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  1. Can't have cows; President Biden suggests we eat less red meat to reduce the methane cows emit. I guess methane depletes the ozone layer? He recommends we eat "about 4 pounds a year".
  2. Oh yes, the bodies are quite thick, anodized gray and considerably larger than the steel models. The wheel adjustment did seem like a poor design, but It was steel. I never washed the underside of my mower; I like to keep things dry & dirt isn't corrosive. My Snapper had a single lever to adjust the height, which is what I liked when I bought it at Sears in 2008. It was identical to the John Deere mowers, other than the color. I'll take another look at it, but if it doesn't function better than my Snapper, I won't get it. Don't like being a test dummy. Oh, and Home Depot is really pushing Ryobi battery mowers; maybe 60% were electric now. Wonder if they own Ryobi now?
  3. Anyone have any experience with the Toro Aluminum decked mowers? My Snapper 21" is over 12 years old and still works great with the 6.75 B&S engine, but last year I installed a 1 size smaller belt and damaged the driveline by putting too much tension on the levers and such. Parts would be almost $150, which is fine, but I parked it outside one year & a lot of the bolts have corroded to the point of sockets not fitting properly and I don't think it would go back together without a tap & dye set. It's $500 at HD, but it's a 22" with a 7.25 B&S engine.
  4. I know this isn't an ATV, but, I just picked up a new 2021 Honda XR650L to replace my 2014 model, which replaced my 2003 model, which replaced my 1980's XR250L from high school. They're were exactly the same as the 2021, except for the "Bold new graphics". All the cool kids are buying KTM or Husky 70hp bikes, but I love the wide ratio 5 speed transmission, air cooled and carbureted engine, super tall 350# dirt bike. There was actually a 7 week waiting period and I paid near full MSRP and drove 6 hours 1 way for this machine that hasn't been changed since 1993. Crazy times I guess. Also, I may be going to Lake City, Colorado for an atv trip in a few days if anybody wants to meet up on the Alpine Loop system.
  5. Don't know the working load; it's not listed. But they're made in California by PowerTye. I think I'm going to use rubber covered steel cable/chain through the front wheels and these adjustable soft straps for the rear wheels. I'll post pictures when I get a chance to complete the project.
  6. Just picked up an Aluma 54"x8' trailer, primarily for my atvs and bikes. I had a Kendon trailer for a couple of years, but I think a compact utility trailer would suite my needs better. Anyway, since it's compact I have to be creative on how to secure my 4 wheeler. What is the consensus on this type of tie down system? The straps are 4'x2" cam style PowerTye brand (USA). I'm leaving the atv on the trailer permanently, and I can easily lift the coupler and move the trailer around. I would move the weight forward while trailering to provide additional tongue weight.
  7. Well, the Garmin 700i worked out very well for wide open roads and off road trails, but it isn't useful for detailed city driving due to the lack of voice commands. I used it to drive from Houston to Santa Fe, NM this week & it navigated fine and would recalculate when I'd deviate from the planed route. One problem with it though is when I planed my route there, it would guide me on the service road sometimes instead of the freeway. That's a result of planning routes on Google My Maps or the device itself. Setting waypoints is a little cumbersome with all Garmin devices. Photos of the top of Elk Mountain as I was walking in the clouds. It's freezing cold and you can feel the electricity on your arm hair. Really scary!
  8. Dang, I just bought and installed a Garmin Montana 700i, but I should have gotten yours. No OHV trails on this device as advertised. It's fine for route planning, but not very GPS'ish if you want to find a local Starbucks. How did you mount yours? I bought 2 mounts so I can use the devise between my dirt bike & atv and also use it as a hand held unit my Toyota SUV.
  9. My Honda XR650L ticks at start up for about 20 seconds. It's a dry sump oiling system. I think it's the oil filter spring ticking until enough pressure.
  10. Just an update on this 3 wheeler. Every time I rode the Honda Big Red, people would stop me to ask about it being "outlawed" or illegal, or they had childhood memories they wanted to share. I was always polite and listened to their stories of nostalgia. Anyway, I was riding in Sam Houston National Forest yesterday and somebody offered me $5,000 for it, so it's gone. Anyway, time for a new corona boredom project. Maybe a couple of mopeds to double our pleasure, double our fun?
  11. What's wrong with O'Rileys? Other than being a little bit expensive.
  12. It looks like the same jug casting as my XR650L or maybe the earlier 600. If you zoom in, you can see it. Great nostalgic childhood pictures.
  13. Not sure if this is too late but you could look up the part number of your jet, then find a different atv that takes the same jet part number. After that, find the extended pilot jet for the other machine & use it on yours (since the part numbers would be the same). Or you could modify the current jet with some epoxy glue and a little extender.
  14. I like guys "who limp and don't let the government tell them what to do". They have the best stories by far.
  15. No plans with it really, just enjoying it for now. Did you want it?
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