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  1. In my area I would have bought it already, fixed it and sold it for $3,000. See how low they will go.
  2. New spark plug doesn't always mean good spark plug, that's why I asked if you tried a different one.
  3. Like I said, I only use Hondabond HT. I was just saying for that carnage either they at one time put a filter in backwards or they used a lot of any sealer and blocked the oil passage to the head cover. I just wouldn't blame the carnage on the sealer but more the person prior to the damage. Either way it was from human error and they would have done it with hondabond (if they did seal the oil passage).
  4. That oil filter in backwards is what caused the carnage. All sealers, if you use too much your going to have a chance of issues. I've come across some shady mechanic work with the hondabond as well and had to clean it out of the oil screen and oil pump (locked up the oil pump). I only use hondabond HT and just a light coating on the surface.
  5. Did you hold the throttle wide open when doing the compression test? First thing I read that caught my attention was the backfire every now and then. Most of the time (not always) a faulty spark plug will do that. Have you tried a different plug in it (I might have missed that part if you did)?
  6. Most stationary motors use a splash type oiling system so they don't work well in hilly terrains. You would need a motor with a full pressure oiling system (pumped). That's why they have a low oil shut down on most motors like that, they are the splash style oiling system.
  7. I have to send everything off for that kind of stuff. I do all new OEM parts on customer stuff that way if something goes wrong there are only 2 of us in the mix. I got burned bad on some cylinder bores and rebuilt parts in the past so now I make them spend the extra so I don't loose money on a job. I guarantee my work 100% so if I get a bad part it can cost me some $$$.
  8. They want to fix it and it will go back to all new OEM (they are paying the tab). These guys about live on the machines and they are parked in different places all the time (grass, gravel or dirt) so a little leak isn't that noticeable (especially during the wet/snow season). They also spend 2-3 hours every trip out in the lots checking cattle, fences, etc so if it happens while they are out it's not easy to notice. I can blame them but at the same time I can understand how it happens. @Fishfiles yep, that rod took a beating and surprisingly everything held together pretty good (I still have to see what kind of damage is in the bottom end).
  9. Shifter shaft seal. 08 500 FPE. That cheap, easy to change seal has ruined a lot of machines because people don't catch it or check their oil.
  10. The damages a $3 seal can cause (ran out of oil).
  11. I think this one might get interesting.
  12. If your getting the correct power and ground readings going to the coil it sounds like the coil itself is shorting out (getting hot).
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