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  1. Just picked up a 1986 Honda TRX250, but I'm not sure if it's a fourtrax, recon, or other. Anyway, I'm going through it over the next couple of days, but everything seems to be reasonable.
  2. It is now. It had literally 1/2 - 1" of dust on it from sitting. It's still has limestone dust in every crevice. At least the fuel petcock was off.
  3. Just picked up a bike from West Texas last week that wasn't running and covered in 1" of Odessa, TX white dust. It was from a farm in Colorado & the original owner died, so the kids sold the ranch with 2 barns full of agriculture equipment to a family West Texas (I'm trying to get a vintage snow mobile from the same family, but they want too much for it). The Texas family didn't want it, so I grabbed it up and got it clean and running. Anyway, it's an '85 250SX in all original condition. It hasn't ever been touched it looks like. Came with the sales receipt for $2565 and 1985 title. Runs perfect after fluids, carb, valves, plug, clutch adjustment...just a couple of days worth of work really.
  4. He’s reaching for a big red soda
  5. It's for when there's several owners of the land. Each one will provide their own lock & key. I asked one of them why they don't just make a bunch of key copies and use 1 lock; I think it confused him.
  6. This one took a few hours to get running. 1985 Honda ATC 125M for $1,000. I had to make a silly air filter out of microfiber cloth, which is probably giving me a rich condition, so I had to screw in the fuel/air screw all the way in to get the fastest idle speed. Would this cause the idle to stay high temporarily after giving it gas? This bike was designed for grown men, and it's smaller than my daughters Suzuki 90 atv. Anyway, I may restore this one as well since it's all there.
  7. He wants $800, but I think he would drop the price if I asked. I'm just planning on pay full price though since it seems fair.
  8. This may be the next one. I think it's super small with a 200cc engine, manual clutch, 5 speed and no suspension. My knees will be in between my elbows on this ridiculous thing if I get it. Like ATC4ever said, it's just a KLT200 with "camo" stickers on it. Plus, I think it's fun to take road trips & meet new people.
  9. Flipped it after I got it running; made a quick $1,400. Nasty carb, stinky fuel, black oil in engine & rear diff, rotten spark plug & ground connections were no good, mud & dirt everywhere, including the airbox, smoked a lot after a few minutes of running, all the plastics were damaged. Not a good keeper at all, unless you do a full restoration. I was looking at a Kawasaki Duckster last month; it's still available too!
  10. Well, I found and bought another Honda Big Red. This one was not running at all, and it was making a weird noise after the starter turned. Guy had it in storage for a while & I think he used it as a submarine on the San Jacinto River near Houston. Anyway, There was mud in the airbox (and everywhere else), but it came with a bunch of extra stuff. I'll try getting it running soon but the heat index is over 100*, so I'll probably do a little at a time or try to flip it.
  11. I'm just keeping my Snapper mower. You can't beat the single lever adjustment since I need to raise and lower it twice per use. Also, the Briggs engine is top notch. So, I just spent $40 to get it up to speed. Should last a few more years easily. My step father was laughing at me for changing the engine oil, air filter, spark plug, drive belt and blade. He takes pride in the fact that he never does any maintenance to his riding mower and it's never given him issues. I guess the never change oil thing is marketed towards people like that.
  12. Can't have cows; President Biden suggests we eat less red meat to reduce the methane cows emit. I guess methane depletes the ozone layer? He recommends we eat "about 4 pounds a year".
  13. Oh yes, the bodies are quite thick, anodized gray and considerably larger than the steel models. The wheel adjustment did seem like a poor design, but It was steel. I never washed the underside of my mower; I like to keep things dry & dirt isn't corrosive. My Snapper had a single lever to adjust the height, which is what I liked when I bought it at Sears in 2008. It was identical to the John Deere mowers, other than the color. I'll take another look at it, but if it doesn't function better than my Snapper, I won't get it. Don't like being a test dummy. Oh, and Home Depot is really pushing Ryobi battery mowers; maybe 60% were electric now. Wonder if they own Ryobi now?
  14. Anyone have any experience with the Toro Aluminum decked mowers? My Snapper 21" is over 12 years old and still works great with the 6.75 B&S engine, but last year I installed a 1 size smaller belt and damaged the driveline by putting too much tension on the levers and such. Parts would be almost $150, which is fine, but I parked it outside one year & a lot of the bolts have corroded to the point of sockets not fitting properly and I don't think it would go back together without a tap & dye set. It's $500 at HD, but it's a 22" with a 7.25 B&S engine.
  15. I know this isn't an ATV, but, I just picked up a new 2021 Honda XR650L to replace my 2014 model, which replaced my 2003 model, which replaced my 1980's XR250L from high school. They're were exactly the same as the 2021, except for the "Bold new graphics". All the cool kids are buying KTM or Husky 70hp bikes, but I love the wide ratio 5 speed transmission, air cooled and carbureted engine, super tall 350# dirt bike. There was actually a 7 week waiting period and I paid near full MSRP and drove 6 hours 1 way for this machine that hasn't been changed since 1993. Crazy times I guess. Also, I may be going to Lake City, Colorado for an atv trip in a few days if anybody wants to meet up on the Alpine Loop system.
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