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  1. Did the wet clutch , housing , one way bearing and slugs in the ole grizzly. I never ride the stupid thing I should have sold it LOL. She has 8300 miles and the one way bearing was shot so I just did it the right way and replaced it ALL. Only larger repair its ever needed, I could have survived without the one way bearing since it only does engine braking, but i like to maintain my stuff. And shes happy again!
  2. Im backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sorry , life got hectic
  3. It's crazy how light they are, twist the throttle and up she goes 🤣
  4. Lol me neither until recently 😂 it's Italian 🤷‍♂️
  5. Anyone ride a beta? Picked up this thing last month. Crazy light 260lbs WET and crazy fast. Little rocky start with the brand and hopefully she's reliable lol. Added radiator gaurds, softer seat, gps mount, cycra hand gaurds and deleted the massive plate holder. wanted something lighter for more technical riding and was well worth it!
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that, condolences to you and your family.
  7. The main issue we had was to turn the chute and adjust, needed to flip a aux switch above our head then the buttons actually did stuff. All a learning experience lol
  8. its simliar just all with 1 joystick, just will take some adjusting 😄 those are the controls
  9. Yea i was struggling a bit..not gonna lie. I thought it was gonna be like our zero turn mowers LOL Yea we got a 2500hd with a 6.0 the trailer is the issue now, tandem axle rated for 7k, the ! thing is over 8500 i believe, crazy she weighs that much. We tried several machines for by our mini storage units, nothing worked that good for us, plowing is a pain cause so much gets pushed close to the door and we gotta shovel out every single door. Not to fun when you got 120 or so doors haha!! Will see what gets dumped on us tonight and tomorrow.
  10. Yeah I'll be reading the manual, so many switches and buttons haha! Compared to our tractors this thing was fantastic and lifted stuff like nothing! They were supposed to deliver it when I was available so they could go over it with us, you know what they did lol they show up on a Saturday to deliver it and my dad goes why are you here? The guy goes I called you, turned out the guy called 15 minutes earlier to tell us he was on the way. Pretty apparent that once they got your money they don't give a crap about the customer anymore, pretty sad.
  11. My dad's skid steer he ordered months ago came in today. Man it's nice, I'm afraid to get it dirty lol , never driven one before so it was interesting with just a throttle pedal, all joy sticks. He got tracks, forks, bucket, snow blower, heated and air condition cab. Super nice unit, he got it to clear the snow by our mini storage units. Supposed to get 10 inches of snow this week, so kinda excited to test it out! The dealer we got it from delivered with a dead battery. Not to happy having to jump a 80k machine with 3 hours on it, will be yelling at the dealer tomorrow 😂
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