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  1. sled_22


    I haven't seen a skeeter in 6months I bet.
  2. Shoot, i cut the final cost off that clip, it was $208 before tax. So like %24 off or something. I would recommend them.https://www.hondaeasttoledo.com/
  3. I bought all my parts from Honda East. (honda east toledo) out of Ohio? i believe. They were quick shipping and very good to work with. Also, saying you found their name online in forums, they'll give you %10-15 off. I would order an engine rebuild "kit A" and "kit B". also, replace all the seals. Front and rear output shafts, footshift, reverse shaft, valve seals. Here's a list of things i bought. You might have to finetune some of the parts.
  4. sled_22

    Little Angel

    I can't even imagine the agony this much render on one's soul. I'm sorry for your loss.
  5. sled_22


    The weather in WI was excellent today. When I left in the morning it was -18. By the time I headed home at 230 it was up to 27 degrees of sun shining goodness. Hardly any wind too. Snow coming tomorrow then maybe 40s next week. Won’t be long now for spring.
  6. Had a long day cutting wood with a friend of mine. He moved later in the fall and didn’t have a big wood supply so we fixed that today. I put 5 tanks through the 462. Bucking logs from 8am to 2pm. Ufffda my shoulders are sore. But my back isn’t near what it typically is. We’ll attribute that to the 28” bar. here’s a fun felling video for you to enjoy.
  7. sled_22


    I am ready!!! but we have 20" of ice on most inland lakes right now and the flowages have 15-20". Usually around april 10th - 30th is when i'm targeting the crappies. Until then, I'll be fishing large basins through the ice.
  8. sled_22


    I think this is fitting in multiple threads on here
  9. sled_22


    Good thing you can turn the thermostat up from your phone! -22 when I drove to work this morning. Which wasn't bad by itself by 15mph winds made if feel like -40. I wasn't even aware of the temps sunday morning. I was outside at 8am sweeping the chimney. apparently it was -10 with 15 mph winds. I thought it felt kind of chilly out there... Regardless the fire felt good once everything was cleaned. Warm up coming this week. looks to be around 30 deg. F. It'll be shorts weather once again in WI. Can't wait for some ice fishing in march in shorts and a hooded sweatshirt.
  10. Had a fox run through the front yard this morning. Must have been looking for rabbits and mice in the wood pile.
  11. sled_22


    That’s why it’s called big sky county. Nice picture.
  12. I am sure there's a fuel programmer out there somewhere that would be adequate for adjusting the FI system. ! I custom made a turbo kit for my 2010 Yamaha Apex snowmobile and all it took was a $200 programer to pour the fuel to her. Worked good. The programmer i had measured boost pressure too and adjusted fuel based on that as well as standard set points. The problem with these types of programmers though is knowing your setpoints. I had other people that had done this already to bounce numbers off from for mine. You might not be so lucking being such a new model. But what do I know now? Those programmers probably sense engine performance and adjust automatically.?
  13. sled_22


    It was above freezing this morning!!!!! 1 deg F. felt like shorts weather to me...
  14. Yeah that's probably why I haven't ordered one yet. Plus I bring way more tools than that would hold along with keeping extra chains in my tool box.
  15. sled_22


    That's the unit of measurement to determine how close the vikings are to winning a superbowl.
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