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  1. I last changed battery on that quad in October 2017
  2. Started up my 02 Rancher ES but it wouldn’t shift.😤 Put a new battery in it and fully mission capable now. Last time I changed it ...
  3. Show some pix of the dash—does it just have the three lights or a display?
  4. Unfortunately the TRX350A CDI 30410-HA7-671 30410-HA2-672 30410-HA7-672 appears to be NLA. Run with what ya brung now.
  5. I think this project was started to create a temp monitor with readout as well as a fan controller for TRX300. I’m adapting it to my TRX350A the sensor for these models are NLA
  6. I bought a 40A relay here in town so i can complete my power supply build. But it’s a five connector type—that’s all they had. only needed a 4-connector so i will try getting them from Mouser. Unless i am reading the relay schematic incorrectly @retro, the fan should be connected to pin 87A, with power coming from pin 30 when the relay is energized, and pin 87 left unconnected. Pin 85 and 86 are used to energize the relay.
  7. Looks like shift fork bases might be broken off.
  8. Hardest thing for me to ever find was the headlight bucket.
  9. I’m going to try Honda part number 16010-371-004 K & L #18-4688 specified for 75-79 Honda GL-1000 these might also fit TRX300A and FW carbs—they should be same size.
  10. Here’s this carb if you want it or parts off it. I canned the butterfly for another member, but it’s a good clean carb otherwise
  11. Absolutely right i have one in my junk drawer. LMK if you want something off it. Missing the butterfly plate
  12. I see your pup snow was in snow camo lol
  13. Got them all done. just need new passage plugs in two of them. Will tune them on one machine for now, using clean spark plugs. that one bowl has a very rough surface; like it was never polished
  14. plugs measure 0.16 inch 4.0 mm at tip 0.175 inch 4.45 mm at midbody 0.24 inch 6.1 mm base 0.33 inch 8.38 mm overall length I ordered a set of passage plugs for a Gold Wing —even tho the base is about 2 mm shorter I’m sure they’ll work.
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