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  1. If you look at the other videos on his channel it looks like he is a very skilled professional craftsman.
  2. This guy in Poland made his own, quite relaxing to watch, but I have neither the skill or tools to make what he made, and even then it doesn't look very heavy duty.
  3. Thanks for the tips, what do you think is better than a modern honda? I live in the highlands of Scotland and there are lots of farmers in my area, every one I have spoke to about quads so far says they swear by getting a honda due to reliability, even modern ones. Some said they tried other brands but always end up going back to getting a honda. I'm also considering getting a 2 wheel drive electric work bike instead of a quad, it would probably do quite well for what I need one for. Major down side is obviously you can't tow anything. The ubco 2x2 looks good, but it is very expensive. https://www.ubcobikes.com/eu/2x2-work-bike/
  4. There is no way I could build my own. There is also this plastic one I was considering but it is only hand tipped. https://www.smallholderequipment.co.uk/trailers/plastic-hopper-tipping-trailer-500l-8391-.html
  5. Hi, does anyone know of a good reliable ATV tipping trailer? Preferably one you can lift with some kind of system, not just hand lifted. I saw this one on alibaba, it has a 1600lb lifting capacity. But if I buy it from alibaba it might take months to come and fall apart after 3 uses because the steel is actually a steel-cheese alloy. https://newbang.en.alibaba.com/product/62344903600-800793031
  6. It was only a 2WD I presumed it was a 4WD, I hate when people don't put full details in adverts. Second hand prices for Honda ATVs are a bit crazy here in the UK, I recently saw a 2005 Honda trx350 fourtrax with semi-functioning clutch sell for the equivalent of 2500 USD. Honda ATVs that don't work seem to sell for good prices, I think people buy them strip them apart and then resell all the good parts, so they will pay a good amount for any broken Honda quad as they will make a lot of money selling off the parts that are still in good condition.
  7. The lowest range 4wd Cfmoto, the CFORCE 450 is £5k (6.6k USD) in the UK, the lowest range 4wd Honda Fourtrax is £7k ($9.3k USD). But many people say Cfmotos have very little resale value and Honda a large resale value, so you are much better buying a cheap Honda.
  8. One thing I have often wondered is what kind of mark up deals get from ATVs in general? How much does a dealer get a 4WD Fourtrax or Foreman for even though they buy in bulk? Cfmoto dealers must get a really high mark up.
  9. How much would you pay for a 2009 Trx420 Fourtrax? There is a second hand one for sale I'm looking at, it seems like it is in good condition, and has 120 hours recorded as use. 120 hours in 11 years seems incredibly low, I wonder if there is a way of changing the hours on the machine? It almost seems unbelievable.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with Cfmoto ATVs? What do people think of them? https://cfmotousa.com/
  11. I would be doing very little trail riding, it'll be primarily for travelling off-road terrain to go metal detecting at remote abandoned villages with no road, I wouldn't be racing it around and there are no trees to avoid etc. The towing aspect would be for hauling trailers full of garbage accumulated at remote locations and helping haul some rock to help build and repair footpaths which could be used by an ATV, to stop erosion of the ground from ATV usage. I wouldn't be using it very regularly, not like a farmer would be using in intensively every day. I was even thinking of going for the cheapest Fourtrax 420, but that has a towing capacity of 384kg, not sure how much it can handle above the listed capacity.
  12. Thanks for the reply, in the UK even if you manage to get an ATV registered road legal, it still needs road legal tires, I think pretty much every ATV comes with stock tires that are only for off-road, probably road legal ATV tires would be expensive and not very suitable for off-road, so I'm thinking of just going down the route of not using the ATV on the road and hauling it around in a trailer. The Foreman non-IRS length and breadth dimensions are listed as 2100mm x 1200mm (6.89 foot x 3.94 foot , the Foreman IRS is listed as 2147mm x 1205mm (7.04 foot x 3.95 foot). Trailers in the UK tend to come in foot sizes, at 7.04 foot long do people think a Foreman IRS might squeeze into a 7 foot long trailer or is it just too long as the measurements would suggest. I might need to go got an 8 foot x 4 foot or 8 foot x 5 foot, I'd prefer to go for a 7 foot x 4 foot as it would be cheaper. As well as getting a road legal trailer I was looking at getting a off-road dumper trailer like the one at the link below, does anyone have experience of transporting a smaller trailer and ATV inside a transport trailer at the same time? Maybe store the smaller trailer upside-down on top of the ATV? It's not a huge problem if I can't transport them at the same time I'd take them one at a time. https://www.becksidemachinery.co.uk/product-page/4-wheel-atv-trailer
  13. No I haven't seen any of the ATVs yet, I live quite far from any dealers that have showrooms so will have to wait until I go to a big town in a few weeks then I'll have a look at different models in person. There are some dealers nearer me but they don't keep any in stock, you have to order them in.
  14. Thanks for the advice. I need to do more research into the SRA/IRS towing debate before I decide what to get, there seems to be two schools of thought as to which one is better.
  15. I'm thinking of getting a Honda Foreman 520 with the SRA. But it seems like there are two different versions of it: Foreman PS 2/4wd (TRX520FM2) 518cc. 5fwd/1rev gears. Manual transmission + power steering (PS). £9,700.00 Foreman ES PS 2/4wd (TRX520FE2) - 5fwd/1rev gears. Handlebar mounted electric gear shift (ESP). Gear position indicator + power steering (PS). £10,200.00 Would it be better to get the slightly more expensive one with the ESP? Or would the other one without ESP be better for towing? Can't you select it into manual and electric gear shifting?
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