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  1. When you get old enough and go 6 times in the night and don’t wanna wake up too much, you learn to sit! Lol
  2. Mr. Musk is going to give those aliens a run for their money. Lol https://www.space.com/amp/spacex-starship-sn15-launch-landing-success
  3. I think the requirement was that the pentagon has to brief lawmakers within the 1st 6 mos of this year so it should come before July. (actually 6 mos after late Dec 20). It was apparently triggered by the signing of one of the coronavirus bills. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.q13fox.com/news/former-director-of-national-intelligence-says-upcoming-pentagon-ufo-report-reveals-technology-we-dont-have.amp
  4. I had a Yamaha rhino 660 and I have a commander 1000. Yes. Yamaha’s belt system is miles ahead in my opinion. Can am an Polaris use what I call grab and go clutches - the belt is loose in the primary sheave and tight in the secondary. When you rev the motor the primary clutch closes on the belt (grabs it). Then it moves up the primary and down the secondary as you accelerate. A lot of wear occurs over time when the belt is grabbed and goes from zero to around 1800 rpm suddenly - they’re prone to slip a little bit when this happens, especially if you’re too easy on the throttle and the primary is only barely grabbing. So contrary to our instincts of being easy on the throttle it’s best to get the rpm up quickly then let off a little. On my commander I added a low speed engagement spring so it engages at about 1650 rpm and I can putt putt around at low speeds with more confidence. My commander has a one way bearing system in the primary clutch that keeps engagement when you decelerate to give engine braking. I’m not sure if or how Polaris accomplishes it. Yamaha’s ultramatic on the other hand is a constant tension system. The belt is never loose in the sheaves. The way it is able to accomplish that is by having a wet clutch (centrifugal). When you give the machine throttle the crank spins and the shoes in the wet clutch spread and grab in a drum and that turns the primary pulley. Yamahas also have a sprag clutch that when you let off the throttle keeps the crankshaft engaged so you have engine braking. I really like the new Wolverines, especially the 2021 models. The 850 has been mentioned but I really want rmax 1000 which just came out this year. If you look at used 850s prior to 2021, they have a piece that’s supposed to be designed to hold you in the machine. They got rid of it in 2021 because it made it a pain to get in and out of the machine.
  5. I’ve eaten at the middendorfs in manchac many times but not the one in Slidell. The crawfish pies were little and and came with the seafood plates or 99cents separate. I assume they got started as lagniappe. Our northern friends will have to look that one up. Lol
  6. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple years when I need to cut it off to gas up or re-beer. Actually I only let it idle maybe 15-20 seconds before cutting it off and it’ll fire back up. I usually mow anywhere from 3 to 5 acres with it.
  7. Wife and I just stopped at kenneys on the way back from the coast. They have great side options (I had gumbo and crab and corn bisque) and there was a ton of fried shrimp on my platter. I guess the crawfish pie was lagniappe. It was good. Anyway, we liked it. I remembered you mentioning it. So we stopped to try it out.
  8. Yeah I’ve never adjusted the valves. Found one reference with a similar issue on a mowin site that turned out to be a head gasket. When I accidentally cut it off when hot without letting it idle first, I can force cool the engine and get it to crank.
  9. I’m out of town but found this internet pic and it appears to have a big wart on the bottom of the carb bowl.
  10. I have a 2013 54” hustler fastrak. I’ve had it since new. It has a kawi 23hp fs691v engine. It currently has ~1000 hours. It runs fine except: over the last 2-3 years I’ve noticed that if I accidentally run it out of gas when it’s hot or turn it off with the throttle on high when it’s hot it will not restart until it cools down. No amount of starter fluid or choking will make it start until it’s cool. Nothing has ever been done to the engine aside from regular oil and air and oil filter changes and I changed the spark plugs and fuel filter last year. Thoughts?
  11. This is from a Carl Bernstein/Bob Woodward book supposedly related by Alexander Haig, all of whom strongly disliked Kissinger. Woodward/Bernstein have lost lots of credibility over the years. So I’m thinking he probably didn’t say it. But if he did, he had every right to. He was drafted into the army as a private and fought in the Battle of the Bulge and would know there’s a lot of truth to it.
  12. We have the prime for the tv service more than for what has become a lie about 2 day shipping. We cut the cord a couple years ago.
  13. Haven’t done anything new to the atv but did add a lift, tires/wheels and stereo to the golf cart. Wifey wanted the golf cart for going to campgrounds.
  14. We have Amazon prime but the two day shipping don’t happen for where I live anymore - takes forever. I order more from eBay.
  15. We have a 1964 5.5 evinrude. We run modern 2 stroke oil with no issues. I think the one before 64 required a higher percentage of oil though.
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