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  1. Sorry for the late reply, biggest issue is I’m working outta town currently. Otherwise I’d be willing to sell them, just gonna be out of pocket for a bit unfortunately.
  2. In my opinion, the best way to mitigate sag in your case is to pull a wagon/small trailer behind it. You can adjust the rear shock but it’s gonna ride more stiff…specifically in the scenario afterwards (when there’s no feed on the back), gonna buck you around a little more, but best way to do these things is trial and error. Multiple people can have multiple opinions.
  3. Also, as mentioned originally, I’m still going to convert them to disc brakes most definitely. I had a limited amount of money to put in it, to get it running etc. As of right now I have a small Round #2 list of things I want,so far will be the heated grips, heated seat element, Xenon white/blue headlight bulbs, the disc brake conversion, Possibly debating on handlebar risers-maybe aftermarket aluminum bars that I found that are almost identical to the factory Honda handlebar bend.
  4. I bought cheap brand brake pads awhile back when I was doing all the maintenance. They never worked phenomal in the past, but more specifically cuz they’ve never worked perfectly since the day I bought it, always had a drag to them. I’ve never bothered with em in the past, and wrote them off as being ruined from the typical water damage. Given the age, and me not being the original owner, most people treat these things like boats 99% of the time. I was very confident they were ruined by water... and I really wasn’t expecting what I found. Just thought I’d share.
  5. Well fair enough...you and nobody else mentioned this “old known news” to the guy who told you to stay away from China parts...and this post isnt old, only from April....kinda hard to conclude you or anyone else would have already known...just saying.🤷‍♂️ Wasn’t trying to insult anybodies intelligence! .
  6. Not trying to stray off subject...BUT...I bought an “Oem” Honda TRX90 thumb lever a few years back when I noticed something very peculiar....I’d assume they wanted to cut costs in places they could, I imagine Honda has a “quality control” measure in place...but thought I’d share.
  7. My Elka’s delivered much earlier than I was quoted. Can’t wait to see how these perform.
  8. The wife and I have a couple of play pretty Yamaha’s. Ive owned a 2005 Yfz450 since it was brand new in late 2004, after the wife and I been together for a few years, decided to fix it up for her to have a nice wheeler to ride with me on. She picked out the pink and purple accessories to personalize it how she wanted etc. The black Banshee is mine, and the white banshee is my brothers. The last couple of years we’ve been making yearly trips to little Sahara sand dunes in Oklahoma for vacation. So that’s where the dune pics were taken.
  9. I’m not sure which Honda 250 you have, is it a 250X? If so, a 300ex shock will probably work.
  10. That will be a fun project! Good luck with the build.
  11. Both of these are awesome suggestions I’ve never even heard of, thanks!
  12. I’ve owned the 86 ATC since 2003 and Trx since 2009. Started redoing my trike a handful of years back, and never finished, just need to pick back up where I left off. TRX was an 86, and now it is a big mix of years mashed together. It was also a slow transitioning build over time as well. 310big bore,high compression dome setup for race fuel, and a ton more, a long lengthy list of parts and mods not worth typing. Last pics are the oldest ones I I have of what they looked like in early 2009. Thanks for looking.
  13. This is my 2002 Rancher. Bought it in 2012, and sold it to a family member in 2016. Story is it hasnt been ridden since 2017. Ended up buying it back a couple weeks ago. Pretty much been doing a whole 9 yards service job + a few extras. It needs a soapy rag and a water hose, it’s still filthy. The coolest parts I’ve purchased for it is new oem Rubicon deluxe tires and rims & all new Stage 2 Elka shock for front and rear. (*still waiting for elka to finish building them*) Also I sent my speedometer screen out to get refurbished last week.(Started fading out years ago.) The last mods I’ll be doing will be doing later will be disc brakes, new Hondaline heated handgrips(offered accessory for the newer models), and a seat heater kit for working in the colder months. Goal is to be better than it was new when I’m finished. Really wanted a brand new machine, but ended up buying my old one back. Since I didn’t buy new 2022 model, wanted to give this older carb model a few new modern/updated touches with certain things a 20year old machine didnt have...(better shocks/ disc brakes/modern tires n wheels)all while keeping it relatively still oem looking.
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