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  1. There's a lot of truth to what honda is doing to the dealers. My thoughts are they are trying to force the "little guys" out of business. If they only allow them to get what they can't sell it's hard for them to make money. Honda is still moving product so they only are looking at numbers. I seen it coming and pretty much got out. My parents still have the dealership but it has become more of a shoe store than a Honda dealership to keep the lights on. 50 some years and they are trying to starve them out of business.. The bad part is that is when the price gouging comes in. When a product is hard to get, you can get what your asking out of it. Used vehicles are finally starting to come back down but they are still over priced as well. It's been a sellers market.
  2. If you buy Hondabond get the HT (high temp). A little goes a long ways and be careful what you use the left over on because it's good stuff.
  3. That sounds like a typical dealership (hire the cheapest and only possible body) mechanic reply on warranty work. The parts replacers they can hire only know how to do that, replace parts. This don't have any ABS or electronic braking capabilities does it?
  4. I weld a nut to them. Most of the time they get over torqued and it takes a good amount of pressure to break them loose since they are a big, long "bolt".
  5. toodeep

    No spark

    Running until the booster is removed tells me you have a charging issue. With the parts that are said to be replaced as known good your down to testing the wiring and connectors.
  6. toodeep

    No spark

    The regulator is very common on these to go bad. When you changed that, what did you change it with (known good used, cheap amazon junk from china, new OEM)?
  7. toodeep


    Everything is still shut down, no travel advised. They pulled the plows because it was drifting in as fast as they was opening the roads. I got about 80% of my place opened up but now I have to go chase down fuel tomorrow so one way or another, I'm going to town. The kids got an extended Christmas vacation. They might possibly go back Thurs or Fri. The 7 day shows no precip and 25-30 degrees so back to normal.
  8. toodeep


    Snow, snow and more snow. We got dumped on again last night and I haven't heard any total amounts yet (still snowing) but my 18 inch muck boots are not tall enough.Of course the "new to me" plow pickup only gives problems when it's needed. We needed moisture but I'm running out of places to pile this stuff. We usually get a few breaks between snows but not this year.
  9. Check for any play at the swingarm. I've seen many of them the frame will crack out, spreading it enough, to give the swingarm just a little play under pressure (at first) and give weird vibrations.
  10. I would start with the shift motor. Take it apart, clean and inspect it. The internal magnets are known to break apart and start messing up more when they are hot.
  11. toodeep


    It's not even that cold here yet (still haven't dug out the heavy coat) but nothing is wanting to start. I'm all digital thermometers and the batteries went on strike. According to the phone -13 with a -44 feels like. I think with the drought the summer (crack everywhere in the ground) underground lines took a beating. I had a water line break because of that. Well, the fiber optic line gave out going to the house because of the cold and it is too cold for them to get it to fuse back together. Kind of sucks to go do something and, oh yea, I dont have internet. Had to dig out the old DVD players to have some noise on the TV. White out conditions, can't get anything inside to thaw it out to work on I'm running out of little things to do. I did get some buckboard bacon curing though so that will be a positive in a couple weeks. We was suppose to jump to the mid 30s by Xmas but I see they are already dropping that back down.
  12. toodeep


    I swear it's a different cold the farther north you get. I'm use to cold weather but was out picking up a car in Billings one year and that cold went through everything I had on. It was the opposite of wood heat absorbing through the layers, the best way I can describe it. My neighbors house caught on fire last night (neighbor is 2 1/2 miles away) and luckily everyone is fine but the only open roads is what us taxpayers opened. I seen some lights on top of the hill of a road that we didn't clear and needless to say the county finally opened (made trails) those roads now. I always keep an open road/path in case of emergencies and my neighbor now knows why.
  13. It's a disaster area right now but usually its clean and organized. I find I get more work done if I'm not searching for tools, even though as soon as I set one down I'm searching for it. 😀
  14. Is the fuse panel getting power to it?
  15. Not a real common sight in my shop but the kids car was parked in the wrong direction so all the duct work filled with snow during this.last blizzard. If the blower motor wasn't froze solid I would have never known. The new lift I had to get makes it a lot nicer working on everything compared to my old atv only lift. I've been putting off replacing the window regulator but since it's in the shop, warmed up and at working height I might as well get that done tonight too.
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