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  1. The code will go away once the problem is fixed. It will still be a stored code but you won't see it. It sounds like you pulled the motor to do the clutch job?
  2. Yes. It took 2 of them to keep the front end down enough to steer it when moving sxs around. When you work alone you use what you have.
  3. To my knowledge Honda still uses polyethylene for their main plastics. I use many things from air grinder, dremel, the soldering gun, razor blade or whatever that might do the job to smooth up the plastic and remove unwanted material. I've welded many different types of plastics over the years and just do a burn test to determine which type it is.
  4. I was cleaning out one of my sheds a few weeks ago and decided to move my parts/project machines out to the trees. My 89 has been my tow truck and it worked good for the job. Cleaning out the shed I got my old 5518 honda tractor going (deck was shot) so it's getting turned into my new tow truck.
  5. To me they was always just the TRX350 and TRX350D. That's what Honda gave them for a model identification so that is what I used and I don't remember anything about if the "D" actually meant anything special. . They "A" being used on the Fourtrax I have never used or seen until a few years ago on the web.
  6. Maybe I missed it but I didn't see anything about the most common issue with these, the kill switch. They corrode over time and loose contact so I would test that if you haven't. When buying parts make sure your getting them for the D/Foreman model and not the Fourtrax. They are different machines even being so similar.
  7. @jeepwm69 They make siphon guns that you could use with the parts washer and your air compressor to give a high power blast of solvent. I haven't used them in years because the shop was always smaller and it would give off a solvent mist/fog. I never used a regulator on them though so that probably would have helped. I got the sure shot in hopes it was more like an aerosol can and it is but I can also control the pressure in the can to control any back splatter that might happen. I've been happy with it for my needs. If I had the room and a lot of extra money I would have a spray wash cabinet because those things work awesome. I have neither though so I make do with what i can. lol
  8. Mines like the 3rd one, the red metal can. I use mine just about every day so it's saved me some $$ on cleaners.
  9. I start with just parts cleaner/ mineral spirits in the sure shot rechargeable can and then only 3m brake cleaner to finish. It cut's down the use of brake cleaner for me and takes care of the heavy stuff that needs flushed. The sure shot cans are pretty cool as you can adjust the pressure in them so stuff isn't blowing back at you as bad. They are spendy though when you first look at them.
  10. I just breezed through the threads so I probably missed some key things. Are you getting the gear display now or still -- ? If still -- was the gear position switch tested? To check the shift pin remove the gear shift motor and reduction gear and shift it but let go of the tool to see if it returns by itself.
  11. Do you still have the part number for the new meter? It doesn't need the meter to run but if it's the wrong one then it can send a wrong signal to important things and mess with stuff. Maybe compare the wiring at the connector between the 2 meters.
  12. Since the snap ring is out, get a bigger hammer. Since you probably can't hit it square make sure to work your way around the bearing. An air hammer usually will drive them right out. It will come out the side the snap ring was on.
  13. toodeep

    09 Rancher fpa

    If searching for used the 09-14 FA and FPA use the same CDI/ECM/PGM-FI Unit/PCM or whatever you want to call it.. lol PGM-FI unit is what honda calls it on the parts finder which might help when searching.
  14. toodeep

    09 Rancher fpa

    I wonder if the mechanic did the last part in the service manual. Install a known good part and see if it fixes the problem. If he did then I would see about warranty on the new one that is bad.
  15. toodeep

    09 Rancher fpa

    Go back and reread the post, he said that's what you want " should be no continuity ".
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