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  1. I hear ya, doesn't look like a fun job not to even master mechanics from what I'm hearing.
  2. I'm going to give Lucas penetrating oil a try on the seized front axle. I use Lucas injector cleaner every fill on the old powerstroke. Also use Lucas ethanol gas treatment for 4-wheelers,.3-wheeler, lawn mowers no complaints. Tractor Supply in town has the penetrating oil will pick some up tomorrow will also stop by local hardware store for a piece of pipe.
  3. I used a breaker bar man it's seized up probably never been taken off never thought it would that hard to break loose. Need to get better penetrating oil, seen some crc freeze off online and the Kroil you mentioned. Spayed a half can of wd 40 will let it sit till I get time to try again.
  4. Don't have a impact sprayed wd-40 hammer & wrench don't have a small torch for heat.
  5. Having trouble getting front axle bolt loose any tricks?
  6. Well Happy Anniversary looks like your wife was having fun, and you right the cost of going out here lately is pricey. Thanks for sharing your camping trip and pictures.
  7. riverc


    That's bad will take time to recover from that.
  8. Finally got the Big Red rolling again rear end is tight no play. Front tire has a slow leak so will take care of that will also paint front rack and headlight protector. It's going on a 4-mile ride tomorrow will see how it does.
  9. riverc


    My favorite time of year Oct & Nov cool mornings, warm afternoons. Squirrel season starts Sat. plan on getting a few. Fish you going to do some squirrel hunting?
  10. riverc


    Not looking good for Florida Ian could be like Ida at landfall.With this cold front coming that should keep it from taking a more westward track. That's a plus for Mississippi & Louisiana.
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