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  1. Nice bike,sure your wife will enjoy it.
  2. Welcome to the forum!
  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. riverc


    Prov....It's 9:00 a.m I'm wearing shorts,t-shirt and the AC is running.Nice pictures all that snow will go away,before long.I can say I am dreading the long hot humid summer that's coming for us here in the Deep South.
  5. I mostly ride on our family land which is ridges,bottoms,deep sloughs ,pipelines and lots of gravel roads used by gas well workers.
  6. Louis,man I have to say you don't give up easy,you're a fighter.If you can fix this problem you will have more money in your pocket. Had a problem with my rancher,that has warranty so no out of pocket money.Mine was bad fuel pump that when it got hot,would not work until it cooled down,then would work till it got hot. Took it to my dealer his shop rate is $120 hr.Glad I didn't get the bill.
  7. with all the people using cameras in the woods these days.Have never heard of anyone seeing Bigfoot.I see deer,hogs,bear,coyotes.bobcat.fox.racoons,squirrel but no Bigfoot yet.
  8. Yes they do,still wonder why Honda does this with the Rancher 420
  9. Check to see if Bear Claws,Swamp Fox,Ancla and Wanda P341's come in the size you are wanting.
  10. Very nice,hope you get a quick sale.
  11. I bought my extended warranty the day I got my Rancher for $760 for a total of 5 years.I am glad I bought it,had the fuel pump go bad.The pump plus $120 hr. rate at my dealer with only 14 months into warranty,don't feel it was a waste of money. But most times they are a waste of money,Bought a 7 year extended warranty on my 5th wheel camper never had to use it,it's a gamble.
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