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  1. thanks Wilson The brakes are very weak so yeah fresh brake fluid and adjust shoes tried to get my motorcycle lift under it but the footwells make it SO wide cant get it under there! guess I’ll have to remove the Footwell and Plastic belly guard—don’t wanna break them. this is after i washed it 3x!!!
  2. Thanks Fishfiles, i will do all those things. Dude this model may be my next ATV—except for the TV on the top of the handlebar, LOLs That detergent is called Dawn Professional—it’s a little thicker than regular Dawn—sell it at Sams. That air filter was caked with dirt and engine oil—didn’t think I’d get it clean. i will change the punkin lube with BelRay 80W-90 hypoid if they still sell it at the Honda shop. Otherwise I’ll just buy Honda lube. I have a special oil pump can i use. i bought a service manual for it $65 wow they are hard to find
  3. My friend had a Foreman on his farm and asked me to fix a couple things on it for him. He’s got the COVID but hauled it into town and went back to the farm. I picked it up yesterday—bad battery but it started with some ether. 08 Foreman foot shift and power steering—camo. 3000 miles. newest quad I’ve ever serviced.i need to download the service manual. This quad is Dirty! Air filter was caked. Washed everything down with commercial Dawn and water—including the crankcase and carb breather. Oiled the filters. Drained all fuel—tank is clean. Changed oil and filter. Needs tires and a choke cable. Cool! It has a carburetor! going to check the valves later this week. any suggestions or words of wisdom?
  4. I always wear gloves and sometimes a respirator with organic vapor cartridge when cleaning parts. For this stuff, you can wear gloves and face shield in a well ventilated space. Consider putting a clothes hook near your washer with a box of nitrile gloves, rubber apron, face shield and maybe a respirator with purple cartridge i looked up the Safety Data Sheet your solvent but had problems not knowing exactly what it was— https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/crown-psc-1000-parts-cleaner-5-gal? https://docs.crcindustries.com/msds/1003682E.pdf
  5. I saw that thing FF that person was soldering and desoldering pretty fast. Seemed like too many moving parts for a slowpoke like me! i used my new soldering kit to fix my tilt trailer harness and now going to fix my friend’s atv sprayer. Yup retro later this winter I’d be interested to spend some time on gizmos. This fall very busy scouting for my deer and elk hunts.
  6. Finally got my Mouser order filled Nichicon capacitors and GP relays. looking forward to finishing the Gizmo builds this winter!
  7. Goober

    Front Bumper

    Ram mounts makes a bar clamp motorcycle handlebar mirror setup i think it uses the small Tough Claw B-ball (1 inch). I have purchased the B and C (1.5 inch) ball mount for my Tough Claws and mounts from Ram, but they don’t carry Motorcycle mirrors. amazonia carries mirror and kit but I haven’t found for sure what size ball they use. update these kits say they use the B Ball (1-inch mount). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BHVYK3J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_btf_t1_P9KyFbTMA52A8 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BHVYK3J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_btf_t1_P9KyFbTMA52A8
  8. My 86s both have the drums with the black plugs as do my work 87s. The 86 drums should be a smaller diameter? than the 87s. LMK if you want me to measure for you; an 86 backplate probably won’t fit the Foreman because the brake lines would be different length—either longer or shorter due to difference in diameter. You might be able to fit the wrong hub on there but the shoes might not fit the hub properly. Good question I’ve never had a Foreman so i don’t know if those drums used the red plugs. My 93 300 uses the red plugs.
  9. Goober

    Front Bumper

    Yeah that Bobcat fairing is nice! I store this work rig in my warehouse and dropped a bundle from an upper shelf onto the quad—broke several windscreen screws too—the windscreen didn’t break but was yellowed from PO storing it outside with no cover. even though this fairing is several years old i called National Cycle and they were very helpful in getting me a replacement windscreen and mounting screws!!! Think it was a little over $100 but i was very happy with renewing it!
  10. Just now seeing this. I have an old set of ramps id like to try for this. Unload my pickup onto my tilt trailer. i like your military jargon! Here’s some for you—id like to use PCP (pierced steel plank) and pinned hinges for quick disco! Lol
  11. bugs me when ppl don’t answer my questions directly and i saw I didn’t answer @shadetreequestions. No i never looked at the cam lobes but the tappet faces looked as good as I could tell without taking off the valve cover. whats the best way to see, without removing covers, if you’re getting enough oil up to the cam? Take the oil pipe off at the head and cycle with Kill switch in Off? i also noticed that the decomp lever wiggles just a bit while running. Manual calls for 1-3mm? play in cable. Maybe i don’t have enough play in it? I could try backing it off a skosh. thanks very much for your questions. I’m telling ya, those homegrown diagnostic tests are great! Grounding the oil sensor lead helped me find a disconnected fan; you have been recommending this cam chain test for a long time and I’m just now trying it! There are several other tests you do i need to write in my notes pages! this pic here shows original condition of the valve cover—not too bad—shows a different valve type which i think was installed by the original owner. He was a small engine mech and has since passed on. i see He broke a couple of bolt heads and used some studs to replace.
  12. Thanks guys she’s running great; i have a manual fan control now. Maybe it was just getting hot before and getting noisy. i also put some muffler packing in the Cobra muffler—she’s quieter now. well i want to take it on trail tomorrow but dang it hate to get it dirty lols! enjoy your holiday🍻
  13. thanks FF wanted to be sure i was checkin it properly Yup adjusted the valves. Maybe i got them too tight or maybe as a Harley owner I’m just extra sensitive about valve noise lol? With adjuster fully extended, The entire adjuster shaft sticks out as in the picture. It makes sense to me that the tensioner would go in further if the chain was looser. It looked like the PO replaced a valve and probably did the cam chain then also. i thought the noise might be the starter clutch too. So i bought a NOS starter and kick start one-way clutch.
  14. Hey Outlaws do I have a worn cam chain? ive been hearing some noise in this project 86 TRX350A quad and so didn’t want to take it on trail yet. i removed the cam chain adjuster and it wont go back in. Does that means the chain guide is fully extended? I am able to reset the spring to reinstall the adjuster. thanks.
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