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  1. Here in PA there are rural townships that allow ATV's on certain roads as long as you have registration and insurance. Lots of different types of places to ride from mountains to swamps.
  2. Plan on adding a winch then a snowplow before next winter.
  3. Took my Rancher for a ride along my favorite trout stream on a warm sunny day
  4. That bike looks awesome! Probably better than new
  5. I hunted him for two seasons before I was able to get a good clean shot on him. I saw him many times but out of bow range(under 25 yards). I got lucky when he was in rut at the end of the second season.
  6. Got this buck here in western PA a few years ago with a bow. It scored 161.
  7. .Doesn't seem long since my son was playing pee wee football. He's now playing college football.
  8. I just installed a battery tender ring terminal quick connect cable on my Rancher last weekend. With the added thickness of the ring terminal the screw wasn't long enough to reach the nut. I folded cardboard and shoved it under the nut. After the screw started I pulled out the cardboard. I'm gonna use this trick when I install a winch. Thanks for the tip.
  9. This build looks very interesting. Nice work! Are you an engineer?
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