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  1. Getting back to the SE (choke) valve, it requires replacement. You cannot replace the oring (generally) as they are not separately available. Conically shaped.
  2. Okay OEM is the best way but Honda doesn’t sell complete carb kits. Makes it a PITA. Needle jet kit should contain the jet, the needle, the washer and the clip. 16012-HN5-M41 Is part for the 04 TRX350 do a fleabay search on the part number
  3. Goes in from bottom and held in by needle jet holder
  4. First has to have a good battery. My 02 Rancher doesn’t like batteries over 3 years old. Secondly perform a clutch adjustment.
  5. I know you’re not there yet Shadetree, but do you need a battery hold down bracket? i got an extra i can send ya.
  6. Goober


    Have you heard of the man who couldn’t get a job because he had dropsy and heart trouble? He would drop down on his ! and didn’t have the heart to get back up.
  7. Goober


    Whoa Whoa! Lol i just heard watermelon makes ya pee more! 😂
  8. Goober


    Watermelon juice i think is a diuretic; it might help reduce edema. I am not a medical person and am unsure about that but hope it works for you
  9. Hey Jared post up a pic of the left side case of your blown engine if you have one. want to see the starter gear cover.
  10. there’s a cable-actuated and synchronized compression release on this engine if cable not hooked up you might experience difficulties kicking it over
  11. I have not done mine yet however 84 inch pounds could be hand tight—not very much at all.
  12. Very good. Knowing how far to go as a DIY is important. Glad u came over to this site.
  13. I couldn’t see your left side case very well but if yours is also an early 86 engine—then your starter should fit on this replacement. also your blown up engine can be a parts donor. Keep all the parts it’s not junk. like Shadetree said you can’t buy this stuff anymore
  14. That looks like an early 86 engine. Oval starter reduction gear cover. also the stator will have a black/red wire for the exciter coil whats the serial number? OEM parts finder: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/1
  15. Backfire could be too lean on AF mix; try opening your pilot 1/8 turn and see it condition improves
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