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  1. slowindown


    I’ve been trying to get her to but so far no luck.
  2. slowindown


    I have one daughter in Biloxi and one in New Orleans.
  3. The wife and I watched The peanut butter falcon on amazon Friday night. It was pretty good. Kind of a wholesome feel good movie. We liked it a lot.
  4. I had never heard of the animal "rescue" videos until now. That's bad.
  5. Maybe so. But they're making tons of money with that youtube channel. So good for them. I do hate to see them destroy some of the machines but they are theirs.
  6. slowindown


    And we’re supposed to be taking the camper to Biloxi Sunday. Crap.
  7. There is a color difference. But even with oem paint there’s probably going to be some difference, especially since your paint is 25 years old.
  8. As mentioned, rustoleum aluminum is pretty close, maybe a little shinier. The link to the can below is what I used. Lowes carries it, walmart might too. Here's a picture showing freshly painted front wheels on my 02 rancher compared to the 18 year old originally painted rears. You can spray some in a cup and use it as touch up paint too. Well its not showing the can. Here's a link to it: https://mobileimages.lowes.com/product/converted/020066/020066751586.jpg?size=pdhi
  9. I figured that when I posted. LOL But I wouldn't argue about it - don't have the passion about it. Regardless, I wouldn't buy the harbor freight 2500 lb. There's been a lot of problems with those. What size did you have?
  10. I use a set of torch tip cleaners too.
  11. I don't know about longevity. I've only used it once. But I had a venom or maybe it was a viper on my rancher for 15years (and I don't think they had been importing them from china for long when I got it) and it has held up well. I had a terra 45 on my rhino and have a 4000 lb warn on my commander and they're good too. I did have to replace some parts in the warn - the positive thing about that is that the parts were available. But for $120 if you can find a coupon or $150 if you can't, it seemed worth giving it a shot. I did make that lower shackle mount you see in the pics, in case I wanted to use a snatch block. It's in this thread:
  12. I put the winch in this link on my my foreman. $119 with a coupon I found online. https://www.harborfreight.com/3500-lb-atvpowersport-12v-winch-with-automatic-load-holding-brake-56259.html
  13. There's not a gasket on the ranchers of that vintage but I'm 99% sure there is on the foremans. I've an 06 foreman ES and it doesn't shift hard at all. While you're there, it would be a good time to grease the little gears and bearings the shift motor acts on and the clean the shift motor. There's a really good write up by retro on the subject on this forum - pretty easy when the plastic stuff is out of the way.
  14. That would be me. The Expanse is excellent.
  15. Textron also owns ezgo golf carts. I think they’ve just rebadged the bad boy as an ezgo express 4x4 with a newer body. https://ezgo.txtsv.com/personal/express-4x4
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