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  1. A lot of that old stuff is very expensive. I used to have a Pioneer SX-1980 (weighed about 80 lbs.) which was the most powerful receiver the Pioneer ever built and they go for several thousand now.
  2. Do you still have either one of the Sansui receivers? Were/Are they the DB models? Old stereo gear is a hobby of mine. I have all kinds of stuff but a lot of it doesn't work. I've got tube gear, solid state gear and all kinds of speakers. I have a Pioneer Spec 1 and Spec 2 system but the DC offset on the Spec 2 is running high on one channel so I don't use it. I've got an RT-909 reel to reel and another big Teac reel to reel but it doesn't work right. I have several Sansui amps and receivers. I'm using a pair of old Altec Lansing Flamenco speakers right now and also have a pair of Klipsch Forte speakers that I'll probably put up for sale soon. I can't remember what all I do have and I have learned to work on it some but I need to learn a lot more. I have a Sansui 9090db that I fixed but something else has broke on it and I haven't even tried to fix it. This stuff is addicting.
  3. Blue Sparrow, have you went and looked at them yet? If you haven't that may be the best way to make up your mind. It would be best if you can talk to an honest salesman and get them to explain all of the functions and why the IRS has a higher load capacity. If you're trying to decide between the electric shift and the foot shift it would be best if you rode one. I don't have much experience with four wheelers and a lot of people say the electric shift is problematic but I don't know it that is true of the newer ones or not. If @toodeep chimes in he'll be the one who should know how reliable the new ones are. I'm not trying to steer you one way or the other about which one to buy but just telling you what my personal experience is. Good luck on whatever choice you make.
  4. I have to correct myself on one thing. I said the US Rubicon IRS has a high and low range but I should have said the US Rubicon IRS with DCT has a high and low range because I don't think the manual has it. I can't say which one is best for towing because I haven't used the SRA but I have to believe that using the low range has to be easier on the drive train when towing a load. I have had a person riding behind me that weighed in at probably 220 while climbing a hill that was moderately steep and the front end felt light. When I had a person behind me that weighed about 130 I couldn't tell that they were there. If I were Blue Sparrow I'd try to ride and test both to see which one would work the best. I've found that usually one size does not fit all.
  5. I haven't ever hauled with an SRA so I don't know what it can do but have hauled with my 17 Rubicon IRS. I've been using a 4'X6' trailer that's been extended out to almost 7'. I've hauled big full loads of green wood with it which I'm sure weigh quite a bit and haven't noticed any excessive squatting and I have looked to make sure. The way your trailer is balanced will make a difference. The UK IRS may be rated to pull more weight if it has a high and low range. The USA Rubicon IRS does have the high and low range.
  6. That would work if I have enough room behind the bolt hole on the Honda hitch. I'll have to check it out.
  7. The receiver is for my four wheeler but the ball hitch mounts that I'll use with it will be used for my truck and four wheeler so I definitely don't want to compromise the strength of them when using them on the truck. My truck is an F250 and I'm not really sure what it's rated for but I'm sure it's quite a bit. What I mostly pull with it is a 5X10 trailer loaded down with wood and that's quite a bit of weight. I've got a car hauler and occasionally haul a car but not too often.
  8. I torqued it down quite a bit but when I had a heavy load of wood on the trailer it would pivot when I backed up while turning. I'd put a bolt through the bottom but my ball mounts would have to have a slot ground or cut in them to clear the bolt. This probably wouldn't be a bad thing for the four wheeler but they're going to be for my truck also and I don't want to compromise any strength when I'm pulling a heavy load. I think I can weld a bead on each side of the bottom of the receiver and it should keep it from pivoting. If not I'll just weld it to the four wheeler.
  9. I bought this one for mine and just as I expected it pivoted where it is mounted so a little welding has to be done. I'm not a big fan of Harbor Freight but it looks to be built well and the price was right. https://www.harborfreight.com/atv-hitch-adapter-65961.html
  10. Howdy Pete. I hope you get your Rubicon going.
  11. Right now they would be riding mainly on my place that is flat and hilly but the hills aren't too steep. I doubt if they'd ever get stuck with a 2 wheel drive unless it was on a sandbar in the creek and even then I'd be able to pull them out. Shade has let me know about a couple possibilities but it's just so far away.
  12. I'd say he did get his price and I'd say he probably used me going to go down there as leverage. Hey, that's life.
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