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  1. Goober

    Hello all!

    Welcome! Great first atv! How mch do you know about it? download the service manual from the forum folder titled service manuals use the oem parts finder at Rocky Mountain atv and Partzilla. Only buy OEM parts
  2. Grainger has them but with thinner mounting surface. So I ordered from lowes. you are getting slee pee … FullSizeRender.MOV
  3. No one has any here. I can’t just ask lowes to reorder for in store either. I ordered online and they will mail to me — no instore pickup. Urrps my !, but i gotta have em. eBay listed 10, but two different sellers —- two ship charges
  4. The well nut is a rubber expansion nut, in this case used to mount the fan guard. You push it into a blind hole in the drum frame and then thread a 1/4 x 20 x 1 inch truss head screw into a guard mounting hole. it keeps the guard from vibrating
  5. Rebuilt an older airmaster autumaire 420S drum fan. Replaced pulley and cleaned the motor, body and blades. I am still looking for 12 Hillman 1/4 x 20 x 3/4 well nuts to mount the fan guards. I bought all they had at Lowes now hunting haunting local hardware stores lol. Hypnotic sounds like a C130 engine IMG_9034.MOV
  6. Intermittent Fan control units for TRX300 and TRX400/450 ready to bake
  7. Ok here’s two pix of my leftover TRX300 parts. I can’t remember fo sho if this is a TRX300 master cylinder kit. It is missing the piston but looks like i put the old one in there. the rest of this is TRX300 stuff fosho. You’re welcome to what ya see here. Hardware to rebuild footrests, salvaged primer pump, straps, battery hold down bracket etc the harness i got from SamUK he said was for a TRX300 but i can’t tell—maybe a 450. PM your addy
  8. Yeah pretty sure i have it in a small box of parts for my 93; I’ll dig it out and see if you think would work.
  9. Oh yeah mine is the whole kit. Pretty sure Piston, spring, boot , c-clip and seal
  10. Fish I’m sure i have s brand new master cylinder piston if you want i can dig it up and send it. Not OEM i think quad boss
  11. To shift out of reverse, click the foot shifter up once.
  12. 1967 Belly Scraper Project looking for forever home!!! 😂
  13. I raise em up so i can remove the front wheels to bleed the brake lines. i install 3ft lengths of 1/4”? Plastic hose on the bleed nipples. So air doesn’t get sucked back in and so you can monitor fluid color and clarity. i bleed them until the fluid is colorless and clear; if fluid was really old i wait overnight and bleed them again. The more efficient guys can say it’s wasteful but usually after sitting overnight the new fluid somehow picks up some cloudiness
  14. I would use a clean lint free cloth to blot out the fluid in the master cylinder. Then use a plumbers flux brush to dislodge the sediment you’ll see trapped in those settling ribs. Don’t let any of that go downstream if you can help it. Just end up in your wheel cylinders
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