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    • yeah, the one surviving drive-in around here I've not been to in 20 years. when the kids were young we'd go a lot.  back then they were doing the radio but also stll had the old metal speakers boxes.  It was always a love/hate..cause the window boxes had horrible sound, but when you had a field full of them , it kinda put the audio "in the air"  and that was a cool sound.   we also had the small playgound down under the screen where the kids could run and play  until the movie started....simple magic times.
    • well.... it's going to blow out from that point, but to be sure it's pressurized .... do a cold start, and check the upper and lower hoses for tension ...while it warms up they should get tighter over time,  and take the cap off (while it's cold) and see if any coolant is moving... I've been thinking about this, and that tractor shouldn't be getting hot with the cutter you have on it.... also check the engine drain petcock... if it's plugged i have an idea the cooling system needs a fush, and becareful with the petcock on the radiator... if these get pluged up, it can effect the engine oil cooler. 
    • I'm pretty sure it's sealed ok.  Only when I ran it a little hot and the murphy switch shut it off did I get the cap leaking out of the overflow.
    • Finished tearing into another one of these this morning.  Have two different gear reductions I picked up from Chris Clark, so the 09 (27" Executioners) is going to get the 15% primary and the 06 (28" Mudbugs) will get the 15% secondary.   My 09 needs a crank, so this one will be swapped into the 09 when done, and then I'll rebuild the 09 engine, put the secondary GR in it, and put it in the 06.   I have two extra 500 engines in the shop (purposely).  That way when I need to do a rebuild on mine or a friends, I can build one while the machine is still in use, then just swap out the engines.   I might eventually build one out of extra parts, thus the 2nd "spare" engine.   This one looks like it might have been run a little hard.  Interestingly enough the 4-dog (weak 05-08 design) first gear looked great.  It's still getting swapped out for the 09-11 style.
    • do the upper and lower hoses get tight / pressurized ? when its hot ? the key to this engine staying cool, is coolant system pressure...and a clean radiator snug drive belt and correct  thermostat ... im drawing a blank, but this model might require a thermostat with a jiggle valve, I'll have to check, but  if you look back at the pic of the radiator it's small with the hydro cooler mounted on the right hand side. 
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