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  1. That's pretty cool. I looked those up - was unaware of them. I've welded nuts on broken bolts but not down a hole. I've had some luck with a left handed drill bit set I bought at harbor freight.
  2. Does it have the rubber tipped float needle or just metal?
  3. That's an interesting one. Maybe it just likes to see where it's going...
  4. these are things I’ve done at various points throughout this thread. I did the valves weekend before last but didn’t really get much of a chance to test it out until yesterday.
  5. So, I dropped a few trees last weekend and the wife was the only one on the mower. And she only mowed the small area of the front yard so never turned it off. But I came home a little early today and started mowing because the big area I cut has gotten pretty thick. After about 2.5 hours (maybe 1/4 done with everything) I stopped and let it idle about 15-20 minutes, turned it off about 3-4 minutes later tried to restart and it restarted with a pop. But it restarted and ran. It’s definitely better but i wouldn’t say it’s resolved. I’ve adjusted valves, replaced the fuel pump and replaced the fuel solenoid. I also put have a bottle of octane boost in my last 5 gal can which should have upped the octane from 87 to 88, maybe 89 (the only non ethanol around here is 87 octane). Things left: insulate fuel lines (picked up foil tape today) and replace coils. Also plugs, though they’re not that old.
  6. yes I’ve seen those and think I would like one. By the way, I cut a few trees this weekend. The pickaroon I made was very useful. Extremely useful actually. The cant hook i bought is fairly heavy duty and will be mostly used as the Stihl one in the video above for getting the log up for cutting.
  7. The carb on my 02 rancher was prone to leaking. I took 2 cotton swabs and wrapped the ends with a thin layer of 0000 steel wool and gently spun them between my index finger and thumb against the seat. My carb no longer leaked after I did this. I didn’t know any better. Maybe I just got lucky but it worked.
  8. Fishfiles said: “As many times as I have seen " IMO " , I ain't got a clue what it means either , I am not much on letter talk ....” And IMHO means in my humble opinion. I’m not sure how many humble opinions we have around here. Lol Welcome Daniel.
  9. Well this was in front of the garage when I got home. The red handle is solid fiberglass all the way through. The steel is heavy gauge. Seems solid. There's two places the hook can go. It's in the far back one in the pic. Everything is removable with wing nuts.
  10. So this is it - my $16.92 Walmart pickaroon. I originally just sharpened it to a point but this profile seemed to dig and hold much better. I just did a little test of throwing wood off the pile and restacking it.
  11. Something like the one on your rack is what I’m shooting for - picked up the mattock after work.
  12. The one I ordered is really a peavy but like in your video it has that log jack foot on it. But on the one I ordered the log jack is removable with a wing nut or two. I’m thinking I probably won’t use the jack part. I’ll just cut mostly through all cuts for the log then roll it and finish them. But we’ll see.
  13. That’s going to be a cant hook/peavy which rolls the log. I ordered one of those instead of fooling with making one.
  14. I saw the ones made with the axe but this extra light mattock looked like it had potential. The smallest one I have at the house probably has a 5lb head and it would be too heavy. Plus the Walmart one has a flat handle so orientation will be by feel first. Plus it’s cheap. We’ll see.
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