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  1. Im here lol! Been swamped! I replied to your PM!
  2. Welcome to the forums!
  3. I don't think much has changed the 05-20 show up as the same manual haha
  4. Can you upload to drive.google.com and send me the link, I can add to our huge stash of manuals, pm me if you need help on doing that!
  5. Lol I paid 50 bucks for that ! emblem back in the day, it confuses people in the beginning Thank you, it certainly is a blast to drive when he lets me take it for a weekend cruise!
  6. haha thanks!! its from a old train thing is HUGE, mounted it where my spare tire used to be my youtube video of my setup if interested lol
  7. Heres my baby dont think i posted it yet haha, mind you im only 30 and this is my first truck i bought in 08' so to me shes a classic, she doesnt see winter/rain trying to keep her clean lol GMT-400's are getting rare to find clean anymore. 1994 gmc k1500 , 220k miles, leaks every fluid you can think of but the body is clean LOL plus it has the loudest horn in my area. Nathan airchime k5la / graham white e-bell , 12 gallons of air and onboard air compressors 😛 clip here if interested: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBZY8ACJ5Kw/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link And heres my dads 67 camaro , 396 , 4 speed manual , gas guzzling machine
  8. She still runs! Hasn't moved since father's day weekend lol, 7563 miles!
  9. My lovely super tenere
  10. Natural Bridge was definately over 20 feet wide. I couldnt say heres my buddy standing in front of the other side, it was HUGE imo
  11. Allegheny forrest was neat driving thru, I butchered kinzua spelling I see LOL
  12. It was indeed , pretty rough on the inside it was high 70s outside and chilly inside the fog added a nice spooky effect ,🤣
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