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    • update: can confirm, priority tire did refund me the cost of the two tubes i had to purchase in order to keep using the rear tires instead of shipping them back, good on them i guess ?, i will give them this credit for stepping up, making it '' some what '' right. got a call from my local tractor dealership, some parts came in for the power steering, but not all of them !, one part is discontinued, so they had to re-order another part from the parts list ( it showes two different part numbers, same part use ). they said i '' should '' have it in a couple days ?. we'll see how that goes. as for the parts i did get in, i installed everything but one o-ring, and could not figure out where it went ?. i looked at the fich parts break down when i placed the parts order, but i had no idea where it all went ?. logic went right out the window for me..lol. as you can see in the following pic, it's listed as part number # 120, right below part number # 170. # 170 is a teflon seal ( i found this info on a WSM=work service manual ). the manual say's to cut the teflon seal, remove it, then remove the o-ring under it ?..well..this explains why i could not see where this o-ring went ?!..i did not cut my teflon seal, nor did i even order it ?, as i thought the o-ring just placed on the screw ram ?, nope..it goes under the teflon seal i found out !. so for now, as always..i am waiting on parts.    I spent some time out in the shop last night trying to make some kinda way for the rear rops bar to fold ?, its not as easy as i had planned ?..lol. but i have not tossed the idea yet !..lol. i may end up either removing it all together ?, or cutting it shorter, then welding or bolting plates to it to fasten it back together ?. i'll probably go with cutting, then bolting it back together ?. the problem i am having is, once i have it loaded on my trailer ?, i can't back my trailer under my carport i have at the cabin ?, its too tall, this rops hits the underside of the carport if i try to keep my trailer off to the very side of carport. so i was trying to come up with a way to make it fit under the carport, all while my tractor is loaded on my trailer. once i come up with a final idea ?, i'll post some pic's of what i did.
    • My interest in radio is Sirius XM channel 8 for the 80s on 8 , will venture over to the 90s and some  Rock and Roll >>> on the FM dial , it is mostly talk radio , really miss Rush , Clay and Buck ain't quite the same ----   Now on FM radio we do have The Bayou = " Bayou Lacombe FM " got to say , it is one of the best FM music channels around 
    • yes , for a while you needed a supporting box , but now all the new tvs seem to have what it takes ---- they are HD digital channels , like the basic here are 4, 6, 8, 12, 26, 32 and each one of those are broken into 3 , like 4A, 4b, 4c , --- what I have now for " hurricane times " are antennas that look like a big plastic card , you can tack them to the wall behind the tv where you can't see them , they have a box that hooks in line to the tv from the card , you tune it and bam you got air tv , it is very clear , as clear as cable 
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