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  1. Could someone post a picture of the FCU and where it is located ? About to try the baking method. Thanks.
  2. Put T4 back in the bike. I like my Foreman too much to experiment with a non Jaso oil. Using T6 next time might be worth the upgrade as the T5 did seem to make for easier cold starting. Thanks for everyone’s input.
  3. I bought some T5 Rotella 15w-30 synthetic blend because it was the only one in stock. I have been using T4 15w-30. Changed the oil and went for a trail ride. And then later saw that the oil did not have the JASO spec listed on the bottle. It seems to start , run and shift great. Any one use this oil with a wet clutch ? thanks. 2004 Foreman 450 ES
  4. Is there one bearing on the left side ( in the axle tube) , and two on the brake side ? Looks like the kit comes with three bearings. Thank you.
  5. I have a 450 ES 4x4. I want to check / service the bearings in the rear axle. Can you all point out which bearings it takes for the rear axle , both sides. Thanks.
  6. Is the stock ES foot shifter shaft weak, and it just does not hold up over time, if you put a foot shift on it ? And also assuming you remove a gear from the shift motor. I see on here where people mention that a stock foot shifter shaft is a different part #. 2004 450 ES
  7. Just wondering if the fan cuts off automatically when it hits high water? I have a creek crossing that can be high and I have wondered if I forded it with the fan running, would it damage fan blades or oil cooler. ( or does the creek water cool the oil temp sensor quickly enough for it to shut off fan )
  8. Two fan related questions: 1. when the fan is on and you go through deep water, does the fan switch off automatically when the water hits the temp sensor? 2. When the fan is on, and you stop / cut off the bike, is it best practice to let the fan continue to run until it cuts off on its own before switching off the key? ( or is that over kill and just a drain on the battery) thank you.
  9. I used it in the farm some this afternoon and the light never blinked except when I first switched on the key. I power washed it a while back ago and after that was when I first noticed it. The fan runs regular and the oil level looks good. It is a great bike. I do appreciate the comments and suggestions. If it acts up I may have some questions on the FCU. Thanks again.
  10. The bike is a 2004 Foreman 450 ES. Do I need to drain the engine oil if I wanted to remove / replace the oil temp sensor ? Removing the skid plate makes all this accessible ? Thanks.
  11. What is typical when it comes to oil light flicker? At starting , and then when warming up when being first driven? I am seeing the light flash more often it seems. Oil level is good, and the fan comes on regularly.
  12. I am really impressed with this forum. Especially after reading Bossdaddy’s shifting issues. Question: Is 2.2 quarts the correct amount of oil to use for an oil and filter change on a 2004 Honda Foreman ES? I have been using 15w rotella T synthetic blend.
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