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  1. Goober


    I removed this pic of the Catfish Girl cause I didn’t want to violate any copywrite rules. Here she is; got some good info on catfishing
  2. Yeah it might not be the drain screw. those early Rancher carbs seems like there’s a rash of float valve problems. My 02 has never had a carb problem. All OEM parts. I take my work quads to the local Honda shop, which has always done right by me BTW rust on the carb shouldn’t be a problem; rust in the carb is a problem
  3. Goober


    My Dad taught me how to fish with a cane pole, so anything with a reel is a winch lol. My first fish was a sheepshead on a Pink Lady. I fly fish for trout, bass and panfish; new to spinning rods and baitcasters. most of the catfishing I’ve done is for 5-7 lbs channels; we go overnight on a small muddy Missouri trib that runs alongside some ranchland. We bring some big game meat to the landowners. this WST rod is an ambitious setup for me. More of a big water rod, so I’ll have three smaller rods with 15 lb test. I’ve never fished Blue Water, even big water. my friend has a small 16 foot boat we need to take out more often. Hasn’t had it out in 3 years. I started helping him work on it this spring. i like your trolling setup Fishfiles! That leadcore will keep your rig on the bottom without needed a big lump that will snag. Do you ever catfish? half what i know about catfishing i learned from Hannah Barron LOLs
  4. Goober


    Got my Whisker Seeker FMJ fitted with a reel and 50lb test mono. Casts really well with a 3 oz sinker; good for those fast currents. freewheeler isn’t quite what I expected
  5. Yes thanks I installed all new brush plate kit and had motor turned. Maybe I misunderstood assembly. The plate has three mating points and doesn’t look like i can swap brush position. I’ll try again
  6. My opinion reverses frequently on the topic. Seriously I would like to know how to reverse the polarity of the magnets on my starter. when i first bought the quad the starter would turn the engine and it would start. But then the brushes fried. I rebuilt the starter and it turns backwards now. All i can think is that the fried brushes reversed the polarity of the magnets. Is that possible? OEM starter, OEM rebuild kit. I even took it to a battery shop. The guys didn’t mention whether the polarity switch was possible.
  7. Question about G/W and Bl/W is this at CDI?
  8. Third step of ignition troubleshooting is to check for loose connector at CDI
  9. Thanks @Retro and welcome @JeffersonDeere. I recommend you get some contact cleaner, permatex dielectric grease and a couple of plumbers flux brushes for cleaning your electrical connectors as you inspect each one. your battery passes a load test? Best to rule out a weak battery first. was your quad really hot when it shut down? you didn’t mention your fan coming on ever. From the manual for check out the overheat system diagnostics: When you switch on, you should get a steady neutral light and the oil light should come on momentarily and then go out. do you have a multimeter? Must be able to read Ohms, KiloOhms and Volts. At any time (switched off), do a resistance check on your oil temp sensor before you start the quad. From the sensor center pin to the sensor body. At 77F the manual indicates the R values to be what Retro wrote. Higher than spec R values are common; the corrective action is to replace the sensor and continue troubleshooting. While switched on. ground the blue wire to the foot peg. The fan should come on and the oil light should come on steady. Good start here. There’s a hard copy TRX350 manual for sale on fleabay; going for $25-$30 right now
  10. Ok yup that’s the same one i have Back stamped Shindengen 2 pin connector labeled HC4 TL-29A 2P outboard on edge 4P inboard centered it works on my TRX300FW fan kit; Should work on your 450. But it’s not the prescribed part. i still have mine in a TRX300 parts box. I could dig it out and try it on my 450. that red connector module is probably a fuel control relay for a 86-89 TRX350. Probably doesn’t fit the parts quad or yours. One of the members here might be interested in that. I would be also, but i have a spare.
  11. I’ve used SolidWorks before it allows you to custom design components. Hopefully that Prusa has a design software
  12. Where’s the picture of the FCU you purchased? That parts machine is a 4x4. The picture above is my FCU. Maybe you bought the -2B without realizing it
  13. Must be a tuff tool to calibrate
  14. When shopping for a replacement FCU i saw several of those smaller FCU Freeboi has touted as TRX300A (2wd) FCU. Don’t know how sellers knew that, but I bought one. It worked but I cannot remember why I didn’t like it—except that the leads are backwards. From what I remember the real FCU has the 2P connector inboard. The other has the 2P outboard so you have to twist the harnesses upside down to connect. you guys are gonna make me dig it out aren’t you?
  15. I have a TRX300FW with the optional fan kit; it came with Omron pn G8D-21H-2B. The TRX400/TRX450 FCU Omron G8D-21H-2D will interchange and looks identical except the Omron part numbers.
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