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  1. ITP had the 6 hole also,they had many different "type" in the C series wheels. STI remade the style in question which of course are discontinued but opens up more search options (STI - xm40).
  2. The ECM resets every time the key switch is cycled. You will need to reinitialize the system when replacing those components though.
  3. I use mineral spirits/ parts cleaner and just clean it, blow it dry with the air compressor, oil and reinstall. If you continue doing the method where you have to wait just buy a spare filter so you can always have one ready to go.
  4. Bearclaws will look that way. The "bead" is seated but the rim guard isn't large enough to cover the outer lip of the wheel. Ride it and let it stretch out and usually they look normal over time.
  5. Kid Rock was/is one ! of an advertiser for them. His vid was the first I heard of that can or seen it. Still the only place i see or hear it is on FB, not in "real" life. Makes no difference to me though since I very seldom drink beer. Maybe there was an outrage with the farmer, hunting, NFL, NASCAR and all the other cans that I didn't hear about and this is getting them back???
  6. Is it flashing any code on the display? If you want your user name changed from your email just let us know EXACTLY what you want and we can change it for you.
  7. They tried the firm shifts on the first DCT Rubicons and within months there was a rewrite so dealers could change the shift points and "soften" the shift. People did not like the positive/firm shift of them. @Carlson How many miles are on the machine? Have you owned it since new (or long enough) and this is a new issue?
  8. Welcome to the forum. We talk about side by sides as well so if you do get into that, you can stick around and BS with us. In my area the old 350 isn't really a wanted machine BUT it's hard to find a good running 4x4 for under 2 grand anymore. Facebook also took over the market place in my area vs craigslist and all the others. I would list it on all the free sites i could and try to weed out all the scammers that will come with it. If you have any questions on the Honda SxS line I've worked almost all of them so I could give some ideas on what to look out for when searching for a used machine. Once you narrow down what you want/need and what is available.
  9. I slacked off this winter and haven't done much cooking at all. I was about out of bacon though so I can share that again. Dry cured for 2 weeks, smoked over some apple and hickory, then sliced and packaged yesterday.
  10. My step son did the same on my 291. I'm pretty sure he left it on "fast idle" with the brake on and smoked the clutch and case. I cut wood with it for years with no problems and he destroyed it in minutes. I got lucky and found a used/free 291 and rebuilt it but now I'm the only one that uses it.
  11. I think the 450 and 455 rancher have the same pull start assemblies. You can find those pretty cheap used on ebay.
  12. toodeep


    If you revive the other thread with the problem and answer a few of the thoughts on things to try, there will be a better chance to find the issue.
  13. It's so the fuel pump will only get power if there is ignition fire. That way if you tipped it on the side and hit the kill switch on the left handlebar the fuel pump would no longer operate.
  14. They don't by chance still have the original carb on a shelf one could clean and swap out for testing? If this was an EFI machine I would suggest trying the TPS/MAP sensor but I have never had one go bad on a carb model to know if they can give the same issues.
  15. That sub harness was part of a recall like jeep said. When they was installed a "drain" was also cut in the main harness so there would be no chance of moisture getting to the TPS and it freezing the throttle in cold climates. The TPS is just set by ohms so if it's a new oem carb that should not be an issue. Any idea on what they was doing or when/how the problem started? Have you tried running it with the airbox lid removed? Does the exhaust feel like it has normal pressure coming out of it? I'm guessing this isn't a mud machine (stock snorkel) but with enough miles and heavy use jumping time is another possibility. How does the throttle plunger look in it and did you look to make sure the seat for the throttle needle didn't accidentally fall out at some point? I'll keep thinking as I'm sure I have had one do this in the past but the file data base in my head is very disorganized so it might take a while to find it. lol
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