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  1. Power sports nation has several fan control boxes for an 88. around $17 if I remember correctly. I did not see any cdi boxes though. My son has an 88 300 we just got running. I had to get a couple parts from there.
  2. I may be wrong but I think I remember reading they used artic cat parts to build those.
  3. Hey now, I can BS with the best of em
  4. Lol you're a glutton for punishment. I say go with silver. But with that said I have black rims on my rancher.
  5. Lol I may be able to stop in later tonight.
  6. Welcome, great group of folks here. We'd love for you to share some of the mountain scenery with us.
  7. Ok, I have feeling it is the ignition coil. Everything checks out according to the manual. I'm waiting on a coil and rectifier from PSN. The parts were cheap enough I went on and ordered both along with a master cylinder. Appreciate the feed back. Sorry about the slight thread hijack.
  8. I have an 88 trx 300 that I'm working on with no spark. If we determine it is the CDI will the one from Ricks work? I have read differing reviews. The 88 model supposedly was a one off year. Anyone with experience with this year?
  9. I put a new needle in from the rebuild kit. It seemed like it was working properly before reassembly but that was a couple months ago and I can't remember how or if I tested it . I will look back at it later. I'll check back in when I get to it. Thanks for the help.
  10. Well I was wrong. It is not the drain that is leaking. My son just bought an 88 trx 300 2x4 last week. He took out the carb last night to clean. While it was out I swapped the drain screw from his to the 450 to see if they were the same. It is still leaking. I guess I need to tear back into that carb now. Not real sure what the problem may be. It'll have to wait til we get the wiring of this 300 redone. Previous owner hacked it up pretty good. The 300 carb appears to be an aftermarket. It looks fairly new and clean. But the drain is interchangable.
  11. What is throwing me off on the brass ones is they all say they are for a CBR. But I don't know if they use the same keihin carb bowls as the atvs.
  12. I am really not sure if they all match or not. Was hoping someone here would know. I did find a 4into1 website that looks similar to what I have but it is brass. Not sure if that would work or not.
  13. positive. Screw had some rust on the end of it from sitting up for 10 years or so. Piece of the rust broke off while I was rebuilding the carb leaving a gap where it should seat to cut off the fuel flow.
  14. Anyone have junk carb that I could get the bowl drain screw from? I tried using a dab of honda bond to seal up the one I have for a 2002 450 but it is still dripping fuel. I can find a china carb for about 40 bucks but I'd rather not go that route just to rob the screw out of it.
  15. Welcome, tons of useful info on the site here.
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