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  1. Well... here they are side by side. Had to drive all the way to New Mexico to pick it up (Big thumbs up for R&D Dealership in Raton - no dealership setup charges - no fuss. I fitted a WARN winch which was pretty simple. So far so good. Bit clunky finding 2nd gear but everything else is fine. As others have said, it's super comfy. Guess I'm not feeling in full control as automatic takes car of the shifting. ESP is fine. My TRX450FM remains the primary work horse right now. Fortunately the Cycle Country snow plow fits both the TRX450 and the TRX520FA6 - with a new baseplate from KFI.
  2. Thanks @RubiDan. The towing capacity is 1322lbs and the rear carrier has a capacity of 187lbs (same as yours). My 2004 Foreman TRX450 is 850lbs and 133lbs respectively. So I'm not worried about that at all. Honda may have changed the gear ratio in Rubicons from 2020 onwards. I'll let you know how I get on - once I take ownership. 60 years old here. Looking forward to more comfort 🙂
  3. LOL.. May be. Time will tell. It will be the most expensive paper weight I've owned 🙂
  4. It's been a while since I posted - way too long. Currently enjoying all the work I put into my 2004 TRX450 (Foreman) with manual foot shift. That thing never lets me down and is smooth as butter. Winch and snowplow were very useful this past winter. I've also been pretty impressed with the reviews of the new Honda Foreman Rubicons. So I put down a deposit on an TRX520FA6.I really didn't want to pay the extra $500 for fancy paint, alloys and color matching springs (FA7) 🙂 Utility - not fashion accessory. I was fortunate to find a dealer that had one unit being shipped today from Honda. Dealership has no idea when it will arrive - no visibility into the supply chain. It seems they get told by Honda that they have been chosen to receive "an ATV" of a particular spec. No flexibility in specifying what they want. It all seems pretty random. No other dealership on the eastern slope of Colorado had any Rubicons. Asked if I wanted to trade in my trusty TRX450 - the answer was ! no! I let you know what I think of it - once I take delivery (some time in July).
  5. Sorry for the long absence. Major illness in the family. Everything OK now....
  6. Fitted a front skid plate - which I had been waiting on since early April. Took less than 10mins to bolt it to the frame. I could have manufactured a nicer, more sturdy one in a week.
  7. And the same to you FF ! 🙂
  8. Got all my chores done earlier in the week (took a week off) and yesterday - boundary surveying some land we acquired. Colorado's searing hot weather finally broke yesterday with a good thunderstorm and some much needed rain. So today I'm gonna sit back, relax and enjoy the freshly mowed back yard ... from the hot tub... with a drink.... yet to be defined.
  9. CFMoto "seem" to have a lot of gadgets and gimmicks - probably to compensate for a lack of quality and poor reliability. But that's just my opinion having seen them close up. But I've not ridden one.
  10. You can let them sit or can't let then sit?
  11. Just wait until we are solely reliant on China for silicon semi-conductor manufacturing. The world is reliant on one company (TSMC) in Taiwan for a certain component. China may attempt to take ownership of TSMC - event Taiwan itself.
  12. SparkyMark


    I was born and raised and spent most of my life (yeah I know - sounds like the intro from Fresh Prince) in a country where it is very difficult to own a fire arm of any kind - unless a farmer (rodent control) or a member of a sports shooting club - and even then there are very strict rules with regular checks and inspections of how and where the gun(s) and ammunition is stored. As an American citizen (import from the UK), and a previous board member of our local shooting sports complex here in Colorado, I listened intently to the never ending debate on guns and gun controls. I agree that is the right of Americans to bear arms as described in the second amendment. I can't tell you why there are so many gun related deaths in our great country - when places like Switzerland has as high gun ownership as the US yet has very low gun related deaths. Some say it's a mental health issue. I don't believe America is any more mental than any other developed country - so I have concluded it is cultural. Nonetheless, here are some interesting statistics - sliced and diced from many perspectives - on gun related deaths in the US. https://usafacts.org/data/topics/security-safety/crime-and-justice/firearms/firearm-deaths/ I'm a data scientist - so I find data fascinating. I make no judgement. The second amendment is still needed.
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