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  1. Thanks anyhow! I have used this site to get answers etc for my Honda wheelers. Looked around for the same type of site for the Honda dirt bikes, but they are quite different, I haven’t found one yet withe the experience and knowledge that is here. Thanks again shadetree!
  2. Any chance you have a service manual for a 2022 Honda CRF125 Big Wheel??
  3. After owning 5 different TRX wheelers through the years, I just bought a CRF125 fb dirt bike for my Grandson. Was wondering if anyone has a download available of the service manual for the bike. I will end up as the “shadetree” mechanic, trying to get ahead of the curve. Any help is appreciated
  4. Sorry guys put this in the wrong forum!
  5. I get it, looking to lock them up like my latter model rancher does! They stop the rubi, but not as fast as I would like.
  6. I am changing out the master cylinder, should have things completed in a week or so. Drum brake master cylinder did not provide stopping power I am looking for. Shadetree has suggested I swap it for a disk brake master cylinder, as he did on one of his conversions. My stock aluminum wheels were fine with my OEM conversion (so far), but will keep you posted.
  7. Yes they do, mine has stock aluminum wheels and all is fine
  8. Guys, Thought I’d share my recent conversion to front disk brakes on my 04 Rubicon. Many thanks to Jeepwm68 for his help and insight as to parts I needed. I bought the knuckles, calipers, rotors, hubs etc from a ATV salvage yard and converted the drum brakes to disk brakes. Entire job cost me just $300, with some new bearings, dust seals and a couple of lower ball joints. “New” brakes work fine, may need to change pads in future, but wanted to see how well it all worked prior to additional cash out lay. I had to re-align the bike once completed, but so far no negative issues. Entire job took me about 15-16 hours. I have attached some before and after pics. Thanks again Jeep!
  9. Just came over to the forum, at the recommendation of Jeepwm69. Look forward to chatting with all, learning and helping out if I can!
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