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  1. Snow Camo


    since my focus toward Sound Quality... I found my eq settings had been wrong all my life. Use a db app and set your bass, mids and treble equally. Then it wont be bass'y. Also not all music is recorded equally. Older stuff had less bass while newer stuff it is more pronouced. When I listen to music there is no variation between bass, mids or treble.
  2. Rock on man! Any cam grind in mind? Disregard. Realized 40c is the grind. Lol
  3. Snow Camo


    I like the recorded version more lol. Likely because that what I listen to more then watching vids. I link the two so folks so folks could have options and hey its cool to see a band playing.
  4. Snow Camo


    Little bias toward bass with midrange to match and sparkle from treble. For sure not too much at loud volumes, because treble at high volumes kills the ear drums lol.
  5. Snow Camo


    I guess my reply yesterday to this never went through. I do like bass. I have heard of primus, but haven't checked them out yet. Will do today.
  6. Snow Camo


    Rock on. Thing is it is hard to find more like it. It's upbeat and really gives an appreciation for the folks who orchestrated it.
  7. Snow Camo


    Top of the day folks! I think I figured it out. I have to hit return after I post the link.
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