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  1. They are pretty simple after a little practice. I have a cheap one from ebay I'm using now. I dont do it enough anymore to justify the good seeley ones (lost that one in the fire). A couple things you can do with that method is melt some mesh in on the underside to help reinforce it or if you have some old fenders around use it for material to help thicken/reinforce it. Prewarming with a heat gun can help the soldering gun penetrate a little deeper for a good bond.
  2. Those 420s was bad at cracking around that rack mount. I have an electric/air plastic welder I use. I've been welding plastic for years.
  3. Some of them make a noticeable chirping sound out of the bottom of the drain tube (flapper hose in place).
  4. You should be able to find them on the web or just use a cheap wrench to do it. You could build a 2 piece tool pretty simple with some rod,socket and welder. Make the handle so it slides together and is long enough to actually use while riding but 2 different sections for storage.
  5. toodeep

    New member

    Welcome to the forum. Any chance the FI light is flashing?
  6. Curing some bellies today. In a couple weeks move them to the smoker. Bacon is a weakness of mine.
  7. That's normal to have to rotate it to line up the gears so it will shift.
  8. It would probably get the job done. Your going to have short duty cycles (sharpen one direction and let it cool down to sharpen the other teeth) those cheap little motors get hot fast. I don't like the fixed head on it, I change those angles for different woods. If you plan on using it sparingly, it would get the job done. If you plan on doing a bunch of chains you can find decent ones for around $100 that will last longer. I think mine cost me around $130 after I threw one of those cheaper ones in the trash (didnt even sharpen one chain). When I set up I do probably 10 chains at a time.
  9. Different brands have different numbers on the same size jet. The chart took a little confusion out of it when jetting for mods done to the machine.
  10. I use to have the jet chart showing all the brands and which numbers equaled out to be the same size. I might have to try to find that again, it was kind of handy.
  11. I haven't had any issues with the shindy kits either but he had 3 different carbs rebuilt with them causing a lean issue for some reason. I can't say what the issue might have been (kit/carb/etc) but there was one, all I know on that subject.
  12. Welcome to the forum Rob.
  13. toodeep

    Skid plates

    I probably should charge for the power upgrade.. lol I see it all the time so it really doesnt mean nothing to me, just sharing because of the timing.
  14. I know, just an explanation.... We all work together.
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