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  1. Well I got the Petcock valve changed out and tank back installed and ran it for a while, it ran rough but after adjusting the carb a bit it is running much better. Still too early to claim success but I've ridden it twice and it's running pretty good!! Thanks to all that have helped me with this issue! Next task is removing rust from Rims and replacing weather cracked / dry cracked original tires!
  2. I ran 4 wheeler this morning after church! It ran good as long as riding slow but if picked up speed to 25 or so it went back to cutting out. Just not getting enough fuel! I took fuel tank off and cleaned it and removed petcock valve , which the screen was coming apart and ordered a new one. I also removed the fuel gauge and cleaned it! the tank had a little crud in it but wasn’t bad. The new carb has a small filter in line so I’m hoping no trash got to new carb. Once I get new petcock valve installed I’ll know if carb has to be cleaned!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! I still have the old original factory carb that I may get rebuilt!!
  3. Thanks for information, it’s rained 3.5” today in Arkansas but I plan on doing some more riding and checking things tomorrow if the rain stops. I’m hoping I can get it back going dependable again. It hasn’t been rode much but been sitting in the elements at a deer camp. He only rode it during turkey and deer season. It may be in the peacock valve cause it runs better on Reserve than turned to on.
  4. I ran it a while this morning and it ran fine, looked like fuel flow is ok. Thanks for everyone’s input, if problem persists I will probably replace carb with an OEM carb.
  5. The first carb I installed was a cheap carb about 65 bucks then the shop guys installed another one that was about a hundred so I figure it was a China one as well. It idles and runs great for a bit. Since I tightened plug I’ve ran it with fuel cap off for about 10 minutes or so and it’s ran fine. I’ll do some more testing tomorrow. thanks
  6. Thanks guys , that’ll give me some things to look at! Appreciate your input.
  7. Well I checked vent hose first and blew it out! It ram perfect for about a hour or so then had same issues. Went home and let it cool off and checked spark plug next. Plug was not tight, I removed it and it wasn’t black but whitish which is good I think. I did tighten it a little more and took a short ride and no issues but didn’t ride it long enough to know for sure. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks for your input.
  8. Thanks , I’ll check the plug and vent hose tomorrow.
  9. I recently got my brothers old Honda after he passed and it had been sitting outside at deer camp for years. It hadn’t ran in several years. I am try to get it back to going. I got it home, new battery and carb and air filter. Cleaned out gas tank and got it to run but wouldn’t shift with ES. I also had Akatv repair my speedometer or rather build me one and he did a great job. I put machine in shop and they replaced carburetor again and worked on shifting issue. Still didn’t get it to shift in reverse. But when I brought it home it runs good for 5 minutes or so then goes to sputtering and trying to backfire then dies. Will recrank and run normal for a few minutes then repeats issue. Been back to shop but got it back home today and still have same issues. Any suggestions on what to do? Frustrated but not giving up.
  10. I have a 99 foreman 450 es , display is out can you look at and repair. Looked for a new one but can't find one. Please send contact info and I will send you a message and any info needed. Thanks Salineriverman
  11. Thanks for info!! I'll try and reach him?
  12. New to forum. Just acquired 99 foreman 450 es that has been setting outside at deer camp and hasn't run in 8 years or so. I cleaned gas tank put on new carb and battery and got it running. Speedometer readout is gone and ES won't work. Need new speedometer assembly. Was my brother's old 4 wheeler and want to get back running right. He only used it during deer season low mileage but elements did a number on it. Any help on finding a speedometer assembly would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Good afternoon , AKATV are you still repairing speedometer boards for 99 Honda 450 es? If so please message me with contact info. Thanks Salineriverman
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