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  1. The Firebird had the same platform as a Camaro and the GTO had the same platform as the Chevelle. The Firebird and GTO do have a similar styling but are two completely different cars. When I was in high school I worked at an apartment complex mowing grass and a woman who lived there had a 1969 Trans Am which is a very fancy Firebird. I'm pretty sure it had a 400 in it and was a very good looking car. It looked like this.
  2. The original was a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car and according to this article they built five more from the Galaxies. I never knew that some of them were created from Galaxies. I do now. 1955 Lincoln Futura: The '66 Batmobile's Secret Identity (groovyhistory.com)
  3. I haven't ever heard of somebody getting shot during an audit so why would they need weapons for that. You can bet your last dollar that they won't be using them very much for audits and tax collection.
  4. My wife and myself weren't going to vote in 2016 and that would have been a first for me since my early 20s. I don't remember if it was a rally or a debate but Trump made a promise to do a certain thing and that changed my mind about voting for him. I got home from work that night and my wife met me at the door and told me that we had to vote for him and I agreed 100%. She had heard the same thing that I did. I voted for Trump in 2020 because I knew the alternative would bring this country down very fast and that has happened on a larger scale than ever I imagined. Trump isn't my first, second or even third choice for president in 2024 but I'll have to vote for him again if he runs and gets the nomination. It would take something a lot more than a character flaw to keep me from voting for him again.
  5. Here's a government auction for two Fourtrax 300s. The listing is pretty vague and I don't have a clue what they're worth so I'm posting here just in case somebody is interested. The auction ends at 8/12/22 12:35 AM ET. Lot of 2 Honda ATVs for parts - govdeals.com
  6. Mine has a DCT transmission and probably doesn't have anything in common with Destructo's transmission. I just fill mine to the full mark on the stick and haven't ever had the stick out while running. I wish I could help but don't know anything about a Hondamatic. My only experience is on four-stroke and two-stroke air cooled dirt bike engines with clutches. Could the oil pump be out of whack. I know of a truck engine that burst the oil filter because of too much oil pump pressure.
  7. I've read several places that 98% of the people with monkeypox are homosexual and I would guess that most of the other cases are caused by relationships with bi-sexual people. Right now the monkeypox isn't an airborne disease but you can bet that if it can be they'll make it happen. I feel really sorry for Brandon. If he loses his smell he won't be able to sniff and smell little girls hair.
  8. RubiDan


    I've read about a bill (don't think it's been voted on yet) in the house that would give biden full control of the military where congress would have no oversight over his decisions. Just think what could (probably would) happen if he declared martial law.
  9. I believe so. Ford made a Falcon with basically the same body style that could be bought with a 429 Cobra Jet (they didn't make very many of them) but I think it had a post in the middle of the front door glass and the rear side glass.
  10. Hopefully it'll fall into place when you try it again.
  11. I see a little spot at the end of the shaft in the video on one side. Is it possible that your pump shaft is 180 degrees out. I changed mine out on my tractor a long, long time ago but I think it had gears with marks to line it up with.
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