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Rancher, Recon, Foreman, Fourtrax, Rubicon, Rincon, TRX300

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    • Patterned my Mossberg today at 50 yards—Longbeard XR Turkey choke using Longbeard XR 12 gauge 3 inch 5 shot. The 3.5 inch pattern is tighter.
    • yep...the rifles cycle them just fine and I can even shoot without cans on my head if I want to. As for accuracy at distance..not a noticeable difference..bottom line, short rifles, small rounds, it's what it is...which is  a ton of fun inside 50yards.
    • Thanks from Montana,  My old boss took Steve Hanson from the Buffalo Bills and Bud the safety guy and some green bag Packers , some guys I'd worked with and myself to Montana snowmobiling.   We had a blast. Beautiful place.
    • I actually bypassed it by taking a cold reading & then putting a resistor in that matched that, so the ECU would think its always running cold, giving me a richer mix. It had a little more noticeable power.. But not neck snapping.... Anyway... way cheaper than buying a new one or a kit. Ran it for 2 years before selling it.
    • THose are two different trailers. 🙂 check out the tires. We filled three manure spreaders today. 
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