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  1. I love the amount of insight in this forum as a whole.
  2. I didn't even think about the pelican boxes, thanks
  3. @WonderMonkey while you are at it I would also recommended going through EVERY connection on your machine, I used QD Electronic Cleaner to clean them and then the dielectric grease.
  4. Holy notifications haha. So I am looking for something better than stock and enough to get me through the mud if I need. There is a variety if terrain up here. I do not go looking for mud but some places its hard to get around. These Sunf are $289 shipped and they have 1.5" lug. Also I probably won't ride a ton with my new job and kids, eventhough my 3 yr old loves going out with me.
  5. When I would turn left the wheeler would die. When I took the front plastics off I found one of the zip ties I used to bundle my winch wire together was to tight and it was pulling on the choke cable
  6. Has anybody heard of these or used them. They are Sunf a050.
  7. @Fishfiles no thats a combination of water from melting snow and where I was turning my Foreman back and forth figuring out the issue when it would die as I turned it.
  8. Yes it is haha, and the lights are bluetooth speakers
  9. What does everyone like to use for rear storage? I was thinking about buying a heavy duty storage tote like the Plano Sportsman tote.
  10. Figured I would add some better pictures.
  11. UPDATE So I took the front plastics off and found a zip tie a bit to tight which was pulling on the choke cable when I would turn. Took the tie off and no more stalling. I reconnected my winch to the battery and took it for a ride and it is shifting great. So I dpnt believe it was the winch just a coincidence. Thanks again everyone for the help.
  12. I know I'm getting off topic with tires but how do those ride?
  13. Yah ill have to read through it again. I want something more aggressive than stock for all terrain riding but can get in the mud if need be
  14. I have always heard good things about Rotella
  15. Yah now I can get some new tires for it
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