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  1. Here's another one close by me for sale, Yamaha Tri Zinger, $2500., Looks like he has another Honda classic in the background.
  2. Doesn't look like the pictures posted, here's a link. https://nh.craigslist.org/snw/d/merrimack-2007-honda-crf250x-trike/7484947106.html
  3. 2007 Honda CRF250X conversion trike listed on CL in my area, $6900.00
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    Welcome shedkept
  5. I second what Fish said, the hammer impact driver works quite well along with the JIS bits. Put the Phillips tip in the screw head and tap it with hammer to re-shape before putting tip in the impact and then turn impact to left to take up slack before hitting with hammer. Good luck!
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  7. Welcome to ATVHONDA !
  8. I would call that a real good deal!
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    es problems

    Did you replace the grease you cleaned out? You should have with synthetic grease. Did you clean and dielectric grease all electrical connections in the harness? You really need to, to rule out problems which requires removal of all plastics. Did you properly align the reduction gear? Angle sensor needs to be properly aligned with flat spot on end of shift spindle also. @retro has a post in electronics section titled, How to properly prep Honda ES shift system, check it out and follow it. I recently fixed an ES system that was throwing angle sensor codes and I did a complete check and cleaning of the shift system with great results and didn't need to replace angle sensor. I also went through another ES system on my own machine that wasn't giving me trouble and it shifts better than ever. I bet if you take the time to thoroughly go over your entire ES system it will work better than before. Hang on to that OEM sensor you replaced and you may find there's nothing wrong with it, manual has directions on testing it. If you need a service manual they are available on this site at top of page.
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