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  1. You could always write in big letters with indelible ink, “Don’t squawk about my work, you wasn’t here to help!”
  2. I like the idea—want one for our outdoors. If you’re on clay and get soil expansion, the point where the new deck attaches might work like a hinge. Then, the most likely break would occur at the hinge point. Leave yourself enough room to work if you get a break under there. we would place concrete at least four feet deep to provide solid footers
  3. It is called a Snoopy. Used to open the doors on aircraft Dzus fasteners. I used them for years
  4. What the F, over? I just tried to ask someone on the old board to also post their question here. So i type out atvhonda.com, and the website turns atvhonda.com text to all asterisks! Petty BS
  5. 96 TRX400 Foreman. In love with this one.
  6. Yup i were joshing ya. I don’t trust aftermarket cuz always something wrong, like the wire colors gonna be different. Or connectors. Then It would gnaw on me like an aftermarket carb with the fuel inlet on the wrong side! i love my ‘93 i will have to take a pic for ya.
  7. Is that what love is? An aftermarket solenoid?😆 Happy Valentines Day honey i stopped by the gas station and got you flowers and sushi because you’re so special! JK
  8. Goober


    I don’t recall you saying anything about battery condition. These ES models need a very good battery; have you done a load test on it?
  9. Yup that’s what I would do—a restoration. Harnesses might be easier to find than heads. A compression check would tell a lot. but you’d have to use a good battery to get er rotating.
  10. Power Sports Nation has a good looking 97 wire harness for $300 https://www.powersportsnation.com/honda-foreman-400-fw-97-wiring-harness-32100-hm7-611-41018.html
  11. nothing much here. Sounds like you’re stuck between wanting the motor for parts or restoring this quad?
  12. Goober


    You’ll find it no doubt. Then you’ll have some hard-to-find spare modules You have aftermarket fuel pump on it? the coil may have color codes on the housing. The important thing about a coil is you have primary and secondary windings. The secondary has more windings (usually) and so the resistance values are different. So if you can’t tell the poles apart. Consult the service manual on coil measurements and put the meter to it. This is why Fish said to remove the coil spark plug cap. Then you inspect the spark plug wire for corrosion and nip off a bit. Then clean the spike end of the cap with a .22 cal bore brush
  13. Goober


    I don’t think you answered my question about the pulse generator. When you measured resistance at the pulse generator did you measure it at the leads under the right side cover? That’s the shortest length of wire through the unit. if that’s when you got 400 ohms that’s out of spec.
  14. Goober


    Thanks for clearing up that he has correct CDI; the other thing i want to clear up is that the 87 TRX350D is the one-year only CDI. also @Raystrx350d when you “probe the fan lead with 12vdc,” that’s not the same as what i recommended. In the manual “oil cooling system diagnostics” the exact method is to remove the lead as @shadetree said and touch it to the footpeg. This closes the oil temp sensor circuit thru the fan control unit, which energizes the fan circuit. Being inexperienced at troubleshooting, you’re still trying to understand component nomenclature, principles of operation, troubleshooting techniques and the problems with aftermarket parts. Don’t give up just yet. Rely on the manual—read the troubleshooting guides. Also i would not use probes that pierce the wire sheath; is that what you’re using?
  15. Power Sports Nation has two; you need the cover, bolt, woodruff key etc. as well? https://www.powersportsnation.com/used-parts.html?utm_source=google_cpc&utm_medium=g&utm_campaign=10603085898&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz5v51oKv_QIViimzAB0JMAWUEAAYASACEgIS4fD_BwE use the oem parts finder at Rocky Mountain atv and Partzilla
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