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  1. Bearings and seals were delivered this week along with order from RM ATV. Transplant engine arrived yesterday. I scored a real nice oem muffler that came in this week too, I had to pay $$ up for it but it is in excellent shape and good usable oem parts for this atc are mighty scarce!! New swing arm bearings and swing arm installed back on frame. Hoping to get the rest of bearings and seals replaced in rear end parts this weekend and get it rolling on rear wheels again.
  2. If WD-40 got light switch working again i'm wondering about kill switch in same housing needing better contact to work?
  3. Welcome to the forum. Looks like cylinder head cover gasket needs replacement up top. Looks like speed sensor o-ring or shift shaft seal or both need replacement down below.
  4. That is due to bad rear diff seal for sure.
  5. Welcome to ATVHonda from a fellow Granite State resident!!
  6. Sorry to hear about your family's loss.
  7. @Fishfiles, here are the shock pics, one is of shock sitting in swing arm mount after removal.
  8. Oh ok, I will get a pic to post.
  9. Interesting info for sure.
  10. I posted a pic of it, I see it in my post, you dont? Its standing on end by the screw driver handle.
  11. I gave in and used the Saws-All, problem solved!! Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. I was thinking about using saws-all today if all else fails, it will be close, not much clearance for stroke of blade, but might work. I have new bolt, nut and bushing coming from RM ATV.
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