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  1. toodeep

    Plow talk

    I finally got it done and got a Denali plow (uncle trumps stimulus is spent). Built a lot heavier, easier to hook up and a lot more clearance. A couple small test on it but I think it will outlast the moose. The pins alone made me happy as I bent them every push. I got some use out of my hoard of snatch blocks also. The website wasn't specific enough on machines with lifts but a couple mods fixed that. It wouldn't sit flat when angled without the extention.
  2. toodeep

    Code 24

    The front cover and front spacer has to be removed to get to it.
  3. The 09-14 Rubicons had adjustable shocks here. Besides being adjustable I think the only other difference was red springs on the CTE shocks. Part numbers use to be posted quite often on that forum back when everyone was talking about them.
  4. The cut turned out good IMO. Right now that plastic is still cheap on the newer machines so mistakes can be made and it's not the end of the world. I cut into new SXS though and think nothing about it. A good finish carpenter can always hide their mistakes. I'm not that so it get lights added to it with a switch panel.. lol
  5. I haven't read through the whole thread yet but I'll quote this one because it's true yet the 450 was good for the spring to break inside the adjuster and you could have an instant on/off chain noise that eventually turned into a constant chain noise. I'm use to pretty much all the motors so in person noises I can usually narrow things down. Videos pick up too much detail and a perfect motor will make noises that are normal, yet seem loud on video. When i get some time I'll try to catch up a little more on this topic and see if i can add in a few ideas.
  6. You need to "justify" buying tools? lol I have so many tools I have only used once and some I haven't yet. I see something I think I might need and then it's justified.
  7. I use a dremel with a roto zip bit in it. With that you have to be careful because it can get away from you fast. That plastic usually cuts pretty easy with just a razor blade though, so about anything will work. A good pair of tin snips would make short work out of it.
  8. toodeep

    Code 24

    Being the FA model while the shift motor is removed manually shift it and let loose of the wrench to see if it returns by itself. There is a shift stopper bolt that the return spring sits on that breaks in them and will give "false" codes.
  9. toodeep

    Code 24

    @Harley 41 is this the electric shift model or the DCT automatic model (IRS suspension)? If just the electric shift and since you changed the angle sensor already checking the shift motor out would be next (unless i missed you doing that already in the other post). If it's the automatic then the same but a few other things to check while that is off.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Like gator said check the shift motor out, reduction gears and if the angle sensor you replaced was with an aftermarket angle sensor throw it in the trash and go get an OEM.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Looks like it's still sitting on the original tires.
  12. How about the angle sensor, was that OEM or aftermarket? If it is aftermarket switch back to the old OEM and see what it does. The aftermarket angle sensors are junk.
  13. @AKATV Just curious if you have ever flipped the polarizing film in these (I think that is hat they did). I seen it done once and kind of liked the dark background and light numbers. I think during night riding it would take the "glare" away from it. Just curious...
  14. The 450 rod/crank is pretty tough. I would tear it down, inspect and go from there. I bet it will be good to go without any worries. If it isn't there are plenty of options posted.
  15. toodeep


    Or during the day while outside. I enjoy being out without swatting at mosquitos and flies. We have been having a very mild winter here.
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