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  1. Also, is there no atc section anymore?
  2. Picked up a bunch of atc parts. Plan is to restore the 90 I had as a kid but dad made me take this in the deal out of the woods. is this a 185s? Anyone got a clue where to figure it out?
  3. Got some more work done in my grillzebo today. All wood harvested in my back yard milled and cut to size. Supposed to be rough looking rustic. Tin to go on the roof and bar/tables between the end posts. Patio blocks around it.
  4. Not gonna lie, I spend 99% of my forum activity on OPE. Great site. You'll learn a ton if you want. I agree with the others. Find a non-easystart recoil assembly and slap it on there. Also check the pawls on the flywheel, sometimes they break off or bend and they don't catch/catch and hold the rope out.
  5. 8 cord around 16-18” lengths split down to approx 6-8” diameter splits or round.
  6. Finally had time to catch up. good to see everyone getting their wood supplies up. I’m ready for this winter with 8 cord dry and 3 more wet for next year. Been itching to start a fire again. We had it going to a couple days early oct when it dipped into the teens but nothing since. Looks like Friday will be the day for the consistent burning in the house. Bring on the cold. pic was from spring.
  7. I have a jonny 2165, I had a seal seat with a crack in it. When I pryed, a big chunk came out. I epoxied the seal seat and tested with a seal. Looked pretty nice. Also ported the top end. Almost have enough wood made for half of next winter.
  8. No different than new quads. The 500i is a pretty sweet machine. Especially one that's been ported. I haven't taken the hood off one though. Both my newer saws are autotuning and adjust jetting via a solenoid on the carb. Not too much extra as compared to a manual tuned saw. But they do record data now such as error codes, run time, and # of starts.
  9. One of the most important things about a saw, unless you're handy mechanically with them, is dealer support. I have a friend that owns a generational Stihl dealer so I get parts and saws from them, never had an issue and they cut me good cash only deals. Here's the last tree I cut up for my neighbor. Tested a really aggressive chain.
  10. although the ethanol when hot doesn’t help, at this point in your saws life there could be other ignition issues starting to occur. I would start with a new plug. If that doesn’t help, your coil could be starting to go. Typical of them when it’s hot. The only other thing would be a loss of compression. Once the saw is hot it doesn’t have enough compression to restart easily. Take the muffler off and inspect the piston and cylinder for alum. transfer and scoring.
  11. well I bit the bullet this weekend. Got a lot of production to pay for this little piggy.
  12. Not sure how I’m going to milk these. Meant to say mill haha.
  13. Here’s my fun from this morning. these will probably be milked and not firewood.
  14. My wood pile is a mix of red oak black walnut and white ash. Ash is easy to get now with the EAB. All the HAND split wood in the field is ash. It was a glorious day of cutting and splitting. 36 logs cut and split. Burned 7 tanks of fuel through my stihl 044, 462 and Jonny 2171. Seriously taking offers for a massage haha. photo of inside stack partially through the trailer full.
  15. After two days of kicking !. I am almost done for next winter.
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