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  1. My father has been to 4 different heart doctors until he found one that would listen to him, makes you believe alot of them see patients as a cash cow it's sicking.
  2. I know what you are dealing with my father has had 2 small heart attacks and 1 mild stroke, lucky he came out of it with no issues even tho he does have congestive heart failure and has been dealing with that, He is a stubborn old man and keeps on going even with CHF.
  3. So finally got to replacing speed sensor and thank God it fixed my issue, so I thought I would give her a bath to make her pretty again. Thank you all for the help you guys are the best!!!!!!!
  4. I couldn't have nothing below 100 this my current speeds but getting 500/500 next month.
  5. Dude that's crazy I didn't have to pay to get cable bored to my house from the end of my driveway and it's like half a mile. At the time it was Verizon now frontier.
  6. I ordered some off ebay should be here around June 1 so I will keep you guys updated on how they work.
  7. I just purchased a 01 foreman 450es and already looking to added to the family, looking for something bigger and faster what would you guys recommend?
  8. tested with a drill, and nothing still reads 0 i was thinking maybe a broken wire but it happened when i was just going down my driveway, so it's time to just order a speed senor.
  9. Didn't even think of trying that will have to do it tomorrow to late tonight. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Looked in the hole can't see nothing so I think it's time to dump 120 on a new speed sensor 😞
  11. Yah everytime she uses it I don't notice a difference so atleast what I paid for it I can finally use it to fix something..lol
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