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  1. build software at a refinery for one of the bigger oil companies. its a good gig usually...right now its a little stressful 😅
  2. my craftsman LT is the reason I got a four wheeler. kept getting it stuck in my yard. it ripped out a pool, an old playground, and a few shrubs before I retired it to mowing only. then my dad asked me to hang onto his zero turn, so now I have two mowers and rarely use the craftsman.
  3. you folks are keeping busy! I got my giant pile of 60/40 spread all over the yard. my atv put in a ton of work, and it wouldn’t have been possible had I not had it. I ended up abandoning my wooden drag I built in favor of loading the cart with cinderblocks and putting it in the dump position. the little trailer is nearly rusted out, but didn’t complain about the 70+ loads of dirt I ran with it. after dragging it purposely across the dirt I figured it would break but I still seem to be stuck with it. i’m impressed. im glad this backbreaking work is over. 14 yards of dirt is a lot to move with a shovel and a yard trailer.
  4. I got a cheapo landscape drag built yesterday. hoping it will make spreading this dump truck full of 60/40 a bit easier. the final iteration is on the grass in the backyard. hooking to the hitch got caught on the tire and binded up a little too much
  5. I tore my dinky little yard trailer apart and cleaned it up. it’s haggard...old...rusty, and a hand me down, but I can’t go buy another knowing this one still rolls around. I did some redneckery on it just to get it prepped and ready to dump some dirt when the dump truck gets here on tuesday. I ran out of projects so I volunteered myself to spread dirt...oh no.
  6. welcome! lots of knowledgable folks here. I think you'll really like it. pop around some threads and get to know people!
  7. I used mine as a beer holder for a while and a place to put tools as I turned the garage into a hangout. 😂 ended up hanging a tv in there above my cheapo soundbar I already had, so I could watch cleetus mcfarland’s freedom 500 last night. going to have to take it out for a ride around the neighborhood today. i’ve run out of uses for it during all this downtime
  8. my work has decided to gift me with an unpaid vacation, so I found some time to drag the trailer to the back yard and organize the crepe myrtle trimmings I have. (I fully regret trimming these down before the world shut down......) the atv does make work a lot easier around the yard, I will say that. the winch comes in handy so often
  9. I was too! my BSR is my favorite skillet. lol
  10. man I wish. this is in the beds on the front of my house. I definitely missed most of the root system...i’ll be fighting these for a while. I need to get in there and dig some more.
  11. not necessarily. my birmingham stove and range that is from late 60s is just a ring on bottom with a notch cut out. you might try to ID them with some Google-Fu. worked for me.
  12. hopefully the last time I have to yank bushes out...I dont find this fun. the only good part is getting the atv out. lol
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