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  1. You would need to buy a heat stable magnet. Thatsbwhybi just bought a tusk magnetic engine bolt. It had a heat stable magnet.
  2. Id still prefer the filler cap method over the magnet on the bolt. More direct pulling power to filter it out. With how that stuff is epoxied and RTV'd in there.... i don't think its ever coming out unless sim digging it out with a screw driver and a hammer.... The magnet on the external side of the bolt might be a good addition though.
  3. Deffenetly a different method.
  4. I think hes more referring to being skeptical on the home made aspect of the magnetic filler cap, compared to company produced magnetic drain bolts for other types of vehicles
  5. The TRX 300 cannot accommodate a magnetic drain bolt so the only option you have is to do something with the filler cap. I'm not worried about the magnet coming loose given how overkill I went with both the a poxy and doubling it up with RTV green. If it's gonna come out it's coming out only because I trashed the differential somehow with direct impact, and even then I think it (the diff housing) would crack first.
  6. Yep, agree. Ment to help catch normal wear fragments, not to replace you having teeth on your gears 😛 Thats what happens when you (the PO) runs it without more than like.... 3oz of oil in the diff. I was just younger, a novice to ATV's and my dad really didnt teach me ! about mechanics, so i bought it without checking the diffs, I just make sure it started, had oil, and drove around (shifted properly. The only thing propelling Scar at that point was the front diff. That rear rebuild was a pain...
  7. That rear diff still looks better than Scar's when I got her. Whole thing was pure metal shavings form the teeth grinding against each other from no oil in there. Was a silver paste basically. but ya... PO did not treat Scar well.
  8. Id rather have it and catch what It can, than not have it and have it floating around and being caught in my bearings, leading to pre-mature wear. I wont plan on doing "flushes" any time soon given both my front and rear have now been taken apart (rear rebuilt, front for washer mod), and I don't plan on flushing it with brake cleaner.
  9. Gl. The rear is a b_i__ch, hope the longer bolt reccomendation w/ washers helps, but the front is easy.
  10. I'd say anything under 2 inches would be a no go for a kit like this. You'd run into issues of the bolts not having enough clearance without drilling out or modifying the oem frame. It's a 2" kit like this to keep original parts, or you'd be doing shock mods tonget the height you desire. I highly reccomend watching the video, it will show you better than I can explain in words.
  11. Yes, youra looks identicle to mine with the exception of those huge washers. The video will explain how to install the kit. I did not re-anign my steering, but I need to anyway just due to age and OP lack of maintanance.
  12. Here ya go bud. Pictures are @_Wilson_™ Engine magnetic drain plug: Diff oil fill caps:
  13. I made a tutorial on how to make these here: @_Wilson_™ if you want to share your photos' there go for it.
  14. Well the 2" kit i got allows everything stock to be used. Follow my vid, and hopefully yours assembles the same.
  15. Hey guys! Here is a quick tutorial on how to make magnetic differential oil fill caps for your TRX300FW. The purpose of the mod is, as your differential gears wear down, instead of letting the metal fragments float about, it will allow them to be captured by the magnet. This removes them from the oil, and prevents accelerated wear from the fragments being washed into your gears and bearings. Parts: Magnets epoxy (non-magnetic) epoxy (magnetic (optional)) gear oil resistant gasket maker (Honda bond or Permatex RTV green) Degreaser Here is my video explaining how I made mine: Hope it helps you all out! I was researching this topic, and only saw limited discussion (mostly hear say) on doing this. So i bit the bullet, made one, tested it, and here we are🙂 If it helped make sure to drop a thumbs up on the video or heart the post (or both)! Note: I accept no responsibility if you damage your stuff (or self) trying to replicate (or use) this mod. Do it at your own risk.
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