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  1. Hey all! I have a 2003 Honda foreman 450. I picked this up in Jan to use for plowing and it was already sagged in the right and since then I have replaced the shocks, tie rods (the right arm was bent and not installed properly) then it became very hard to turn so I replaced all ball joints as they were bad. After the ball joints it wants to pull to the right hard. I’ve checked they’re installed properly, I’ve pulled the entire front apart many times and inspected the arms for any issues, and I cannot seem to find any problems. Since then I’ve swapped tires and also check the pressures to make sure it’s not something obvious overlooked. This picture was taken yesterday, you can see the right is sagged and the wheel is cambered. The shocks are balanced but I might swap them anyway just to test side to side. I’ve also adjusted the toe and it helped with the pulling but it still will favor that direction. My next step is probably going to replace the wheel bearings but I didn’t know if anyone had any other input I’m missing? This has become my go to quad for trails and work so I’d like to get it fixed. Thanks in advance!
  2. The closest I was able to find is a 12c111 but it is a 7 hole slot. My yellow 450 has the 4slots and the red 400 I put these 6 holes on but the tires are wearing out and the one wheel is broken. I don’t think we will be a new tire beaded on it.
  3. Would anyone know what wheel this is? As far as I can find it’s an old stock but trying to see if I can find any used ones so I don’t have either mismatch or have to trash the whole set. The wheel that’s broken is a rear 4x110 lug 2+5 12” with 6 oval holes. Came off a foreman 450.
  4. Well I started in on the green 300 and I got everything pulled and ready to rebuild with a different case and I have discovered the difference between the 2wd and 4wd left crank cases. There is no bolt holes to mount the transfer case. So future reference there is a difference between the left crank cases.
  5. Yes, it’s called zenith blue but also known as the Robin egg blue. I’m really excited to restore it into a really clean quad.
  6. It’ll be mostly for looking but it’ll go on light rides (just not off-road scraping through trees) I have others for that. It won’t sit in the shop and rot haha might look into parades, shows, ect as we have family/friends with races cars, show cars, might just add it in haha.
  7. Well guys, this last week I helped a friend move to Montana and got an opportunity to run to Canada where I’ve been talking to a lady that had a ‘96 Zenith Blue 300fw. Everything happened to work out and I picked this sweet thing up to take home and restore it into a show quad. I’m planning to do a full restoration with painted racks, maybe frame (I’ll look better when I get home) but otherwise plastics are in almost perfect shape, runs, ect. Im debating on a 2” lift with 26 tires and aftermarket wheels. It currently has 25 with 12” wheels. Has a few seals leaking that’ll need replaced. Im very excited to ad this one into the forever collection.
  8. Ok that was where I was confused haha. They look exactly the same but the part numbers are different. Happy Easter!
  9. @Fishfiles not the covers! The actual engine crank case. See picture above of the broken crankcase left side where the return pin is supposed to be. I have to dismantle the entire engine and use a different left case to fix it but they’re saying between 2wd and 4wd is a different part number and I don’t know what the difference is, if i have all the 4wd parts to put back on is there a difference between the 11200-HC4-000 says it’s applicable on 2wd and 11200-HC5-020 that’s says it’s for 4wd. But I thought the engines cases themselves where pretty much the same?
  10. @Fishfiles here is the first post about the build and trying to figure out the difference between the actual crankcases.
  11. I have a duplicate post this one I was trying to delete. I’ll see if I can tag you into the correct one I had the back and forth about questions on the case haha.
  12. Hey fishfiles! I am talking about the actual crankcase not the cover. We’ve been back and forth trying to find if there’s a difference from the actual left crank case. I would already have the 4wd cover, gears, side drivetrain, ect to put back on the the actual case itself is broken where the return pin goes as shown in photo above.
  13. Same I could only edit not delete.
  14. Ok sorry for so many posts, I’m stuck in the car today and trying to finalize part order, looks like one case is 2wd and the other is 4wd however what is the difference? If I use the 4wd cover will it mount? I’ll keep searching my guess maybe something with the t-case mounting?
  15. Also does anyone know the difference between left crankcases? 11200-HC5-020 Looks like the part number that is called for but there’s a few 11200-HC4-000 cases I could get for a better price. Looks like that one goes to the older 2wd units but I thought other than the covers they were pretty interchangeable?
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