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  1. With the key off you should have no power going to the solenoid to activate it (yellow/red wire) and it should only be powered when pushing the starter button with the key on. The green wire is ground triggered by neutral or a false neutral when starting it in gear (pull the brake). If both of those wires check good, you got a bad solenoid.
  2. You need to strap an EU2200 in the back for those longer trips. I'm surprised they don't do 4 individual motors at each wheel to get away from the drive line power loss.
  3. toodeep

    ES Problems

    They can be voltage sensitive so if your battery is getting weak or has a low charge it might give issues. Did you use honda angle sensors or aftermarket?
  4. I found an old post when I still had a better memory. https://www.hondaforeman.com/threads/itp-center-caps.157929/
  5. I think they was just a C series with no numbers. One of my favorite ITP wheels. Another company remade them for a while after ITP discontinued them. They used a tall hub cap and I used a short on mine but I would have to look to see if I can even find which ones they are, A little alumabrite and those things will shine again.
  6. toodeep

    Worth it?

    Usually when the transmission slips on those it because the oil pump pick up screen is plugged (complete disassembly of the motor) but I have never seen it with that low of mileage. I also never see them with that low of mileage unless it's for the very first oil change.
  7. toodeep

    Worth it?

    Those tires have a lot of wear on them for 340 miles. Mileage also doesn't match with oil change intervals. If it was sunk or anything like that the $$$ can rack up pretty fast. If he just didn't put enough oil in it, it would be a cheap fix.
  8. Just a flat head screw driver is all that's needed to get them out. If your trying to save them, don't touch them. You'll need to expand the muffler side to get that new carbon gasket in easily. A socket and a little prying from whatever (the same screwdriver maybe) gives it just enough to spread it.
  9. All moose does is rebrand parts from other suppliers. In the past I have installed both kits and they was exactly the same kits, exactly. Like I said, I have no idea who they are using for a supplier now but to make more money I'm also guessing from china.
  10. Moose use to be just rebranded shindy. I'm not sure who they have for a supplier now days though.
  11. Did the lights work the few times it was running?
  12. The regulator/rectifier is one of the most common things that will go bad and cause no fire on these machines.
  13. If you can run something through the snorkel to make sure something didn't try to nest in it. Also the vent line on the gas cap if you haven't tested that already.
  14. Looks good. I see the genius honda plastic brake bushing is froze up on yours like many others.
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