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  1. I didn't work on it any this weekend because of end of school activities but I'm back at it today. Most of my parts have arrived but I'm still waiting on piston rings. I need 2 4 inch pieces of fuel hose and I can't find any around the farm but I did find an old 450S carb and the vent hoses on it are the correct size. I suppose that wouldn't be safe to use that but I'm not sure. Thanks
  2. Yeah I was using vinegar. by fuel tank is getting mostly shiny on the inside but when I tipped it upside down my tape job on the the fuel fill hole didn't hold so I lost my vinegar and we don't have enough to fill it back up. I don't think sealer will hardly hold as it is.😒
  3. The Initial US90 was offered at $595 in 1970, and featured an 89cc engine producing 7 hp. The US90 designation was used until 1973, when Honda successfully trademarked the moniker ‘All Terrain Cycle’.[2] The designation was then changed to ATC90. This is from Wikipedia I think maybe they were for sale in japan earleir .
  4. I've heard about Tacheuchi but I didn't know the whole story about him. I'm getting same of the wheels painted on the inside after wire wheeling them. They are pretty pitted but not right on the bead so I think they'll hold air. This is what she looks like right now.
  5. Yep that's a good read. In school I did a research report on the history of Honda atvs and I thought I had read every thing there was a bout atcs but I must have missed that one. I am working on the front axle now. There appears to be a spacer on each ide of the hub to keep the hub centered and those spacers should slide right off but they rusted onto the axle.
  6. The vin says 1976 ATC90 and the plastics say ATC90 but out of curiosity where did you see 70
  7. I having trouble getting this front axle apart. If I understand the manual properly those spacers on each side of the hub should just slide off. Well they don't. I've tried heat wd40 a pipe wrench to try to twist it and I'm trying to figure out a way to use the shop press but I can't get it to budge. I can't get an pictures to upload now so I'll try again in a bit
  8. Just ordered a bunch of parts. Boy isn't that fun.
  9. I hink im done taking stuff apart! I have to paint alot of stuff yet. I m working on the fuel tank now.
  10. Ok thanks for the advice. I got the wiring harness tested and repaired and washed and prepped for painting the frame today.
  11. I got the engine off and am working on rewiring it. I put some vinegar in the gas tank and it uncovered some holes I couldn't see before (see pic). Can this be sealed with gas tank liner or will I have to take extra measures. They are about the size of a pin head.
  12. I'm done tearing apart for tonight. I got that screw out with a small battery impact driver. Believe it or not the alternator works so we may not have to replace that. Im just about shot.
  13. I'm getting it torn apart. It looks like ill need new rings alternator, tires, rear axle, and gaskets and more that I can't think of right now. The jug looks good and the piston looks good. The transmission seems to work fine. The picture showing the Philips head bolt that is stripped out I can't get my Dremel down there to cut a slot to use a flathead screw driver and I need some ideas on how to get that out
  14. My new project. I hope some on here have knowledge of these ATC90s because I may need advice on rebuilding it. My dad rode this one as a kid and he would like it to run and I need something to work on in my spare time. So I've got myself a project. The gearshift moves freely and the neutral indicator works but I can't get it to turn over with just the pull rope. I'm gonna get it in the shop tomorrow and start tearing it apart
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