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  1. Yeah, you're right, it just rests on the frame rails. I'm hoping i can get the straps to mount in replace of the hinge. Only use two straps near the front to keep the front hood located properly. Shouldnt' take much to keep it in place. I just don't want to be going downhill and have the darn thing slide off the front and get ran over. I'm probably just flipping this mower anyway. It doesn't have a cup holder so it's no good to me.
  2. That's almost exactly what I'm looking for. With hardware to boot. Where did you see those for sale?
  3. I'm going to try and find a lighter duty latch like in the picture below. I just need to get some dimensions and figure out a good mounting location. Hopefully I can just use the hinge bolt hole. My biggest concern is will the hood be strong enough to take some drill holes. I might have to add some rubber bushing to either side of the hood mounting.
  4. I don’t have the parts for the hinge. I checked. I have all the top parts but it’s too shattered. top piece is $120-$200 on eBay. I’ll check with a local dealer this week. Looks like the entire hood is $400-$500 which is way more than I paid. So trying to find an economical fix that won’t hurt resale too bad. here’s what I was thinking. see picture
  5. This isn’t really “farm” equipment but looking for advice regardless. I picked up this John Deere mower today. Pretty cheap. The hood is busted to !. I need a new top section but hoping I could use the bottom section. It has a big crack in it. I was thinking to epoxy some drywall mesh tape on the back side and leaving the outside. the hinge is gone as well but the hood does sit on the frame rails nicely still. I though I could use some hood straps like on a big rig hood or snowmobile hood. Anyone ever done this before?
  6. Has the Craftsman always leaked bar oil? A lot of times the oil tank vent get plugged which pushes oil out when it's sitting and going through heat cycles.
  7. Got a little sidetracked with our new baby girl and this sweet old gal. Needed piston and rings and I put a new wrist pin bearing in as well. Cylinder had some transfer that I sanded out. Stihl O44 red lever. 10mm pin. This was my holy grail saw that just fell into my lap. Here’s how I got it. Removed the covers. Cylinder needs some cleaning. here’s the cylinder after some sanding. It’s not perfect but it’s super smooth all the way around. I couldn’t feel anything with my fingers. Cylinder back on. Ready to cut some wood. I picked up a 20” light bar for this as it’s probably going to be my limbing/play saw. I’ll have to get a video whenever it get back into the woods to make wood this fall.
  8. sled_22


    Fish!!! holy crap I just saw this thread... Scary times my friend. Take it easy and I hope for a speedy recovery. I respect whatever decision you follow through with in regards to forum participation (even though it looks like you're only "semi-retired"). Godspeed either way!
  9. This has to be one of if not the dirtiest saws i've ever seen. But the oil and filth really preserved all the paint on the exterior of the case. Whatever conglomeration of mix fuel that sat in the bottom of the case, not so much. It pitted the bottom end pretty bad but i'll just grind that out. Shouldn't hurt it any. The little bit I've got through the parts washer, have come out really nice.
  10. Yes I did. Had a lot of interest on bookface too.
  11. The saw I just rebuilt brought over $600 and looked similar to this inside. And they are really nice saws to run.
  12. Here’s the guts to that saw. She’s a dirty girl. Bottom end was a little crispy but crank still good!!! also. This is what happens when the muffler bolts are stripped. Sacrificed the muffler but didn’t hurt the cylinder at all. Cylinder looks brand new as it should. There was no shortage of lube anywhere on this saw.
  13. Yup. I got two of them from the same owner. He used the same oil in both. Price was right though.
  14. Gonna need all the names I can get for this one!
  15. I didn't see this thread until now... But I got you all beat for Fathers day. At 447 am on Sunday, my wife gave birth to a baby girl. Everyone is home, healthy and doing great. She just broke her birth weight today. Happy belated as well to all the other Fathers out there.
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