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  1. Try battery load test and clutch adjustment; easiest checks. If battery is slightest bit weak this can prevent shifting. Adjust clutch also; sometimes when you’re upshifting and you hit the downshift button they really don’t like it.
  2. October-fest is right during hunting season! Nice hearty lagers going right now! I try to do two batches at a time, because i have four fermenters. This way i hope to get two in primary, two in secondary, two kegging, and two in the kegerator. never happens
  3. Ok first. We need to know more about this quad. Did you has this ATV running before? What condition before you lost spark? Download the service manual here. Are all the parts you bought from Amazon?My suggestion is to put all the OEM parts back on even the CDI. then we can start troubleshooting
  4. Actually @Sonia Asix in stock listed at Rocky Mountain atv $140
  5. Looking at the parts finder at Rocky Mountain atv you’ll see 97 was first year for speedo on the TRX400 Foreman. it also has the three idiot lights on the handlebar cover
  6. 99 I believe is last year for TRX400FW; my work 98 has an instrument cluster with a mechanical speedo; my work 99 450S has a digital speedo. i know the Fan Control Units will swap back n forth
  7. I have used the Novus three step plastic polish. Bottle 1 is cleaner, 2 is a fine scratch remover and 3 is a heavy scratch remover. You can buy the bottles separately — I usually use 1 and 2. you will want to try it in inconspicuous place or use a junk fender . Novus was meant to be used with a DA but I don’t really know how to use one. I apply by hand and works well. For rust on frame, i sand off the rough places and dab a layer of Rustoleum Rust Reformer. This will help treat the rust spots. Make sure you download the service manual and perform all the service items.
  8. I’m too clumsy and fidgety to hunt from a stand, so I adopted the ninja stalk. I don’t call yet but i have a bunch of calls.
  9. Good question thanks mine is more of a bino harness I use a Gen 1 (front opening) bino harness in ATACS AUX from T&K Hunting Gear. It’s coupled with a range finder pouch (Vortex Ranger 1800) and bear spray pack (Protec 1400 LED flashlight). It’s secured with magnets; this could be a problem if you’re not careful with the flaps and the magnets come crashing together. Tyler designed a Gen 2 harness with rear opener and hook closure—much improved—but I’ll stick with my G1.
  10. Got my first antelope on Monday morning. Opening day just had many hunters. i felt unsafe after hearing some shots twang around me. had to figure out how to hunt this piece of public land. It’s a canyon about 4 square miles—one way in. Hunters everywhere; saw a buck and doe at 149 yards. shot twice and missed. second day saw nothing but hiked further afield where i saw the two goats and tried some perches. No trees to hide behind just cactus. third day i started hiking out at 530 heading SouthWest for 2 miles. 30 minutes later i see this truck about 1000 yards to my left—I’m heading South onto private prop!!! Corrected my trail but never got to where i wanted to be by shooting light. No goats anywhere i could see, so this was gonna be another scout, right? Found the perfect hide and figured I would sit there all day. Then another hunter shows up and walks a big circle around me. Argh! i pick up on a herd of 8 goats that popped out of the canyon onto the east rim but it’s right in line with the highway and a mile. Then a rancher shows up to feed his cattle they’re all crowded around the fence between me and the goats. This second hunter walks past the rancher, stirs up all the cows and pushes the goats into the canyon. So i start hiking northeast around the knob I’m on to the rim of the canyon. I crawl to the ridge and see those goats at the bottom about 500 yards and 200 feet below me. I think this other hunter is gonna spook em so i set up for a shot. i set my bipod as low as it will go, take my chest pack off and use my backpack as a gunstock rest. I crawl to the rim, avoiding cactus, and set up my shot. 534 yards I have to account for 35 inches of drop. I see this beautiful buck and his harem. Not taking a long shot at the buck—don’t want to ruin his looks. So I pick out a large doe and take her. First shot is high on the shoulder; I’m saving that scapula. second shot is between the eye and ear. I had to drag that goat, my rifle and my pack 2.5 miles back to the truck! I got 12 pounds of great looking steaks, 10 pounds of sirloin roasts and the remaining 25 pounds for grind. The two little steaks at the bottom are from the shoulder blade—flat irons. My fave.
  11. Hey @goosey18Just get with @shadetree—let him consider the level of effort—haul it him and he’ll get ya fixed up right!
  12. 👍🏻I would have drum turned by machine shop $5-$10
  13. Oh yeah I forgot to mention Shadetree’s disk brake project was done on an 89 TRX350D. He posted on your other thread that he didn’t know if the brake kit was adaptable to your 86 TRX350A. the 86 hubs are smaller diameter and one year only. The backing plates and wheel cylinders are also different, as are the brake lines.
  14. @Fishfiles once posted the metric/SAE for large sizes that match. i used a 3/4 inch breaker and socket set i bought at estate sale. spray it down with deep creep. I would heat the nut slightly with a plumbers torch. Just to get it hot and spray it. Dont ruin the dust seal on the hub
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