underneath all electrical connections look like they were just done at the factory. I will ask him about the carb drain hose if they replaced it but it looks brand new to me. I thought they just hung down like that. There is literally no dirt or dust in the air box either it is very very clean.
  9. Thanks everyone for responses. My notifications is not working right otherwise would have replied sooner. Should the end of it be completely clear? Can I just use a little wire to clean it out. I will take it off if that is what must be done but I would think you could just gently clear it out with a small diameter wire. I don’t run in deep mud nor do I regularly go in water. Maybe a creek crossing for five seconds that water comes over footwells but that’s it. I am in process of checking everything on the new to me bike and this is something I wanted to ask people that know about. I could actually stick my head up there and blow in the tube to see if it allows me to do so, the end of the tube is not clear at the moment looks like white plastic in the end of it. Thanks again.
  10. Don’t go up steep hills!!! I fully understand I will not ride my machines in a dangerous fashion period. Slow and easy just enjoy the scenery not the adrenaline of what the machine can accomplish. The difference between being 53 and 33, take no unnecessary risk, never.
  11. Wow thanks for all the Info and links. This site is awesome. I will leave you with a picture of 3 generations of hunt with my family started when I was 9 now 53. I am in the back.
  12. The only reason I want the hard sided thick seat is I think it will be more comfortable for my wife but as I said I have never experienced one of them. Just tying to make this spring ATV Park rides better for her touché. Ha ha.
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