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  1. Kawasaki Bayou was and still is a good bike,Wife has a 2020 300 Brute Force and she likes it.
  2. riverc


    Fish, Baton Rouge is on a roll to with crime black mayor,black police chief both democrats.I go there very little these days.Baton Rouge and New Orleans are Sh$t Holes....We in for a rough ride under this administration.And you got that right they want our guns.I never carried a gun before but for the last year when i leave home so does my 9mm.Don't feel safe without it,wife also carries a 9mm.
  3. Anybody own one? I bought one got it installed on the Savage .308.Have not taken it to the range yet,but i like the clarity better than the Leupold VX-3i i had on the .308
  4. riverc


    No No on rain have outdoor projects going on.hope it stays your way
  5. Sounds like you enjoy crossing Wolf Creek Pass.We like crossing Monarch Pass works that powerstroke towing a 37' 5th wheel.
  6. Yes out the door from the Honda dealer in covington LA.They finally completed paving the road across cottonwood pass,a lot shorter now for people coming from Denver and colorado springs bet its going to get crowded now. 10 miles west on Gunnison i lived and worked at Gunnison Lakeside Rv Park on Blue Mesa Res. for 4 summers (6 months).
  7. I paid $5100 for a 2019 Rancher 420 4wd.They ain't cheap.A 2020 Kawasaki 300 brute force 2wd cost me $4299. Have you ever been up to Taylor Park lots of trails up Cottonwood Pass? They have a rv park and cabins,and a beautiful lake with good fishing.
  8. Lol that mower would be useless with what I have to cut.""
  9. never seen one like that,not for me bet its gets hot on the legs being that close to the engine.
  10. riverc


    It's been off on rain since 9:30 this morning,so not seeing it here yet.
  11. riverc


    Yes I have on chicken liver and stocking,just don't like using it much,it's a me thing I guess.
  12. riverc


    Same here,was nice for a few days with lower humidity and Dewpoints.That is no longer here we had a few dry days,got rain yesterday and in the forecast all week.Hoping to get out around 6:00 pm to put out juglines for catfish and do some night fishing,so watching the weather. Did good last week using cut up raw chicken breast mixed with strawberry kool-aid and garlic powder.Made some last night also made some with anise extract and garlic powder so will see which one they like best.Hope we can go all depends if it rains.
  13. No,Agave is located on main road that goes to Crested Butte,it's in a strip center next door to Pie-Zan Pizza.Its walking distance to City Market and Walmart. They do have 2 Mexican restaurants on Hwy 50 thru town.
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