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  1. Here's one that seems to get some good reviews. It looks like and may be the same as the one I bought from Northern Tools many years ago. I looked at Northern Tools and couldn't find the one that I bought. I know mine does a super good job. I have quite a few chains so I tend to do a lot at one time. I've read where people say an electric grinder wears a chain down too quick but you can set it to take just enough off of the teeth to keep them sharp. Hand sharpening is an art that I haven't come anywhere near to mastering. If I did it more often I know I'd get better but probably not great. Electric Chainsaw Bench Grinder Sharpener Comes with 1/8" 3/16" Wheels and Tools 758232245200 | eBay
  2. I know that our death rates can't be very much different from England so that means our leaders are telling us bald face lies. According to the article that I posted above it says that 27% of the people that got infected with Delta were fully vaccinated but they make up 63% of the deaths. It says that 43% of the people that get infected with Delta are unvaccinated but only make up 28% of the deaths. I guess the 30% that are partially vaccinated and get the Delta make up the other 9% of the deaths. It looks like it's a lot more deadly to be fully vaccinated than not vaccinated at all. I also saw a video that said when the flu season gets here that the vaccinated will be dying in higher numbers than they are now. I don't know if that is true or not but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  3. Sen. Ron Johnson Drops Truth Bomb on True Number of ‘Fully Vaccinated’ People Dying with Covid – Patriot Alerts
  4. So when will they turn the next round loose on us?
  5. RubiDan


    Do you or anybody else know of an online source for reasonably priced 5.56 or 223?
  6. Let us know what you find out. I don't think we can learn enough about what's happening.
  7. There is some good information here but some of it reads like a science fiction movie. It still might be true for all I know. Hal Turner Radio Show - COVID-19 The Spartacus Letter
  8. Here are the little devils that got me a few weeks ago. I took these pictures today with a 300 mm lens and I still felt like I was too close to them. I always thought they'd have a small hole going into the ground but this one was a lot bigger than I expected.
  9. I don't know about Mac but I love the EPS on my Rubicon. I would actually turn it up a little bit if I could. One time I did hit a square rut with one wheel and it quit working and showed a fault. I turned the key off for a little bit and when I restarted it everything was ok.
  10. How do you find them? You get your brother to bushhog the same place again and you watch for the place where he starts swatting hysterically and jumping off of the tractor. That's where they'll be. 😁 It was a few weeks ago that I was trimming around my trailer where some old wood was stacked. I felt my legs start burning and when I looked down yellow jackets were all over my pant legs.. I took off swatting at them then stopped to knock them off of my pants. They just kept on coming. I got stung on the legs. arms and face. I still haven't destroyed their nest. This is the second time in my life that I've been attacked by yellow jackets. The first time I was about 15 years old hunting papaws with my dad. I don't know about ground hornets stinging at night but I can tell you that the hornets that have nests hanging from trees will sting at night if you bother them. Don't ask me how I know.
  11. Does anybody have a reliable source for buying ivermectin without a prescription? I have found some but the prices seem to be highly inflated.
  12. I don't know what all will happen but we all need to be prepared and I think most of us here already are.
  13. Thank you very much Mark for these very informative posts. I have already watched the video in the first post and would advise everybody else to watch it too. It is long but it has lots of good information in it. I hope that these posts don't get deleted because we live in a very different world than when this site was formed.
  14. I have read that there are two versions of the Triton V10. One with three valves per cylinder and one with two. I also read that the two valve is the better of the two and that they only put the two valve in motorhomes because of space issues. I have no idea how accurate what I just said is so take it with a grain of salt. My 460 would tend to run very warm but never hot. It was carbureted and that would cause it to vapor lock on occasion in hot weather but that shouldn't be an issue with the fuel injected models. Good luck with whatever you wind up with.
  15. RubiDan


    Hate to see you go because I always enjoyed reading your posts and looking at the pictures that you posted. I guess the bottom line is that your health comes first. I didn't know any thing about your stroke and I hope you get back to 100% soon. I agree with you about the shape our country is in and it's continually getting worse by the hour. I also agree with most all and maybe even all of the things you have said. I hate cancel culture.
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