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  1. Power Sports Nation has one for 40 bucks
  2. I have a front aluminum plate you can have.
  3. I had the same problem after rebuilding carb on 1985 ATC250SX one time, replaced the intake boot o-ring and good to go. ATC200 might be different but for my ATC250SX the clearances in that area are real tight to work in!!
  4. I got lucky recently and found this oem muffler on e-bay for my 2000 450S, $220.00 including shipping. I installed it this past Saturday, quiet again and no more rattling! I cut the end off of my old one and may try to repair it.
  5. They are allowed in some of the towns in the northern part of our state, folks up there rely heavily on OHRV rider $$'s.
  6. Nice job!! Looks a ! sight better than the pictures you posted on July 12th.
  7. Power sports nation has some a-arms in stock. They range in price from $15 to $25 bucks each.
  8. Found this info, hope it helps. The maximum weight capacity of the 1995 TRX 300 FourTrax is 460 lbs., and its towing weight limit is 850 lbs. The front cargo rack can hold 66 lbs. maximum,and the rear cargo rack can hold 133 lbs. A recommended 30 lbs. of total weight can be placed on the trailer tongue while the combined weight on the tongue and rear cargo rack is 133 lbs.
  9. Interesting link on how someone repaired a muffler. https://forum.millerwelds.com/forum/welding-projects/592627-muffler-repair-for-honda-forman-400-atv
  10. Here's another one, $339.00. Supposedly made to OEM specs? No reviews. https://www.ebay.com/itm/255071832298?fits=Model%3AForeman+450|Make%3AHonda&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3b637748ea:g:y1AAAOSwm8VUtSjB&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACoPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSg3Ye8yTWgOW7pmE1t838dodzpmzPSuXsugq9Z0FnC0kU%2F3VwKdE7wjrapvyt5tbESYRxg%2FNauZrse2K5mqcxO%2BFeP%2B076U4d1Gw0O57ISixplUhHX4Z5HB3T36ApGyy4M4aGzWFmyEbb%2BlHk9bswXEt8Q2XxZ6RwPsmmacFlmnoBaeSeK%2FX7VjGZnpAAIDCgn4SS%2BeX1JV4NSMcv%2F2X096tDOLyWVybvrqM7G8KlRQm4kRgWG0lx12QiOhe%2Brk0HO1Yb54cLC7PFOCAdr7mtxPsCKdgwcl7zqAncreVPgA4ALMzSaR469iuBWFLoCzlwmNGaArBSEYHcyMkbIHXgEX4bRWOuXbbhq4A2e7gGxxh8ghk33WCgdh9zROsXXT%2BWkRNZIlYUIQ9sTe20B7g%2B5JHJjEO1o6wvGv2zVrP2MGOhJMTDSTVlapmLXO6Cj26R3F4RGx8%2FPiEAmLgUDjLfAzl%2BKRZLFSnTyisqablG6geVLClmB%2F4NJToYaP0eAEuygr3lGqjBYJ8doHvhfIutgm8KnHGNVb0NfsJFjunxB5YuLst0PqVZ0MxRXdBy%2Fp0XYMNuJyJsc5p052BcG%2FtNp3313cw6DBP1W6gHGz2dVd9bAc4gyL7%2Bu9bYOIgxqIaalwL1W58mJz9%2F4SXLtQt08U8rUyVWNzE63PD3OYH3e5%2FRzE5mtjKEuEBWV2ukOy2FImuQtfhDfNCfWKJYl%2Fdosk4w0Yd9N1VBPN%2B8xRzrFOKnHxYadplfGIUSApSjRvl3uqmJ2VxjNXPdlFAasAxiAdMQ%2Bcj%2FqEzsPWSwY%2BSvds8SLoV2XlN11%2BIxU%2B%2FcIEQzSVTq7PfDO0vBteFosXZ2cA%3D%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  11. Here's one listed on e-bay, $300.00 Only a few reviews but they look favorable. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284297246659?epid=657348889&hash=item42316fb7c3:g:yXEAAOSwCuFgolkY
  12. Rocky Mountain ATV will have everything you need. Rear brake cam is likely seized in the brake backing plate or rear brake drum is full of crap. Take everything apart and clean up real well and you'll get the rear brake working again, it wont be any great stopping power but better than what you have. Front brake shoes might need adjustment or cylinders are probably seized, depending on what condition the cylinders are in you might be able to get them cleaned up and working again without replacing them. The adjusters on front can be a real pain to get loose and working too and they have left and right hand threads so don't mix them up. I would replace front and rear shoes while in there and clean the drums up real good too. Its also a good time to flush old brake fluid out of front brake system, just don't let master cylinder reservoir go dry while doing it. I recently went through my brakes on 2000 450S was able to salvage wheel cylinders and adjusters, I just bought new seals for them. Fronts will provide better stopping power than rear when working. Lots of guys here do the disc conversions and like them much better. Good luck!!
  13. Power Sports Nation has used OEM carb available for $145.00 https://www.powersportsnation.com/honda-foreman-450-fe-00-carburetor-16100-hn0-a00-31565.html
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