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  1. I’ll post this on the can am commander forum. The mod over there is from Charleston WV. Maybe he or his friends will see it.
  2. slowindown


    x39, not .308. One boy built a ar in 5.56x45 and one in 7.62x39. I just got them some cheap (well, not cheap compared to a year or two ago) tulammo and red army standard FMJ's for plinking. They can buy their own fancy rounds. I bought six boxes (20 rds) of 5.56 and 4 boxes of 7.62 and with shipping it was $150. Crazy!
  3. slowindown


    I just ordered the boys some 5.56 and 7.62 rounds for Christmas. Dayum! The price skyrocketed and they were near impossible to find, especially the 5.56. Finally found some plinking rounds on true shot
  4. Thanks. Front yard. I left out one major upgrade - if you look closely at the picture you’ll see the keychain, which is a little red Honda foreman I found on eBay. Lol
  5. 2006 Honda Foreman 4x4 ES I rescued this from a one sided hay barn of one of my friend's back in the spring/early summer. It was pink with dry rotted tires and had been sitting there for many years. But it only had 500 miles and I was with my friend when he was shopping for it new. It is now pushing 800 miles. New plastics New petcock New fuel level sensor New seat cover 26" Mud Rebel RT tires Itp SS212 wheels Kimpex Nomad Rear Seat/Trunk Rear Fender Protectors/Footpegs Badland ZXR 3500 winch slowindown manufactured shackle mount Kemi Moto cup holder Little Red Honda foreman My campaign promise: If I am this years winner, I will donate the prize money back to the forum.
  6. I did a little piddling yesterday with my stihl 180 and my $250 harbor freight log splitter.
  7. Thanks. I had bought a pellet heater for the study/living room a year earlier and got to looking at how the heat exchanger in it was made and based my design somewhat on that. Before building that thing the fireplace in the den was relatively useless for heat other than radiant heat. Everything else goes right up the chimney and I wanted to steal some of it back on the way up. Here’s pics of the pellet heater:
  8. This picture may show it a little better.
  9. I just got some black iron gas pipe at lowes and some 90 degree fittings and put together a frame/shelf. I took some 1/2 pipe clamps and attached the pipe with them inside the fireplace with some masonry screws. The front "legs" are more or less just for looks, just angle iron. Here's a pic without the legs, so you can see how its mounted - it just sits on top of the gas pipe frame. BTW, I've been saying for the last 9 years that I was going to make some decorative front legs for it. Ha.
  10. This is a heat exchanger I built for our fireplace back in 2011. It throws a lot of heat in the room. I used high output computer tower fans and a computer tower fan speed adjuster to adjust the speed of the fans. I have a timer on the power outlet so I can select on or off or set various numbers of hours for the fans to run. These are older pictures from when I made it before I added the fan speed controller and timer.
  11. My stock tires were severely dry rotted. I put Sedona mud rebel r/t (radials), 8ply in 26/9/12 and 26/11/12 on rear. I haven’t done a lot with them but so far am liking them. They’re fairly but not overly aggressive with 1 1/8” lugs. I watched some pretty good reviews. Before watching reviews I had intended to get itp blackwater evolutions which I had on my Rhino. After the reviews I decided I would try these. Before the blackwaters on the Rhino I had itp mudlite xtrs on it. They went well but the sidewalls cracked and leaked after a number of years. I think you can see them in this picture:
  12. Its the same pitch, 3/8. Just a little wider. Stock bar is .043. This one is .050, same as what I’m used to for a little saw. Have a look at some of the reviews on that link. It sure dug in better than the stock chain.
  13. This is what I put on there: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IDJW9GM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. The 22” bar is the very max for the 290. I mentioned earlier that my dad would cut and sell wood. He used the 22” on the big stuff and took his time. The 029 super is roughly the same size power head as the 290 - the 18” bar is nice on it. But i I think I’m really going to enjoy the 180 for little stuff. It’s super light compared to the others and will handle the majority of my needs. Jeep, you might want to try a 50 gauge bar on your 180. Really much better than the .043 they come with.
  15. I added the metal tree spikes and the 50 gauge bar to the new ms180 - noticeable improvement with the bar. Replaced the fuel line and filter on the 029 Super and it’s running good. The ms290 was already running good but I rarely use it - don’t need a 22” bar often lol. My dad bought that 029 in the mid 90s, don’t recall when he got the 290. But he was really proud of those saws.
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