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  1. I put a synthetic rope on my last winch and had binding issues were the rope would slip in between itself. Used it a few times and went back to the steel cable. It is safe though as I am not a fan of being poked with frayed wire.
  2. So far so good, I'll get out on the trails soon and give them a good test.
  3. Yah especially for 26s, I saw these and they looked like the dirt devils my gramps used to have on his old fourtrax 300 and I loved those.
  4. So I just wanted to do a review on these tires. I did just get them mounted and have only a few miles on them but have riden on road, loose rocks, wet fields and over the tire mud holes. I picked these up from ChapMoto for $245 shipped. They are 26x8-12 26x11-12. The tread pattern is very similar to the Dirt Devil, 3/4" deep and 6ply. So far they ride really well on paved roads, a little quieter than the 20 year old tired they replaced. They go really good in the mud blasting through it easily, not huge soupy snorkel mud some of you like but deep enough. I will update the more miles I put on them. I wanted to buy American but most were out of my budget or out of stock. But this is also the reason for my review, I know people have heard or have seen china tires give out or under perform. Oh and the wheels are Quadboss steelies.
  5. Just spent the day taking down a 20x32 above ground pool so I am too tired to read the whole thread haha. Yes I did figure out me electrical issue for shifting. It ended up being the large fuse right off the battery, it would get hot, expand and not work. I replaced the fuse and it has been shifting great since. Currently sitting on jackstands due to a flat but still shifts haha.
  6. Been working a lot so it's hard to catch up haha. Only get on for a few minutes here and there.
  7. So did you get the parts you needed installed and how is it shifting for you?
  8. My new wheels came in. Just waiting on tires.
  9. I dont think I mentioned it before, or I could have, I don't remember to much haha.
  10. @_Wilson_™, yah if i remember correctly it wasn't in very tight. I do need to double check the gap in the new one I put in.
  11. Update. Bike is running and shifting great. I have plowed with it a few times and have been out in the fields in the snow. When it has been really cold out it will shift a little slow but shifts fine when warmed up. Again thanks for every ones help.
  12. It really is though, I posted on a different forum before I joined this one and I yet to get a response, and that was a few months ago at this point
  13. If its the rudder stuff you see in office buildings I used that on my old Golf as an extended lip on my front bumper, worked and looked good.
  14. Good to know, I definitely have the hall type sensor
  15. Are you saying they replaces the old style with the Hall Effect on 2014 and newer machines or that the new replacement parts are now all hall effect. Because he has a 2002
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