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  1. i understand about age-vs cold i used to go deer hunting regardless of temp but now i prefer to get my deer early i still go out if it's not below 20 degrees....never been bear hunting when I was younger and only hunted with my bow I said I would do that some day just never got around to it ... we don't have bear in these parts.. I have never been to the upper peninsula and looking at a map you are at the top ... 797 miles north from my house in Kentucky according to Google.. Good luck with your hunting. We can hunt deer in September but i believe it is to HOT lol it's about meat spoiling.. some idiots believe they can kill a deer that time of year and then go show it to their buddies instead of skinning and quartering it or get it to a cooler ... sorry my rant!! Hey men look forward to hearing from all of you about Honda ATV"s - Food - [ Woxxx (to old for that besides my wife of 50 years might object ] May our trails be smooth and our hunts successful and Gods Blessings on us all !!!
  2. Hey Retro IT APEARS YOU ARE QUITE TALENTED INDIVIDUAL !!. The Honda Community applauds you. Thank You for all the Help I have received and the continued friendships I plan to Keep OK enough of that .. Oh I was wondering where you live I would think you have more opportunity to use a snowmobile than a 4 wheeler . I guess your a master at that too lol between Pints
  3. Located Central Kentucky I bought it out of a boys garage when i was asking everyone around if they knew if a Honda was for sale I had been looking on Craigs list and after i sold the Polaris I fixed up Carb-tires-stator -Cdi-coil--clean up paint racks ) i was wanting a Honda 400 -- came across the 300 and was told it just needs brake adjustment ( You men know the rest ) it was reasonable price not cheap --Long story short replaced rear axel and bearings brake drum-shoes -etc. ( I did not know you could ride one with the drum froze up) carb kit and [ VIOLA ] a decent ride starts and runs so good hate to get rid of it but don't have a place to store it and really don' NEED it Price goes up at hunting time LOL
  4. Great information but for now i don"t see it happening ..... have a nice 1999 300 4trax sitting here but with the 400 running it most likely will find a new home come hunting season.... That will help pay for the rebuild and getting the 400 going LOL You men enjoy i have a limited budget to go along with my conservative views .....the more i change add on and non stock items the more likely I will screw something up.. FOR ME I USE THE KISS principal !! KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID
  5. Wearing a tux well that dog don't hunt....... Deer .hunting or Turkey Hunting so you just stay impotent you couldn't get that contraption thru the trees where I hunt LOL must admit I like the rims
  6. Fish there is NO WAY I would ever do that to my ATV it's not for Show it is for Going hunting I could not get out of the driveway with an outfit like that.... Simple man Simple ATV i want it like me Old and Strong LOL but i need it to run longer !!!
  7. i would gladly donate to help the cause please provide required information ...and i have enjoyed and actually looked forward to hearing from all of you
  8. i hope i can maybe help someone like you have helped me so i guess i need to troll the new listings and see if i can add my 2 cents maybe even try the chat but that would be new ground to plow
  9. the choke cable appears to move the full travel ... when disconnected from the carb it moves freely ......... and i do feel i have found some new friends..
  10. the starter jet might my problem with the choke only partially works but it starts without any help just push the button
  11. i don't have a problem with the food always a good subject ....i must have missed something i didn't see link ??? On with the Show lol... yes on item # 15 i doubled checked to have the spring correct also..... easy in both directions now ..... First thing !! at 72 years old (heal slowly) and weighing in at about 250 ( I am not fat I am just a foot short ) and you are most correct i want to keep my ride in good condition for hunting and fishing and such . and you men will help me do just that.
  12. Wow that took a Hard left turn form Working on Honda's I need to stay on track until i have this thing running correctly ..
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