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  1. You did... and I'm just kidding with ya lol
  2. Lol I was expecting a a** chewing 😅
  3. I honestly didn't know they were yamaha rims lol.. just paint I had laying around I was broke you made me buy all honda parts lol
  4. Thanks again shadetree, runs great. I had some old lemon twist yellow and black laying around and this is the result lol
  5. Thanks for all your help!! Not sure if you saw the other messages or not but wooo hooo got fire!! I really appreciate your help.. if not for you I would have Gave up on it ..
  6. He's a stand up guy! He was really good helping me.. & I definitely appreciate it..like I said before if it wasn't for him I would have probably gave up on it!
  7. I posted the problem on shadetrees post. He had me to put the old stator back in and there was a bad wire in the harness ( stator ) harness. I posted it there because I see so many people not come back and post the problem to help someone else. Thanks again for all the help. If not for Shadetree I would have gave up on it lol..
  8. Got it fixed thanks so much!!
  9. I tried, has voltage going to fuel pump relay. Won't pump when spinning over .. a guy had a 2000 honda fourtrax cdi box .. plugged it in.. heard fuel pump or relay click and with that cdi box the fuel pump works.. still no spark though. Thanks!
  10. True, already have one and it's installed
  11. I do have a after market fuel pump on it, which hasn't been working unless you put power to it with a probe. Odd enough a friend had a cdi box off of a late 90s honda. I plugged it in a heard the fuel pump click on! And it pumps or pulses when spinning it over. Still no spark though. Btw missed fishes post but have tried 4 or 5 coils 2 I knew was working 3 new aftermarket that is in specs. Thanks!!
  12. Still waiting on parts.. be in touch when they come in and get it on.
  13. Lol.. he was very informative and patient with me. Stand up guy!!
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