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  1. Did you know lodge has been making pans far longer that one would think? Some of there pre 60s stuff (like any cast) is very desirable.
  2. Well since the question has been answered you should lock this frenching thread. I apologize for not coming up with a good enough, price orientated, non-aerosol, smell combative, option.
  3. I misread the parts washer.... I've had good luck with "totally awesome" it's a citrus based cleaner/degreaser that's supposed to be similar to pinesol but comes in a strength that's meant to be diluted in water. I've soaked some really bad parts in that stuff (not diluted) and it's broke a lot of tough grease/sludge out. You can find it at the dollar store usually for $2-$3. Simple green works well too but it's like $20+ bucks for a gallon of it.
  4. I found this for you. Looks like there's a video in the thread. Hopefully this helps. https://opeforum.com/threads/timberline-sharpener-discount-for-opeforum.1871/
  5. get a 20 gallon parts washer like I have for my saws. It just sits up on my work bench end and when i'm not using it, the lid is closed. I don't run solvent through mine though, I use MEAN GREAN/SIMPLE GREEN, basically a strong degreaser/detergent to prevent fading plastics and rubber. It's hard to go wrong with this especially if you break down more than 1 engine a year. https://www.harborfreight.com/20-gallon-parts-washer-with-pump-60769.html?_br_psugg_q=parts+washer
  6. I have like 15-20 saws... and I hand file all my chains. So I am of no service to you unfortunately... I will say though, if your hands and arms can take the repetitiveness, hand filing isn't too hard once you get the hang of it and your chains turn out just as good or better than ground chains when I've compared to others. Have you checked u-tube university?
  7. almost ready for cabinets to go in.... Guess i should try to find the home improvement/woodworking thread... ehh ohh well. This is how it started.... Love the previous owner's color selections? wall and electrical tear down and relocations. as she all sits now... waiting for time to sand the drywall again when the kids aren't home... We left the sink in the house for now so we could was the baby's bottles and everything more effectively. Can' wait to get that out too.... Old floor had 4 layers of linoleum in the kitchen... seriously? 4?!?!?
  8. Could be any of the gears in there. My secondary shaft which is kind of like the idlers between the drive gear and transmission was all stripped out when I bought my 05. But only the idler that turns first stripped. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like you're going to get out with a simple fix. Start reading this thread and watching youtube university. It's fairly simple if you know how to turn a ratchet.
  9. Funny I just saw this. Week or two ago I was helping the neighbor cut down some plantation pines. Just finished a face cut and bam bam bam bam. Ended up with a dozen or so before I got away. Flannel shirts and jeans in 90 deg heat and we dug them basturd as out. Hornet killer in each of our hands and a shovel. Once we found the entrance, the nest got stomped out and then soaked in killer. Seemed to have worked.
  10. Not really wood burning but wood working. Building new kitchen cabinets for my house. You can see me drawer fronts, face frames, and doors. Sanding and paint soon. Then demo, then slap the bases together when I have my kitchen ripped out.
  11. I moved that wood pile. So I found all the nests already. I didn’t find a snake nest. Only one mouse nest. Wife doesn’t want me to bring any snakes in this winter either lol.
  12. I got some wood moved along the house. All the red oak my grandpa and I cut last fall. The fricken wood pile was loaded with Gardner (Gartner) snakes? Spelling? Must have seen 5 different ones. Seems there’s too many frogs around the house. the 500 finally got some work this summer. Haven’t started it since may… and purred like a kitten.
  13. sled_22


    New gun laws are written to TURN otherwise lawful gun owners into unlawful gun owners, by definition. This is what will cause the chaos. Not ONE person I know or have talked to will be turning any firearms over peacefully. But that's rural WI... i'm sure it's a different tune down in big cities. stay off my lawn.
  14. Tannerite is a funny compound isn't it. Wife wanted to do a gender reveal for our second kid so we got the powder and 8 lbs of tannerite. Was pretty cool blowing blue powder 40' in the air. When I was testing my rig to blow the powder in the air, I was hoping we could use pistols and be closer. Not even my 357 mag could get it to explode at 30 ft. I needed the 270 so I just put all the eggs/powder in one box and blew it skyhigh. It was pretty sweet.
  15. I used to be paranoid about the power going out in winter and not having a backup power source to heat the house. Now with a wood stove, that worries me little. Now i fret about the power going out in summer and loosing all our frozen food/reserve milk for the baby. In the winter, you just toss that stuff in the garage if needed.
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