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  1. My farmer friend wants to sell his 2015 Foreman TRX500FM2 in camo with 35 miles. He wants $6925. He wanted to sell the 08 TRX500FPM i serviced for $3925, but liked what i did with it—decided to sell the new one!
  2. Goober

    Forum Hunters?

    Congratulations @shadetree! got my first deer ever last Sunday — about the same size as yours. I’m going back in the hills this weekend to practice rattling and grunting while they’re still interested. Still got my trail cams at my spot.
  3. Goober

    Forum Hunters?

    Got my Whitetail Buck Deer! Chasing his girlfriend; peeked at me from behind a tree. 170 yards—in the forehead—with my 6.5mm Creedmore. Not another step and never felt a thing
  4. You have the service manual? Necessary! buy OEM parts from Rocky Mountain or Partzilla or other sellers. Be very careful with those rubber parts esp piston valve dont get carb cleaner on them
  5. Bear Claws seem to resist prickly pear. Mud Lite and Quad Boss seemed to pick it up easier because of large lug spacing
  6. Those are Dunlops? Think you can still buy them. heres my friend’s quad with ITP mud lites—Made in USA—you can buy a set on fleabay shipped from moto-x For less the $300.
  7. Goober

    Forum Hunters?

    Fiberglass? From the 70s mebbe. Or homebuilt using a Chevette leafspring, lol! gotta be a hoot for $20!
  8. Ok I’ll get some john deere synthetic—they tell you what’s in their grease. And do it after big game hunting season. Which is next May if you count elk, lion and spring turkey. oh BTW the manual calls for replacement oring, so i gotta get that. Not going through all that work to find a bad seal and not have it
  9. Goober

    Forum Hunters?

    Dang it this kitty is hanging around my deer spot. got it just where i want it, cleaned it up and started checking The shots on my camera chips. Watching my back and carrying a loaded sidearm in an L2 dropleg. Place is littered with coyotes too
  10. Question! Absolutely for @retro and Jeep possibly others. To regrease the shift motor it calls for Unirex 2 or 3 which is the lithium base. Are there better formulations like the John Deere polyurea? What do you use for ES motor gears? Brakes all adjusted! Yup cables were crushed beyond economical repair ($36 for new). his winch would not work so I narrowed it to the switch. It is an old Superwinch —cable seems hopelessly bound to the drum and the disengagement knob is broken. I replaced all the wiring from an extra winch kit. I’m arranging all the cabling now
  11. @_Wilson_™ probably saw this already
  12. Cables on order. Greased front end. Steering feels tighter than it should. Bunched up harnesses at the steering head look like they’re too snug and adds to resistance. Loosened the cable clamps and cleaned them with armor all. I am definitely loosening the steering bushing and regreasing the shaft.
  13. I would have tried to blow out the spark arrestor first
  14. Thid gen? Just the fenders? $600-$800? Shipping? tough to find marks but even harder are the placards And gen ii mudguards
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