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  1. Oil temp sensor wire that came unplugged. About straight in from the foot pegs in the middle of the motor (general area) you'll find the sensor to plug it back in so your fan will work. You might want to squeeze the connector a little since it looks like it spread a little.
  2. I was referring to the replacement of the IACV with a new one as possibly being tweaked. I've fixed them on the trail (your exact scenario) with nothing more than a beer and pair of pliers. I'm guessing you tried the original after it was cleaned though. I'm not a kawi fan so I won't go there.
  3. The only issue with the screw limiter is if your climbing a steep hill or or in a bad bind you can't get enough throttle even with lower rpms. In the past over in the UK they had limiters on them to make them street legal (farm use if I remember correctly). I bet if you called Ricks they would have an idea or could make something so it kills ignition through the CDI instead of restricting throttle. On the trx90 they used a gasket to restrict the intake port to limit them.
  4. I am at a loss right now. One thing I have came across (more than once) was the IACV shaft got slightly bent in handling and it wouldn't let the slide work properly. Most I could just tweak back straight and they worked perfect. One of them I could never get perfect enough so I got another to replace it.
  5. 350 Ranchers, the Fourtrax/Foreman 350 has a separate alarm unit. I can't help with if any will interchange or not and still function properly. On most of the older machines when it goes bad, most of them get a toggle switch and are manually controlled.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Did you spray any cleaner in the throttle body where the IACV is? Is there the proper free play in the throttle cable?
  7. Where do you have the clip on the needle for the throttle and have you tried adjusting it? Are the throttle linkages timed correctly?
  8. I'm a little late on this but the 300 was known to corrode the terminals in the connectors just in front of the battery. I would inspect those first thing.
  9. Did you bypass the bank angle sensor and it ran?
  10. There looks to be plenty of adjustment left on the adjuster to not need to replace the cam chain. If you do replace it just remember the nut on the centrifugal clutch is left hand threads. When the plug fouls is it wet or just very black?
  11. When you initialized (key off holding buttons, key on release then shift up, down, up- no throttle to full throttle to no throttle- shift motor cycles then N appears on the screen) it you could hear the shift motor cycle at the end of it correct?
  12. Foreman electric shift or Rubicon automatic (year would be helpful also)? If there is a pause in the flashing count the number of blinks and that is a code.
  13. Lets clarify limp mode. Is it like hitting a rev limiter (bing, bing, bing, bing) or like at the end of a power band/reduced power (blahhhhhh)?
  14. Welcome. I'm going to guess the gear indicator is working normally and not displaying the -- ? You should not be able to go full throttle in reverse as it should limit it, like the problem you are having with neutral and forward. Has there been any other work done to this machine? I would have said camshaft or the cam holder bearing was bad but the full throttle reverse makes a problem with that thought.
  15. I had a twist on a 200x back in the days and for just cruising I liked it but in rough terrain it got me in trouble. I threw it in the trash after a few wrecks.. lol
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