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  1. It looks like the same jug casting as my XR650L or maybe the earlier 600. If you zoom in, you can see it. Great nostalgic childhood pictures.
  2. Not sure if this is too late but you could look up the part number of your jet, then find a different atv that takes the same jet part number. After that, find the extended pilot jet for the other machine & use it on yours (since the part numbers would be the same). Or you could modify the current jet with some epoxy glue and a little extender.
  3. I like guys "who limp and don't let the government tell them what to do". They have the best stories by far.
  4. No plans with it really, just enjoying it for now. Did you want it?
  5. Just got back from riding the Big Red in Sam Houston Ntl Forest. Kind of a rough riding, unforgiving bike to be honest. It's not suited for recreational use compared to a 4 wheeler. Anyway, kind of fun to go out in the woods, but just don't expect much out of it thrill wise. Lot's of questions and somebody offered to buy it, again.
  6. Ouch, sorry to hear that. Wasn't trying to be synical, but the ones I drove as a kid were 90-110cc. I'm just comparing it to the Can-Am's we used to have; those were monsters! And they could go well over 70 mph.
  7. Good catch, I'll fix the boot, again. The clunk is only when the fork rebounds all the way up. It's a pronounced metallic clunk. It does pull moderately hard to the left when I'm on the street if that helps. Also, I can't tell if the danger warnings are serious or not. This thing is like a slug compared to my 4 wheeler. Even if it does go fast, I'm not sure it's designed for more than just putting around. Not a whole lot to work on with this bike, but I'll start looking for something else to fix.
  8. Got it going after I looked at it again. The throttle cable was too tight & pulling the slide up. Running like a champ now. I don't see any rust on the bike and everything looks original. I bought it from the second owner, who bought it 3 years ago from the original owners kids after he died. It sat in his garage except for a few rides he said. There is no hi/lo gear transfer case, just a super low (SL) gear, then 1-5th with reverse. No fuel filter either, so I'll go get one Tuesday morning. The carb was nasty and had muddy fuel in it, probably a rust and fuel slurry. 2 of the 4 jets were very hard to open/clean. I ended up soaking them & using a copper bristle. There seems to be a clunk in the front end when the suspension is unloaded. Maybe steering head bearings or forks. Don't know for sure. It also pulls to the left on the road. I checked the tire pressure and all tires are 5.5 psi, but the sticker says 2.2 psi, so I'll change that tomorrow.
  9. A few months ago I restored a 1985 Honda 200X, but realized it was too small for me, so I sold it. I started looking for a non running Big Red. I just picked up a nicely kept 1985 Honda Big Red. The bike wouldn't start or stay running, even with the choke on, so I bought it, cleaned the carb jets, replaced the fuel and it fired right up. Super easy compared to the previous one. The idle is high now, so I'll look again to see what I'd messed up. Anyway, here's the new one. Edit: Hey, if anyone lives near West Houston/Katy & would like to make a couple of bucks, hit me up. There are a couple of things I'm not certain about & would appreciate the help. This one is more complex than my 200X was.
  10. I put about 25 hours on the bike since the rebuild & it's running flawlessly. Well, maybe a little flat spot early on the power curve and the shocks aren't set up for 225# people. The motor oil came out clean all 3 times also. I just smile the whole time I'm riding it and not because it can outperform my atvs or dirt bikes, but because it's soooo ridiculous to drive. Anyway, somebody offered me a lot of money for it, so I just sold it. It's really kind of dangerous anyway; I kept running over my legs & that solid rear axle was not very stable on bumps. I'll be looking for another project for the Houston winter, so any ideas would be cool. I appreciate everybody's help with this project & will keep in touch.
  11. Oh yeah; probably 2-3x over the next 10-15 hours. I got almost 1 hour today, but with the tropical storm hitting us, it's been difficult to ride. I think the right front fork seal is blown, so that'll be next. The bike also sinks when I ride it (225#), so maybe stiffer shocks next. I'm actually picking up another project tomorrow, so the work will slow down a little. It's really a fun little bike though & I've always liked smaller engines since they're easier to rip around on.
  12. Just installed a Shindy carb rebuild kit; runs like new. The main jet was longer than the stock Keihin one and the needle set jet was stuck, so I couldn't replace it with a new one. It did not come with a needle jet holder either. I had a 108 & 110, and used the 108 jet per the manual. I'm at 115', so I was thinking to just use the larger one if I go into it again. The break in process will be cumbersome, especially since the hurricane is hitting us today. I'll post some pictures in a few days. Just got back from Mena, Arkansas for some atv riding; dang those guys are nuts. They know how to have fun though.
  13. I think the slide only goes in one way; but the bevel is towards the back not.
  14. I'm not off work again until Thursday, So I'll try that then. I'm taking an atv trip Friday to Mena, Arkansas; anybody live near there want to ride that weekend?
  15. Well, I took it on it's madden voyage tonight & it's doing the same thing as before the rebuild, minus the smoke screen. Starts up after 2-3 kicks, idles & revs fine, goes thru all the gears well, but if the engine revs up past 1/4 speed, it stutters and doesn't rev up. Could this be a timing issue, fueling issue, spark? It really runs and starts up fine, but will not rev while in gear driving around. It will rev okay in neutral, but I didn't really push it too hard. I really hate to take it somewhere too. Edit: Pulling the choke kills it right away.
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