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  1. Brookhaven is 20 miles North of me. They do have some really good prices at times. I was getting some parts there for my foreman early in the summer or late in the spring and they had talon 1000s for a hair over 15k. The prices on the foremans and ranchers were good too. But there was still a good supply then - not sure about now.
  2. slowindown


    Yep Spring is on the way here too after days of ice on the roads.
  3. Mine on my 02 was worse than yours and he made it look new. He'll probably have some tips on restoring the "glass" on the cover and there's some videos on youtube that are helpful.
  4. My wife is an RN and hasn’t been able to leave the hospital since Sunday because of the ice. So I made the 18 mile round trip to town on my side by side to get her. Winched two stuck vehicles on the way. Had to sink it in a ditch so I could pull. When I began to pull that big suv, the front of it dropped off the side of the road into that ditch. It was everything my 4K warn could do to pull it. I figured the line would snap. That red line the guy is stretching out is some synthetic line I replaced the steel cable with about a year ago. It came from amazon and I wasn't sure of the quality. But it held.
  5. slowindown


    Thanks. That's a little spot on the creek bank a couple hundred yards from the house where we build fires and such.
  6. slowindown


    I got the foreman out of the shed after all. Seemed like one or more of the tires were flat spotted - bump bump. They slowly smoothed out and were smooth by about 10 or so minutes. I guess they’re like me - not used to the cold.
  7. slowindown


    We’re getting sleet in sw ms. Pretty unusual. I put the door tops back on my commander and rigged up a temporary heater/blower in my gun rack so it would be more comfy to cruise. I think the foreman is staying in the shed today!
  8. I have no idea but subscribing because I want to hear the responses.
  9. Oh gosh! And I thought I had a bunch with 20 and I gave several to friends... Use a 31/64 drill bit. Some I can then push in with my thumb. Some I have to hit with a hammer - I use a rubber hammer.
  10. Look at the ones I posted above. You just drill a hole and pop them in, usually with a rubber hammer. They were 6.95 for 20. Here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-Yellow-Fuel-Gas-Can-Jug-Vent-Cap-Chilton-Brigg-Rotopax-Gott-Rubbermaid-Anchor/261376946220?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  11. It's not fake. Just look at the local news up there and you'll know its not. For example: https://www.pahomepage.com/top-news/neighbor-recounts-helping-victims-in-plains-township-deadly-shooting/ I found the full video on youtube.
  12. Even more important than the spout to me is the vent. I bought a bunch of vents on eBay and they were pretty cheap iirc.
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