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  1. Snow Camo


    I figured that would spark an interest. I wanted to post that a while back, but never did.
  2. Snow Camo


    System error....
  3. Snow Camo


    Hey fish this one's for you😏
  4. Took the bike for a ride today and got a few pictures. It rides just fine. Scored some ramps for cheap..
  5. Rock on. I did plan to raise the roof a little and smoothing the exhuast port. Thanks for helping me save some money there. That said... now I can fast track to a mukini TM28 flat slide carb. I know you guys may say it is not worth it, but I have to give it a shot lol. I'll figure an intake boot or adapt it. Also freed up some money for exhaust if I choose right. I'll sort through this for a few before deciding. You ever try a flat slide carb on anything?
  6. You know your right. I can do the head myself. I guess it's not that serious where I need to check the valve seats and guides. I'll just have to sort through a C- clamp and socket to pull the retainers. I may as well get a sanding roll to smooth out the casting flaws. I always do that when I open a engine.
  7. I was thinking of having the valves and seats checked. I guess I could just take pics and mic them?
  8. Well I am thinking of sending the head and jug off to get serviced. I got the tires mounted. Eventually I'll get the clutch pack in there.
  9. Ya throttle and choke wide open. I could put some oil inthe cylinder and check again. However I did get get the EBC dirt racer cluch pack and springs. I wonder how the engine runs down the road as is. I'll get it rolling because I have the parts to now.
  10. Hey Wilson and fish here is the compressing conundrum. It's low for sure, so a rebuild is in order. I'll plan that out.
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