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    • Yeah, I saw that.  Almost posted this in your thread, but didn't want to hijack your post.
    • @jeepwm69 not sure if u seen the one I went to look at but I’m glad I didn’t buy it. Worse than he said as well. I was in same boat.. he gave me different address than where I ended up!
    • Late last week an 05-06 500 popped up about 2 hours away.  Kid had it listed at $1650 OBO.  Way too high, but said he was negotiable.    I was second in line, first guy bought it.    Then yesterday I see it relisted as a part out.  Had a straight front bumper and racks, and good green fenders with no snorkel holes.  I call the guy and ask about quite a few parts (fenders, bumper, knuckles, CV's, front rack, 12" OEM wheels) and he says "Want to buy the whole thing?  $1K"   I headed out to get it, and realize that the FB location that was listed was not the address the guy sent, so I went from  75ish min drive, to a 130 min drive.  Was 20 mins from the house before I realized that, so I pushed on.   Got there, and was in a hurry (I know, I know, stupid) as I was supposed to be home and cleaned up to go to dinner with the family at 5:30, so I have it a quick glance, and rolled it on the trailer.   This morning I gave it a better look.  Hacked up wiring harness, but worse, the right upper a-arm mount has some bubba welding job on it.    Guess this one will be a parts bike.  I certainly won't try to build one on a frame that looks like this.    That's one of those "did I really just drive two hours each way and then overpay for THAT?"   Oh well, win some, lose some. 
    • https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/91101-HA0-004?ref=3b6fe7907c8be67fdbf192131601b028336a0b50   Did I miss something?   https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/atv/1997/trx300fw-a-fourtrax-300-4x4/clutch   The drum is discontinued, but looks like the one way is available again.  Expensive as heck, but available.  Looks like it's the same as the 420 and a bunch of newer machines. Isn't it the 350 Foreman that the one way is discontinued on?   Edited to add, guess yall figured all of this out without me, and I should have read the rest of the thread before i posted that.  LOL
    • I do worry about parts availability at some point...I treat my old 300 pretty easy..no mudding, no hard riding..pulls a small utility trailer are times and occassionally a larger landscape trailer full of limbs etc...we don't have hills here, so trail riding is flat and easy.   for now, I've got an old Honda..built to run..and I hope it will last me the next 3-5 years at which point I'll be just old enough that I should consider giving it to the kids anyway.
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