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  1. I have to watch this every year at about this time. It always brings a smile to my face.
  2. I read a story that said the shot fired at the tractor went into the cab and came within inches of hitting the driver. Dutch police shoot at tractor during night of farm protests | Fox News Netherlands reportedly set to forcibly close 3,000 farms to comply with EU mandate | Fox News
  3. He probably rode over the top of the concrete structures. Those trials riders are awesome. Back when I was in my early 20s I had a Honda TL 250 trials bike. I guess it was good for what it was meant for but it was a terrible trail bike. The suspension stunk. The seat stunk. The lack speed stunk. The traction stunk for at least what I was doing anyway. I'd sure like to have it back today. Honda TL 250 1976 - YouTube
  4. That's Don Prudhomme and the engine is for Tommy Ivo's car. T.V. Tommy Ivo’s Dual Engine Buick Dragster, D75_5119 | Flickr
  5. Hurst Hairy Olds 4 wheel drive drag car. Hurst Hairy Olds 1966
  6. RubiDan


    The girl in this video is the daughter of my wife's niece. She was only 15 when this video was made. I think she's been in one or two other music videos but I haven't ever saw them.
  7. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!
  8. RubiDan


    There was a couple that lived in the town nearest me that died in a poker run in 2016. I didn't know Art McMahan but knew of him. He also owned a 57 Chevy pro mod drag car. 2 KY women found dead, their husbands missing after GA boating accident (wave3.com)
  9. When the song came out I didn't even know that it was about an actual shipwreck. I was 21 with my first child on the way and I was very busy trying to make a living for my wife, my soon to be son and myself. It is absolutely unreal how things have changed since then.
  10. The Edmund Fitzgerald sank on Nov. 10, 1975. None of the 29 people on board lived. Gordon Lightfoot sang a song about the tragic incident and is at the bottom of the page. If you haven't ever heard the song you should consider listening to it now. Hal Turner Radio Show - 47 Years Ago today: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  11. I probably use 3 cords and maybe 3 1/2 cords or so if it's a cold winter. I actually may use more this year because I've got quite a bit of dead ash and some of it's not in the best of shape. Over here in the US you'll find a big difference in wood usage because the climate is all over the place. I have an old Fisher Grandpa Bear stove. It's old but it'll sure put out some heat. I aim for about 18" to 20" when cutting wood. I'll try to attach a picture of one like mine but it may not work. Ok, the picture wouldn't work so I'll attach a link of pictures like it. fisher grandpa at DuckDuckGo
  12. I used a sub-soiler on it a few years ago and made lots of passes in every direction. It didn't seem to make much, if any difference when I went to till before planting season. It stayed damp and still didn't want to break up very good when I tilled it. I will definitely check into the gypsum. I got the leaves today and will put them down, then blend them in with my tiller. I'll probably still put my garden at my son's house next year and try to get some more leaves to build the one by my house some more. I may plant a little something in it next year just to see if it does any better.
  13. There's a guy that's going to bring me a big load of leaves today so I can put them on my garden spot by the house. I raised my garden at my son's house (right down the road) this year because the one by my house has way too much clay and wasn't producing very well. According to what I've read the leaves will break down and help the clay soil. I don't know how many leaves it will take to do this but I'd sure like to have my garden right by my house again.
  14. That appears to be Webers on the engine in an AC Cobra. I got to ride in an original 427 AC Cobra one time. Many, many years ago my son and I were at a Shelby show at Brown County State Park in Indiana where two guys were giving short rides in their original AC Cobras. I didn't think anybody would let you sit in an AC but these two guys were actually giving rides. The one I rode in had a 427 and my son rode in a 289 car. My son said his driver punched it when he turned around and my son grabbed a grab handle that was in the car. He said the guy laughed and said that he had to grab it a couple times himself. I have it on VHS around here somewhere. Cobra and GT40 | JIM INGLESE 8-STACK SYSTEMS
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