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  1. They getting pricey bought a 2019 Rancher 420 4wd from The Honda dealer in Covington, La. for $5195 in Jan. 2020. They gave me $3000 trade-in on the 2017 Rancher 420 2wd. Looks like I will keep mine was thinking about a Honda Foreman in a couple years they must be 10K Plus.
  2. riverc


    We made the 60's yesterday. It's 41 now looking like 67 today my kinda weather.
  3. riverc


    Don't feel sorry for him hope he gets what he deserves.
  4. riverc


    I don't miss those Ice storms anymore working or living in it. But I also do not like the long hot & humid summers in Louisiana.
  5. riverc


    How is the power doing in your area?
  6. riverc


    We only got to low 50's yesterday,it's 41 now and be lucky to get 50 for the high today. We just over 100 miles from you this weather system must be stalled
  7. riverc


    We are having a problem with them also.
  8. Better than none, what you planting besides beer caps lol.
  9. Today the weather was nice so I started doing some garden prep planning to plant some turnip & radish soon weather permitting. Will be going to Cleggs soon to get seeds to start plants in the greenhouse for transplanting mid Feb. Hopefully be able to put them in the ground 1st week of April. Can't wait to get some fresh cucumbers tired buying what they selling at the stores I eat a lot of them.
  10. Lol will use the tiller & shovel.Not worth spending that much on a trencher for what I want to do. Pipe getting pricey too oh well everything is.
  11. Well Jeep don't think it's going nowhere even if it did pass Biden would veto it. It's got it pros & cons, one thing I do like about it is getting rid of the IRS always sticking their nose in people's business. Less government we have the better the country would be without them. I do not like the Federal Government they corrupt from top to bottom on both sides that's why Imo we need term limits.
  12. Did you use a trencher or dug with a shovel? I'm thinking about running some waterlines. Wonder how much it cost to rent one of those small trenchers from Home Depot or wherever I can rent one if the price is right.
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