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  1. It would be the needle jet in the picture provided, you can look through the bore of the carb and see it sticking up just a little.
  2. I've never had the issue so no first hand knowledge here. The front cover is just hondabond though so I would pull it since it's still on the bench and try air pressure or anything to free it. If using air pressure expect a flying part so be prepared for catching that.
  3. I would get another spark plug when you have a chance to have it around. It's possible the fuel pump relay also stuck and then started working while you was messing around with stuff. If my 420s sit for a lengh of time sometimes that what it is, the fuel pump relay. Just a little tap and good to go. You shouldn't have heard the fuel pump cycle though if it was that. The whine of the fuel pump gets drowned out by the noise of the IACV cycling so sometimes it gets overlooked thinking it was the one making the noise.
  4. I haven't seen one online but the 680 Rincon will have everything you need for the motor work.
  5. By chance did the seat for the throttle valve (main jet holder holds it in place) fall out while working on the carb? That would give it unrestricted fuel spray and when you remove the EV it's possible it lets in the little extra amount of air to help make the flooded motor start. All the enrichment valve does is open another passage to let extra fuel/air mixture in to aid in cold starts (unlike a choke that blocks air causing a richer condition).
  6. The 500 is really bad for wearing the knuckle when the bearing goes bad. Enough so, I don't even mess with replacing the bearings just the complete knuckle assembly.
  7. If you ride in any water, even just crossing the creek, there is a chance there is moisture in them and they will not hold at all.
  8. The MUV is the BigRed side by side. If I don't have to pull a motor, I don't. They suck that bad.
  9. Yes, the top end can rebuilt (even removing the front cover if the cam chain needs replaced) while the motor is in the frame. The factory snorkel/air intake was under the passenger seat on these so they was bad for getting dust into the system unless the air filter was properly maintained. If it hasn't been done, snorkel it.
  10. If your on FB in the group Honda Hoarders there was a guy that just posted some 350 parts for sale, yesterday I think. He had 2 motors that looked to be complete and was either 86 or 87, I didn't look close enough but they had the lower left crankcase breather and tank. He might part them out or if by chance your close enough it would be a bunch of parts.
  11. toodeep


    I got a estimated good inch of rain and probably 6-8 inches of snow out of that system. A heavy, wet, mud under snow. It was fun moving that stuff around today. I think most of my driveway is in the snow pile now.. lol
  12. To be honest, I tried a few times to clear codes and reset the power steering with just the jumper and had zero luck. I could have been missing a step or ??? but i plugged in the scanner and everything reset like it should have. Honda's power steering is a wonderful thing when it works, a 1990 code reading system when it doesn't. EPS or not the steering stops are the same. Something is tweaked and I would check the tie rods first, then A arms and then paint distress on the frame. Get it driving properly and then attempt the reset again (codes have to be clear with or without when doing the torque sensor setting).
  13. Did you kit the carb or all original? For both where is the clip on the throttle needle set? I glanced through the posts but might have missed it First thing I would try is lowering the throttle needle
  14. Anything to polish the seat the float needle sits to help it seal is worth a try. I've done many things like a Q tip and valve lapping compound on the bad ones to just tooth paste on "clean" ones. It's always good to be in the habit of shutting the fuel off if the machine is going to sit any length of time though. It only takes one drop of moisture to break that seal and allow fuel to slowly flow and possibly cause an issue.
  15. Drivers side, middle or passenger side of the motor? They look too big to be from anything with the shifting star (#6 in fishes reply above) yet too small to be from anything else. Looking at my hand and knowing we most likely have different size of hands it's hard o judge the exact size of the pieces but I have a general idea. I'm not thinking of anything though that would be roughly that size. Knowing if they are aluminum or metal might help as well.
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