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  1. I saw this yesterday on Steve Bannon's War Room. The ballots have definitely already been tampered with. The last I heard they're refusing to give the routers to the recount process. The routers would prove/disprove whether votes came in from China and other countries like Mike Lindell said happened. Makes you wonder why they don't want to give them up. Maricopa County Ballot Batches Off by 17.5%, 'Likely Joe Biden Did Not Win Arizona' (rumble.com) Arizona Secretary of State letter about Maricopa recount - The Washington Post
  2. This happened on Derby Day in Louisville. The one guy stood up to the cancel culture and most news reports act like they were horrified by what he did but failed to mention that several of the protesters had weapons. My son said that the guy with the boy bun was one of the people who were protesting the young cheerleaders awhile back. He and several others had guns then also. Diner in Louisville draws handgun as armed BLM protesters swarm restaurant | Fox News Video
  3. I've read about all of the UFO information that's going to be released. I wonder if they'll be bad aliens so the whole world can unite as one and try to fend them off. I hope Marvin the Martian doesn't use his earth eliminator gun on us. Do we have to wear masks around aliens to keep them from getting our diseases and us getting theirs?
  4. RubiDan


    I guess I should have been more clear. The man on the tv program doing the editorial (the one Archie was watching) at the beginning of that clip was the one that I thought was Sorrell Booke.
  5. RubiDan


    I believe that's Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) on TV talking about gun control.
  6. I hope they haven't been able to cover up enough of the fraud to make a difference. If the recount changes Arizona then it's off to Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and a few other places. What happens if the fraud is exposed enough to show that Trump actually won the election? Mike Lindell says that Trump will be POTUS again by August of this year. I hope it happens but I don't know if the crooked politicians and courts would allow it. I know Trump is a long way from perfect (aren't we all) but he's light years ahead of what we have now.
  7. I don't know what the fix would be but mine did it one time when one tire hit a fairly tall rut head on. I shut it down and waited about 20 seconds and restarted it. It fixed it and hasn't done it since.
  8. The dems have been trying very hard to shut this down but so far haven't succeeded. I hope it's allowed to continue and be finished. My only concern is that it's been so long since the election that there has been ample time to change and cover up the fraud. Hopefully the truth will be exposed. I have read that in 2019 during the Ky. governor's election that there was a ballot dump late that day in favor of the dem who supposedly won. He's been trampling on our rights ever since he got in office.
  9. Here's a link to the Intenz bar like I have. If you ever come across one run away. I'm going to go ahead and buy the adjuster screw and I still won't have much money in it. I'm sure glad that my other saws are a lot better than the Poulan. IntenzBarsF_B0601.pdf (oregonproducts.com)
  10. Accidental double post. Deleted
  11. Are you referring to the Oregon bar that adjusts with the bar itself. If so you may be able to get an adjuster that'll fit the side cover that you have now. Not too long ago there were two saws and two trimmers at the end of a driveway that said free. I picked up the saws because they looked to be in good condition. One was a Poulan 3816 and the other was a Homelite XL Little Red. Cheap saws but what the heck because they were free. I put new fuel lines on the Poulan to get it going and it's running pretty good but still needs the carb tweaked some. It has the adjuster in the bar and when I tried it out it threw the chain twice. I got to looking at the clutch cover and I believe I can just buy the adjusting screw with the other parts to make it work. If I get it working well I'll use it for my grubbing saw so I won't mess up my good ones. The Homelite would run but not for long. Probably the fuel lines on that one too. I would have got the trimmers too but couldn't get them in my car trunk and they were gone when I passed back through.
  12. To keep it simple I just mix 3 oz. of oil to 1 gal. of gas and it comes out to a little less than 43-1 ratio. I also always use premium gas.
  13. The worst part of it is that they're teaching it to the young kids and they believe it unless they have very strong willed parents to teach them right.
  14. It's built like a tank and rides like one too. LOL I'm a Honda guy too but those things have gone out of sight pricewise since this time last year. I'll let you all know if the carb clean and valve lash adjustment helps. Might be awhile before I get around to it though. I did ask the guy if he had the original carb and he said no. It probably wound up in the garbage.
  15. He said his son rode it on the family farm so who knows what that really means. He also said that it was a 2002 but after I checked the numbers I found out that it was a 2000. That could have been an honest mistake though. They've probably already ran over a tank of gas through it so I doubt at this time it's the gas but it could be. I got a parts bike with it that he said was running but knocked. He took the engine off and took the outside covers off. I might try and work on it later on. It has a china carb on it and if I can't get this one straightened out I'll swap them out but don't have much hope for that to work.
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