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  1. Oil should have JASO shown on the container and listed as meeting that specification.
  2. An update. For my Next oil change I went with T6 rotella synthetic. The bike starts much better when cold. And may even shift better. also the oil light flicker seems to have really died down. I did also drop the skid plate , cleaned the mud and trash out of it , then reinstalled.
  3. An update: I rerouted brake / reverse cable , to go over the shifter / kill switch wiring, to keep from rubbing. I zip tied the shifter / kill switch wiring to the base of the handlebars. It was much improved , but not fixed. I noticed that the throttle cable was binding on the choke adjustment knob. So I zip tied the cable to the base of the choke adjustment bracket. took it for a good ride, with plenty of tight turns and it did great, never cut off once. hope it stays fixed. Thanks again for all the great advice.
  4. Thanks for all the input. Should the electric cable be routed under the brake / reverse cables? Below is a pic of how it sits now.
  5. Yes. I can get it to cut out when sitting, when I turned handlebars to the left. I just removed the old winch control wires since they were ziptied to some wiring in the front. That seemed to make it better. I have some tight wooded trails , so definitely a lot of tighter turns at low speed.
  6. When I am riding slow, and I make a hard left turn ( all the way to the stop or a hair less ) the engine cuts out. It doesnt seem to be any snagged or caught wires coming from the kill shift / shifter control. Anyone had anything like this happen before ? You think it is wire connection being pulled apart somehow ? it restarts no problem. The bike really runs great. Starts and idles well. Thank you! It is a 2004 450 ES
  7. Could someone post a picture of the FCU and where it is located ? About to try the baking method. Thanks.
  8. Put T4 back in the bike. I like my Foreman too much to experiment with a non Jaso oil. Using T6 next time might be worth the upgrade as the T5 did seem to make for easier cold starting. Thanks for everyone’s input.
  9. I bought some T5 Rotella 15w-30 synthetic blend because it was the only one in stock. I have been using T4 15w-30. Changed the oil and went for a trail ride. And then later saw that the oil did not have the JASO spec listed on the bottle. It seems to start , run and shift great. Any one use this oil with a wet clutch ? thanks. 2004 Foreman 450 ES
  10. Is there one bearing on the left side ( in the axle tube) , and two on the brake side ? Looks like the kit comes with three bearings. Thank you.
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