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  1. Back again. Finally got the front cover off. So far the gearshift spindle arm appears to be broken and the clutch lever was worn down. I'm buying a atv/motorcycle lift this weekend so I'll be able to get it in the air and get a better look to see if anything else has been damaged or broken
  2. So I forgot to mention, it says its in first gear but I can roll the fourwheel back and forth, as much as the terrain allows. I did jump my shift motor to see if for whatever reason I could get it into neutral, and it does move the manual shaft back and forth. I am going to try and push it into the garage and get it apart.
  3. @Fishfiles that's what I'm thinking because there wasnt a loud sound, just a gentle letting go of something. I do not have much experience taking these thing apart thats why i like to turn you this place. Unfortunately the wheeler is still in the snow with a plow on it haha.
  4. Hows it going everyone, it's been awhile since I've been on here hope all has been well. Been busy with life, kids, work and school. So alittle reminder, my 2000 Foreman 450 ES had the typical issues shifting, got it figured out. It started having intermittent no shifting issues when it would get wet. I changed out the angle sensor with an old one again cleaned connectors sealed them and finally it stopped shifting all together even with a brand new OE angle sensor. So now to the current issue. I haven't driven it but it was warm, 40, so I wanted to clean up my driveway from when it was plowed. Anyways long story short I was manually shifting it, mind you not hard just normal, when something let go inside when I shifted it into first from neutral. Now the manual shifter moves freely but I can hear, what I would say is the gears or the shift motor moving. Not a bad grinding sound but smooth if that makes sense like if you take a RC car and move the wheels manually. Now looking at the manual shift spindle, you have the flat of the hex. I can move it from the 12 o clock to the 1 o clock before it stops and then back again. Alittle long winded but trying to give as much info as I can. Thank you guys
  5. @LeisureSuit if you have any accesories like a winch, make sure they are wired correctly as well. I found that after I replaced my winch and wired it correctly it helped out with the shifting issues. There is a really good write up within this forum on how to properly clean and waterproof your connections on the foremans. Follow that as well. I have not been on here in quite some time so I can not recall who wrote it but hopefully someone will read this and point you in the right direction. I hope you get the issue resolved.
  6. welcome to the forums, tons of helpful members on here.
  7. I'll tell you it's never a dull day with this machine. It hits me hard to when the shifting issues happen cause this darn thing runs fricken great, it really does, and now that I have the new wheels and tires on it, it's a fricken tank. I'll keep fixing things as they arise and keep bugging you guys for help.
  8. Ok so a quick update so if anyone else, and I know there will be, runs into this situation. So fourwheeler is shifting fine again and this is what I did. I hopped on it turned it on and nothing, ok whatever I'll figure it out later, out new motors in my son's JD Gator powerwheels and he was having a ball, this is relevant, driving around at Mach 10 with the drill batteries previously installed. So he's driving around and it quits working, he upset cause he's been looking forward to these new motors and gears, again relevancy is all building up, so I take a look and can't figure it out. I get mad, here's where it all ties together for how the fourwheel started working, look at the gator not working, mower with two flats and a bent blade, and I look at my Foreman and say, " I am over your !, I've tried ! everything I'm done and I'm ! selling you tomorrow". The next day it started shifting. So that's how I got it to work again. I hope that helps someone figure out there won shifting issue Oh and here's a picture of my mower blade
  9. @retro I'm thinking I might need to. I was also adjusting the idle the other day before I washed it and I have read the it won't shift if it's idling to high. I don't feel it idles high but I am going to bring it down and see what happens.
  10. @Fishfiles it really is a slap in the face. I love this machine, it drives great, ride not so much but thats what you get for a 20 year old machine haha, I just put a new winch on it, New wheels and tires. I am going to go through the shift motor and see if it shifts when hooked to 12v and try one of my other sensors but I have thought of the bypass before, it's only $89 for my Foreman. I do appreciate everyone's help.
  11. So I blew out the switches, shift motor, though the wire holes and my sensors. Turned it on and it shifted, so I shut it off pull the sensor out and put some silicon around it and sealed of what I could. Took the kids out down the road and in the dry field no mud, just putted around shifted every gear up and down just fine. Parked it for maybe five minutes started it up and not shifting again. I'm at a lose right now and getting upset. I guess I'll pull everything off and check it at this point
  12. @retro I have been thinking about the switches in the handlebars as well, when I get back from our little family vacation I'm going to soak the angle sensors and check the switches. I did not take those apart during my first round of cleaning and greasing.
  13. I know I can't bring up codes on mine but I'll check the manual. @Fishfiles yah I don't thing it's think enough either. I'll find a use for it somewhere
  14. Does the 2000 model have that? I know the 02 and up has a reset to do. I disconnect the battery when I change them out.
  15. @retro I'll have to try that, I went tried three sensors, the one that was on it when I bought it, the one from Amazon and the one I bought from Honda, and it still won't shift.
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