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    Idk about the cults, I do hear it's where alot of warriors came/ come from.
  2. Snow Camo


    Ya I love Orion's Belt.
  3. Snow Camo


    Just trust your instinct
  4. Had a little time to myself Sunday evening. I went out to the gravel pits/ construction area and had a blast! Rolled it doing a donut. ! near died, but was saved... Need a new handlebar and tierods. May as well ponie up for those uniball rod ends and make me some solid mofos! I'll get spacers front and back as well. Probably 4" in back and 2" in front. Screw those cheap ! ebay tierods!!! Don't risk loosing your life! Both rods popped out the dang joints in the rod! Glad to be alive! Back to work I go! Be safe dudes.
  5. Snow Camo


    I figured that would spark an interest. I wanted to post that a while back, but never did.
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