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  1. Ohh it was garlic butter with fresh rosemary thyme and sage. Smeared both inside and outside the Turkey skin.
  2. No kills yet for me. Still a few days to hunt. But I got my bow buck back from last year and up on the wall. Left gun ‘17. Mid bow ‘15 and right bow ‘19
  3. I think it's a warhawk? kit. From what i can find the cylinder wall is plated but that's referencing other forums of people that have done this.
  4. How about NO brake levers... Twist throttle? Are we sure these aren't snow mobile bars? just a thought.
  5. You have a set of balls setting that axe up on a glass top range. If i even looked at that top while holding the axe, the ! thing would shatter.
  6. been thinking about grabbing this deal of the day at hl supply. It'd make either my 290 or 310 a 390. Be nice to have on the shelf if I ever did blow one up. Not too bad for $40 imo. I have until tomorrow to decide, or wait for black friday to find a better deal? https://www.hlsproparts.com/Stihl-039-MS390-cylinder-assembly-49mm-overhaul-p/h30390-dns.htm
  7. With black Friday upon us, Keep your eyes open for a Fisker x27 for me. What's a normal US price? $65?
  8. sled_22


    2-4" of snow coming my way today. First drive to work in the snow and surprisingly, not a single person in the ditch. Hoping nothing sticks to my driveway.
  9. I'm interested in knowing as well. Also, what kind of tree was that? almost looks like a beechnut or something.
  10. I didn't see a coffee pot in that video so I'm guessing no!
  11. Great buck Shade! ("Put on the lard and onions, I'm guttin' you a buck!" - da buckless yooper) That throne makes me jealous. The largest case of Bud I can get in WI is 24 packs. 😞 If they sold a 30 box of bud i'd have to make less stops at the store!
  12. Might be good to just try and wind it up w/ zipties or replace with a shorter hose before chopping length out. I could see that sprayer being mounted to a trailer or something down the road, then you might want that extra.
  13. Good to know! Thank you. Yeah I have an hvac background too but commercial grade and I was on the mechanical side. Design engineering. Closest I got electrically was a dabble in electrical schematics. But that was mostly busy work. I could build an air conditioner but wouldn’t know how to control it.
  14. Ohk I was thinking these wouldn’t handle 120vac. Which is why I assumed I needed to use a relay. Well if I just need to break the hot Wire on the blower then this will be an easy setup.
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