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2004 Rancher 350 rear shock length adjustment question

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I recently replaced the rear shock on my '04 Rancher ES, but after fitting a cargo rack on the back it's sagging a bit more than I'd like. Then you add add work gear occasionally, and various 50 lbs. sacks on feed as needed, this sags a LOT. So I know I need to adjust the spring but my question is, will adjusting the length alone be sufficient? I'm afraid making it longer will allow less tension in the spring itself, thereby allowing it continue to sag. Or am I overthinking this?


Obviously when you put 300 lbs. deer corn on the back it's gonna sag, but I'd like to mitigate some of that if I could.


I'm open to and all suggestions, so any advice or recommendations y'all can throw my way are appreciated.

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