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  1. https://atvmanual.com/honda/trx350fm/2001-specs It's a 2001.
  2. https://atvmanual.com/honda/frame-vin-and-engine-serial-numbers Find the engine serial number on lower left crankcase or vin on steering neck left side and look up on the link I attached.
  3. It is reusable. I did the same as you, drained through filter and stored in jug for next time. I expect to be able to get a few uses out of same batch of solution, not sure how many yet but time will tell. Ill be cleaning a couple more carbs this weekend and will see how it looks/works going forward.
  4. Agreed, price is high but seemed to work very good. Its concentrated so 1 part cleaner 5 parts water. I can get some pictures.
  5. There are a couple of ES motors on PSN for 49 bucks.
  6. I recently bough an ultrasonic cleaner and used it for first time over the weekend. I was impressed with the results for sure. This is the cleaner I used. Northwest Enterprises brand on Amazon.
  7. That part is PGM-FI, programmed fuel injectiom. Pricey part to buy for sure. There is oem unit on ebay for $928.00, you will need oem unit for sure. More info on how you determined this part is bad would be helpful, there are other members here that can help with troubleshooting, @retro @Melatv
  8. Is your battery good and charging properly? You need a battery with good voltage for the es system. You might need to go through the es system connections and check it out thoroughly including shift motor. Retro is a member on this forum with a real good write up on how to prep your es system. I have followed his instructions on several es machines for friends and my own that had issues and brought them back to better than new. It is time consuming to go through everything but always worth it in the end for me. Ill look for his post and link it for ya if I find it.
  9. Loosen the 14mm lock nut and turn center screw counter clockwise until you feel slight pressure the turn clockwise 1/4 turn, hold center screw in place and tighten lock nut. Service manuals are available here free at top of page if you need one.
  10. If it rebounds better with foot brake lever it may be the hand lever cable binding up?
  11. @riverc there is lots of good info on those old Keihin QA carbs on the 223 cycles site, 223cycles.net. The sell keyster carb kits that they claim are a step above the shindy kits as well as an add on kit with all new jis screws for the carb. I recently bought one of the carb and add on kits for my 250SX that i havent used yet but will soon and see how it goes. I also just bought a ultrasonic cleaner to see how that process works. Good luck!
  12. This is the carb that should be on the machine. 2002-2004 Honda TRX250TM/TE Brand Keihin Identification Mark PDC1E Type Piston valve Throttle Bore 20 mm (0.8 in) Main Jet #95 Pilot Jet/Slow Jet #38 Jet Needle Clip Position 2nd Groove Pilot Screw Adjustment 2 turns out Float Level 14 mm (0.6 in) Engine Idle 1400 RPM
  13. VIN, 478TE153*RA600001 Engine Serial,TE15E-8600001 1994 TRX300FW Fourtrax 300 4x4
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