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Mark from Northern Iowa

New Member from Iowa, Not an ATV owner, but will help if I can

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Howdy from Northern Iowa,
I bought our "Wild Blue", on 19OCT2021, a 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000EPS 3 seater, warn winch and moose snow plow.

About me...
20 years Army, Retired in 2007.
Work for a local trucking company, as a mechanic/computer tech.
Wife, 4 children. 2 finished college, 1 still in college.
Bought our 40 Acres from my parents in 1996 while still in the service.

I grew up here, and I knew I was coming back here to live.
Yes, I know this is an ATV Forum and I have a Honda Pioneer 1000 SxS.
I joined because I was helping out on another ATV Forum, and @jeepwm69 mentioned your forum.
I have been a mech my entire life. Helped dad with his 18 wheeler, and everything here on the farm growing up.

20 Years in the Army as a mech. I used to tell new Soldiers in training:
"Everything is either electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic. Once you know the basics, you can work on anything."
So, if I see someone post a question I know about, I'll help if I can.
I am not saying I will even be here very often. Probably only once in awhile.

I help over on the Honda Pioneer Forum and The Honda SxS Club.

Like your forum here, owners are looking for answers. 

Heck, I even help over on the Polaris General Forum. 

Even though that was a dumb assbeep.. mistake. hahahaha!!

When I joined over there, I thought it was for ALL Polaris's in general.......Not knowing that there was a Polaris called a General. hahaha

Hey, if you can't laugh at your own screw ups, just give up living.😁
We share Our 40 Acres if any of you that are close to us need a place to ride some short trails through woods.
I say short, because any trail is fun, and it is a place to ride, but nothing compared to places like Ride Royal Blue.
Hunters, Riders or Walkers | our40acres
If you look at my website, you can see the trails that are on Our 40 Acres. I do need to update the map though.
My nephew got the mowing bug and started making more trails. haha!
NO, I am not selling anything, and NO, I do not charge anything to ride or walk our trails.

We can share Our 40 Acres, because Iowa changed it's Laws to protect the Land Owner.

Before they changed the law, any idiot who stubbed their toe, I would have been liable for their injury.

Luckily, nothing like that happened. You can read the LAW on my website.




Enjoy the ride!!!


Have a good day

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Welcome to the forum , Mark !! ----  You taught me something already , did not know Thomas Jefferson said that ^^^^^ 

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4 hours ago, riverc said:

Welcome! You sound like a good man.


Echo what the others have said.  Welcome aboard! 


We'll need your SXS expertise here.  Mostly ATV's, but with SXS's becoming more and more prevalent, there will be more people looking for answers when trying to troubleshoot.


@toodeep was the moderator on the old Hondaforeman board, and has run his family's Honda shop/dealership, so he's probably our best versed member when it comes to the SxS's


I plan on picking up a pionner at some point, but though I would get the 700-4.  I'm still waiting to see how well the 1000's hold up over time.  I've rebuilt a Rincon for a friend (same engine as the 700 pioneer) and HATED that engine.  However, I've also had a DCT that got into shifting issues, and I think that was even worse.  Still better than a belt though!


Anyhow, glad you found us!


Edited to add, beautiful property you have there!

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Hello Mark 1st off thank you for your service, and I'm familure with that quote by Thomas Jefferson, you and i have alot in common...Amazingly so, farm land owner  and grain hauler, cattleman i learned my truck skill from on old friend who's sadly no longer with us... I've delt with horses cattle hogs all my life raised wheat, corn soybeans silage always loved messing with silage, but i hate upright silos...haha .... Give me a pit any day....  and yes sir had my fill of the good honest hard life... I look forword to talking with you more, I'm semi retired as of now (health issues) but I'm still kicking like a mule, never give up! 


Its an honer to welcome you to ATVH. 

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