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  1. Thanks for your reply dude. In regards to tire size I will be going an inch less wide, with the same factory size height wise. Then later when I can find some sprockets I'll step down in size for burn out fun factor. Much appreciated!
  2. These are the two I am speaking of. It looks like I can make the swap.
  3. Anyone note a powerless when stepping up wheel size?
  4. Hi all, This post is asking you all who have or had both quads. Are the sport trx250 and trx 200sx plastics interchangeable with modding if need be? I'd really like to put the trx250 sport plastics on my 200sx I read somewhere they will swap.
  5. 50 bucks plus ship or trade. I have no use for it. I'll just keep it in the attic till it's sold. Pics will be posted. Nothing special it's just a rack lol.
  6. Do you by chance know the thread size/ pitch you used?
  7. Rock on man! I am gonna check that out! Thanks.
  8. Yeah man that was a other idea I was thinking and was like maybe that'll wear out the front bearings idk. I supposed not tho. I can contact my metal fab shop I use for work and see what they charge.
  9. Hey man, yeah it's 4x85 correct? That's what the wheel in the pic is. Even if it's like 4x80 I can just drill the bolt holes a bit and make it work.
  10. Looks like I will be doing 10" wheels due to lack of finding a 22x7x8. Just found this.
  11. Hi all, I just picked this up dirt cheap from a guy at work. Dude couldnt get it to run. The norm with these. Had it running the first night. Just got a brand new in the plastic protaper handlebar for 20 bucks😁. I have a new petcock on the way as the factory was leaking. Needs: Plastics- given the ridiculous resale market I'll likely go new. Tires: not sure If I want to upgrade the wheels(see next line item). I will eventually have (2) sets, one off-road and one street set. Street will be to cruise around the streets of my neighborhood. Folks have started doing this recently (THANK GOD!!!). Fuel petcock: got one on the way thanks to an ebay seller< motorpartsotre~ spelled just like that. Awesome seller BTW. Very communicative. Chain and sprockets: Again (2) sets due to not being able to find 25 in street tires and I want to make it easier on the 200cc engine anyhow. Wheels- I may or may not upgrade to 10 or 12 inch. Cost is adding up... Brackets: for the rear that support the rear Plastics. Front brakes need service and the dime in the site glass trick. After the brakes and tires and or wheels I will be able to ride.😁 Shocks: just purchased some used suzuki 230 quad racer front shocks thanks to ebay as well. Rear shock: need help here. It would be nice to find something that fits the eyelets, buy if not I'll cut to fit What will fit with grinding? Looking for comfort here. I love my back !. I read going with the trx250 rear is an option, but it is said to be stiff so... idk. Any 4x4 2x4 shocks with progressive springs are good with me. Im all for a longer shock btw its all good. I will make it work one way or another( ill a different eyelet welded if need be). Got the suzuki quadracer shocks mounted. They are about a couple inches more long then the factory. With that they become preloaded when fitted and max the suspension when installed. No biggie for me. I do plan on modifying the adjument collar and notch to have less preload on the spring. Fixed the leaking petcock. Then found the gas tank to leak somewhere.... I'll find a gas tank sealer and be done with it lol. Not going to get a plastic tank for a air cooled engine smh. I recovered the seat. Figured i would diy and save some cash for brakes .Turned out pretty good.
  12. Snow Camo


    Hi all, Picked up a 87 200sx a while back and I've been fixing it up slowly. Plan to learn how to wheelie then tell the wife I need a larger 4 wheeler and get a 700x. Lol🤣
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