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  1. Buck I harvested a couple weeks ago in rifle season
  2. Scotticus


    -5F here in Western PA now and windy. Wind chill -30F 🥶 Lots of power outages due to the wind and ice. I'm good as long as the power stays on. Just filled up a couple of gas cans for the generator just in case.
  3. When ethanol gas first came out I was not aware of the problems it could cause. After my ATV, chainsaw, weedeater and lawnmower all developed carb issues I became aware. I run regular 10% ethanol gas in my lawnmower treated with Star Tron all summer up until the last mowing. I use non ethanol gas for the last mowing of the season because the gas left in the tank will be sitting until next spring. No bad fuel issues in the spring. I only run NON ethanol in my ATV, chainsaw, and weedeater.
  4. Scotticus


    Fell into a youtube rabbit hole watching this guy. Seems to able to play a song he's never heard by listening to it for 30 seconds
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