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    • Why ? Wi-if is the only one not hack proof ..... and it's posted all over the web.......anyone n there mother knows or could easily learn about it....if it's big deal... Move the thread it to the restrict staf area.... thank you jeep.... dect technology is one I'm looking into... it's way more secure... I'm looking at building my own setup... but as for video...dect (I don't think is compatible) and  wi-if is a no go... it's not secure at all.....you'd be shocked at how many people think using a wi-if cinection your a smart phone is the way to go....its most certainly not secure.... not even close from My research... closed circuit is best....but I'm not going that route... Certain baby monitors that are audio only (top consumer pick) is strictly dect audio only....NO wi-fi.... 
    • Tilled the garden a few days ago, me and the tiller got a good workout ground was hard till I got down about 6" worked the dirt good & loose, made 8- 25' rows.  Today I planted seeds 3- rows of turnip & 3- rows of rutabaga hope they come up. I plan to plant an onion set 2- rows.Then will have to clean out the peas and get that tilled and worked. 4- 17' rows plan on 2- rows of cabbage, 1- row of carrot & 1-row of radish. Maybe I can go catfishing next week running low need to stock freezer for winter.
    • A few of the bad boys of music   
    • Did you adjust the valves ? >>>  I do believe that 350 has 4 valves , double trouble --- Were you on the correct stroke when you adjusted them ?    Did that manual down load for you ? 
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